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This page contains Cheats for Super Smash Bros. Melee organized by sections for Gamecube. This game has "Action Fighting" as genre, made by Hal Labs, released on Dec 2, 2001. If you can't find a hint or secret in our list, then please check this page periodically for the latest updates.

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Boxshot & Details
Super Smash Bros. Melee
  • Developer: Hal Labs
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Genre: Action Fighting
  • Release: Dec 2, 2001
  • ESRB: Teen


Super Smash Brothers: Melee Unlockable Characters...

From: oluwafemi

To battle Crazy Hand and Master Hand in Classic Mode you will have to put Normal any lives with Link. Use his Up + A attack until Master Hands damage is around 150%. Crazy Hand will appear and you will have to beat them both. If you beat them both you will get a new character. Onli Link He takes over Links spot...

From: balaji

Unlock all 25 characters. When you accomplish this feat, All-Star mode will be unlocked. This mode is alot like the Colleseum mode from Kirby: Super Star, in that you must beat all the characters using limited hearts that you can use between matches in a nice park area. Use them well, because continuing after your character dies costs 10 coins, and..

From: hoooi

To get the Giga Bowser trophy simply beat Adventure Mode on normal or higher with any character without continueing...

From: wesley anderson

To unlock characters a different way, you must must play a certain number of Vs. matches...

From: estrema

Follow the methods given to unlock extra levels...

From: damo200522

Choose Ice Climbers and press X or Y at the character selection screen until Nana (the one with the mouth open) is in front of Popo (the one with the mouth closed). If Popo is hit too far, Nana will still be left (no lives will be taken away). If Nana is hit too far, Popo is unable to move and they will both lose (one life is lost)...

From: 111pal

When playing as Peach, press X or Y to change your costume. One of the costumes (brown hair and a yellow dress) is that of Luigi's girlfriend, Daisy...

From: ace1974steve

When playing as Mario, press X or Y to change your costume until it matches Wario...

From: kaylaserrano

Press X or Y at the character selection screen until Captain Falcon's shirt is magenta. Position him so that his back is facing you and pause the game. Zoom in and you will see a different logo than his usual Falcon logo. The word is "Bloodhawk" and it features a skull with wings...

From: nathanrice33

Complete classic mode in less than fifteen minutes without using any continues under a normal or higher difficulty setting. You will battle both Master Hand and Crazy Hand at the end. To battle Crazy Hand, complete classic mode in less than twelve minutes with any stocks, no continues under a normal or higher difficulty setting. When Master Hand's ..

From: QFSZmfhbw

Here is the complete list of trophies and how to get them:..

From: dfdfdfd

To unlock the Sound Test, you must open all secret stages. This means you must also beat all 51 Events (since you get Final Destination from the 51st), and unlock all secret characters (since you need them to access the higher number events)...

From: ashefranbasch

To unlock the original Yoshi's Island stage from the N64 version of the game, use Yoshi and hit over 1,350 ft. (400m in the JP version) in the Home-Run Contest. To do such, stand next to the Sandbag and TAP the X or Y buttons to jump, then use the Down + A move to hit the bag for around 30% damage each time. Do that about 4 times to get the bag up ..

From: vighnesh100

To unlock Mr. Game @ Watch you have to beat adventure mode with all the characters and classic mode...

From: montgumrey

Defeat All-Star Classic Mode on Very Hard with only 1 stock as Kirby. After that, go to All-Star mode and beat it as Fox in the green costume. After that, you will be able to fight and unlock Slippy the Toad from Star Fox...

From: Slippy the Toad


To randomly select a character for battle, have all characters unlocked. Press A in the space below Falco and to the left of Pichu at the character selection screen. Your hand should throw the token at random to any character. In a Winner Out or Loser Out tournament, you can select a random character. When you are on the five by five character sele..


Press Towards + B to grab your opponent. While you are holding on to your opponent press B(4) to bite them then press Towards + A to throw them...

From: jamster4

Bowser must get knocked down on his back. Have Bowser move towards his tail with the Analog-stick. He will crawl on all fours for a small period of time...

From: ru33ell

Press Up to do his pose. He will toss a pill into the air and catch it. Every time you do the pose, the pill color will change...

From: boomac

With any other character it seems impossible to defeat all the Kirbys before you are pummeled to death and knocked off. Even though Dr.Mario is the equivalent to Mario his third jump attack (B + Up) is much more powerful. Use this attack and you will instantly send the Kirbys flying off the stage...

From: gab06maher

After your opponent returns with their third jump, stand on the edge and smack them the other way with Dr. Mario's cape. This works most of the time...

From: Magic

When Falco or Fox use their Reflect move on a tossed Pokeball, the Pokemon that appears will attack the person that threw the Pokeball...

From: Jacyselay

Get near the edge of the stage and do not fall off. Have Falco or Fox sway on the edge. Lure your opponent to you. Grab them (Z or L or R + A) and press Down to throw them down, then shoot them with the blaster. If done correctly, your opponent should shoot down, depending on the level, until they die. If it is high up, they may be able to jump up ..

