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This page contains Cheats for Pokemon Pearl organized by sections for Nintendo DS. This game has "Role-Playing Console-style RPG" as genre, made by Game Freak, released on Apr 22, 2007. If you can't find a hint or secret in our list, then please check this page periodically for the latest updates.

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Boxshot & Details
Pokemon Pearl
  • Developer: Game Freak
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Genre: Role-Playing Console-style RPG
  • Release: Apr 22, 2007
  • ESRB: Everyone


Press L + R + Start + Select during game play....

From: DelugeOfLove

This Codes are Action Replay Codes. To use them you will need a Action Replay Device Game ID: APAE-31D0AFDE Max Cash (Press L+R) 94000130 fcff0000 b21c4d28 00000000 b0000004 00000000 000002e4 000f423f d2000000 00000000 Restore Health In Battle (Press START) 94000130 fff70000 62106fc0 00000000 b2106fc0 00000000 100485cc 000003e7 100485d0 000003e7 d2..

From: halofreak

This Codes are Action Replay Codes. To use them you will need a Action Replay Device Game ID: APAE-31D0AFDE Diamond Orb x999 94000130 fcff0000 b21c4d28 00000000 b0000004 00000000 00000890 03e70087 d2000000 00000000 Pearl Orb x999 94000130 fcff0000 b21c4d28 00000000 b0000004 00000000 00000890 03e70088 d2000000 00000000 Magnifying Glass x999 94000130..

From: acey_2


Luckily, in this game, all you have to do to complete the Shinou Dex is SEE all the Pokemon in the Dex, as opposed to catching them like in previous games. And once you see all the Pokemon, you unlock the National Dex. There are 151 Pokemon in the Shinou Dex, but not all the new Pokemon are included in it...

From: cdkeygame4a

Pal Park will be on route 221 when you get the National Dex..

From: nave903

When you have Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen version in your GBA slot, it will unlock two Pokemon that cannot be found elsewhere...

From: alytech

Complete the indicated task to earn stars and change the color of your trainer card...

From: wawa

To get Lucario, go to Mt. Iron and search for a guy named Riley. After you teamed up with him, go search for two Team Galactic Grunts. (afcourse you have to fight with them.) After you beat them, you get an egg from Riley. Hatch it to get a Riolu, then evolve it to a Lucario. (It will only evolve at daylight)..

From: Brinkmannetje

To get the three starter pokemon masks, first talk to the old lady on the first floor of the Veilstone Department Store. She will give you the Turtwig Mask. Then go to Pastoria City. Talk to a girl with blond hair. She will give you the Piplup mask. Finally go to Jubilife City. Go to the Jubilife TV building. Then go to the second floor. Talk to a ..

From: Brinkmannetje

After receiving eevee, think about what evolved form your eevee deserves. There are 7 choices: flareon, jolteon, vaporeon, espeon, umbreon, glaceon or leafeon. Use a fire stone to evolve eevee to flareon, thunder stone for jolteon, water stone for vaporeon, trade at day espeon, trade at night umbreon, train near the icy rock glaceon and train near ..

From: pokegio

You must first have regirock, regice and registeel in your party and can be traded from sapphire, ruby or emerald using from pal park. Once the 3 are in your party, go to snowpoint temple. Only those with the national pokedex can be allowed to enter. Inside the snowpoint temple, search for regigigas. It will not appear randomly. Once found, battle ..

From: pokegio

After recieving National Dex, you have to go to Hearthome City. Go to Bebe's home and talk to her. She then will give you an eevee...

From: eroseo97


Here are some couple of Pokemon types you can use at the Gym Leaders of Sinnoh: Roark: Fighting, Water, Grass, Ground. (there is a Machop at route 204) Gardenia: Fire, Flying, Ice. Maylene: Psychic, Flying. (I recommend a Noctowl, wich I used) Wake: Electric, Grass, Dragon (because he has a Gyarados) Fantina: Anyone will work, only thing you need t..

