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This page contains Cheats for Pocket Monsters Diamond organized by sections for Nintendo DS. This game has "Role-Playing Console-style RPG" as genre, made by Game Freak, released on Apr 22, 2007. If you can't find a hint or secret in our list, then please check this page periodically for the latest updates.

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Boxshot & Details
Pocket Monsters Diamond
  • Developer: Game Freak
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Genre: Role-Playing Console-style RPG
  • Release: Apr 22, 2007
  • ESRB: Everyone


While playing the game press L + R + Start + Select...

From: Khurram


After defeating the 6th gym, take the ship nearby to arrive several caves, where a fresh personality gives you this egg, afterwards defeating several Team Galaxy enemies....

From: snoopy1@aol.com

Luckily, in this game, all you have to do to accomplish the Shinou Dex is SEE all the Pokemon in the Dex, as resisted to grabbing them like in earlier games. And once you perceive all the Pokemon, you unlock the National Dex. There are 151 Pokemon in the Shinou Dex, but not all the fresh Pokemon are included in it...

From: orag

Insert the following games to and then go to the location to find the pokemon...

From: Bobbyjackson

Complete the indicated task to earn stars and change the color of your trainer card...

From: Akbar Wibisono

Below in order are moves and pokemon to use against the pokemon league...

From: Lil B X 203

To unlock mystery gift head over to Jubilife City. Go to the Jubilife TV Station. Go up to the 3rd floor and find the man next to a woman. First say Everyone Happy. Then Say Wi-Fi Connection. He will say about pulling some strings and to watch more tv. Save, shut off, and turn it back on to see Mystery Gift as an opition...

From: Super Goku

If you want to get Drifloon on a Friday at night go to the valley-windworks and you would see the pokemon Drifloon just standing there. Go up to it and press A and it will get you the battle against Drifloon. (Thats what happened to me anyway)...

From: Pokedude

To get a Manaphy you will need Pokemon ranger or action replay and a ditto you can obtain one next to Canalave city in a big patch of grass and then once obtained breed them in 3,000 steps or more depending on whitch version you have and it will be a Phione...

From: yeyindey


After u have seen and or caught over 20 pokemon go to the bike route and a aid will give u the experiance share. If u put the experiance share on a pokemon it doesent have to battle to get experience points...

From: uw111die

Once you migrate a Ditto, put it in the Day-Care center with a Manaphi. It will give you an egg, though it will not be Manaphi, it will be another pokemon but will not evolve manaphee. (sorry I don't know the pokemon's name)..

From: Maxerino1234

If you go to route 228 (which will be a desert) look for a house. There will be a man. He will teach some pokemon that is up on the poster in the back, it's ultimate move. Example: Infernape, Blast Burn...

From: Maxerino1234

Go to Vielstone city go down to where there is grass and a bunch of fences. Maintain yourself on the right you will see an opening go through there. That should be spring path, the fourth legendary lake that was kept a secret from sinnoh. You will need Rock climb, Rock smash, and defog. There you will find very high level pokemon so go prepared. On..

From: Maxerino1234

In Eterna Forest there should be a mossy rock,there you make Evee grow a level and it will evolve into a grass type pokemon (i don't know it's name, sorry.) Get another Evee and go to snowpoint city,there should be a soliid ice rock grow evee a level around the rock and it will evolve into Glaceon...

From: Maxerino1234

Once you obtain a Chatot go to him when you enter the main menu and go to pokemon, click chatter.Then press "A" and record what you want to say in the DS microphone. Not only will it say what you recorded when you use chatter in battle, but it will also become it's cry. NOTE: It will not say it as good as you said it. P.S: This will only ..

From: Maxerino1234

Go to the Oreburgh mine museum and talk to the man on the right of the counter he may seem hyper, but he can revive fossils. Go in then out. They will probabaly be in level 20...

