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This page contains Cheats for Pokemon Crystal organized by sections for Gameboy Color. This game has "Role-Playing Console-style RPG" as genre, made by Game Freak, released on Jul 29, 2001. If you can't find a hint or secret in our list, then please check this page periodically for the latest updates.

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Boxshot & Details
Pokemon Crystal
  • Developer: Game Freak
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Genre: Role-Playing Console-style RPG
  • Release: Jul 29, 2001
  • ESRB: Everyone


Hold A + B + Select + Start during game play to return to the title screen...

From: johnpatrick11


15 Pokemon in Pokemon Crystal learn new moves. Some of the moves are just new abilities to there moves in Pokemon Gold and Silver. But some of the moves replace the old moves that the Pokemon learned. Here is a list of Pokemon that learn new moves:..

From: Lyraa


Alakazam will learn Psychic at level 38 and Reflect at level 45...

From: Cabchaillwalm

Go to the area between Mahogany and Blackthorn. Headbutt every tree possible. Eventually a sleeping Aipom at level 10 will fall from it...

From: triplej50

You can find a Chansey on Routes 15, 14, and 13. It will be at level 20 or higher...

From: shala264

Fish at the Day Care Center below Goldenrod City with the Super Rod. Eventually, you will find a Corsela. Other than Corsela, you will find high level Krabby...

From: briggy

Go directly south of Blackthorn and search in that location...

From: Taterz11

To get wild Dunsparce, find Anthony the hiker on Route 33. Battle him and get his phone number. He will call when the Dunsparce appear in the Dark Cave...

From: maurice

When you get Eevee from bill in Goldenrod City, catch a Ditto and give them to the day care couple at the same time. Go in back and check to make sure that they are interested in each other. Wait two days and then pick up an egg -- the man will be in the yard and you do not have to take Eevee or Ditto back. A couple of hours later, return for a sec..

From: Kidd187211

Level up your Eevee until it trusts you very well. Then, level it up in the day or morning to get Espeon. Note: Your Eevee will not automatically evolve as soon as it trusts you. It will most likely be above level 42 when it evolves, when it learns Take Down. To see how tame it is, go to Goldenrod by the gym. There is a lady in a house there who te..

From: red

If the Tyrogue that you got from the Karate Master in Mt. Mortar has already evolved, you will need a Ditto to get the Hitmontop. Take your evolved Tyrogue (Hitmonchan or Hitmonlee) to the Daycare Center and make sure they like each other. You will know this if you talk to them when they are in the backyard of the house. Have them lay an egg. After..

From: bobbob9015

To catch Ho-oh you must get the Rainbow Wing...

From: Tootsie

Every Friday at Union Cave there is a wild Lapras in a secret place. Get at least 20 Heavy Balls and a Pokemon at level 25 that knows Surf and Fury Swipes. When you get into Union Cave, go near the end of the cave. Instead of going to the exit near Azalea Town, go to the other side on the left. Instead of going to battle the man to the north, go so..

From: helpme

The Legendary Dogs are Raikou, Entei, and Suicune. You will find Entei and Raikou after you have scared them away from the Burned Tower, but you will have to do more to find Suicune. Suicune can be caught at the Tin Tower in Ecrukteak City after you have received the Clear Bell from the Station Manager, have defeated the Ecrukteak City Gym Leader, ..

From: ami_x_gamer

Go to the cave nearest to the city with the light house, or just follow the wall on the right-hand side while in the water. You will encounter two trainers and then a whirlpool. Use the whirlpool to get into the cave. Once inside, you will see a small walkway with jump-able bushes on one side. Jump over then go up and right. Go down the ladder. You..

From: palakboon5

Go to the grassy area just before you enter Viridian City. Pikachus are usually in the top row of the grass at about 10:00 am...

From: Rectcoits

Save 9999 game coins, then go to the Celadon Game Corner. Go to the place where you redeem the prizes. Go to the one where you get the Pokemon. Make sure you have a spare space. If you cannot get to 9999, spend money on the gambling machines...

From: rosemariemadeja

To make a very powerful Sentret, save your money and go to the Goldenrod department store. They sell three Punch TMs, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, and Thunder Punch. Sentret can learn all three and get an advantage on Ghost, Bird, Grass, Water, and Dragon type Pokemon...

