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This page contains Cheats for Super Smash Bros. organized by sections for 3DS. This game has "Action Fighting" as genre, made by Bandai Namco Games, released on Oct 3, 2014. If you can't find a hint or secret in our list, then please check this page periodically for the latest updates.

Boxshot & Details
Super Smash Bros.
  • Developer: Bandai Namco Games
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Genre: Action Fighting
  • Release: Oct 3, 2014
  • ESRB: Everyone 10+

Game Codes

Various Cheat Codes

To change background music or unlock diffrent stages do one of the following task:

Hold Y while selecting the Boxing Ring stageBoxing Ring Punch-Out theme
Hold L while selecting the Boxing Ring stageBoxing Ring Smash Bros. theme.
Hold R while selecting a stageChange In-Game background music
Hold R and press Start at the title screenChange menu music to Super Smash Bros. Melee music
Hold L while selecting the Dream Land stageMonochrome version stage

GaSssS, Oct 9, 2014
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Game Unlockables

Unlockable Challenges

Clear the following Challenge provided below in order to unlock the noted benefit. In the start, just the very first 35 Challenges are offered. The next set unlock after finishing the very first 35, and so on. Note: Hammers do not rollover from page to page, so do not hesitate to consume your hammers if you are virtually finished with a page.

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
001 [Trophy] ToadObtain 30 Trophies
002 [Item] Horizontal Beam Lv 1Complete Smash Run in 1st Place
003 [Trophy] EponaComplete All-Star Mode on Easy difficulty
004 [Mii Equipment] Football HelmetCreate a Mii Fighter
005 [Trophy] Peach+Birthday GirlPlay 3 matches on the Rainbow Road stage
006 [Stage] Dream LandUse Kirby's Final Smash
007 [Trophy] BonkersScore better than 300m on Home Run Contest
008 [Custom Ability] Big Ball (Wii Fit Trainer)Land a 10 hit combo in Training
009 [Stage] MagicantUnlock Ness
010 [Item] Heading Enhancement Lv 1Unlock 5 Head Custom Parts
011 [Pokemon] XerneasPlay Target Blast once
012 [Mii Equipment] Super Mushroom HatPlay Rival Battle once
013 [Custom Ability] Lightning Falcon Kick (Captain Falcon)Play StreetPass Brawl once
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anny, Sep 14, 2014

Unlockable In-Game Characters

To unlock characters you can play a specific quantity of Smash matches. After you have actually played the necessary quantity of Smash matches an challenger will certainly appear, beat that challenger in order to unlock the character.

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Bowser Jr.Play 100 Smash matches or beat Classic Mode on Normal difficulty as Bowser
Dark PitPlay 50 Smash matches or beat Classic Mode on 5.0 difficulty
Dr. MarioPlay 60 Smash matches or beat Classic Mode on Normal difficulty as Mario
Duck HuntPlay 110 Smash matches or beat Classic Mode on Normal difficulty as Luigi
FalcoPlay 20 Smash matches or beat Classic Mode 1 time
GanondorfPlay 80 Smash matches or beat Classic Mode on Normal difficulty with Link
JigglypuffPlay 120 Smash matches
LucinaPlay 40 Smash matches or beat Classic Mode on Normal difficulty with Marth
Mr. Game & WatchPlay 90 Smash matches
NessPlay 10 Smash matches
R.O.BPlay 70 Smash matches
WarioPlay 30 Smash matches or beat 100 Man Battle

chute, Sep 14, 2014

Unlockable Stages

Complete the suggested job task to unlock the matching stage:

  • Stage Flat Zone 2: Play 90 matches in Smash mode to eliminate Mr. Game & Watch and beat him.
  • Stage Mute City: Win 3 Smash mode battles as Captain Falcon.
  • Stage Balloon Fight: Play as the Citizen 3 times.
  • Stage Dream Land (Pupupu Land): Perform Kirby's Last Smash special attack in a Smash mode battle.
  • Stage Magicant: Complete 10 matches to unlock Ness.
  • Stage Pac-Man Labyrinth: Carry out Pac-Man's Last Smash special attack.
  • Stage WarioWare: Complete 30 matches to unlock Wario.

jessmcg15, Oct 9, 2014

Challenge bonuses

Complete the suggested difficulty in order to unlock the matching bonus. To unlock the 2nd set of thirty 5 difficulties, complete the very first thirty 5 challenges. The 3rd set of difficulties will certainly appear after you complete sixty difficulties and unlock all fighters.

