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Harvest Moon: Friends Of Mineral Town Cheats for GameBoy Advance

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This page contains Cheats for Harvest Moon: Friends Of Mineral Town organized by sections for GameBoy Advance. This game has "Strategy Breeding/Constructing" as genre, made by Tose, released on Nov 17, 2003. If you can't find a hint or secret in our list, then please check this page periodically for the latest updates.

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Boxshot & Details
Harvest Moon: Friends Of Mineral Town
  • Developer: Tose
  • Publisher: Natsume
  • Genre: Strategy Breeding/Constructing
  • Release: Nov 17, 2003
  • ESRB: Everyone


Trying to make friends with the Harvest Sprites? An easy way to make them like you is to give them the herbs on the beach from spring to fall. They are located very close to their house (behind the church) and they love them. You'll be playing with the gnomes and having them do your work in no time. When giving grass to harvest sprites, make sure t..

From: XunnoticedX

To get your first Power Berry, till all the squares in your farm's field. It will appear somewhere in the field...

From: Rabbackarma

Build a fence on your field and throw your chickens in there. Since they are trapped in there, they cannot run around your farm and be difficult to find. They will also find their own food in the same area everyday, so you do not need to feed them...

From: zackcody

If you want high heart levels for your dog, take it to bed with you every night. In the morning you will have to put it down to use tools. Your dog also becomes extremely happy if he sleeps with the horse, chickens, sheep, cows, etc...

From: MrChips

When you get your horse, always talk to and brush it. When it is an adult, ride it all the time. After several days Barley will appear. If you did not take good care of your horse, he will take it. It takes exactly one year after you get the horse for it to mature. Then a week after it matures, Barley will appear and check your horse. If it has les..

From: violet princess

Save the game, then go to the horse race. Do not bet yet. Make a note of the winners then reset the game. Load the saved game, then bet 99 on the winners. You can get a lot of medals. Also, if you are competing, bet on yourself if you take extremely good care of your horse. If you win, you will get a lot of medals...

From: GafGronrodY

During any season except for Winter, throw two cucumbers in the lake near the mountain. A Kappa will appear and ask to be left alone. For the next ten days, go to the lake and drop one cucumber each day. On the tenth day, Kappa will give you a blue Power Berry that doubles the amount of fatigue that you can take...

From: skydevil

The Mystic Stones appear after you have upgraded all your tools to the Mythic level. They will appear after level 60 in the Winter or Lake Mine. Take them to the Blacksmith with 30,000 gold and select the tool you want to be upgraded...

From: Lemtard

Ship 100 or more of Eggplant, Sweet Potatoes and Carrots. You will get a letter in the mail from the store stating that they now have Spinach for sale...

From: sparkyuiop

If there is a storm coming the next day in the game, wait until after midnight. The television will have colored lines going down it...

From: Neill

The sixth Jewel Of Truth is located in the lamp post in town. Just find your way to the "Town Square" and go up and check each lamp post till u get to the church and u will find the 6th Jewel Of Truth..

From: dlhass

Become REALLY good friends with Barley and 1 day he wil come by and ask to borrow your dog.Say yes and a couple of weeks later the puppies will be born and Barley will give u 1!!!..

From: lisa_bails

To find 5 easy Jewels os Truths: 1. To find the first go to your stable after you have your horse and look in your horse's water tank. 2. Your dog house. 3. In the library in the price selling bookshelf. 4. Exchange it for medals in the horse races. 5. Buy it to Won...

From: HeirKlopek

To win Elli over, just give her milk every day (or if you don't have cows, give her flowers). Also, if you want to speed up the process, get a check-up by the doctor every day. It will make her happier...

From: madz122

Get 42 Connectivity Stars from the Goddess by connecting the game to Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life on the Gamecube...

From: amyveras

After three years on the farm a new item called the Teleport Stone can be found on the 255th floor of the Spring Mine and the Winter Mine. The Teleport Stone can be used to teleport to any area in the game, even to the Winter Mine when it is not Winter...


When you become Carter's (the priest) friend, you will enter the church. He will be in front of the table. Zack will come in and say that he has found what he wants. Carter gets very happy, and they will keep talking. After you that, the door on the right will be unlocked. In the Fall, you can find two truffles, a poison mushroom and a normal mushr..

From: anteresnita

To prevent the wild dog from going into your yard, leave your own dog outside and go into town after doing your chores. Stay in town in until 10:30 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. When you go back home you will hear your dog continually bark and the wild dog whine. When you hear that, equip your axe find the wild dog. Hit it with the axe until it leaves your fa..