From: chardallan

You can find Shuckle by doing one of two things. First, you can use Rock Smash on one of the rocks to the south of the Pokemon Battle Tower. Second, you can get one free from the kid in Cianwood City who had his other Pokemon stolen by your Rival...

From: valeriaspinoza

Gind the generator piece in Cerulean City. Then, go over to the Power Plant through the Rock Tunnel. Give it to the man at the generator. Then, Fly to the Lavender Town Radio Tower and the President will give you the EXPN Card. This allows you to listen to the radio in Kanto. Next, go over to Snorlax in Vermillion City. Put on your radio and tune i..

From: ordermember

When you go to capture Sudowood (the "tree" blocking the way between Violet and Goldenrod cities) make sure to have a Pokemon that knows Hypnosis and a level 28 Fearow. Have the first Pokemon cast Hypnosis, then use Fearow to slowly lower Sudowood's HP . Sudowood is a rock type, and Fearow is weak against him. This will help avoid a K.O. ..

From: keating10488

Get 20 or more Great Balls and go to Tin Tower. Save the game in front of the stairs then go inside and battle Suicune. Make sure you have a Pokemon that knows an Ice type move so you can freeze him. You can now take all the time needed to throw Great Balls at him. If you run out of Great Balls, turn off your Game Boy Color and repeat the steps. Ca..

From: claremp7

Level up your Eevee until it trusts you very well. Then, level it up at night to get Umbreon. Note: Your Eevee will not automatically evolve as soon as it trusts you. It will most likely be above level 42 when it evolves, when it learns Take Down. To see how tame it is, go to Goldenrod by the gym. There is a lady in a house there who tells you how ..

From: T5qYkHWQ

Once you get Eevee from Bill in Goldenrod City, go to Mahogany town. To the west of Mahogany Town, you will find a man named Tully Fisher. After battling him, register his phone number. Eventually, he will call you and give you a Water Stone. Give it to your Eevee and it will evolve into a Vaporeon...

From: swords385

According to the official guide, it is possible to get all Pokemon in the game in an alternate color. However, the chances of seeing an alternate color Pokemon is so low you may have to play for hundreds of hours to see any, except for the red Gyarados at the Lake Of Rage. The alternate color Pokemon do not have better stats. Any difference in the ..

From: bblue50

Tameness is a large factor. The longer you keep a Pokemon in a box, the harder and less chance it has of producing an egg. If it is injured and you do not heal it, the Pokemon will get upset and often fail to produce eggs. If Pokemon have the same miniature icons (select the Pokemon option on your menu), they will prefer each other more than other ..

From: 08ruby94oh

When far away from a Pokemon Center, go to a location with a PC. Deposit the weak Pokemon, then withdraw it...

From: Nessa

Buy 30 each of Carbos, Protein, Iron, and Calcium. Give as many of the Carbos, Protein, Iron, and Calcium to your Pokemon as possible. Then, take your Pokemon to the groomers and have it groomed twice. Then, take it to the Happiness rater to see how much it likes you. After that, raise it up a level and it should evolve. This is best used with Toge..

From: DirtySouth12327

Turn the radio to 10.5 (one notch right of 10) and read the password given. Go to the Goldenrod radio station at any time. Go up one floor to find a broadcasting booth. Talk to the woman closer to you and tell her the password, then talk to the woman below her. She will give you a blue card and a point. When you have more points, talk to the second..

From: minaa

Enter Mt. Mortar by using the middle entrance. Do not go down the ladder. Surf left, up, and right and use Waterfall. When you go up the whirlpool, follow the path. Use Rock Smash on the rock blocking the path. Then ,Surf all the way up and make another left. Follow the path again and go down the ladder. Explore that part of the cave and you will e..

From: stein

After defeating the Elite Four and the Champion, you will get a call from Professor Elm to get a ticket to go to Kanto. You will end up at Vermilion City, where Lt.Surge is located. There is a Rare Candy up on the left, near water...

From: Liamo0o

There are three hidden items in Violet City. You will need Surf and Cut. There is a Rare Candy by Earl's Pokemon Academy. Chop down a tree to get to it. You cannot see it; go one space away from the bushes and press A. A message stating that you got a Rare Candy will appear. There are two bodies of water in Violet City. Surf in them until you get t..

From: oliana1

Train an Alakasam to level 55 and teach it Psychic, Thunder, Fire, and Ice Punch. Train a Gyrados to at least level 40 and teach it Surf and Hydro Pump. Train a Machamp to level 35 and have it learn Vital Throw. Use Alakasam against everyone except Houndoom (use Gyrados) and Umbreon (use Machamp).Your Alakasam should be able to defeat all in one or..