  • 1. Toad Trophy: Collect 30 or more unique trophies.
  • 2. Lv. 1 Horizon Beam Smash Run Power: Place first in 1 or more Smash Run final battles.
  • 3. Epona Trophy: Clear All-Star on Easy.
  • 4. Football Helmet Custom Headgear: Create 1 or more Mii Fighters in Custom.
  • 5. Peach + Birthday Girl Trophy: Battle 3 or more times on the Rainbow Road stage in Smash.
  • 6. Dream Land Stage: Use a Final Smash while playing as Kirby.
  • 7. Bonkers Trophy: Hit Sandbag 300m/984 ft. or more in Home-Run Contest.
  • 8. Huge Header (Wii Fit Trainer) Custom Special: Get a max combo of 10 or more in Training.
  • 9. Magicant Stage: Unlock the hidden character Ness.
  • 10. Lv. 1 Strong Head Smash Run Power: Collect 5 unique custom headgear items.
  • 11. Xerneas Pokemon: Play Target Blast for the first time.
  • 12. Super Mushroom Hat Custom Headgear: Play Rival Smash for the first time.
  • 13. Lightning Falcon Kick (Captain Falcon) Custom Special: Play StreetSmash for the first time.
  • 14. Liftoff Lloid (Villager) Custom Special: Battle 2 or more times on the Tortimer Island stage in Smash.
  • 15. Lv. 2 Reflector Smash Run Power: Obtain 10 types of Smash Run Powers.
  • 16. Timmy & Tommy Trophy: Play Trophy Rush for the first time.
  • 17. PAC-MAZE Stage: Use a Final Smash while playing as PAC-MAN.
  • 18. Home-Run Bat Trophy: Play Home-Run Contest for the first time.
  • 19. Cragalanche the Mighty Trophy: Battle 3 or more times on the Reset Bomb Forest stage in Smash.
  • 20. Mute City Stage: Win 3 Smash battles with Captain Falcon.
  • 21. Dark Pit Staff Trophy: Unlock the hidden character Dark Pit.
  • 22. Master Hand Song: Clear Classic on intensity 3.0 or higher.
  • 23. WarioWare, Inc. Stage: Unlock the hidden character Wario.
  • 24. Victini Pokemon: Play 100-Man Smash for the first time.
  • 25. Balloon Fight Stage: Use Villager 3 or more times in Smash.
  • 26. Genesect Pokemon: Play Endless Smash for the first time.
  • 27. Zoroark Pokemon: Clear 10-Man Smash.
  • 28. Karate Joe Trophy: Get at least 20 KOs in 3-Minute Smash.
  • 29. Giant Bomb (Link) Custom Special: Destroy 300 blocks in Trophy Rush.
  • 30. Luigi's Cap Custom Headgear: Win 3 Smash battles with Luigi.
  • 31. Mr. Saturn Trophy: Win 2 Smash battles with Ness.
  • 32. Spiny Hat Custom Headgear: Play Cruel Smash for the first time.
  • 33. Lv. 1 Strong Body Smash Run Power: Collect 3 unique custom outfits.
  • 34. Princess Zelda Wig Custom Headgear: Win 2 Smash battles with Zelda.
  • 35. Blast Box Trophy: Score 100000 or more in Target Blast.
  • 36. Rolling Blade Lv 2 Item: Complete Smash Run in 1st Place with 5 fighters.
  • 37. Beam Sword Use Speed Badge Item: Land a 40 hit combo in Training.
  • 38. Menu 2 (DX) Music: Unlock all hidden fighters.
  • 39. Running Speed Up Speed Badge Item: Customize 3 fighters.
  • 40. Muscle Bomb (Ike) Custom Ability: Clear 1.000 or more blocks in Trophy Rush.
  • 41. Hyper Smash Attack Badge Item: Get 100 total KOs.
  • 42. Redd Trophy: Obtain 150 Trophies.
  • 43. Bomb King Trophy: Have a combined score of 2.000.000 in Target Blast.
  • 44. Shine Spark Lv 2 Item: Play StreetPass Smash with 5 different people.
  • 45. Shot Down Recovery Defense Badge Item: Score 10 or more in Rival Battle.
  • 46. Golden Retriever Trophy: Play 3 matches on Living Room stage.
  • 47. Mugly Trophy: Strike 10 opponents in StreetPass Smash.
  • 48. Mach Stamp Lv 2 Item: Collect 25 or more Items during Smash Run.
  • 49. Auto Recovery Attack Badge Item: Win 100 Man Battle.
  • 50. Staff Roll Song: Score 99% or higher during the Staff Roll.
  • 51. Master Hand Trophy: Clear Classic Mode with 5 characters.
  • 52. Dark Emperor Trophy: Play 3 matches on the Find Mii stage.
  • 53. Speed Drill (Meta Knight) Custom Ability: Win 5 matches as Meta Knight.
  • 54. Flat Zone 2 Stage: Unlock Mr. Game & Watch.