From: Brinkmannetje

If you aren't very succesfull at evolving pokemon that need love (Budew, Buneary, Happiny and more.) or if you're too lazy, try this. Catch the pokemon in a luxury ball, than give it a soothe bell. then train it till it evolves...

From: Brinkmannetje

Pal Park will be on route 221 when you get the National Dex...

From: bandyman5

To get weak pokemon up quickly you have 4 options.leave them in the day care and pay 100 + 100 per every level grow or put an exp share on the weak pokemon and put a strong pokemon at the front of your party and battle high level pokemon or put the weak pokemon at the front of the party and switch him out for a stronger pokemon next turn or trade p..

From: gaz the brains

Go to the Old Chateau between the hours of 10pm and 4am. Walk into any room with a television and look at the screens *(click "a" so your person "looks" at the screen)*. There is a possibility that a strange pokemon jumps out at you. This pokemon looks like a little electric castform...

From: pikagirl5

Rhydon can learn surf seriously a rock/ground can learn surf makes battling easier...

From: Alexwkd07

If you are wondering how to get a drifloon and have been looking everywhere, well here is the arwser to your problems, all you have to do is on a friday (and it has to be friday or else it is not there)go to the vally windworks and he will be there. He will be staying like legendry pokemon are! and that my friends is the way to get a drifloon!..

From: darkrai666

Go to varity lakefront after you have court azelf, uxie and mespirt and use super rod, it could takle a few times but it is by far the quickest way, it only took me 20 mins to get him, just make sure it's a super rod or it doesn't work!..

From: darkrai666

The best pokemon to start with is Empoleon in the end it's the best...

From: maninthemoon911

While moving pokemon in the box push "Y" to change the color of the hand from yellow to white...

From: maninthemoon911

The truth is in pearl, the area of scizor nor scyther is unknown. It can only be found in diamond. Trade with a diamond user who has a scyther and it shall evolve into scizor. If the both of you want scizor, cloning might have helped by using a ditto but takes a long time and patience. Hope I helped...

From: pokegio

Unfortunately, its area is unknown so i suggest you to catch drifloon. During friday, go to valley windworks and youll find drifloon standing there. Go and catch it at once. Remember only fridays. If the date on your ds is not friday, adjust it. After catching drifloon, level it up until level 28 then it becomes a drifblim. Daycaring it up to level..

From: pokegio

You can use shiny stones to evolve roselia to roserade and togetic to togekiss...

From: pokegio

Fly to solaceon then save. Enter the house near the pokemon center then talk to the guy sitting there near the book. He will be asking for a random pokemon. Bring him the pokemon at once. Once you have the pokemon in the party, do not enter the house yet. Save it first then talk to the guy who is asking for the pokemon. He will give you any free po..

From: pokegio

After receiving the national pokedex, go to sendoff spring then head to turnback cave and find giratina. Its easy to capture by battling it using staraptor. Only Slash attack works against it. So use ultra balls or timer balls...

From: pokegio

Breed a growlithe and hatch the egg you will have a level 1 growlithe use a firestone on growlithe and it will evolve into a level 1 arcanine. When you evolve growlithe at level 1 into arcanine, arcanine learns thunder fang, fire fang, and bite. Now thats a pretty good combination. p.s. fire pokemon rule they are virtually indestructable..

From: iluvpokemon93

Go into the freaky house in the woods and up the stairs. When you go into the door on the 2nd floor turn right and find the room with a painting on the wall. Walk right in front of it. The eyes of the painting dissapear. Run backwards & forwards in front of it and eventually you'll meet the extremely rare GENGAR!..

From: blazekickking

Poke Ball - The most basic Pokeball. The professor's assistant will give you five near the start of your adventure, you have to buy them at a pokemart afterwards. HOW TO OBTAIN: Purchase it. Great Ball - Slightly more effective than a Poke Ball. HOW TO OBTAIN: Collect three Gym badges. Ultra Ball - Slightly more effective than a Great Ball. HOW TO ..

