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This page contains Cheats for Sonic Adventure 2 Battle organized by sections for Gamecube. This game has "Action Platformer" as genre, made by Sonic Team, released on Feb 11, 2002. If you can't find a hint or secret in our list, then please check this page periodically for the latest updates.

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Boxshot & Details
Sonic Adventure 2 Battle
  • Developer: Sonic Team
  • Publisher: Sega
  • Genre: Action Platformer
  • Release: Feb 11, 2002
  • ESRB: Everyone


Pause game play then hold Y + X...

From: IDENtical

Hold X + B + Start during game play...

From: JihadYoe

While in the tutorial subscreen, press Y button to zoom in on the picture...

From: yAZhEIqMZ


Unlockables for Sonic Adventure 2 Battle:..

From: Jonsbabygurl

You have to finish Tails' driving quest in the Hero side story to unlock the kart racing mini-game in the Hero side story. You have to finish Rouge's chase mission in the Dark side story to unlock the kart racing mini-game in the Dark side story...

From: Lishwish

You have to finish the Hero and Dark side story modes. Then, enter story mode and a "Last Stage?" selection will appear on the menu between the Hero and Dark selections...

From: karl

You have to finish either side story to see all the scenes from the side of the story that you chose or you can play the Bosses that you fought in a time attack mode. To get both the Hero and the Dark modes you have to complete both sides of the game...

From: Samantha


To make a Chao a Hero, simply use a Hero character and keep petting them. If done long enough, it will go white and be a Hero. To make it Dark, just use a Dark character and do the same thing...

From: Becky2021

Raise a Dark Chao with one of the three Dark characters. Continually feed and train the Dark Chao and it should evolve (creates a tear-shaped "cocoon"). Once it evolves, descending stairs should appear at the main Chao lobby leading to the Dark Garden...

From: fruTbun

Raise a Hero Chao with one of the three Hero characters. Continually feed and train the Hero Chao and it should evolve (creates a tear-shaped "cocoon"). Once it evolves, ascending stairs should appear at the main Chao lobby leading to the Hero Garden...

From: tombom

In final rush, at the part with the multiple rails going down through the chamber,run to the rails but jump downward. Land on the next set and keep grinding.This is very hard to do but keep trying!..


To get a Chao to follow you you need to train your chao with ONE character and after a long time of training, about right before it changes into a devil/ hero chao, whistle and it will follow the character that you trained it with...

From: eMJay

Go to the choa races and beat the first 2 races on all three difficulty levels, with the same chao. Then buy the seed you want at the Black Market, and give it to the choa who won the races. The chao should eventually plant the seed somewhere...

From: jellydonut23

When you plant a tree don't leave the garden and just run around and the tree will grow...

From: allelujah86

Go to chao garden(hero)and put a chao in school half way through go into the dark garden take one egg out throw it agenst the wall 4 times then put it in the hero garden and make it have lots of babies with the one in school...

From: Retribution

First you get a regular white chao then a shiny white chao. Breed the two chaos and the baby will look so cool you wont want to change it. Then pet the chao with shadow the evil sonic. The chao will turn an onix color. Also if you want to you can pet the chao with tails and it will turn a white shiny color with blue. The onix chao will also be shin..

From: redambitious

Find one of the Skeleton Dogs; the easiest place to do so is the Pumpkin Hill stage with Knuckles, and combine it with your Chao. With either Knuckles or Rouge, start digging around in the Chao Garden. Eventually a pumpkin will appear. If you give it to the Chao mixed with the Skeleton Dog it will put it on its head. If you want to take it off, eit..

From: Bump Ahead

Every time you get ten emblems there is more stuff in the black market. When you have played as sonic, eggman, tails, rouge and knuckles you will have to play as shadow and defeat a dinosaur like creature named biolizard after that sonic and shadow turn into super sonic and hyper shadow. The biolizard is back and is pulling space colony ark tgoward..

