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This page contains Cheats for Pokemon Sapphire organized by sections for GameBoy Advance. This game has "Role-Playing Console-style RPG" as genre, made by Game Freak, released on Mar 19, 2003. If you can't find a hint or secret in our list, then please check this page periodically for the latest updates.

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Boxshot & Details
Pokemon Sapphire
  • Developer: Game Freak
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Genre: Role-Playing Console-style RPG
  • Release: Mar 19, 2003
  • ESRB: Everyone


Hold Select + Up + B. Then, answer "Yes" to the prompt to "Clear all game data areas?"...

From: Dufftowns

Hold Select + Start + A + B during game play...

From: valeriaspinoza


Get at least 5 badges and go to the Petalburg Pokemon Center. Talk to the guy at the PC and when he asks you your profile: use "MYSTERY EVENT IS EXCITING"..

From: Anonymous


Head down to Pacificlog Town. Go into the house that has a girl beside it. Once you are in, talk to the woman in the back. It you have a Bellossom and you want to get rid of it, you can trade it to her for a Corsola...

From: BloodRedRose6

Once you become the Pokemon League Champion, pay extra attention to the TV. It will broadcast information about a super-rare Pokemon. After that, be on the lookout for the Latias, which is exclusive to the Sapphire version of the game...

From: gerald007

The Sapphire version allows you to catch the ancient Pokemon Kyogre. It's only available in Sapphire, and you only face it once... in the Cave of Origin in Sootopolis City. Save your Master Ball so you'll be sure to capture it at this encounter...

From: Cablejacky0

You need to own 201 pokemon(including Jiarachi) First you go to Mossdep city then talk to the man in the white coat he is in the space place directly in front of you if he says rocket 98 is going to space go to miarage island then team rocket will be there you have to battle them then Deoxys will be the 5th pokemon you find in miarge island note I ..

From: Johnathon

First go to a PokeMart that sells regular Pokeballs. For every 10 Pokeballs you buy, you get 1 Premier Ball free...

From: NOS209

Collect all 386 Pokemon info in your Pokedex. Then go to the hotel in Lilycove City and talk to the Game Designer...

From: mwright

The following are the items you can unlock by completing the challenges in the Trick House on Route 110...

From: am

You can win certain items after battling at the Battle Tower long enough. All wins must be in a single winning streak...

From: pascalleke

First you go to the small little beach near Lilycove City. You fish there with a super rod. A lot of wailmers will pop up, but eventually a staryu will pop up. Good luck...

From: PokeWaffles

First, go and beat the elite four. Then, surf or fly to the sky pillar. Finally, go up to the top,and use ultra balls, or a master ball to catch Raquaza...

From: spherix

Surf Northwest of Mossdeep to find a house. The man inside is the Shard Hunter. If you explore the Eastern reigon of Hoen, (The Ocean) and dive around it, you will find Shards. There are Blue, Red, Green, and Yellow Shards. Give them to the Shard Hunter in exchange for one of the 4 elemental stones available...

From: pokemaster1456


The only way to get flash is to go to Granite Cave (in Dewfort Town) and talk to the person near the entrance. He will give you HM05. (Note: to use flash you need Dewforts badge) After defeating this towns gym leader teach HM05 to one of your pokemon. You will find Steven at the end of the cave. Talk to him to deliver the letter...

From: dhenzz02

While playing the game depoisit a pokemon in a computer then withdraw it...

From: Timtam34

First you have to have some Pokemon that know HM03 Surf, HM08 Dive and TMDig. Fly to Paciflog town. Go in the Pokemon Center and withdraw Wailord (evolution of waimer) and Relicanth (If you don't have these Pokemon yet catch a waimer with your super rod in the water near Mossdeap city.) They are near Lv.35 so you have to train it to Lv.40 for it to..

From: eadyfransese

First get a weak pokemon (when you are at a badge like 3 or 4) then put it in front right. In battle switch it with a strong pokemon. You should get alot of experience points...

From: Takenoshi1

Get 1-5 victories to earn the folowing: Calcium Carbos HP Up Iron Protein Zinc Get 6 or more victories to earn the following: Bright Powder Choice Band Focus Band King's Rock Leftovers Mental Herb Quick Claw Scope Lens White Herb Get 50 victories in a row to earn the award ribbon and the silver shield...