From: Maxerino1234

Skull Fossil: Cranidos Root Fosslil: Lileep Claw Fossil: Anorith Helix Fossil: Omanyte Dome Fossil: Kabuto Evole Forms: Cranidos = Rampardos Anorith = Armaldo Kabuto = Kabutops Rampardos has Mold breaker which disables all abilities...

From: Maxerino1234

Go to florama town. Go up you will enter a flower meadow. Talk to the man you can buy honey for 100 points. Slather it on the tree next to the house.When the tree starts to wiggle save the game.There is a 60% chance it will be combee. If it is not a girl turn it off then back on until you see a female combee. Then evolve it into Vespiquen. Note: Th..

From: Maxerino1234

On a Friday at any time of the day go to Valley Window Works. You will encounter Drifloon. It will evolve to Drifblim at level 28. Note: It is a Ghost Flying type making it a good member for your team...

From: Maxerino1234

Go to the haunted house at night. Go to the T.V. You will encounter Rotom.It will say "There is something in the T.V. It appears to want to come out,thump the T.V?" Say yes...

From: Maxerino1234

Go to Solaceon towm. Get on the far right side of the pokemon center.Ride it up and down at your highest gear. Or have a pokemon with Magma Armor Or Flame Body ability in your party. It will hatch faster. Note: It takes 10,250 steps to hatch one egg...

From: Maxerino1234

Go to Iron Island. Help This guy out of the place make sure you have a space in your party to get a Riolu egg. Note: It evolves with friendship...

From: Maxerino1234

Have infinate Master ball cheat code in an action replay. When you go to migrate give it a master ball. Or with any other item...

From: Maxerino1234

Migrate a Ditto Give a pokemon the item you want to duplicate.. Then make Ditto transform nto the pokemon that has the item. Switch out the pokemon that has the item for a pokemon that knows thief. Then make sure that that pokemon that you switch out doesn't have an item,use thief on ditto and there!! I have 67 Exp. Shares,52 Master balls etc...

From: Maxerino1234

First go to Hearthome city then go to the gate thing at the far right talk to the travler standing by it he says would you like to take this egg walk around for awhile and the egg hatches into a Happiny...

From: frogs12311

After u catch Dialga, go up, up, up, and u will find a pokeball. It is the Adamant orb. Give it to Dialga and it will increase its dragon and steel atacks...

From: tow_mater

When you get the natinol dex, a lot of places will open up. Like a place to catch Giratina. It is in Turnback cave. First act as if you are going down to the hotel but to the far right of the honey tree and maybe a little up, there is a parting in the trees. Go down that road. You need rock climb to complete this. Giratina is level 70. It is Ghost-..

From: Harvester

Most people think the only place to get seals is in sunnyshore. Well their wrong. When you go into the cave next to solaceon town (not the tower) catch different type of "unknown". What i mean by that is different shapes. Go to different floors to find them. Then talk to the little boy. he will leave. Go to the house where you got the sea..

From: blade_master45

First beat the mission on pokemon ranger but you will need the code go to pokemon.com for it after that download to diamond then go to sunyshore city go to the pokemart go to the guy by the people you buy from he'll have the egg but you'l need a spot open in your party it doesn't take long to hatch...

From: cbred200

When you go Vielstone you go down to the casino but dont go in you be able to see 2 houses to the left of the casino so go to were the houses are and go to the one on the far left and go inside and talk to the girl she will give the pokemon of your choose a massage and then she will say i found this and give you an item...

From: lukethemaster

First, fly to solaceon town. Then go up and right till you see an opening. Keep going right till you come to the end. Jump down and go into the cave. There are all unown in there. Good luck...

From: mesprit98

To get an unown, you go to the solaceon ruins(which is right in solaceon town). Walk around for a while and you have an unown. NOTE: There is a 100% chance of unown and there are different shapes...

From: mesprit98

While underground, buy two or more spheres of the same color in the exact same spot. They fuse together and make one big sphere...