From: snfgc

At the start of the City Escape stage, instead of landing on the ground with the board, scrape the roads on the board. When on foot run full speed at a wall and get knocked down. Pause the game if you fall after hitting the wall. Choose to restart the stage to run on foot and not on the board...

From: saurabhnagwansh

In the Security Hall stage you play as Rouge The Bat and are given 5 minutes to complete it. This can be quite difficult. If you have enough lives you can do this trick. If you cannot seem to find the Emeralds, intentionally die. You will keep the existing Emeralds that you have collected. You will begin at the start of the level and the Emeralds w..

From: Sh4d0wKn1ght

In Knuckles' Pumpkin Hill stage, go to the one of the train gates. You can see Big The Cat hiding behind the gate, waving to you. In the City Escape stage, Big The Cat appears after the last corner in the G.U.N. truck vs. Sonic scene. Look for him at the right of the screen, running downhill on the sidewalk away from the truck. In the Tails stage w..

From: lizaiah61208

To unlock Amy Rose's option's menu theme, win at least two emblems that have to do with the Chao races and everyone's mission emblems They do not have to be "A" ranks. Amy's theme will randomly appear in the black market for 20,000 rings...

From: ennikkifoster

Play the level as Knuckles. Go to level three, and lower the water level with the switch. Next, drop down to level two. Look around until you see the caution sign. Jump over it and drop down the pit behind it. Try not to hit the spring in the pit. Then, go through the short tunnel until you fall in some water. Dive down into it and keep descending...

From: Reese15

As Knuckles, at the beginning of the level, fly over the water to the left then swim all the way down to find a seal...

From: DabifPod

Go to the Aquatic Mines level as Knuckles. Find the switch that changes the water level to its third setting. (o do this, make sure it is on the first setting and climb the pole in the center of the room. Then, jump to the pulley taking you above. Go to level 2 of the stage and find the a caution sign. Jump in the pit and keep following the path to..

From: lilbran225

Pick up your chao while stilll holding on 2 b and hold your joystick right or left and your character will slowly shake the chao...

From: brian789

To make a shadow chao, you must first buy a red egg from the black market.with shadow, give it green chaos drives (alot and no animals.) to make sure it turns into a speed type, see in back of its head if 3 points sticking out.after it matures, it should have green stripes on its head and look alot like time the green stripes should turn ..

From: ulquiary

Collect all 180 Emblems to unlock the following hidden multi-player characters: Racing: Hero Sonic Space Sonic Amy Racing: Dark Shadow Space Shadow Mecha Sonic Shooting: Hero Tails Space Tails Choa Shooting: Dark Eggman Space Eggman Big Hunting: Hero Knuckles Space Knuckles Tikal Hunting: Dark Rouge Space Rouge Chaos..

From: Paifiarve

This only happens if you have the Hero Chao Garden. Go into the Chao lobby, then walk over to the stairs. Try to walk under them. There seems to be an invisible wall at that location. Walk to the left edge of the invisible wall and then, while still hugging the invisible wall, walk to the normal wall. There should be kind of a corner at the invisib..

From: BigMoney

As Knuckles, you can get through the lasers that block off the rest of Cannon's Core. Instead of going under the water and hitting the time switch, just glide into the lasers then press B. You should go through the lasers. You can also go through the waterfall with Rouge if you rapidly press A and B (not simultaneously)...

From: hourie56

After your normal egg hatches, decide if you want the Chao to be white or black. If you want it to be black, get either Sonic, Tails, or Knuckles and use that character to abuse your Chao. It will eventually turn black. If you want it to be white, use Rouge, Shadow, or Eggman and abuse it. Note: Chao will be extremely sad, scream, and run...

From: anaridge

When one Chao starts to play an instrument or sing, pick up other Chaos and put them next to the singing/playing Chao. It will also start playing. Continue doing this and you will have a band/choir. Note: This works with all activities except for drawing. Some Chao may just sit down to watch and shake their heads to the beat...