From: salazar117

If you go to your Pokedex and check the weight for a large sized Pokemon, like Giratina, your trainer should be flung up in the air by the imbalance of weight on the scale...

From: salazar117

When receveing an egg, choose an Pokemon that has the ability Magma Armor or Flame Body.Put that pokemon in your team, the abillity will cause the number of steps cut in half...

From: Karapar12

It is kind of hard to catch Giratina, first, Go inside the Turnback Cave, search for Giratina, when you find it, it will be moving, like a moving statue.The easiest way to catch it is throwing a Master Ball. If you dont have one, lower down its HP to red. You have to have 6 Reapeat Balls and 20 Dusk Balls. Start throwing the Reapeat Balls, if you r..

From: Karapar12

To get Shiny pokemon, capture 2 Dittos. Put them in the Daycare in Solaceon Town. The chance of the Shinys may arrive. Or, simply walk in to the grass, use your Poke-Radar. If there is a Shiny Patch, walk in to it. There may be a Shiny. But it is Incredibly rare. I never found a Shiny...

From: Karapar12

Use your Vs. Seeker or walk in front of a person. When the Trainer sends out his pokemon,Its your choice, use a Master Ball or a Cherish Ball...

From: Karapar12

If you want to train a pokemon and its to weak... Well use your Exp. Share! You must train with a Lv.55 to 45 or 40. Then go into victory road, or Route 223 or 222. You may train your battaling pokemon and the pokemon that is not in battle, if your pokemon gets 200 Exp. Points or less, train in another place...

From: Karapar12

You need to have to pokemons like miltank and touros. Give them both of them a masterball. Give them to the daycare lady. You will get eggs let them hatch and some of them got a masterball !!..

From: levi

You all know that some of the pokemon have to be holding certain items to be able to evolve to their last form... And I'm sure you all get quite annoyed when you have to level them up a bunch just to get them there... Well there's this nice little trick i think everyone who hates this should know about! If your trying to evolve a pokemon with an it..

From: foxyshadowkatt

First gain your nationaldex by completing your sinnohdex and obtaining your pokeradar. Go to vielstone city, then go down completly and go in the lttle buiding and in this building, you will see a purple fat man(there is just one person in this building)if you talk to him, he will say something that the following route is ugly i think if he does, y..

From: ypalkia

After getting your national dex, fly in canalave city go in the sailors house(don't worry, his house is the closest house where it stands)go in and you will be seeing his son lying on his bed. Talk to him and he will be saying something about: dar. . .dark is watching me! he wanted to say darkrai is watching me. So go out again and talk to his fath..

From: ypalkia

First, you get a pokemon that can paralyze or put azelf to sleep. Then, keep on using false swipes. I recommend you use paralyze because if you put it to sleep, it will easily wake up. Keep on throwing different types of pokeballs because azelf is a psychic type, and more oddly, I caught my azelf with a net ball! It'll take about 15-20 pokeballs, a..

From: Coolcressila

Put your pokemon in the daycare in Solaceon Town. Go outside onto the dirt road. Go all the way to the right on the dirt road and get on your bike. Go straight up until you hit a dead end. Then go straight down until you hit a dead end. If you have the poketch app daycare checker, now is the time to use it. After you go up and down a few times clic..

From: tow_mater

Around 2-5 am, the guard goes on break and you can go to the statue and get fingerprints on it, since the game time is in sync with the ds time, just change the time in the ds to make it morning...

From: obey propaganda

If you give your Pokemon his Chinese name, he will make a different sound then he used to do...

From: Brinkmannetje

When you get the Azure Flute to get arceus (get the mystery gift for the flute) the flute will look like the ocarina of time from "legend of zelda and the ocarina of time"...