From: zalamata

You can get the PokeRus infection from a Yanma at Route 35, below bug catcher Arnie. Go up and down the grassy area. Add Bug Catcher Arnie to your list he will call you if he sees these rare Pokemon. You will know when you have the PokeRus because Professor Elm will call you and give you information about it (and tell you not to worry). Look at the..

From: sqwfty

When you have lost any important TM (Shadow Ball, Thunder, Fire Blast, Psychic, etc.), catch or transfer a Ditto. Grab the Pokemon that has the TM then breed it. You will now have the first Pokemon with a TM. This trick is useful when you have lost Eartquake, also is useful when you have any Pokemon to Battle Frontier higher than level 50. Only bre..

From: Waiseechacicy

The following is easy way to get hidden items without an Itemfinder. If there are trees, rocks, or anything else in a formation as though they are surrounding something but have some way to get in, just look at it and press A...

From: skippy0403

Get a Pokemon that knows Pay Day. Battle any wild Pokemon and only use Pay Day. Each hit from pay day results in $40. The more you hit the Pokemon with pay day the more money you will get. Note: This does not work in trainer battles, and you must defeat the Pokemon to get the money...

From: skinner1994

If you choose to be a male trainer, then catch female Pokemon. They will love you faster and be stronger. If you choose to play as a female, catch male Pokemon...

From: cashmere

An easy way to change the time on the system is to first save at the time which is easiest for you. Wait until it is that time in real life (keep the game on) Without saving, turn off the game. Note: Do not do things you need to save. You should now have the time set. Note: The game counts days. For example, if you are one hour behind, you will nee..

From: randymiller

To get the Rainbow Wing, capture Raikou, Suicine and Entei and take them back to the Tin Tower. This method is different than those used in Gold and Silver...

From: annrie

Pokemon Crystal allows you the option of selecting a male or female Trainer when you begin play...

From: randymiller

One way to get a cyndaqul is to go to the day care center just before goldenrod and breed a fearow with a typhlosion to get a cyndaquil make sure fearow is a feamale and typhlosion is a male for some reason it will not work the other way around...

From: RoberM3

All Eevee evolutions will learn a very powerful move at level 52, here they are: - espeon,morning sun-restores hp best used in the morning 5pp - umbreon,moonlight-restores hp best used at night 5pp - flareon,fire spin-traps victim in swirling fire and inflicts damage 15pp - vaporeon,hydro pump-blasts them with water 5pp - jolteon,thunder-shocks and..

From: ninsydmd

Register alan:shoolboy on your phone. Hes by the national park north of goldenrod city. He will call you and say hes got something, it will be a fire stone. You can also find ariados in the grass next to him at nite...

From: ninsydmd

Go get a eevee and go get a friend ball make eevee hold it and put him first in your party and then go and train him up and then he should evolve in to a espeon or an umbreon it does not matter because if he evolves at night he will be a umbreon and if he evolves at day he will be an espeon but but by day he is a espeon and by night he is a umbreon..

From: rocket-richard

Note: Use this code at your own risk. It may corrupt your save data if done incorrectly. Go to a PC, and save. Attach the item you want to duplicate to the Pokemon you want to clone. Deposit it into the PC. Change boxes. When the screen is saying "Saving the game..." Turn off your GB. Turn it back on. You should have the deposited Pokemon..

From: Jonathan1221

Get a pokemon that knows thrash like the red gyrados at lake of rage. If you know a trainer will use protect or detect use thrash and it will not attack and you will have the 2 attacks you had at first. You will get confused but you will not get hurt while trying to attack so your welcome...

From: trixman613


1. Start a new game 2. Save in front of prof elms laboratory before you get your pokemon 3. DONT SAVE afterwards 4. Go to mr pokemon and all that stuff and when prof. elms assistant gives you 5 pokeballs go catch a random pokemon it doesnt matter and make sure to save 1 pokeball 5. Go to azaela town and make the starter you chose hold the pokeball ..

From: brignall_182

Give an object to a pokemon and put it in an empty box , change boxes and it will save just before the sentence finishes turn the gameboy off , turn it back on, you will be in front of the pc check it and you will have your pokemon in your team and the same pokemon with the same object in the box...

From: cfhekcgnrtncer
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