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This page contains Cheats for Super Mario Sunshine organized by sections for Gamecube. This game has "Action Platformer" as genre, made by Nintendo, released on Aug 25, 2002. If you can't find a hint or secret in our list, then please check this page periodically for the latest updates.

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Boxshot & Details
Super Mario Sunshine
  • Developer: Nintendo
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Genre: Action Platformer
  • Release: Aug 25, 2002
  • ESRB: Everyone


Super Mario Sunshine unlockables:..

From: pobydd0

If you complete the game with 119 Shine Sprites or less you will get an ending screen in which el Piantissimo inspects the paintbrush. However, if you finish it with all 120 Shine Sprites, the ending screen will show all the characters in the game...

From: clinton4

You have to finish and save the game. You can pay 10 coins to use a boat near the clock tower where Yoshi is found to return to the Airport level at the start of the game. Additionally, you can get a Hawaiian shirt in addition to the sunglasses that the man wearing sunglasses gives Mario normally during the game...

From: hobo


Go into episode 3 and kill many enemies to get Coins. Splatter fake flowers against the wall to get three Coins. Your best chance to pick up 100 Coins is in episode 3. There are lots of easy to find Coins. Do not forget to splat enemies on the ground, in the trees, and the two bird-like things in the air outside of the gate...

From: qDZueBYsa

After you complete episode 3 (The Hillside Cave Secret), go back into Bianco Hills and choose episode 4. Instead of doing that episode, go back to the hillside cave. This time you do not lose FLUDD. There is a secret level up there, where if you press the red plunger you have to collect red coins in the allotted time. Do not hit it. Simply go up to..

From: saertewdff

If you want Yoshi and the Turbo Nozzle, do the same requirements to get Yoshi, but before you complete Pinna Park episode 4, try to have 25 Shine Sprites. When you get Yoshi, enter Bianco Hills. As soon as you get there, exit, then chase the fake Mario and get the Turbo Nozzle. When you go by the place you enter Bianco Hills, you can use the Turbo ..

From: Brokaliv

This is a good attack for clearing "scrubbing Serena Beach". What you do is hold downthe "R" button until it clicks, then while still holding down the "R" button, press the "A" button. Mario should jump backwards spraying water everywhere in the foward direction thus clearing away a lot of goop...

From: blaziken9483

There are birds in almost every level in the game. Spray a green bird for a Yellow Coin, a blue bird for a Blue Coin, and a yellow bird for a Shine Sprite...

From: Rozilla8872

At the beginning of the game, you can hop up on top of the crates and onto the bouncy roof (it will not bounce you)...

From: agnes1

There are ten Blue Coins in Corona Mountain. Try to get all of them in the boat...

From: tufty56

Jump three times to do a forward somersault. As you roll, shoot your Nozzle Cannon and spray a long distance in front, behind, and below you...

From: jdsbeauty

This trick will work anywhere except in underwater missions where you wear a bowl on your head. If Mario is standing, you can actually make him dance. Whenever you standing still, lightly press Control-stick Down. Mario will start moving his legs, but not go anywhere, and appears as if he is dancing. You can also make him dance like a ballerina. Mo..

From: betina

Go into the bottle in Noki Bay that the old man has. Spray all of the eel's teeth when his mouth opens...

From: DadaToila

When he opens his mouth, keep spraying water into it until he falls down. Then do a Ground Pound onto the little bump on his stomach . Do this three times to defeat him. In the second battle with him, get to a high place and spray him with water. He will fall to the ground. Then, go face to face with him and he will try to spit sludge. Before he do..

From: Hoppy

Bowser will shoot flames at you. Use the Rocket Nozzle to jump over them. Also spray the Bullet Bills that Baby Bowser shoots out. Go to each of the five fire symbols and shoot the Rocket Nozzle directly above them. Then, at your highest point, do a Ground Pound. Watch out though; the ledge falls off when you pound it. If you fall, use the Rocket N..

From: jaztrigger11

When he punches you with his arm, jump on it and it will flatten. Then, press B and pull his arm off. Do this for each arm. When the arms are gone, pull off the nose. Do this process twice to win. When facing Gooper Blooper the second time, do the same thing before, however you can sometimes just pull his nose off twice to win. When facing Gooper B..