From: priji

On the day of the Horse Racing Festival, get your Basket and proceed to Rose Square. Make a bet on a race and try to win 300 Medals. At the end of the Festival, talk to the Mayor and exchange your Medals for Truffles and place them all on your basket. Leave Rose Square, then place your Basket in the Shipment Box. Continue the game as normal afterwa..

From: celia57

The stairs leading to the next level are never found next to the walls in the mines. They are also never found next to the previous stairs. If you give the Harvest Goddess (in the water to the right of the Spring Mine) gifts that she likes, you will be able to go deeper in the mines. Just throw it in the water. She likes anything that can be harves..

From: sunnyhunny

If you want a certain girl to be your girlfriend, make sure you bring her things she that likes at least once everyday. Find out what her schedule is, so that you know what she is doing at each time of the day. Always talk to her and bring her some of your crops that you grow. If she does not like something you give her, do not give it to her anymo..

From: Ray

The sign on the Winery says that it is closed on Sundays only. However, it is actually closed on Saturdays...

From: shrez

It is possible to cook with the frisbee and the ball, however the meal will turn out to be a failure. Won will not sell you another...

From: sexygee101

In the winter when you talk to the officer, he will say that its raining instead of snowing...

From: judeskater123

In the first year, go to the sheep festival. Talk to the man behind the table (who arranged everything). When you talk to him, he will say "We want to begin judging the cows now"...

From: datblkbasterd

When waiting for a store to open and a person tries to get in, you can get stuck between the person and the door. You can run through them. Note: You cannot run through animals, except for the chickens...

From: garminamkad

If you ask Gotz to rebuild your doghouse or mailbox, he will work inside your house instead of outside...

From: SoSweeTi

When you go to the inn at night, stand by the door until you see Duke coming. If you try to talk to him, a message screen appears then disappears quickly...

From: angel

Talk to the police officer when it is snowing. He will say that it is raining. If you are married to Karen, speak to her in the morning. She will say that is a lovely sunny day while it is raining...

From: randy white

It is easier to level up tools by the spa by running into the Spring Mine. By doing this, time will not pass while the tools are being used and the spa is very close, making for quick regeneration trips...

From: asvos

Behind Gotz's house, near the first branch you see, is a passage which leads you to a white grass which can only be found in winter. The passage is not directly behind Gotz's house, but it is also accessible from in between two trees...

From: FrankJaeger

If you wish to raise the pedometer a lot, while you are waiting for a shop to open or in your house, press the D-pad repeatedly very fast. It will raise 5 to 10 points with each press...


Notice that if you plant seeds then water all nine spaces with a level 2 or higher watering can, you will not be able to reach the crop in the middle without cutting a stalk from the sides. However, if you recruit a Harvest Sprite to harvest crops for you, it can walk through the crops and harvest the middle one. This is only useful for crops that ..

From: Chris k

The easiest girl in the town to befriend is Karen from the supermarket. To get her to like you, give her lots of wine. She also likes berries, but the wine works the best. When your friendship increases, there will be a sequence in which she gets a special wine from her father and gives you a bottle. Save it, and on her birthday (Fall 15), wrap the..

From: reggimaans

Spring: Turnips. They are cheap, but they grow the fastest making them worth every dollar. Summer: Buy pineapples from Won. Autumn: Sweet potatoes. They re-grow in two days and have a high selling price. Spring: Cucumbers. They have a slightly lower selling rate than Turnips, but they grow back every four days and will surpass the money you make fr..

From: jawge10

The Jewels of Truth can be found in the following locations or doing the following tasks. - On the top of the Dog House. - The trough in the Stable. - Get 1,000 Horse Race Medals. - 50,000 G in Won's shop. - A lamppost between the church and the Town Square. - In Mary's Library, second floor, middle set of shelves, furthest to the right. - Play the..

From: nailswoman

Dig around in your fields (with the Hoe). Throw items into the Waterfall Lake (by the hot spring) on ten different days. The Harvest Goddess will give it to you. Note: Flowers work best. - Get 900 Horse Racing Medals. - Win the Horse Race. - Win the Frisbee Tournament. - Use a Mystrile fishing pole on the beach during Winter. - Dig in the floor 100..

From: cocomachine

The Axe is used to chop up branches and stumps. Normal: You begin with this tool in your toolbox. Effect: One hit to cut branches. Cannot cut stumps. Copper: Upgrade by Saibara in the town. Costs 1 copper and 1,000 G. Effect One hit to cut branches. Six hits to cut stumps. Silver: Upgrade by Saibara in the town. Costs 1 Silver and 2,000 G. Effect: ..

