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Item names for Baldur's Gate 2: Throne Of Bhaal

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This page contains Baldur's Gate 2: Throne Of Bhaal Codes for PC called "Item names" and has been posted or updated on Jan 25, 2010 by Jaz.

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Baldur's Gate 2: Throne Of Bhaal
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Item names

Use one of the following entries with the CLUAConsole:CreateItem("<item name>") code to spawn the corresponding item.

sw2h202-Handed Sword +3
bazplo01Abazigal's Wardstone
ageisAgeis Fang
bag03Ammo Belt
amul26Amulet Of Cheetah Speed
amul28Amulet Of The Master Harper
sw1h60Angurvadal +4 (longsword)
sw1h61Angurvadal +5 (longsword)
chan 18Armor Of Faith +3
arow15Arrow +3
chan19Asliferund's Elven Chain +5
ax1h14Axe Of Unyeilding +3
ax1h15Axe Of Unyielding +5
compon04Baalor's Claw
quiver05Bag Of Plenty +1
quiver06Bag Of Plenty +2
ax1h07Bala's Axe (Wizard Slayer)
brac24Bard's Gloves
sw1h72Bastard Sword +3
ax1h17Battle Axe +3
secret01Big Metal Rod
secret05Big Metal Unit
scrlb1Bigby's Clenched Fist (Mage, 8th Level)
scrlb2Bigby's Crushing Hand (Mage, 9th Level)
brac23Blessed Bracer
plat20Blue Dragon Plate
compon19Blue Dragon Scales
bolt09Bolt +3
blun23Bone Club +2, +3 Vs Undead
boot10Boots Of Lightning Speed
misc8jBoots Of The West
compon10Bow String Of Gond
bazplo04Breath Potion
helm27Bronze Ioun Stone
bull05Bullet +3
bull06Bullet +4
sw2h19Carsomyr +6
quiver02Case Of Plenty +1
quiver04Case Of Plenty +2
chan 21Chain Mail +3
chan07Chain Mail +3
compon17Circlet Of Netheril
helm28Circlet Of Netheril
tome02Clay golem manual
tome02aClay golem page
clck30Cloak Of Bravery
blun31Club +3
blun26Club Of Detonation +3
blun27Club Of Detonation +5
bow24Composite Long Bow +3
scrlzz or scrlzyCow summon scroll
dart08Crimson Dart +3
dagg23Dagger +2 "Ixil's Spike"
dagg24Dagger +3
dagg20Dagger +4 "Life Stealer"
dagg21Dagger Of The Star +4
dagg22Dagger Of The Star +5
clolthDark Elven Chain
bow20Darkfire Bow +4 (shortbow)
bow21Darkfire Bow +5 (shortbow)
shld31Darksteel Shield +4
ring38Dawn Ring
deckDeck Of Many Things
bazplo02Draconis' Head
botsmithEfreeti Bottle
bazplo07Empty Breath Potion Flask
plat21Enkidu's Full Plate +3
slng08Erinne's Sling +4
slng09Erinne's Sling +5
compon02Eye Of Tyr
compon03Fflar's Scabbard
xbow15Firetooth +4
xbow16Firetooth +5
blun32Flail +3
blun30cFlail Of Ages +4
blun30dFlail Of Ages +4
blun30Flail Of Ages +5
sw1h62Foebane +3 (bastard sword)
sw1h63Foebane +5 (bastard sword)
secret03Frag Grenade
plat23Full Plate Mail +2
boot12Gargoyle Boots
brac21Gauntlets Of Extra Specializaion
belt11Girdle Of Fire Giant Strength
belt02Golden Girdle
helm23Golden Ioun Stone
tome01Golem manual
sw2h17Gram The Sword Of Grief +5
sw2h18Gram The Sword Of Grief +5
leat24Grand Master's Armor +6
halb12Halberd +3
hlolthHandsmaiden's Mace +2
