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This page contains Cheats for Pocket Monsters Platina organized by sections for Nintendo DS. This game has "Role-Playing Console-style RPG" as genre, made by Game Freak, released on Mar 22, 2009. If you can't find a hint or secret in our list, then please check this page periodically for the latest updates.

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Boxshot & Details
Pocket Monsters Platina
  • Developer: Game Freak
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Genre: Role-Playing Console-style RPG
  • Release: Mar 22, 2009
  • ESRB: Everyone


This Codes are Action Replay Codes. To use them you will need a Action Replay Device Game ID: CPUE-d074d1b3-3811DEF6 Max Cash (Press L+R) 94000130 fcff0000 62101d40 00000000 b2101d40 00000000 00000090 000f423f d2000000 00000000 IN BATTLE CODES: Restore Health In Battle (Press START) 94000130 fff70000 62101d40 00000000 b2101d40 00000000 10047604 000..

From: crazybob


Complete one of the indicated tasks to unlock a star on your trainer card. Defeat the Elite Four. Win any Master Rank Super Contest. Get all Battle Frontier Colored Plates. Get a Platinum flag in the Underground by capturing 50 flags. Catch all 493 Pokemon, excluding event-only Pokemon...

From: vicrox

Earn the indicated number of stars to change the color of your trainer card. Blue: One star Bronze: Two stars Silver: Three stars Gold: Four stars Black: Five stars..

From: yella7864

Unlockable extra Villa furniture:..

From: domanic

First catch grintina get both orbs then go back to spear piller ou will see two cristals both pink and blue touch one then press yes or no..

From: rewdragon


Find all 210 regional Pokemon to complete the Sinnoh Pokedex. Then, talk to Professor Rowan in his laboratory...

From: xanderGT25

Go to Jubilife City and see the TV producer on the third floor of the TV Station. Tell him certain words when he asks you for your feedback on TV. Go to this page to generate these words. This will unlock a special Box Wallpaper in your game...

From: DemonSpawn

You can find a new opponent to battle every day at the Pokemon Center in Hearthome City. They are found next to the counter...

From: tgz20

Go to Snow Point City on January 12th (the birthday of Junichi Masuda, one of the game's developers) to see Diamond Dust falling over the town...

From: Irckingss

Complete the game and return to Sendoff Spring. Cynthia will gone and you can enter the cave she was previously blocking. Enter Turnback Cave and go to the end to find an item and the entrance to the Distortion World. Go through the entrance to find the Griseous Orb. Give it to Giratina and it can stay in its original form outside Distortion World...

From: kapilbtrivedi

Defeat the Elite Four and unlock the National Pokedex. Go to Mt. Coronet through Hearthome City, as if you were travelling to Sky Pillar. Go through about three caves, until you find a new entrance. Enter it to find orbs needed to battle Palkia and Dialga. Go to the top of Mt. Coronet to where Team Galactic was previously encountered. One of the tw..

From: em4mei

Meet at Distortion World or Turnback Cave. Giratina is at level 47. A Masterball is recommended...

From: Gir666

After defeating the Elite Four and getting the National Pokedex, go to Canalave City. Go inside the sailor's house and a boy will be in a bed. He tells you about Darkness and his mother will say he needs an item. Go outside to the dock. Talk to the sailor and catch a ride to Fullmoon Isle. Cressilia will flee and leave behind the item. Catch Cressi..

From: razor

After the encounter in Distortion World, go to Lake Verity and talk to Mesprit inside the center cavern. Mesprit will flee. The Marking Map App will be needed to track Mesprit. Mesprit is at level 50...

From: molens

Unlock the Battle Zone and go to Stark Mountain. Go through the maze and fight the Team Galactic people. Return to the Survival Area. Enter the Battleground and fight the Gym Leaders. Return and enter the same cavern where Team Galactic was found and Heatran will be there. Heatran is at level 50...

From: Karebear7452

After the encounter in Distortion World go to Lake Valor and Acutity. Go inside the caverns. Ultra Balls are needed. Each are at level 50...

From: Nicksg1

Talk to Professor Rowan and get National Pokedex. Go to Pal Park and talk to Professor Oak. Go to Eterna City and find Professor Oak. He will mention that these birds have been sighted. Marking Map App Is needed. All three will be level 60..

From: turtleboy

Go to Jubilife City and see the TV producer on the third floor of the TV Station. Tell him certain words when he asks you for your feedback on TV. Go to this page: Link to generate these words. This will unlock a special Box Wallpaper in your game...

From: Heartzx

First of all you need to have atleast 1 pokemon Leauge Badge. To make them shiny, Press X on your DS, Then scroll down to the card icon that has your players name next to it. Press A and look down at the Gym Leaders at the buttom screen of your DS. Press the little sqaure below all the gym leaders and youll find your Leauge Badge(s) earned by a gym..

From: Jennie156

Here is about all the information you need to know about Chimchar. The one of the three starter pokemon you can get in the beggining of the game. Chimchar- Chimchar is a ape/ monkey pokemon. It is Prounced CHIM-char Type: Fire Height: 1'08" Weight: 13.7 lbs. Region: Sinnoh Possilbe Moves: Scratch, Leer, Ember, Taunt, Fury Swipes, Flame Wheel, ..

From: Jennie156

Here is about everything you need to know about Piplup. One of the Three starter Pokemon you can get in the beggining of the game. Piplup- Pronounced: PIP-plup Possible Moves: Pound, Growl, Bubble, Water Sport, Peck, Bite, BubbleBeam, Fury Attack, Brine, Whirlpool, Mist, Drill Peck, Hydro Pump Type: Water Height: 1'04" | Weight: 11.5 lbs. Regi..