From: blade_master45

If you have high level pokemon on any gba games...... get them all together migrate them to pokemon pearl catch them and chalenge battle tower using the high lvl pokemon best off using the starter pokemon to gain an advantage...

From: deadman

If you have collected all unowns, go to ruin maniacs tunnel. Go straight in the tunnel and you'll end up in the opening near solaceons tunnel...

From: pokegio

In polishing badges, select your trainer card and press the button at the bottom of the gym leaders. Rub the badges each using your stylus until it becomes shiny. If you would notice, touch each badge at once in order starting from the oreburgh's badge to the sunyshore's badge. It would play do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti and do...

From: pokegio

In the old chateou in the eterna forest go into the house and go up the stairs to ur left and enter the room in the middle of the hallway while ur still on the top floor. As soon as u enter the new floor, go to the room next to the rooom in front of u to ur right. There u will see a purple picture. if u go near it, there will kust be a purple canva..

From: guitarhero3

There is different time to a egg hatch. The most normal is 5000 steps, but some eggs took more steps to hatch. If you know who pokemon is inside you can sometime know how many steps to walk. With Hapinsay it took me 15000 steps before the egg hatch. Eevee take 10000-11000 steps..

From: juniorand

After recieving your national pokedex, you have to catch a ditto to mate. Put that and any of pokemon in the Solocean's Day Care Center. When there is an egg in Day Care app of the poketch, go to the husband and you will get the egg. When it hatches, it will be the pokemon you had the ditto mate with. It will have the same moves as the pokemon the ..

From: eroseo97

In the underground you can bury a sphere and bury the same kind where it is and it will be bigger. But it will not add the same amount as it gets bigger it's faster than normal!..

From: TheGamer04

To unlock Ditto go to the Pokemon Mansion go to the first room to the right and save the game. After, talk to mister Backlot and he will ask if you are envious 2 times and answer Yes. He will say to you a special Pokemon that he saw like Castform and if he dont say Ditto turn off the DS and start again, after go to the trophy garden and if you have..

From: PokemonMaster

Go to ur trainer card, open up ur gym badges card. U will see that ur badges got green marks. To shine it rub it many times. That's it......

From: Nastudragneel

To complete the National/Sinnoh Pokedex, you have to CATCH all of the Pokemon, right? Well, to do exactly THAT, you need to know where they are, no? Well go to THIS website, and search any of the Pokemon that you need to catch to complete the Pokedex. (Any Pokedex! AWESOME!) On the website, search the Pokemon that you need to ca..

From: Game Freak

Drifloon: Go to Valley Windworks every Friday to battle a lv.15 Drifloon. Giratina: Once you've beaten the champion, go to spring path and then Turnback cave. Keep walking around until you'll find a lv.70 Giratina...

From: Ratchet KG


For example: in Jublife City and Calacave City, you got to enter this hall-like room where you can get the good rod. If you have an action replay, put the run or walk anywhere code. Walk/run though the trees next to the the room, turn around, and repeat the same thing. There you have Jublife City... Glich style!!! Oh, if you do this with a bike, af..

From: PokemonLuver

When you run into a wild pokemon scream / yell / play loud music into the mic. The pokemon should be higher leveld than it was supposed to be. Reminder: this only works on WILD POKEMON .not pokemon you you've caught...

From: umbreon

Go toold cheatu in eterna at night and go in the room with the purple painting and if theres a little girl in the room on the right, just watch. If shes not there, keep going in and out until you see her she will be in the room on the right. She will turn, the FLOAT out of the room. She goes through the door you can tell it doesnt sound like she is..

From: darkgirl556

Go down route 214 to Valor lakefront, keep going south until you see a lady standing outside her motel room door, you will also a fat man, keep going to the southern edge of a paved path near 8 small bushes all in a row, walk east until the fat guy has a "!" over his head and he will push you back, now hes facing south, excellent, now mak..

From: Zuggy300

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