From: hulala

Your Chao's expressions depend on how many seconds you shake the egg before it hatches. About six seconds results in the V face and ten seconds for no expression face. To get the very wide smile you may have to experiment...

From: coco

If your Chao has already evolved and has another tear shaped cocoon around it, it is either being reborn or going to die. If the tear shaped cocoon is gray, the Chao is going to die. If the cocoon is pink, your Chao will be reborn and all stats will be divided by 10...

From: ubeatyggo

To get your Chao to swim, give it lots of animals that can swim. To make them fly, give them some flying type animals and bring them to the tallest cliff. Set it by the edge and he/she will walk off and start flying. Note: It may not fly the first time -- keep trying...

From: ady2peu

Keep giving a Chao all different color Chao Drives. Do this for a while and your Chao should grow either rainbow wings or rainbow arms. If this does not happen, keep trying...

From: korg

In order to acquire the immortal Chaos Chao transform a Chao at least two times. This means that your Chao must create a tear-shaped cocoon around it self twice. After this has been accomplished, give your Chao (hero, neutral, or dark) one of each animal. On the third transformation, your Chao will become a Chaos Chao. Note: This will not work if y..

From: Zharlah

Give your Chao a skeleton dog. Then, give your Chao a skull, trash bag, pumpkin, etc. After a little while, a "!" will appear above its head and it will put it on. To take it off, attack or jump on your Chao...

From: james123

After getting the Mystic Melody, go to the City Escape level. Play the third mission, but do not get the Chao until you have 999 rings and 99 lives. This is useful when you need rings to buy very expensive items. If you just need a certain amount of coins, keep playing this stage until you get that amount. As Sonic, go past the first point marker. ..

From: Hunter08

You will need the Mystic Melody for Sonic. After you run down the side of the building, there will be bounce springs. Do not go on them. Near the tree is a Mystic Melody platform. Use Mystic Melody and bounce on some springs. Kill some robots to get to the top. If you see an orange pole, go on it and launch yourself up. Go in the room to find the l..

From: MysticLotus

When you are running down the building, you can use the Spin Dash to go up the building...

From: Tundra

Once you get the Fire Somersault Bracelet, return to the first level of Sonic's adventure (City Escape). Go towards the end of the level and look for a spot on the ground composed of four steel crates. Perform the bounce attack on top of them and you will fall into a secret room. Once there, you can bounce and destroy more crates to find the Magic ..

From: aogowapo

At the start of the City Escape level, instead of landing on the ground with the board, scrape the roads on the board. When on foot run full speed at a wall and get knocked down. Pause game play if you fall after hitting the wall. Choose to restart the level to run on foot and not on the board...

From: r4z13ll

Get to the place where you are running down the big building. You must be running on the building, not falling. While you are running down, hold B and you will be in a spinning ball stopped on the building. Note: You can turn around on the building and go upwards...

From: esmino_jaden

Get all the Chao containers. The third container will have the unicorn inside. Play the level as Sonic (the first level of the Hero story) and get the three Chao boxes. The first Chao box should have a Chao key in it. It is at the part (to the right) where you go upstairs. The second one should have four animals in it. It is located down a rail whe..

From: dylanyart3r

When you are on the snowboard, get to the end of that part, but do not go off. Jump over the things that make you go faster. If done correctly, you will be by two grass areas, a bush, and a fence. Use the Bounce Attack on the bush. Then, bounce on the fence and over the wall with the boxes at the end. You will be flying and you can see the level be..

From: straw hat

After you reach the second point marker, hover up to the next platform. Look to your right and you will see another platform with a pyramid on it. Hover over to it. Break the pyramid and play the Mystic Melody at the Ancient Shrine. A spring will appear. Bounce from the spring. Hover up two times more. There will be two springs on the second platfo..

From: djkoce

As Sonic, reach the last sequence when you hit the switch before you get the goal to launch the missile. Use the first switch then instead of using the second switch. Use the bounce attack to go higher to the red platform and move to your left. Hit the switch to go down. Step off the purple platform to find the switch. Use the bounce attack to get ..

