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This page contains Cheats for The Sims: Bustin' Out organized by sections for Gamecube. This game has "Simulation Virtual" as genre, made by Maxis, released on Dec 15, 2003. If you can't find a hint or secret in our list, then please check this page periodically for the latest updates.

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Boxshot & Details
The Sims: Bustin' Out
  • Developer: Maxis
  • Publisher: Ea Games
  • Genre: Simulation Virtual
  • Release: Dec 15, 2003
  • ESRB: Teen


First enable gnome by quickly press Down, L, Z, R, Left, X during game play. Then you can use one of the following cheat codes...

From: joshua543202

An alternate code for the raise motives is Down, R, Left, X, Down...

From: bloodyvampire3


To unlock most social options, become friends with the Sims. For example, when you be friends with Randy you will unlock "French Kiss" and with Paisly you could unlock "Spank Booty". Each Sim has there own social option to unlock when you become their family friend...

From: alextanyinglun

To successfully complete the Jock career, you need to have all Body points, 4 Cooking points, and 5 Charisma points. You will also need six friends. A quick way to complete this is go to Mom's house and buy something to work your body (for example, a treadmill, pool, etc.);a bookshelf or something similar to the gourmet cooking stove; and something..

From: ncponytail

To complete the game much faster and easier, start it with the Mad Scientist career. Work on your Mechanical and some Body skills, then after completing that career, get a new job in the Counter Culture career. Work on your Cooking and Charisma skills. While doing these careers, you can stock up on the "important" skills. For example, you..

From: Wadaanefteedy


Here's how to get Sims to enter a hot tub naked(with a cendsor!): 1. You must be living in Dudley's Trailer or Toane's Gym, as these are the only places to do it. 2. This all depends on who enters the tub first. 3. This is easier if you can control Max at the Gym. Procedure: Step 1: Have either Dudley or Max enter a hot tub. Both prefer to do it in..

From: aang_12

If you have sevreal or at least two housemates, you probably know the problem of having one person taking a shower or bath a t a time. Here's how to let your Sims take showers as needed. Either place another tub or shower in a nother room or outside. Most conveniant:Unlock the "outdoor shower" from Toane's Gymnasiomn(the one that requires..

From: aang_12

In Bustin' Out mode, the people who you live with (who you can control) cannot get fired. If you want them to stay home, just let them. This can be very useful if you need them to clean up, or need them to do some other things...

From: gerry

When at Dudley's trailer, go to the master bedroom. Then, sell the door that leads to the smaller room so that there is just a wall. Next, make a door at the top right corner so that there is a place you could walk into the smaller room. Then, decorate both rooms' wallpaper and carpet to be the same and you will have a bigger room...

From: cheatman32

When you have a baby, do not play with it ever, as it does nothing. If you feed it then sing, it will stop crying for a couple of hours...

From: deathy13

To get the Fishin' For Profit book go to Nikki Nack's store (open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.). After you buy it, find O'Phil Mclean. Give it to him and he will give you a job. Note: You must get the goals from him first. To do this, talk to Salty. Later in the game, you will be offered by Nikki Nack to buy the Waterfront Villa for 3,000 Simoleons...

From: mcrlover

When you move to Studio 8, one of the goals is to throw an art opening. In order for the art opening to be successful, you have to purchase a Sculpting Block and sculpt it first. Then, have the party and it will be successful. However, before you can purchase the Sculpting Block, you must complete the goal that will give you access to it...

From: tagaytaycatering

When a plant is dead, do not throw it away. You can sell the dead plant for as much as a new plant costs...

From: Pokedude

While in-game press the d-pad up, R, Z, and d-pad down. You should here a woman sim go "oooh" which confirms you entered it correctly. Now when you move to your mom's house all your stats (like sleep, not job stats) will go up to about 3/4 full and when you leave her house they will go up to full. NOTE. This only works if you go to mom's ..

From: paypeuriffept

For this to work you need a GBA and link cable. Connect the GBA to the GC and switch on during gameplay. Purchase the Game Arcade for $99. With the GBA on play the Arcade and when the load bar starts on the GBA, pause the GC. This way as you play the mini game your stats will not change, you can spend days on end making money with only minimal impa..

From: xcloudx

Sleeping is the standard way to recover energy in the sims, but it takes so long...There are two ways you can avoid sleeping at all, but still top off your energy quickly. here they are.#1- Coffee machine or Slushrush smoothie counterOne of the best ways to prevent energy from falling to zero is to guzzle coffee or slush drinks until you have a ful..

From: vivian

When you need some skills in a job you move back to Mom's house and then you can get the skills and not go to work...

From: Gaxvuppyvax

If you want to complete all the goals (the goals besides getting promoted to) do not fill up all your stats(Body, Cooking, etc.) at the start. This is because you will go through the levels very quickly and will not have time to do the other goals. Instead, at the start just fill Body, because your energy only goes halfway down; and Creative, so yo..