From: Papa Smurf

First if you have an action replay activate the code to walk through anywhere then go to the pokemon elit four get to the white stone then go through it you will find a big flower patch get your bike and ride dont get frustrated until you get to him you will face him and catch him its easy he is in lvl 30...

From: pkrei

Action Replay-Walk Through Anything: Go to route 224 and walk behind the smooth stone. Soon you will see land. Progress until you reach Shaymin at level 30. Darkai Event: First, talk to the boy and the woman with a sign next to their house and go out and talk to the man who would ask you if you want to set sail for Iron Island. Say yes to going to ..

From: darkais75

Catch sneasal then get a razor claw (find in front of pokemon leauge) then train it at night...

From: Pokeman

This is a list of the new evolutions and how to make it happen: Magneton = Magnezone Level up in Mt. coronet Likitung = Lickylick Level up one that already knows Rollout, or level one up until it learns it Rhydon = Rhypherior Trade it with the Protecter Porygon2 = Porygon-Z Trade it with the Dubios Disc Nosepass = Probopass Level up in mt.Coronet D..

From: gamedude

For this li'l trick you gotta get two Dittos and a rare item (I used master Ball). Put both Dittos into daycare with one of them hoilding the rare item. When they lay an egg, collect it and hatch it. Your newborn Ditto will be holding the item you gave one of the Dittos. This is a great way to get Master Balls, rare candy, vitimins etc...

From: gamedude

To get to sunny shore city u must go to top of mt cornet to do dat fly to hearthome city then go west until u see a cave entrance oh ya u need surf climb and strenth or rock smash idk. ur in a cave get to the other side of the cave u will see an exit dont go in go north u will see water-surf then u get to land use climb on the rock things and go up..

From: pokemaster_jose

To get giratina u have to first go to turnback cave...(beat the elite 4 then u will see springfeild path) once you are there go left up left up keep doing that and then you will see three pillars(one at a time) and once u see the third pillar GO LEFT and then u will see giratina...

From: x cool77

In pokemon diamond i know how to replicate with ditto and rare, legendary pokemon u can replicate evee, rotom, (ur starter i used empoleon) and all not so rare oens put one of them in daycare and then with ditto which u get at grass in front of canalave city and if u want u can migrate swampert from ruby fire red leafy green get swampert rayquaza f..

From: yeyindey

To get to sunny shore city you must go to top of mt. cornet to do that fly to hearthome city then go west until you see a cave entrance (You need surf, rock climb and strength or rock smash I dont care). Your in a cave get to the other side of the cave you will see an exit dont go in go north u will see water-surf then you get to land use climb on ..

From: monkeylord14

Electivire - Put Fire Red in your GBA slot and go to valley windworks anxd you will find an elekid holding an electiviser evolve elekid at Lv 30 and give electabuz the electivisers and trade. Magmortar - Put Leaf Green in your GBA slot and go to Stark Mountain and you will find an Magby holding an magmoriser evolve magby at Lv 30 and give the magmo..

From: Pokefan1

When hatching eggs, it takes a sertant amount of steps. When you walk with an egg and have a pokemon with the ability flame body in your party, it would take about 1000 to 2000 steps. Without the flame body, t will take about 2000 to 3000 steps. To keep trak on steps, use the step counter application on your poketech...

From: hayyaman101

Have a pokemon that has the ability Magma armour and pu that pokemon next to the egg. Macargo and Camerupt are the two i use and then go to a place that will hatch the egg and the steps will be half its steps to hatch...

From: ChipmunkJulia12

Get the eevee to love you, than level it up during the day or night to get Umbreon or Espeon...

From: DarkCharizard1

If you get mystery gift from Battle revolution and it is Electivire, he knows earthquake, thunder punch, cross chop and ice punch, put it in he day care centre with ditto, when you get an egg and it hatches it will be elekid, mine knew cross chop, ice punch, leer and quick attack at level one...