  • 55. Master Core Song: Defeat Master Core in Classic Mode.
  • 56. First Hitter Speed Badge Item: Get 20 Counters in StreetPass Smash.
  • 57. Home Run Bat Use Speed Badge Item: Score better than 600m on Home Run Contest.
  • 58. Fire Stingray Trophy: Defeat 30 or more opponents in Endless Battle.
  • 59. Horizontal Beam Lv 2 Item: Play Smash Run 5 times.
  • 60. Tortimer Island Trophy: Unlock all stages.
  • 61. Knuckle Joe Trophy: Play Multiplayer for 10 or more hours (time earned increases with more players).
  • 62. Samus Helmet Mii Equipment: Win 10 matches as Samus.
  • 63. Smash Ball Attraction Speed Badge Item: Unlock 15 Custom Abilities.
  • 64. Kabuto Hat Mii Equipment: Unlock 5 Body Custom Parts.
  • 65. Critical Hit Attack Badge Item: Get 300 total KOs.
  • 66. Quick Swing Batter Attack Badge Item: Play Home Run Contest with 15 different characters.
  • 67. Gentleman Hat Mii Equipment: Create 8 Mii Fighters.
  • 68. Royal Armor Mii Equipment: Unlock 10 Head Custom Parts.
  • 69. Medusa, Queen of the Underworld Trophy: Complete All-Star Mode on Normal difficulty.
  • 70. Meloetta Pokemon: Play for 8 hours.
  • 71. Ketzal's Corridors Trophy: Complete Classic Mode at 9.0 difficulty.
  • 72. Leader Lv 3 Item: Score better than 1.000m on Home Run Contest.
  • 73. Dual Cyclone Lv 3 Item: Win Smash Run 20 times.
  • 74. Air Defense Up Defense Badge Item: Customize 10 fighters.
  • 75. Recovery Lv 3 Item: Score 50 or more in Rival Battle.
  • 76. Squat Recovery Defense Badge Item: Defeat 110 or more opponents in 3 Minute Battle.
  • 77. Miki Trophy: Unlock all Custom Abilities, Hats, and Body Parts.
  • 78. Pop Gun Explosion (Diddy Kong) Custom Ability: Clear 3.000 or more blocks in Trophy Rush.
  • 79. Crazy Hand Trophy: Complete Classic Mode with all fighters.
  • 80. Easy Combination (Marth) Custom Ability: Complete 100 Man Battle in under 3 minutes.
  • 81. Walking Speed Up Attack Badge Item: Fighters walk a total of 50km.
  • 82. Quick Smash Defense Badge Item: Clear 10 Man Battle in 20 seconds or less.
  • 83. Jump Strengthening Speed Badge Item: Land over 400 total hits between all fighters in Training.
  • 84. Crown Mii Equipment: Complete All-Star Mode with all fighters.
  • 85. Steampunk Clothes Mii Equipment: Clear all red targets in Target Blast.
  • 86. Sandbag Trophy: Score better than 15.000m overall high score in Home Run Contest.
  • 87. Luigi (Poltergust) Trophy: Obtain 500 Trophies.
  • 88. Kat & Ana Trophy: Complete 10 Man Battle with all fighters.
  • 89. Explosive Punch (Mario) Custom Ability: Score better than 200.000 in Target Blast.
  • 90. Shadow Trophy: Clear 100 Man Battle with all fighters.
  • 91. Color TV-Game 15 Trophy: Play Multiplayer for 50 or more hours (time earned increases with more players).
  • 92. Shuffle Lv 3 Item: Win Smash Run with all fighters.
  • 93. Hi Jump Lv 3 Item: Fighters jump a total of 10km.
  • 94. Dark Train Trophy: Play Target Blast with all fighters.
  • 95. Green Koopa Troopa Trophy: Strike 20 opponents in StreetPass Smash.
  • 96. Protector Suit Mii Equipment: Land a 100 hit combo in Training.
  • 97. Princess Crown Mii Equipment: Play for 20 hours.
  • 98. Lion Hat Mii Equipment: Defeat 4 or more opponents in Cruel Battle.
  • 99. Nintendouji Trophy: Complete All-Star Mode on Hard difficulty.
  • 100. Launch Skill Attack Badge Item: Get 1.000 total KOs.
  • 101. Just Shield Explosion Defense Badge Item: Defeat 2 or more opponents in Cruel Battle.
  • 102. Futtobi Ring Item: Defeat 200 or more opponents in Endless Battle.
  • 103. Prince Hat Mii Equipment: Collect all items in Smash Run.
  • 104. All-Star Rest Area Music: Complete All-Star Mode with 15 fighters.
  • 105. Jii Trophy: Obtain 600 Trophies.
  • 106. Bonus 1. Super Star Trophy: Page 01 Complete.
  • 107. Bonus 2. Tutorial Pig Trophy: Page 02 Complete.