From: JoeShmo

Go to the Chao Garden with any character, pick up a fruit, feed it to your Chao a little bit, take the fruit back, and look at your shadow. The fruit will be hovering between your hands on your shadow...

From: bawnsy

Get every animal two times with a Dark character. It can be either be Rouge, Shadow, or Dr. Eggman. Give every animal two times to the Chao, and when his stamina level is at 7, put him on the flowers. The Chao should be in a Chao head-like cocoon and in a few seconds it should hatch into a Dark Chao...

From: Nintendogs4Life

When the Biolizard starts to sprout bubbles, you cannot grind up his rail anymore. Instead, use Shadow's Homing Attack to continuously attack the bubbles that are still on him, slowly climbing up until you are close enough to hit the shiny red light. Use your rings wisely. When running from its mouth, stay near the middle of the platform. When runn..

From: wildanimal

To defeat Big Foot, Hot Shot, and A Flying Dog, do Rouge's Flout attack and press A. Hit Flying Dog in the cockpit when it bends down to launch again. Use Shadow's or Sonic's Homing Attack in the same way -- hit them when their cockpit is down...

From: zhazha99

Beside climbing the stairs on Golem's back, you can hit him another way. You can only do this when he has two or less hits remaining. When he uses his head butt of death, stay to the side of his fists so the head misses. Then, get directly under the head. He takes a few seconds to pick it up again -- use a bounce attack to hit the "battery&quo..

From: Haribo

In the Hero storyline, only run fast enough so you can see his face. When he starts breathing blue fire, you will have more than enough time to punch the ghost holding the hour glass while he is preoccupied making is wall. King Boom Boo as one attack called the Chomp Attack. Be careful, because he also speeds up when he does it. If you slow down, q..

From: mandimop

In the Dark storyline, instead of trying to catch him off-guard, keep somersaulting at him. This makes the battle easy...

From: NarutoLegend

Run up to him and do a homing attack, then run up the field. When you see a flash of green light, run slightly more then charge up with B and release. When you hit him two to three times, just somersault into him...

From: Ufexjljj

Slam into the pink swollen spots. You have to burst into them. Hold A to burst up and press B to burst down. First, he just shoots eggs. For the second and third hit he will shoot a beam. For the fourth hit, he will shoot two beams. For the last two hits he will shoot two beams and eggs. When you defeat the Final Hazard, Shadow dies...

From: Gaboulfuttofs

As Rouge, climb to the top of the fence and wait until there is an opening for an attack. None of the Flying Dog attacks will work if you are on the fence...

From: jkalebh930

If you have a Chao with strange animal characteristics, simply give it a few Skeleton Dogs. Your Chao will return to normal. If you want to give it an animal and you do not like the outcome, repeat the process again...

From: shadowbatx95

Go to the Black Market and buy a Red Apple or Cardboard Box. Take it to your Chao. When it is mature enough, give it the Apple or Cardboard Box to your Chao. It will be confused at first, then a "!" will appear above its head. It will put it on its head. If u do not want it on its head anymore, throw or punch it and it will pop off. If yo..

From: darklord

You can make your Chao different types (for example, Running, Power, etc.) by giving your Chao a large amount of the same colored Chaos Drives. Pet your Chao with the either a Hero or Dark character. If you give your Chao green Chao Drives, then it will be a Running type. If yellow, it will be a Swimming type. If red, it will be a Power type. If pu..

From: TheDodge

This trick requires two memory cards (with another Sonic Adventure 2 Battle file on the second card), a link cable, and a Game Boy Advance. Put the Chao to be duplicated onto the Chao Transporter. Drop off your Chao to the Game Boy Advance. Then, go to "Move" on the Chao Transporter and transfer your real Chao (not the one in the Game Boy..