From: princesskj

To always have a good Fun rating, buy the Aromaster and place it in your Sims bedroom. Each time your Sim goes to bed, turn it onto the second selection, "Lavendar & Marjoram". This will boost your Fun meter while your Sim sleeps. You need to have at least 150 Simoleans in order to run the Aromaster. Also, if you get robbed, the Aroma..

From: randomguy444

Invite a friend over, then get into a hot tub, preferably the Love Tub. Then, ask a friend to join you. When he or she gets in, place items around the Love Tub. The Sims will not be able to leave, and will keep talking to each other...

From: U4nCwiKq

Get married when possible, then instead of getting the friends you need to get a promotion with your Sim, get the friends with the Sim you are married to. The relationship that the Sim you are married to has with other Sims never decreases. You can get friends and not have to worry about keeping them...

From: watup

Your Sims must be married and the Love Bed must be unlocked. Pick your female Sim and tell her to "Sleep". Then, bring the male Sim and tell him to "Play In Bed". After you finish, kiss her and you will be asked if you would like to have a baby. Note: Your relationship must be 100%. If you need to have a baby as part of a goal, ..

From: yanusichka

In Bustin' Out mode, you can skip work by moving back into Mom's house. While you live with Mom, the bus will not arrive, and you do not have to work. This is useful if things are not going so well and you need some time to "restore" your Sim. In Bustin' Out mode, you can skip work by changing jobs before the bus arrives. Later, you can j..

From: more of Mario

In Bustin' Out mode, the people who you live with (who you can control) cannot get fired. If you want them to stay home, just let them. This can be very useful if you need them to clean up, or need them to do some other things. If you do not want to keep a job, use this strategy. Stay with your mom to raise your skills then get a job. Make sure tha..

From: Khurram

Enable the "Cheat Gnome" and "Raise motives" codes. Select the Cheat Gnome and choose the "Fill all motives" cheat. Repeat as needed. You will then never actually "have" to sleep...

From: dococt

Use the following trick if you want to take the day off and control another Sim, and do not want to mess with it. When your roommates go to work, leave and return after the time they come back from work. You will be able to live alone. Alternately, you can build a small room in the back yard, with a door. Go into it, call the other person over, and..

From: ma112094

Enable the "All objects unlocked" code. Buy a motion sensor alarm and place at your front door on the wall. If you have a backdoor, do same thing there. This security costs only 300 Simoleons, instead of buying walls at the corner of your street and putting burglar alarms there. Build a wall at each corner of the map that a burglar can ap..

From: shrez

Make a meal, then call your potential mate over. Sit down and eat with them. When you are done, let him or her use the bathroom. While they are doing that, watch TV then have him or her join you. When they get up, propose. Eat dinner with someone. They will use the bathroom. While they are in there, watch television. When they leave, highlight them..

From: wozemomo

When you have a baby, do not play with it ever, as it does nothing. If you feed it then sing, it will stop crying for a couple of hours...

From: panikos

Buy the telescope and use it until you get two skill points. Your Sim will be abducted and disappear. It will reappear some hours later, with different stats...


Use the following trick to never have to fix a broken Aromaster. Save the game before you turn it on. If it breaks, quit the game without saving and resume from your saved game. Instead of turning it on again, sell it then buy it again...

From: prime01

While living at the Pentagon, you must stop the protesters. Go to Club Rubb and wait until Mona or Bing call and invite everyone to the party. After Mona or Bing says, "Let's get this party started. We need to raise funds for the antiwar fund", attack either Mona or Bing. This should unlock the Toy Parrot...

From: DragonPanda1234

To find out where contaminating spores are coming from when living at Shiny Things Labs, visit the Goth Manor and steal a fern. This will unlock the Giant Fern...

From: hende003

At the beginning of the game, you will be standing in a place where people are dancing and music is playing. All of a sudden, a puff of smoke will appear. A Sim of the opposite sex will appear from the smoke. A message will appear, stating something about kissing the Sim that just appeared on the cheek. The Sim you are supposed to kiss will whistle..

From: Mackerz

To eliminate Malcolm, you invite him over while you are raising a child. Keep him around until your baby cries. Buy a wall or fence and trap him until he gives up...

From: jordanp70

In order to get the Goth's fern back, you must be living in the Goth's house. Then, visit Dudley's house. When you go to the very back of his house you will see and old broken down car, and a fern that is close to it. Select the fern and choose the "Steal Fern" option. A window will appear, and Dudley will tell you that he was just borrow..

From: xxx3

Go to the Shiny Things lab and talk to the brain in the jar...

From: marquise58

You first need to unlock the Synthesizer and the Pixel Booty Song. Then, move into Pixel Acres. Buy a Synthesizer, make food, throw a party, and invite Malcolm over. Then, play the Pixel Booty Song on the Synthesizer. A cop should appear from the bushes and arrest Malcolm...