From: tdog1020

Spray King Boo to get him to do the slots. When it lands on the fruits, throw a red pepper into his mouth, then throw any fruit at him. Do this three times to win. Note: Land on coins for coins and ? for enemies...

From: iamaman

Hide in the hut where the "girl" is located during the Manta fight in Sirena Beach Episode 1. If you talk to her before the fight, she tells you that it was safe there during the first attack. When they pass over, they go on the rooftop over Mario and you will not get hurt. Run out, squirt them, then run back inside. Talk to the hotel man..

From: kingofgames109

Get a rocket and when you get close to him, shoot it at his head. Squirt the Bullet Bills with water, and also squirt the flames to avoid getting hit. Do this three times to win...

From: TylerC

You can defeat all Piranha Plants by squirting them when they have their mouth open...

From: annrie

To defeat the gopher in the cannon at Galeto Beach, spray the bombs he throws (they will turn blue), then throw them at him...

From: Drifting Figmen

Water one of the Dune Buds and it will make a hill. Wiggler will run into it and turn over. After that, do a Ground Pound onto his stomach. Do this three times. Note: To fight Wiggler, you first have to do the mission with the mirrors to get him off the tower...

From: adam605040

Spray the wanted of Mario posters in Delfino Plaza to get one Coin each. Some do not always give Coins. Spray into an open window in Delfino Bay to receive Coins. In Delfino Plaza, most coins are in the underground manhole tunnels. Also try eating birds with Yoshi. The best way to get 100 Coins is to defeat Bowser and get access to the airstrip. Yo..

From: ct100

To get the sunglasses, talk to the man wearing glasses on the beach in Delfino Plaza. The sunglasses tint your screen as if you were actually wearing them. He is also found in many other levels. He will not give them to you if you have less that 20 Shine Sprites. Talk to him again to take them off...

From: shayminQman

When in Delfino Plaza, go to the beach. There is a hidden sewer grate. Spray around until you see the red circle just past the second umbrella. Ground Pound to go into the sewer ad find a 1-Up Mushroom there. Enter a stage, exit, go back, and repeat as needed...

From: mtguw209

After you have beaten an obstacle course try the level again. Go to the obstacle course. This time there will be a red bump on the ground. Do a ground pound on the bump. You will see a sign that says collect 8 red coins before the timer runs out! GOOD LUCK! You will have 1 minute and 30 seconds to get 8 red coins. If you get them all, a shinesprite..

From: flamethrower

Go to the Manta level. Talk to the hotel manager. When the Manta appears, break it into its smallest forms. Then, go under the roof and wait for the Mantas to be above it. Switch to Mario cam and look at the roof. It will appear as if the mantas are crawling under the roof...

From: bigboy

Instead of taking a bath each time Mario gets dirty, do one or two spin jumps...

From: Aurora619

Whenever you complete a level, go to the water directly next to where the boats go in and out. Dive all the way to the bottom and you will see a 1-Up Mushroom. Whenever you return from a level or start from the beginning, it will be there. Go to the island where the man is stranded and spray the fire. A 1-Up Mushroom will appear. Anybody that gives..

From: big dog jones

Go to Rico Harbor and go to where the Void level is located (on the very left). Go below the secret area and talk to the man on the boxes. Then, talk to him ten times in different positions. Once out of the ten times you will see a crane halfway in the wall, but when you are done talking to him the crane will disappear...

From: mydhn002

Go to Delfino Plaza. Go to the area where the lighthouse stands (Gelato Beach). Splash into the ocean behind the light house and climb onto the rocky platforms. Then, go up the platforms and you will see a pipe. Turn on your Hover Nozzle. Next stand close to the edge of the platform, but face the pipe. Finally, use your Hover Nozzle into the pipe. ..

From: vadmee

To make Mario get around a little faster, use the single spray nozzle and shoot a small amount of water in front of him. Run and press B to do a belly slide. He will slide through the water and keep going at a high speed. This will continue as long as you do not hit anything. Note: Keep belly hopping rapidly to go very fast. This is especially help..