From: stinson123

Go to any Chao Garden and go near one of the trees. When the coconut or fruit falls off, you can sell it at the Black Market. It does not sell for much, but is worth something. You will get 10 rings for the coconuts. Go to the Chao Garden. After your Chao has hatched, take the egg and go to the Black Market. Sell your egg shell for the following pr..

From: death48

Go to the Dark Chao Garden with Eggman and stand on the tomb near the small cage hanging on a tree. From the tomb, jump into the cage and Eggman will be caged. If you then jump, his head will be a skull...

From: DNightfall

In Eggman's Sand Ocean level, go onto one end of the turning platform and stay there until view changes. You will see the Mystic Melody...

From: drjack01

When facing Sonic/Shadow for the second time, if you keep on running for about ten minutes, the track will suddenly start falling off in front of you. Afterwards, you will have to start over...

From: arbiter

Note: You either have to complete Hard mode, or all three original modes (Beginner, Intermediate, and Hard). Doing this will unlock the fourth difficulty mode, Super. The Super mode is very hard if your Chao is not strong enough. The order of the Super matches are as follows: Round 1: Crunchy, a Light Green child Chao with a watermelon on its head ..

From: voldemort

To get an extra Island level, you must get all the Emblems, including Kart, Timed Boss, and the emblems for all A rating. Once you have them all, which should total 180, the island next to the Green Forest level will have the face of Sonic on it. The new level is a 3D version of the Green Hills Zone, from Sonic The Hedgehog. This level has no missi..

From: GoHome

Play any level as Sonic and Shadow (apart from Chao Garden). Do a Flair Flip (B then A and tilt the analogue stick in the direction you want to flip) and use Homing Attack on the springs in mid-air. You should do an extra high jump...

From: alix94

As Sonic, after the first grinding rail, land on the first platform. Take the lower of the two rails. At the end of the rail, jump to the platform and use the only rail, on the ground. At the end of that rail, there is a platform with speed panels. At the end of the platform there is a bomb robot over another platform. Destroy it and use the rail o..

From: Wadaanefteedy

You can find items such as pumpkins (regular and Hero Garden) and skulls (Dark Garden). As Knuckles or Rouge, go into the Chao world. When you enter the gardens, there are plants that have big green leaves that are usually in corners or against the wall. If you dig in all of them, you should find an item worth 50 coins. Note: This does not work all..

From: Alloy

Go into Chao World with any character. Walk near the front of a Chao transporter, but not on it. You should be floating...

From: mario

Go to the Dark Garden and walk towards the big tree to the back and right of it. Walk to the right side of the tree. You should see a fence up against the wall. Jump just to the right of the right edge of the fence. If done correctly, you will be floating slightly above the fence...

From: trid titan

Go into Chao Garden with Sonic. Once there, go to the very left side of that "cliff" which looks like part of a path. Continuously do the Homing Attack (press A while airborne) as quickly as possible. At some point, the screen will start shaking strangely, which indicates you got off the edge. You can fly/float around, and even go in back..

From: xashruak

Enter the Hero garden and go up the stairs as slow as possible. They will float up the stairs...

From: jeniferela

To keep other Chaos from getting food, put the food in the water. The Chaos cannot swim to the fruit and eat it. If you have multiple food, you can put all of it in the water and give the last one remaining to your Chao. Then, take the other fruit one by one to the Chao(s) that you wish to feed...

From: isuka

To make Omochao angry, pick him up and throw him around. If you throw him at an enemy, he will explode. You can even shoot him with Eggman or Tails while he is flying around your head. As Knuckles or Rouge, go through a wall while you are talking to Omochoa. He will get stuck on the other side and will not be able to get back. The third challenge C..

From: Paddy

Get the required Animal or Chaos Drive for the type of Chao you want. For example, the Yellow drive or Sea Otter for swim. Then, give them mostly that color of Drive or Animal. Eventually they will evolve into an adult. When this happens, if you gave them mostly yellow for example, the adult Chao will be a swimming type and if your rank in swim was..