From: Newtdude

To find Relicanth (a hard to find Pokemon), dive around Sootopolis. Hold the A button while moving over the seaweed things. You MAY find Relicanth. If your Pokemon is about 20 levels stronger than your opponent, hold A while doing damage to it. You will probably give your foe a One Hit K.O. If you want to keep your opponent in red health, hold Righ..

From: JackyMe

In victory road you will find a medicharm towards the end. If you find any heart scales take your medicharm to the move tutor in falloubour town. You will be able to learn fire punch ice punch or thunder punch. Also you will find lairon ok teach it thunder and make it evolve to a aggron and raise to about level 70. This pokemon will be able to defe..

From: foreign_m38

To get a Shedinja, follow these easy steps: Catch a Nincada in Route 116 near Rustboro. Make sure you have a extra slot in your party. Also, you must have some Pokeballs if you have any. Raise your Nincada to Level 20, it will evolve into a Ninjask. And, you got a Shedinja!..

From: snowf1ake

Pick the pokemon you want to go up in exp. and put it in your first of pokemon. Then, get in a battle and do not fight yet! Shift to a stronger pokemon and then start to fight the opponent. Afterwards, both of your pokemon will have gained experience...

From: george920

If you want some free items, catch a zigzaggoon and let it stay in your party (you don't have to fight with him). because of it's ability you get some free items like: rare candy (very usefull), superpotion, full heal and some times full restore...

From: Tysssiie

In the city where you get bikes select the acro bike, Next go to the wild and make sure you have it. then start doing buny hopes and it will elimanate some of the pokemon that come at you but not all...

From: oblivion_5

Chimecho is found bottom right oh the old people on top of mt pyre also if you got a move called sweet scent it will find chimecho easy...

From: shadowknight99

The berries will stop growing at 100 hours of play if so listen carefuly: Step 1: Before you save hold a + b + select. Step 2: If it saved while you where saving. It turn it off then back on. Step 3: Hold A + B + Select before you load then the berries will start growing again it works 100%..

From: shadowknight99

All you have to do to guarantee a hit by the move (fissure, guilottine, sheer cold or horn drill) is to have your pokemons level as high as yo can. A 1 hit ko moves accuracy is 30, (thats the percentage chance of it hitting) if your pokemon is 30 levels higher than the defending pokemon the accuracy increases by 30 percent. Therefore giving you a b..

From: iluvpokemon93

You need the HM cut for this. This is a trick of how to get rid of all that annoying long grass that pokemon jump out at you in(also works for the grass you cant ride your bike in.). All you have to do is stand in the grass area you want gone. And then and then use the move cut and the surrounding grass is ay?:P..

From: MePokemonMaster

Repeatedly tap A if your pokemon is confused before it attacks for it to not hurt itself in confusion Repeatedly tap A if your foe's pokemon is confused before it attacks for it to hurt itself in confusion..

From: razzle00

If you want your pokemon to never be affected by status then always repeatedly tap A if it has a status problem then status problem wont affect the pokemon if you do it right If you want your foe's pokemon to always be affected by status then always repeatedly tap A if it has a status problem then status problem will affect the pokemon if you do it..

From: razzle00

Rapidly tap A to nullify a status on your pokemon and attack without the status of your pokemon affecting the attack works on an oppenent on the opposite way also...

From: razzle00

First u have 2 go 2 the Sealed Chamber. It is down current from pacifilog, and you want 2 hang close 2 the bottom, about 5 squares away from the bottom. then, head into the current, and then keep going. You should c a dive area surrounded by rocks and a pretty narrow opening. Keep trying and testing current areas until you get there. then, dive and..

From: starwars rules

After unlocking the REGI's caverns go to the route right of Fortree city and go down to the bottom. When u get near the bottom go left and follow the road up a litle.U will see a Hiker and a cave next to him, enter. Read the text. The text says : WITH NEW HOPE AND LOVE AIM TO THE SKY IN THE MIDDLE ! The text means : GO INTO THE MIDDLE OF THE CAVERN..

From: PoKeSeCReTeR

First of all, if u want to work this out, u need a weak pokemon, like a lvl.6 or below. Then the president of the Rustboro will tell u to mail him a letter to Steven in Dewford. U do this and u find Steven in a cave. Then after u deliver go back to the president and he will give u a Exp.share. U give this to a weak pokemon and when u start battling..

From: pokemaster1456

HM#1--Cut: You get Cut at cutter's house in Rustborro. HM#2--Fly: You get Fly From May after beating Team Aqua at the weather plant. HM#3--Surf: You get Surf from Wally's parenet's house next to your dad's Gym after you beat your dad. HM#4--Strenth: You get Strength after you break one of the rocks seperating the couples in the cave to the right of..