From: sonic1220

Go to Goth Manor and play the synthesizer. You accomplish two goals, which are "Find out the Ghost problem" and "Getting the Pixel Booty Song"...

From: janie

When you are living at Tinsel Bluffs, visit Club Rubb and play pool with Bing. This will unlock the pool table...

From: babuserkaru

At The Octagon, visit the Shiny Things Lab and select the first computer at the front of the lab. Select "Steal Computer" and it will confirm that the mission is complete...

From: amyamy

While living at the Octagon, visit Goth Manor and select the incubator. Then, choose "Destroy Bio-Weapons"...

From: Charlesz

While living at Pixel Acres, visit Shiny Things Lab and use the "Tell Secrets" interaction on Makino or Vaughn...

From: r3trac

Go to Mimi's house. She will tell you that she has made a mess around the house and for you to clean up. Then she will tell you a secret. Once you have picked up all the mess you should be rewarded with a car. When you live with Mimi, make sure to hire the maid to come everyday before you move out. When you are living at Studio 8, skip work one day..

From: louay123

When you are staying at the gym your roommates will want you to go over Dudley's Trailer to party. Move out of the gym and move in with Dudley. While you are there, serve breakfast/lunch/dinner and have Dudley order pizza. Then, move out of his house and back into the gym. When you visit Dudley's Trailer, food will be already laid out on the table...

From: wainagCab

At Shiny Things Lab, you will need all Mechanical skills. Then, make five Rocket Gnomes. Put them all outside then launch all five...

From: ralph22

All you need is the dance floor. Have one person spin on the DJ Booth and another person dance on the floor. Then, have that person ask everyone, but the person who is spinning, to join in the dancing. It will take about fifteen minutes in Sim time. You will unlock the Q3 Recliner. To throw the ultimate DJ dance Party at Club Rubb, select the phone..

From: MazyooNa

When you are at Tinsel Bluffs you must complete this goal. Go to Toane's Gym and do three triple back flips on the diving board. You will unlock the Wicked Breeze Outdoor Shower...

From: wazza

While you are living at Tinsel Bluffs, go to Toane's gym and attack someone...

From: jkalebh930

When living at Pixel Acres, visit Casa Caliente and select the love rug "Relax". Then make a Sim of the opposite sex join. Talk for awhile on the rug, and you will soon kiss. Note: You need to like the person 100% or else it will not work...

From: annekeras

Enable the "Raise motives" code, then go to the car and select "Visit". Then, select "Studio 8". When you are at Studio 8 go to someone and select "Breakdance". If this is not unlocked, then use the "All socials unlocked" code. You will then get awarded the light. This will work regardless of whethe..

From: keachan

When you have to go to Studio 8 to change their minds about scientist, go to Artie and hypnotize him. The mission will now be complete...

From: jellyx3

You must be living at Pixel Acres. Then, go to Goth Manor and play the TumulTech "Sim-Phony" Synthesizer. Once you do this, your goal is now complete. Also when you do this, you will get the Pixel Booty Song...

From: Daddiniungarf

Go to Club Rubb and attack Mona or Bing. This will unlock the Parrot...

From: Glenist

When you move to Studio 8, one of the goals is to throw an art opening. In order for the art opening to be successful, you have to purchase a Sculpting Block and sculpt it first. Then, have the party and it will be successful. However, before you can purchase the Sculpting Block, you must complete the goal that will give you access to it. Bring all..

From: aaSenlifiny045

This is a Casa Caliente mission. Just go to Studio 8 and use the easel to paint a picture...

From: shellyt75

First, you need to be at The Octagon. Make sure you have the Miss Gyrotic (obtained after you unlock it at the skill building menu at the buy/build menu). Go to the phone and call Malcolm over. Once he is there, go to the Miss Gyrotic and program it for defense. The robot will appear and go after Malcolm...

From: cheema23

When a plant is dead, do not throw it away. You can sell the dead plant for as much as a new plant costs...

From: CheersApril

If you want plants in your house, keep the wall open in build mode and put the plants in. Then, close up the wall...

From: sprinkles664

Delete one wall in your room then put in a hot tub. Then, close up the wall...

From: Kat

I suggest that you start out at your mom's house and Get all your stats to max such as Body, Logic, ect. After that, you should have no problems with Jobs. Press Talk as many times as it takes to get "Fanny" from the Tinsel Bluffs(The hottest Role Player) until you get to 25 Chemistry. Then, Go to the hot Tub at dudely's tralier or Max's ..

From: Librati


Right, get a hot tub, the dearest one which is the love one but make sure you're a woman/girl not a child. Go in and out of it repeatedly at least 5 times and she should get up on her own and there you go!!! No blurr its just them big juicy t!ts!!! Xxx luv yas! Hope it works for yas coz it worked for me!! Xxxx..

From: ThE eAsTeR kInG
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