From: cheater123

Play the Green Forest Level as Sonic and keep playing until you get to a part in the level with three robots and a gold bomb beetle. You should be able to hear the sound of an oppenent dropping bombs up high. Boost on a speed ramp and you will be able to see another pair of speed ramps ahead of you when you get to the top of the first loop. Go on t..

From: harrisj06

Walk up to the Chao Kindergarten when an item is in your hands and your Chao is at a classroom. When selecting "Pick-Up Chao", if you still have the item in your hands, your Chao will not be in your hands. It will be in the Chao Garden (if your cocoon has hatched -- go to either the Hero or Dark garden)...

From: sergeim

When you want to have some fun with Omochao, do the following and he will say the corresponding phrases. Note: Omochao never actually does what he says. When picked up "Hey! Stop it! Let me go!" "Hey! Stop it!" While in your hands "Augh! Augh! Help me!" "Please, Help Me!" "Help! It's getting Worse!"..

From: IJedi

The first thing to do is buy two heart fruits. Then you put two chaos next to each other, and feed the chaos 1 heart fruit each. Soon they'll jump up, kiss, and you'll see an egg! Note: This will almost always be accomplished by the same kind of chaos...

From: oblivion_5

To get the Homing Laser upgrade for the Eggwalker, on the first stage of the Dark story line, find a hall blocked by iron containers. Shoot them with your Vulcan cannon (needs to be upgraded first). You will find the homing laser upgrade at the end of the hall...

From: daisy822

Abuse a Chao a lot with Rouge. Once it really hates Rouge, throw it against a wall. After it bounces off the wall, quickly run over to the Chao and jump over it. Then, press B button to use the Dig move on the Chao's head to send it flying. Next, quickly run over to it and pet it. It should send your Chao flying again. Note: You will need to do tho..

From: MrDevil

In the Dark Garden, pick up a small animal and throw it behind the Chao transporter. If aimed correctly, you should hear the sound of your Chao jumping in the water. Look there to see a shadow of the small animal moving towards the water, but you cannot see the animal. Once it gets to the water it will reappear, so you will not lose it...

From: Guest13846

When your Chao has an exclamation point on its head. take the fruit away from it. It should be eating absolutely nothing. Put the fruit down and it will magically appear over by the Chao. It will then finish eating. Note: This may require a few attempts...

From: bobby

To get the sunglasses for Knuckles, play through story mode until you get to the Meteor Herd level. This occurs immediately after fighting the "Egg Golem". Look around for a big meteor on a separate floating rock island. Get on it, then get in back of the huge meteor, as far as you can go. Punch twice and then move forward for the Mini-Sp..

From: -xxx-demi-xxx-

Go to Wild Canyon as Knuckles. Go straight into the windy gust throwing you upward. Look to the left and you should see three small buildings containing four boxes in each one. Ignore them. Go straight past them to find the Lonely Statue. Climb above the statue's head straight up and you should see a strange painting. Dig through it to find the Mys..

From: NagoleNex

At any point if you cannot seem to find what they are supposed to look for, intentionally die. You will lose all your rings, but in big stages you will find that it is to the most benefit. Note: Make sure that you have plenty of lives...

From: superman666

Enter two player mode and choose Knuckles or Rouge. Keep digging in the stage. After you dig you might get a lot of coins or lives. Keep digging for lives -- you can use them when you try an adventure (Dark or Hero story line)...

From: RosetheSilver

Only feed your Chao Red Fruits, and Red Chaos Drives. Do not give your Chao any animals. Your Chao must be a Hero Chao for this to work. Your Chao will have a stem on its head, but when it transforms its sixth time, its head will look like Knuckles...

From: William

As Shadow, enter the Dark Garden and go to the big tree on the right. A cage is hanging on the side that is facing the pool of blood. Jump up and you will land inside it...

From: gfsfg111

Successfully complete both Hero and Dark side story modes. Enter story mode to access the "Last Stage?" option...