From: lor185020

The Fishing Rod is used to catch fish in the water. Normal: Obtained this from Zach at the house at the beach. Effect: Catch small fish. Copper: Upgrade by Saibara in the town. Costs 1 copper and 1,000 G. Effect: Catch small fish and medium fish. Silver: Upgrade by Saibara in the town. Costs 1 Silver and 2,000 G. Effect: Catch medium fish. Gold: Up..

From: Caljamum

The Hammer is used to smash stones rocks and boulders, and till land. Normal: You will begin with this tool in your toolbox. Effect: One hit to smash stones. Cannot smash rocks or boulders. Copper: Upgrade by Saibara in the town. Cost 1 copper and 1,000 G. Effect: One hit to smash stones, three for rocks. Silver: Upgrade by Saibara in the town. Cos..

From: redmario8

The Water Can is used to water your plants. Normal: You begin with this tool in your toolbox. Effect: Waters a 1x1 square. Copper: Upgrade by Saibara in the town. Cost 1 copper and 1,000 G. Effect: Waters a 3x1 square Silver: Upgrade by Saibara in the town. Cost 1 silver and 2,000 G. Effect: Waters a 3x2 square. Gold: Upgrade by Saibara in the town..

From: deadman

Once your wife gets pregnant, it takes 60 days to have the baby...

From: straw hat

Build a fence on your field and throw your chickens in there. Since they are trapped in there, they cannot run around your farm and be difficult to find. They will also find their own food in the same area everyday, so you do not need to feed them...

From: WarPigI334

In harvest moon ellis birthday is 16th of spring so on her bithday find some flowers the white ones and wrap them up and give to her then give her wrapped up chocolate and she should have a pink heart...

From: zelda4ever

Karen loves bamboo shoots so get her loads also she'll love u for buyin stuf from her shop and if u buy a load of chocolate for 100 Pounds you can put it in the shipment box and sell it for the same amount of money...

From: Chloe

There are 2 passageway that you need blessed or cursed hammer in the lake mine. The one can be entered by any season but the other one can enter on winter. Remember! you can't clear the path using normal-mistrial only blessed and cursed hammer...

From: adrian0705

Before you can even find them you have to upgrade all of your tools to mystrile. cursed Axe dig around floor................. 49 cursed Fishing Rod.............................. 29 cursed Hammer...................................59 cursed Hoe..........................................39 cursed Sickle.......................................79 cursed W..

From: warhead19

In order to gain easy money during the summer, bring your basket and a mythic/cursed/blessed fishing rod with you during either the beach day (the event where you can join the frisbee competition), or the fireworks event(evening of summer 24). make sure your rucksack and basket are both empty. next, use your mythic/blessed/cursed fishing rod to fis..

From: -tnegrarea29

First To Get Married To Karen I suggest Giving Her Wrapped Wine Which You Can Buy At Aja Winery Then After Giving Her Several Gift Of Wrapped Wine (You Can Wrap Your Wine At The Supermarket For 100G) After That Go Inside The Supermarket Make Sure You Have 1 Available spot on your ruck stock then Karen Will Give You A Free Grass (Thats Called Heart ..

From: me036

You must be friend with carter(the priest) because of the church's backyard you can get truffles every fall that cost 500 i think...

From: thunderfighter1

The very special word in this game is birthday because it increase a friendship/heart color of a person on this game. Its just simple just give a person a thing that he/she like (you can know that by their facial expression) and next day their expression will change means that your befriend with them...

From: thunderfighter1

Things you need; Rucksack (5 or 9 slots recommended to make it easier) Basket The best way to make money is by betting on the Horse Racing. Save your game before you head to the Horse Race and head over. Scout for the best bets (aka winners) and load your game again. Bet on the winner's from before but do NOT bet on someone with a low number next t..

From: Red

Easter Eggs

At night, enter your house at 00:00 (MUST EXACT 00:00. How to do this is you have to wait until the clock shows 12:50 outside your house, stay close to the door! Wait until 10 seconds then quickly enter your house.). Then go to the mirror and press the interact button. After a message "Midnight" shown, a sound of slammed door will appear ..

From: Erudito


Put a cow or a sheep outsife of barn and the fence them inside using anything that can block barn animals and ride your horse when an animal touch the fence run to it and make your horse jump to the fence and at that point your insde the things that cant be walked by others.ah i almost forgot its easier to use a basket because it dont move like ani..

From: thunderfighter1
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