From: Jennie156

Once you get secret key , go to the eterna galactic hideout. If you have emptied eterna of team galacatic, you can go one of the room and use the secret key between the bookcase and a wall. This will open up a whole new room in the buliding. When you go to the room you will see 5 appliances on the floor, If you have Rotom with you, you can go up to..

From: Pumrin'd

At night, go to enterna forest, and get to the very end. you will se gardenia standing near the old chaetu. talk to her, then use cut and walk in the house. walk up the left stairs, and go through the door in the middle door. when you go into the door, go to the the first door on the left. talk to the door in the room, and the tv will say, ''there ..

From: PokeMaster125

Once you've defeaten the Elite Four, go to the resort area. Use the Super rod at the lake near the villa. This will take aout 10 hous to do. Keep trying and you will catch yourself a Level 100 Magikarp!..

From: HO-OH 12.94

Beat the Elite Four Collect all of the Battle Frontier Colored Plates Capture 50 flags in the Underground Win a Master Rank Super Contest Capture all 493 pokemon (excluding event-only pokemon) Each star will change the color of your Trainer Card as follows: Blue - Earn One Star Bronze - Earn Two Stars Gold - Earn Four Stars Silver - Earn Three Star..

From: cheater_123

Eevee: an evolution pokemon that has up to 8 different forms.This pokemon is very rare to find just anywhere but here are a couple ways you may find an eevee: Go to hearthome and find Bebe somewhere in a house Go to the pokemon mansion and press your luck to try to find one Get a action replay code for eevee thats all the tricks ive seen, heard or ..

From: eevees4ever20

If you want to evolve EEVEE here is some help to get you along, Vaporeon = Use a Water stone on your Eevee Flareon = Use a Fire stone on your eevee Leafeon = Go to Eterna Forest and level up by battling wild pokemon Glaceon = Go to snowpoint grass and level up by battling wild Umbreon = Level up by battling any wild pokemon at night Espeon = Level ..

From: Ratchet K.G

Go to Eterna forest and go to Old Chateu and go up stairs in the middle and go to the room with the TV (i dont remember which one so find out for yourself)and click the tv.It will say''It seems as if there's a pokemon in the tv.Thump the tv?''.Say yes and you will hear Rotoms cry and the battle will start. P.S Rotom is a ghost/electric type so dont..

From: Ratchet K.G

Wallpapers: First go to the website Flib.com. Enter your trainer code and follow the instructions provided. You will have some fantastic wallpapers for your PC you cant get anywhere else! Catch Feebas:To catch feebas, Go to the side of Mt.Coronet from Celestic town. You'll need a pokemon with Strenght for this. Move the rocks and go up until there ..

From: Ratchet K.G

For accually help on catching Palkia and Dialga, go to the Pokemon Platinum website.. First, you'll need the Lustrous Orb and the Adamant Orb. Then go to Celestic Town and go to The lady so she can tell you the rumor. That way it'll help to listen to her. Go to the instructed cave and activate the thingies. Palkia and Dialga should come. They're bo..

From: Ratchet K.G

Munchlax: Have 2 snorlaxs in the daycare.One of them holding a full insence. The baby will be a munchlax...

From: Ratchet K.G

Easter Eggs

After beating Elite 4, if you play the game on your birthday, or if you set the DS clock to your birthday, and talk to Dawn/Lucas, she/he will wish you a Happy Birthday..

From: w0BqklpG

Go to Snow Point City during the 12th of January and you will see Diamond Dusts falling on the town. It is because of the birthday of Junichi Masuda, Gamefreaks Director and Composer of Pokemon Music...

From: jStans

Save the game before the battle. Use a Pokemon that knows Paralysis. Use a Quick Ball, then keep using Paralysis until the legendary Pokemon is affected by the move. Then, use weak attacks until its health is low. Use a Great Ball to capture the Pokemon...

From: derag

Have both an international Pokemon and one of your own in the daycare to increase the chances of finding a shiny Pokemon...

From: haris55

As I posted in the questions and answers part of this game, I found a mysterious piece of grass that is in the battle tower. Use the walk through walls cheat or tweaking method to enter the black. Go past the reception desk and walk around. There are strange panels that send you off in different directions like the ones in fuego iron works, only th..

From: supershadow775


Now you know how u can always fight the rival(blond guy) in survival area? well on sunday stay there save then wate till Monday then talk to him. Now you can battle him on Mondays if u keep repeating this. (and this shouldn't say "poketmonsters" it should say pokemon)..

From: ultimategamer22

Okay just to let you know, my friend told me this, so dont blame me if im wrong. First, get a pokemon you do not care about and bring him to the battle factory. Second, rent the pokemon. Then finally, when the game is done saving, hold l and r and turn off the game. You should have the pokemon...

From: supershadow775

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From: masta
Posted on: 01-22-2013
Anyone know any easter eggs?

Please help! I beat the elite 4 and champion. But im getting really bored right now and i have nothing to do. The only thing i can do is go to battleground but that got boring already and i caught Hea...

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Posted on: 01-15-2013
Where to find Glameow? please help!

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Posted on: 11-17-2012
Master ball help

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Posted on: 09-07-2012
Pokerader help wanted

How do you get the pokerader in the platinum ?...

From: dmc3836
Posted on: 04-26-2012
Anyone still battle on pokemon platinum in 2012

I was just wondering if anyone still play pokemon platinum and im on my 3ds browser so any way my ds lite was put in the washing machine and my games and platinum was the one i saved now its my only g...

From: ss4 vegeta
Posted on: 03-25-2012
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