From: the chris

Go to bebe after completing the elite four. she will give u eevee. then put eevee into the daycare w/ a ditto, and w8 till u get an egg. hatch it, then repeat. Next, turn your eevee's into wateva evolve form u want it 2 b, and carry around those eevee evolutions. now u have a beastmonger team. good luck ownin all!!!..

From: starwars rules

In either version of the latest Pokemon game, it is possible to get every single one of evolved form of traded pokemon. To get the pokemon like Machamp or Golem, just deposit a Machoke or a Graveler at the GTS place and request something like a level 100 Male Abra or something that nobody has, find a pokemon you want, trade for it, and then withdra..

From: yerfavejoo

Trade a Pokemon over to your Diamond or Pearl version. If you battle with the Pokemon that you just received from the trade, then after the battle it should say *Pokemon's Name* gained a boosted *amount of experience points* points...

From: salazar117

Doing this is pretty simple so be ready for a really easy way to unlock some pokemon. Go to Solaceon Town and go to the cave to the right. Catch all of the Unown A-Z. Then go to Route 214 and go in the cave right under Veilstone City. Talk to the man if you want, then go through the opening. This where You will find the ! and ? Unknown. (P.S. the b..

From: malachi11

Alright this is super easy it just takes a little while. Just take 6 Unown at a time to the boy you should have talked to in the 2nd floor of the ruins. The boy is at his house next to the ruins sitting at a table with his mom. Put the unown yor want the seal of first in youre party then talk to the boy. just keep doing this until you have all the ..

From: malachi11

Poke Ball - The most basic Pokeball. The professor's assistant will give you five near the start of your adventure, you have to buy them at a pokemart afterwards. HOW TO OBTAIN: Purchase it. Great Ball - Slightly more effective than a Poke Ball HOW TO OBTAIN: Collect three Gym badges. Ultra Ball - Slightly more effective than a Great Ball HOW TO OB..

From: salazar117

If you go to your Pokedex and check the weight for a large sized Pokemon, like Giratina, your trainer should be flung up in the air by the imbalance of weight on the scale...

From: salazar117

HM 1- Cut Can chop down small trees so you can move forward. WHERE TO GET IT: Cynthia in Eterna City. HM 2- Fly Flies you to previously visited towns, you land in front of the Pokemon Center. WHERE TO GET IT: The Galactic Storage in Veilstone City. HM 3- Surf You can freely surf on rivers and oceans. WHERE TO GET IT: Obtain from an elder in Celesti..

From: salazar117

Digital Watch: Tells military time in digital format. If you press the screen with your finger, the screen will light up. HOW TO OBTAIN: Comes with the watch. Pedometer: Keep track of the steps you have taken. To reset, push C. HOW TO OBTAIN: Comes with watch. Memo Pad: Jot down just about anything with an eraser and pencil. HOW TO OBTAIN: Get it f..

From: salazar117

First you have to set your nintendo ds date to the nearest friday then go to floaroama town and go east or right all the way till you find it the drifloon should be there...

From: jdizzle026

Drifloon is the only ghost/flying type pokemon in the game, so it is actually pretty good if you get the right moveset. They appear in front of the Valley Windworks on Friday Daytimes (East of Floarama Town) but if you really can't wait until friday, Go to your DS menu (The thing that comes up when you start) then press the picture of the DS at the..

From: hadouken

To attain 6 masterballs or 6 rare candies a day, you must have 1+ rare candy or Master Ball Pokemon Diamond/Pearl pokemon emerald. In pokemon emerald, go to the Battle Tower in the Battle Frontier, give your master ball/rare candy to a pokemon and use the Pokemon Clone glitch in Emerald untill you have 7+ masterballs/rarecandies. Then migrate the 6..