From: Shakira

Go to the Corneria Stage (Great Fox). Go to either edge of the level, (the jets in the back or the cockpit side) and quickly press Left, Right, Left, Right. After awhile, he will pound his fists into the ground for about ten seconds. When he lifts his hand up, Slippy, Peppy and Falco (or Fox)will start talking during game play...

From: kitsunekid

Do a double jump, and then quickly press Analog-stick Right or C-stick Left + B. You will do the move and fall a short distance. Then, press C-stick Up + B to fly upwards. Note: This trick is dangerous and sometimes will not work. You can also do it to get a combo. Press C-stick Right or C-stick Left + B then C-stick Up + B and quickly switch to th..

From: fancsy12

If you fall off the stage and are going down, have Fox or Falco use the Reflector, then use the Recovery technique...

From: La7za

Use Fox and play on either of the Star Fox levels. Repeatedly press Left and Right to see Fox summon his wingmen. They say something different each time...

From: tonyrmilne

Continue doing your B attack (recommended from a distance). Most of the time he will hold his shield up and it will break. This may not work on harder difficulties, but also may work when playing as Falco...

From: hujou

Press Down + B to have Fox do a split...

From: Tfrower

When you face Mewtwo (after the message "Challenger Approaching" appears), kick him three times then punch him three times. Both the Warlock Punch and the Volcan Kick are extremely effective...

From: BB3B

Get a beam sword, fan, home-run bat, lipstick, star rod, or parasol. You will only need one of these items. Do a Smash Attack and Popo will use two items (one of those listed previously and his hammer). Have Nana and Popo each pick up different items. They will both use their items at once (for example, beam sword and star rod). You can also use tw..

From: reidge123

When there is only one of the Ice Climbers duo in the fray, you cannot use belay to return to the arena once knocked off. Instead, press Toward and rapidly tap B to spin toward the arena with a helicopter like effect...

From: ridgwayd41302

When in the air, using Blizzard (Down + B) will make both Ice Climbers cast Blizzard in the same direction. This also increases the chance of freezing an opponent...

From: rockgirl

Try to touch an enemy with your body when using Blizzard (like Jigglypuff's Rest). If done correctly, you will instantly freeze opponents...

From: daggs

Play Adventure Mode with any character on Normal difficulty or higher, and get to Bowser without continuing in under 18 minutes. If you beat Bowser without continuation, his trophy will come back from the dead and transform into Giga Bowser. If you manage to defeat him again without continuing, you will get the Giga Bowser trophy...

From: kebab

Fox and Falco each have secret taunts that can only be performed on their respective stages (Corneria or Venom). It can be done only once per match. As either Fox or Falco, press down on the Control Pad for one frame. If done correctly, Fox/Falco will shake for a few moments. Then, the StarFox crew will say some humorous lines and the taunt is over..

From: abhi

when in a teAm battle ONCE you lose all lives. if your partner doesn't have more than one life it wont work. when you die press start and you will "steal" a life...

From: thegoon

Select all kirby and set these colors red, green and yellow then battle with only warp stars and have a christmas battle!..

From: peapie

Go to versus mode with two players both Dr. Mario. Make them both close to eachother and facing eachother. One Dr. Mario must throw a pill at the other and the second mario must hit the pill with the cape move. hit the pill back and forth until it disappears...

From: kyleandjohn

When u have a pokeball and u throw it somewhere and it comes out to be an electrode, wait till its about to be exploded then u press A and then u carry it and theow it probably to ur opponent ^ ^..

From: Argosax

At the character select-screen, chose Jiggilypuff. First kill GigaBowser with your downB sleepy move(best way is to be behind him when done). Then use B, the spinny move to kill MewT&GanonD. I advise not use any other move than that, throwing items and ranged weapons. May take awile, but its easier than most...

From: mootsy

First start a 2 player special melee, then choose giant melee then edit the items menu so only super mushroom is on and is onvery high, then choose mario(i dohnt know if luigi works but ^_^) then choose a course (prefferably hyrule castle as it is the largest) then start the match. when the match starts smash a crate with a super mushroom in and th..

From: grant.a06

In event 51 you will have yo fight ganadorf, mewtwoand giga-bowser they are all level 9. Heres a way to beat them all select jigglypuff and keep using down and B on giga bowser to kill him use it about 6 times in total (maybe more) after this just take out ganandorf and mewtwo to the best of your ability. Once you defeat them all you will get the f..

From: Kirbster

When you be marth or roy, for instince if someone ha a hammer or a bat you can push Down and B and you can deflect them and they will drop the weapon they had and it will be your time to attack back...

From: RezSoulSoldier

First, choose mewtwo, then do anything. Now in the battle, charge up your shadow ball (B.) Then move left or right to store it. Then do a disable (Down + B) and you enemy will be dazed. Now when you enemy is dazed,, fire the full power shadow ball. It works wonders...

From: Harvester

To change a CPU's colors (good in melee or training), put the player chip over the character, then press X or Y BEFORE selecting the character...