ax1h08Hangard's Axe +2
compon15Heart Of The Damned
bow10Heartseeker +3 (long bow)
ring44Heartwood Ring
ring45Heartwood Ring
xbow17Heavy Crossbow +3
helm31Helm Of The Rock
sw1h70Hindo's Doom +3 (katana)
compon07Hindu's Hand
clck21Holy Cloak
belt13Holy Symbol Of Helm
belt12Holy Symbol Of Lathandar
belt14Holy Symbol Of Talos
helm32Horned Helm Of The Rock
sw1h71Hundo's Doom +4 (katana)
clck31Improved Cloak Of Protection +2
sper11Ixil's Nail +4
sper12Ixil's Spike +6
chan 10Jester's Chain +4
tome04aJuggernaut golem page
tome04Juggernaut manual
ax1h16K'logarath +4
sw1h55Katana +2
sw1h45Katana +2 "Malakar"
sw1h75Katana +3
helm14Kiel's Helm
blun19Kiel's Morning Star
helm26Lavender Ioun Stone
xbow18Light Crossbow +3
compon01Liquid Mercury
bow25Long Bow +3
killsw01Long Sword +2 "Varscona" superweapon
sw1h73Long Sword +3
blun33Mace +3
brdfluteMagic Flute
amsoul01Malla's Soul Stone
compon11Montilo's Clasp
clck32Montilo's Cloak
compon16Montilo's Cloak
blun34Morningstar +3
compon14Nymph's Tear
ring43Oaken Ring
helm24Obsidian Ioun Stone
brac22Paladin's Bracer
bag06Potion Case
sw2h21Psion's Blade +5
secret02Pulse Ammo
sw1h64Purifier +4 (bastard sword)
sw1h65Purifier +5 (bastard sword)
staf24Quarterstaff +3
quiver01Quiver Of Plenty +1
quiver03Quiver Of Plenty +2
halb10Ravager +4
halb11Ravager +6
bazplo06Reversal Scroll
ring46Ring Of Anti-Venom
ring42Ring Of Improved Invisibility
ring41Ring Of Protection +3
rods06Rod Of Reversal
compon05Roranach's Horn
hamm10Rune Hammer +4
hamm11Rune Hammer +6
compon09Rune Of Clangeddin
sw1h76Scimitar +3
sw1h52Scimitar +3 "Water Edge"
secret04Scorcher Ammo
staf23Serpent Staff +2
clck28Shadow Thief Cloak
figure01Shakti Figurine
scrl9yShapechange (Mage, 9th Level)
shld26Shield Of The Lost +2
shld32Shield Of The Order +4
bow26Short Bow +3
sw1h74Short Sword +3
sw1h58Short Sword Of Mask +4
sw1h59Short Sword Of Mask +5
plat22Shuruppak's Plate
helm33Silver Horned Helm
helm25Silver Ioun Stone
compon06Skull Of The Lich
slng03Sling +3
slng10Sling +3
dagg10Soultaker Dagger
sper10Spear Of Withering +4
sw1h68Spectral Brand +4 (S/W/N)
sw1h69Spectral Brand +5 (S/W/N)
scrl9mSpell Strike (Mage, 9th Level)
staf09Staff Of Command
aurstafStaff Of The Ram +4
staf21Staff Of The Ram +4
staf22Staff Of The Ram +6
compon08Starfall Ore
tome03Stone golem maunal
tome03aStone golem page
ring37Storm Ring
blun28Storm Star +3
blun29Storm Star +5
leat23Studded Leather Of Thorns +6
bow22Taralash +4 (long bow)
bow23Taralash +5 (long bow)
sw1h77The Answerer +4 (longsword)
helm29Thieves' Hood
helm30Thieves' Hood
brac26Tzu-Zan's Bracers
sw1h67Usuno's Blade +4 (S/W/N)
wand19Wand Of Cursing
wand18Wand Of Spell Striking
hamm12Warhammer +3
chan 20White Dragon Scale
compon18White Dragon Scales
scrlb4Wish (Mage, 9th Level)
brac25Wondrous Gloves
helm34Wong Fei's Ioun Stone
sw1h66Yamato +4 (S/W/N)
bazplo03Yellow Dragon Egg

From: Jaz, Jan 25, 2010
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