danielmen16, Jun 4, 2015

Game Hints

Golden Plains Fighters

When you are on the Golden Plains stage, make certain to gather as numerous coins as you can. Your character will briefly turn golden and have more powerful attacks and flinching resistance if you get a hundred of them.

simsbabe, Sep 14, 2014

Hidden Music

Hol R while selecting the stage will change the background music you experience during your battle.

Ivan, Sep 16, 2014

Latch on the edge

For the characters Link, Toon Link, Samus, or Zero Fit Samus if you play one of them and you get tossed off an edge, you can recuperate using their Hookshots, Grapple Beam, and Plasma Whip grabs at the correct minute. They can latch on the edge and pull themselves up without a special attack if done properly.

karl2k8222, Oct 9, 2014

Power Pellets - Pac-Maze stage

Find all 100 Pac-Dots so that the Power Pellet appears. The pellet enhances your character's capabilities, and most significantly attack power. Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde will certainly also turn blue and end up being susceptible to attacks.

Team-7836, Oct 9, 2014
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Game Easter Eggs

Star Fox Character Conversations

When playing as Fox or Falco on the Corneria stage, tap the D-pad quickly. If done correctly, your character will skip his regular taunt and have a brief conversation with the rest of the Star Fox crew.

Lavaughnna, Sep 16, 2014

Game Walkthroughs

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