From: PokelMaster

there are a few new evolve forms in pokemon diamond. New evolve forms: Magneton = Magnezone Likitung = Lickylick Rhydon = Rhypherior Porygon2 = Porygon-Z Kirlia = Gallade Nosepass = Probopass Dusclops = Dusknoir Tangela = Tangrowth Electabuzz = Electrive Magmar = Magmortar Togetic = Togekiss Yamma = Yanmega Evee = Leafeon or Glaceon Gligar = Glisco..

From: blade_master45

Pokemon Location: Dialga - Spear Pillar/diamond Palkia - Spear Pillar/pearl Uxie - Lake Acuity Mespirrit - Lake Verity Azlef - Lake Valor Heatran - Stark Mountan regigigas - snowpoint temple giratina - turnback cave cresselia - full moom island phione n manaphy - pokemon ranger Special Event: Darkai - Darkai's Island Shaymin - Route 224 Arecus - Sp..

From: blade_master45

If you are trying to hatch an egg and have a Pokemon with the Magma Armor or Flame Body ability in your party, then it will cut the hatch time in half...

From: DragonMaster

To get ditto you must first have the national pokedex. There are 2 ways one you migrate it from leafgreen, firered or cach it at route 218 while using the poke radar. this works on pearl to...

From: pokeking

You must have the national pokedex.ok go to sadgem town. Dawn will be outside talk to her and do everything she tells you. Till she says 'do you know BEBE she tells you wear to find her. Go to her and shell give a EEVEE to you. Note: she lives in hearthome city...

From: pokeking

As you know dratini is the pokemon that becomes into a dragonair and then into a dragonite. Go to mt.coronet go to the waterfall is go up the waterfall and fish with the super rode. Their in the 30...

From: pokeking

Spirittomb can only be caught after you speak with 32 people in the underground.(you can talk to the same person by going in and out) After putting the odd keystone in the crumbling tower. Go there and spiritomb will be there...

From: blade_master45

Go to the patch of grass above Florama Town and surf down till you find and opening. Go it and you'll see a path inbetween the flowers. Walk down the each path till you come to a dead end and hit A. You'll find a Hyper potion, Honey, ect...

From: Deadnotfainted9

If you have a deoxys take it to the city with the game corner touch the space rocks and doexys will change into a different form depending on the attributes it has[it will change into speed,attack, defence or normal touch all the rocks to see different forms]...

From: spiderwilliam8

Rotom is one of the legendarys that can have an egg (like manaphy) the pokemon in the egg will be a rotom...

From: Cheesus

As I'm sure you know, there is a haunted house called the Old Chateau. After you get the National Pokedex, go back to the haunted house at night. Go up one of the staircases and go through the door in the back. You will now be in a hallway with 5 doors. One of these doors will be right in front of you. If you walk to the right a little, there is an..

From: Mr. Garchomp

There are 3 ULTIMATE moves a fire water and grass type for each of the 12 starter pokemon but there is also an other ULTIMATE move which is for dragon types like Dialga and Palkia its called Draco Meteor which is taught to your pokemon by an old lady who lives east of Celestic town take a pokmon which knows rock climb and one who knows defog...

From: Cheesus

Get an action replay download a cheat that is called run/walk everywhere after you got the national pokedex go to the sailors house talk to the mother and the child that is on bed talk to the sailor and he'll talk about the nightmare that the child has he'll take you to fullmoon island go in the place there will be a legendary pokemon it will fly a..

From: EXzmage

Darkrai has the ability "bad dreams". When darkrai battles a sleeping pokemon, it will reduce its hp until it wakes up. It doesn't take a lot of hp but its helpful...

From: hayyaman101

Get your DS with R4 memory,activate Pokemon Diamond cheat, play the game,then go to Route 224 , walk through sea above the white stone, you'll find path, follow the long path until you see Shaymin. For Darkrai just go to the Fullmoon Island, then walk east through sea you'll find Newmoon Island, catch Darkrai there!..