From: pokemaster1456

An island that appears very rarely. There is a rare Berry and infinite Wynaut inhabiting the island. It does not appear randomly, however. Mirage Island is assigned a number daily. If the number matches a Pokemon in your party's ID number, it will be visible. Thus, your chances of seeing Mirage Island is to have many different ID numbers in your pa..

From: pokemaster1456

Go to pyre tower go to the top floor then have a pokemon in your team that knows sweet scent then keep using it and eventually a chimico will appear. Hope this helps...

From: space cookie

To get jirachi when you're play time saya 200: then go to the space station and talk all the people and one should allow you to board then you will fight jirach then you can catch it...

From: space cookie

First go to the berry master's house and talk to his wife. If you tell her COOL LATIOS she will give you a rare Durin berry. If you tell her OVERWHELMING LATIAS she will give you the rare Watmel berry. You can only tell her a code once a day. There are more messages, but I don't know them. Trust me, these work! :)..

From: blizwiz3

To get jirachi you need to have a nintendo gamecube pokemon channel and a gcn-gba linkcable once you have completed pokemon channel you will recieve a special gift you also need to have been entered into the hall of fame on your pokemon saphire/ruby game to get jirachi. when you get it it will be at level but it can learn some very good moves...

From: pokemaster123

The berries will stop growing at 100 hours of play if so listen cerefuly: Step 1: Before you save hold A + B + Select. Step 2: If it saved while you where saving. It turn it off then back on. Step 3: Hold A + B + Select before you load then the berries will start growing again it works 100%..

From: shadowknight99

Hardly anyone wants to go through training they're pokemon to level 100, right? Well here's a small secret that many but not much people know. You go to the mudslide in the desert. The desrt is near Mauville and Lavaridge Town. If you put a heavy obect or objects on your Up Directional Button. You will continue to slide up the mudslide. It will cou..

From: PokeWaffles

You Should Not Buy Hyper Potion You Buy Energy Root isntead of Hyper Potion Because The Price of Energy Root is 800 the Hyper Potion is 1200 you see it is good to see you can buy Energy Root from Lavaridge Town ...

From: Trick Master

Get a Mach Bike and use it to the mudslide and it will go forward because the mach bike are so fast so it can go up! (test it)..

From: TrickMaster

Regirock - Can be found in granite cave where you foung champ. Steven. registeel - Can be found in the middle of the cave before you enter the eletric cave(so sorry.I forgot the name of the cave). It is a cave where you found magnimite, pulse, minun, electrbuss etc. (cant remember their names). Regiice - Can be found in the cave just above mosdeep ..

From: Steve

You first need to get a mack bike then beat the legue. Once u do, you go to paciiglog town and surf to your right. You will later get to some rock and you justfoloow them to a tall black building you climb the building using your mack bike to get accross the holes from there you can get to him...

From: Sapphire

When it starts raing hard after you defeat Team aqua archie for the last time go to sootoplis. Enter the cave of orgin. Once you reach the haze part of the cave, on the far right you will find the hm move waterfall in a pokeball. Hope i helped...

From: Pokemaniac644

One trainer is in rustburo, he is in the house to the right of the gym.He will trade you a makuhita for a slakoth.The next trainer is in Fortree City, he is in the first house to the right of the Poke center. He will trade you a skitty for a pikachu. The last trainer is located in pacifalog, she is in the first house right below the poke center. Ho..

From: Pokemaniac644

Wailmer: OK everyone sez that wailmer is tough to catch so I'll tell you where it is. OK you should have a super or good rod and a pokemon who knows surf .surf to the the diving parts and step on it then use your rod on the black spot and voila. Corphish: in petalburg city go to the river where the boy look at his reflection surf then use super rod..

From: poke maniac

Easter Eggs

Cath two pikachu in safari zone one male and one female and go to mauvile city and go left to the house and give the grampa pikachu male and pikachu female,and talk leater to the grampfather and he will give you egg.Igllipaf you can have when you going to the rustobor city and go up surf and there is the girl she run and you going to surf left and ..

From: emy


This is mostly not a glitch but still I wanted to post this weird thing did you notice when you defeat the interviewer till level 39 they'll have a magneton and exploud but the I think the game did the glitch that to evolve loudred to exploud but loudred evolves at level 40 but its exploud is in level 39 I want you to notice the small mistakes and ..

From: poke maniac

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