From: pumpkin85

In the Mad Space level as Rouge, you can find items from Phantasy Star Online lying around -- the boxes rather not items themselves. For example, you can find green and blue boxes from the game...

From: Catjaa

Go to the 1st stage on hero and at the time at the loop press A and then press B. Sonic must be in a ball in the air. When u hit the end of the loop sonic goes like a pin ball that hits a fliper...

From: thomas

If you need rings and lives, go to a level you know off by heart (hint: you need the character's Mystic melody) go through the level as many times as possible until you get 999 rings, you should now have 9 more lives than before, then find the chao. Repeat about 11 times to get 99 lives...

From: Chaomaster1993

To do this, jump on any rail. Now (if you want to) hold down the crouch button when you get to the very end, hit A! If you time it correctly, sonic/shadow will then jump off and do a pose. If you can jump farrer than your last jump, then you might beable to rank up MORE points...

From: thomas

In the "Mission Street" level play it again when you have the "Bazooka" upgrade. Then at one point in the level you will see an animal in a cage and some Iron crates. Destroy those Iron Crates and you'll see a Rocket, launch the rocket and get the now feed pheonix...

From: AaronKindred

Use Knukles and go to wild canyon. U will need shovel claws. It doesn't matter what mission you pick. At the start of the level glide over to the big thing that blows you up to the other part of the level. take a left and glide over to the big person on the chair. Climb above his head and u should see an Egyptian like painting dig in the dead cente..

From: SonicMan36

What you have to do is get a new born chao and keep petting it you'll see it shape of it head change in to a swurl(dark)or two bumps(hero). Its easier than throwing it and abusing it...

From: gaara3906

To get a 3D version of the Green Hills Zone stage, from Sonic The Hedgehog, you must get all the Emblems, including Kart, Timed Boss, and the emblems for all "A" rating. Once you have them all, which should total 180, the island next to the Green Forest stage will have the face of Sonic on it...

From: jay jay 07

In 2 player race the level grind race has an alternate route to take. You ride until you get to the part when switch rails. Then you jump as high as you can when the first rail ends.(best done as metal sonic) You should see a rail. Take it. It is easier win that way. It Swerves away from the two main rails but then ends. When it ends jump to one of..


When your sonic at the first stage, You know you can go on a building, well you run down it so when you on the building hold down B and you can stick on the build when sonic is curled up in the ball form...

From: Jennie156

Ok, heres a tip on how to to avoid being stunned (something like black wave not time stop) in sonic adventure 2 battle. Note: this only works for treasure hunting in mutiplayer mode. When your opponent has enough rings to stun you, simply dig and you will avoid the attack (obviously only works on places you can dig)..

From: ShadowVsSonic

Beat Konkuros stages and Kibas stages then go to the store and buy akamaru (kiba's dog)or crow(konkuro's puppet)..

From: ShadowVsSonic

Get a normal chao and then be sonic first give him/she 10 chaos drives and to shadow give him/she 10 pet times NO Animals! keep doing it some time will become a sonic chao i hope it help you!..

From: Ninjachao


Go to the level Crazy Gadget. When you reach the part with the two robots and the hyper speed tube. Defeat the robots. They'll just bug you. Look for a little black and red cube. If it isn't there,your game has an error. When you find it, you'll be able to pick it up. Pick it up and throw it at the tube entrance. Instead of breaking the tube it wil..


On city escape, just before the goal ring, go to the right, there should be a tire, walk into it and it will fall right into the ground. turn around and then look again and it will be there again...

From: Chaomaster1993

In the first battle between Sonic and Shadow in the jungle, instead of attacking, go stand in the corner where the two fences do not meet. If you stand there, whenever Shadow/Sonic attacks, his homing attack will be deflected by an "invisible barrier" around him...

From: Juli-Chan

First you will need ancient light. go to the part where you have to home attack the g.u.n beetles to get across. press b for ancient light then when done realese the b button. If you did it right, you will start spinning around the beetles in crazy loops. It may take a while...

From: miles prower

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Added: 02-10-2016
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