From: BlazeBurn99

You will need a pokemon that knows rock climb. Go to route 210 there will be a house near a cliff. (p.s. you will half to battle a trainer beffore you get there so come prepared.) There will be an old lady in the house and shi asks you if she can teach one of youre pokemon Draco Meteor, the pokemon has to be a dragon type to learn this move. The mo..

From: malachi11

After you have beaten the elite 4 go to turnback cave catch giratina (it doesnt matter but if you want a good way to catch it use dusk balls) and then go out of turnback cave if you return to the place you found giratina you will find a thing called a rare bone it can be sold at up to 1000 to 2000 poke dollers you can do this multiple times and mak..

From: Pokedude81

After the Elite Four go south of Vielstone and their where be a small path and a pond place. Use rockclimb. Go in the cave keep going left until you find GIRATINI! At level 70 (use a master ball, he's impossible to catch)..

From: CodeMaster

Feebas only appears on four of the tiles in the underground lake at Mt. Coronet. You must use an Old Rod to find it. Once you find the correct square it has a 50% chance of appearing. Try each square multiple times...

From: markc410

Go to the route underneath Cycling Road (south of Eterna City) and go north. You will see a cave entrance to Wayward Cave. Do not go in. Instead, go left and you will see a bridge. Step underneath the bridge and go to the second square from the left, then keep going up. There is a secret entrance to Wayward Cave. Use Strength to move the boulder in..

From: markdspark

After you have found the Pal Park on Pokemon Platinum, Diamond, or Pearl, behind it is a few scattered batches of tall grass. Although it is behind Pal Park, it wont hold all the very different Kanto, Hoenn, Johto type pokemon, only Sinnoh Pokemon. ( Such as Skuntank. ) The only way to get to the grass is to have the cheat Move Anywhere Cheat, or o..

From: CAV206

Easter Eggs

On the friendship checker app. tap the screen twice real fast and your pokemon will jump. It is really funny and it works for pearl too...

From: shenran

I put this in Eggs because it involves eggs. Sorry but it should fit. If you want a rare pokemon (say you got Empoleon in a trade and you want a Piplup) all you have to do is catch a Ditto (which can be found beside Canclave City in Diamond) or migrate one. Put it in the Daycare with the Pokemon you want an egg from and when the egg hatches it will..

From: gamedude

If you set your calendar on your DS to your registered birthday and talk to you Professor Rowan's assistant they will wish you a happy birthday! This is only possible after you beat the elite four...

From: marke9p

If you have ever wondered what the unknown writing in the ruins are, the first one you see spells: TOP RIGHT LOWER LEFT TOP RIGHT TOP LEFT TOP LEFT LOWER LEFT This tells you which stairs to take to get to a room with 4 items in it. The writing in that room spells: FRIENDSHIP ALL LIVES TOUCH OTHER LIVES TO CREATE SOMETHING ANEW AND ALIVE..

From: Scottmier

You must have the HM Cut, as well as the Forest Badge, to find this easter egg. Use Cut on the trees near the exit to Eterna Forest to discover a path to a mysterious mansion. There are two rooms that hold spooks: One is the dining room downstairs and the other is upstairs on the far right, but you can only see it from the adjacent room to the left..

From: wckuang


In old chatau go into a room that has a purple picture with red eyes walk up to it and the eyes will disappear!!!!!!..

From: Pokeman

Ay've seen plenty of li'l ghosties and Uncle M ain't afraid anymore. My supernatural sighting in Pokemon: Diamond Version is at The Old Chateau, which is at the exit of the Eterna Forest. Cut down one of the small trees and enter the Chateau. Items can be found in some of the rooms but that don't matter. Go upstairs and head into the door in the mi..

From: gamedude

For this you will need nintendo Wi-fi and can take some time to get the hang of but don't worry if it doesn't work, it's more luck than judgement. Have the pokemon/item you want to clone in your box and go to the pokemon GTS - enter it and click deposit pokemon, choose the pokemon you want for it (something no one will have) and put it up for trade..

From: jayiszebest

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