From: aang_12

How to get mew in a pokeball simply turn on only pokeballs in the item selection and keep throwing the pokeballs and eventually a mew will came out and if u are lucky u may even get a celebi. Note: i have only gotten it once...

From: space cookie

Go to the selection where you give coins for trophies and put in 5-10 coins then keep doing this until you get all the trophies and there you have it...

From: space cookie

To get this guy go to any mode (vs.mode) and rotate the analogue stick 30 times and pick a player for you and the next player (mario and dr.mario) if your pal does the same thing too BOTH OF YOU,S ARE HANDS!!..

From: thomas

Hold the L and R buttons at the stage select screen in multiplayer mode to start a stage with an alternate theme. This works in the following stages: Great Bay Icicle Mountain Temple Yoster Island Onett Pokemon Stadium Classic Kingdoms 1 & 2 Big Blue Battlefield End of the LineMore..

From: lario

Insert a memory card with a saved game from Pikmin. Begin the game and a Pikmin trophy will be available..

From: iZel

Set the language to Japanese and choose Bowser. The name will be Koopa...

From: Pudsthecat

Press Forward + B to do the dash attack and pause game play. Move the camera around for one or two images of them to appear...

From: BABESx

When you are on the screen which it shows the stage you are going to, press and hold L R and START at the same time and release once the music starts...

From: charlotte247

The vacant spots in each bottom corner of the character select screen (left of Pichu and right of Roy) will randomly select a character for you if you place your token there and press ''A.'' This will only work if all characters have been unlocked...

From: mrealth

With Samus's missile (which is left or right + B) you can control its speed, color, type,and power. When you lightly tap the joystick when you use it, the missile is slow and weak (on % damage and how far the enemy will fly back) but it homes in on your enemy with a red flame. When you push the joystick all the way, its fast and strong (on % damage..

From: dudecool

To see several Japanese versions of the Nintendo systems in the trophy room, as well as a bonus Virtual Boy, switch the language on the game to Japanese...

From: The Gaming King

Wanna skip a fight with samus? easy! go to the two buildings at your right side. Where the orange building and the building with the helicopter is. Then evade samus, By doing this samus will do the L button trick in the air, fall down & die between the two buildings (this won't always work)..

From: snowboots2

This is oh so very simple! Just slap that controller into to the Player 3 socket, choose Event 51, scroll down to the name box, press A and B simul;ataniously, and then press A on new name about 2 seconds after, and timing MUST be perfect. You will be Master Hand! Just use your Control Pad DOwn B move and you will win with all lives left!..

From: 123456789


If you have a computer player on your team (so that means atleast 1 human and atleast 1 computer) then when the computer player losses all of the lives, press start on any controller in a slot. Then take out any controller and stick it in the slot of where the computer player is and press start on that controller. Switch the controller back and pre..

From: Anonymous

You need to shoot 15 single shots. Then shoot 2 fully charged shots. Charge the third one, but make sure someone hits you before you release the shot. Test it out. Works anywhere...

From: Butt-:Bye

In the option settings, make pokeball the only item and make it a medium drop frequency. Then while choosing a character, hold Z. Now choose any pokemon character (pikachu works best). Go to the battlefield stage and leave the gamecube on for 3 hours (it doesnt matter if you left it on longer). When you get back, throw every pokeball you see until ..

From: Freakin leakin!

This is pretty awesome! The Black hole is a glitch that will do 999% and shoot you off the level! So have 4 controllers plugged in and have player 1 as anyone (preferably ness) on the blue team. Have player 2 as fox on the red team. Have player 3 as Falco on the blue team. Have player 4 as peach on the green team. Set the game to stock and on item ..

From: Crabman

Go to hyrule temple as sheik (zelda) then go to the path that leads to the lower area. Stay on the path and use the chain while facing the wall on the left. As long as you don't let go of B or move the control stick the chain should stay...

From: h

This is like the beastest glitch ever! all you gotta do is play as bowser on any stage with any opponent with items on high but no items on (weird, right?) grab a capsule, short hop, and press z. bowsers hand will be 20 times as big and i am not exagerating, but you will have to press start at the perfect time to see what happens -most visiblestage..

From: me234

All you have to do is 1 of the following: 1. Have 2 controllers in, and have 1 person go to back and onne to "Name Entry" or something like that (have 1 name for best results). Press A on both controlers at the exact same (MUST be exact, will take a few tries) and it will go to the stage selection. 2. This one is hard, but uses 1 controle..

From: me234

Use the master hand glich but make sure the only item you can get is super mushroom,After that grab a super mushroom with master hand when your about to shrink use Up B to shoot the lazer and when you shrink... Lazers will shoot from his fingers the whole match even during other attacks!..

From: Giga Bowser

To play as Master Hand, you must have a controller in socket 1 and socket 3. First of all choose your character with the controller in socket 1 once you have done that put your hand cursor on the back button at the top right corner of the screen without pressing any buttons. With the controller in socket 3 you do not choose a character, instead you..


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