From: cdkey888

Once you've beaten the game (and saved your game), you will be able to go back to the Airport from the very beginning. It'll cost you, though. For the price of 10 coins, a boat close to the clocktower where you find Yoshi will take you to the Airport level -- which is filled with coins and fun stuff to do. Give it a try!..

From: landmarky

Want to see Mario in a different outfit than his trademark blue overalls and red shirt? How about putting on some shades and slipping into a shirt that would make even Tom Selleck jealous? The shades are easy to get. Look for a man with black sunglasses in the hub world (he's at the beach, close to the fruit stands) or in most of the other levels a..

From: icedrakonb

In Gelato Beach and other levels where there are Bubbas (the big red fish that drags Mario underwater), you can keep them from doing this attack with this little trick. Pick up a piece of fruit and start swimming with it. It will enable a glitch where they cannot drag you. This is very useful for the Red Coin Shine in Gelato Beach...

From: jellydonut23

To build up Mario's stock, try to quit stages when you are about to die. This would apply to stages like the racing stages (with the Islander who likes to race) and some of the mini-stages (like the Pachinko stage). If you can restart the stage easily (and quickly), you should learn to quit when Mario is in danger of dying. This will let you have a..

From: halfdead2o

Go out to the island where the man is stranded. You will see a gold bird flying around. Shoot it with your water cannon and a Shine Sprite will appear. Go to one of the rooftops in Delfino Plaza with a weathervane. You will see a man standing there. Talk to him and he will ask if you want to be thrown for one Coin. Answer "Yes". When he t..

From: kelvin

Find a patch of flowers and spray them all quickly. Four or five Coins will appear from the middle of the patch...

From: Christine2011

To seem as if it is raining, have the sprayer equipped and do a triple jump. Then, hold R after you land. Drops will be falling from the sky...

From: roseypinklover9

When you are selecting a file you can do a Spin Move and the Side Jump to get onto the blocks...

From: soldier92

After jumping, you can do a spin by rotating the Analog-stick once in a circle...

From: judeskater123

When falling from high places, press L to do a Ground Pound. This will make you fall very fast and not lose health...

From: Atrain91

To make Mario get around a little faster, use the single spray nozzle and shoot a small amount of water in front of him. Run and press B to do a belly slide. He will slide through the water and keep going at a high speed. This will continue as long as you do not hit anything...

From: jaypeecom

Press R, then press A...

From: onuke

Rotate the Analog-stick then press A, then R...

From: Mortenius

When swimming, switch to your hover and press R. It will give you a little boost while swimming...

From: VackKadespees

Instead of taking a bath each time Mario gets dirty, do one or two spin jumps...

From: amumundaphymn

After eating a fruit, Yoshi can then spit out juice to defeat enemies...

From: Pinkydoo89

You can revisit many of the secret obstacle courses, like the one in Episode 3, to pick up an additional Shine Sprite. You'll also earn a Shine Sprite the first time you collect 100 Coins in any one Episode within a world...

From: Tiago

Get Yoshi to eat a fruit and jump off of him immediatly just before he eats it. He should be standing there with the fruit floating in the air. Leave the fruit jump back on Yoshi and head off for your adventure. Now, when Yoshi runs low on juice you can press B and he will eat the fruit you were going to eat earlier.(it will suddenly appear in fron..

From: razzle00

In some levels you will see nails shooting up out of the ground. Jump on them, then ground pound them three times. You will ether get a free live or coin!..

From: razzle00

Go to the red cannon don't go inside it go in between the woodin floor and hard floor move the camera to the > and stop you will noice a 1-up this in a hatch...

From: thomas

Like mantis from metal gear solid, this clone can tell every move, to win you must use a different style to your regular fight before he finds out your new moves, because this is where you battle bowser (yes bowser is there) lure him off the edge with yoshi (he is on the duck)..

From: kick me


This glitch allows Mario to run around underwater in Delfino Plaza during the flood. Clear Episode 7 in every level to flood Delfino Plaza. Swim over to any log in. Dive underwater and try to surface under the log. If you do it right Mario will suddenly drop and he'll be walking around under the water and the breath gauge will be gone. Remember: Ev..

From: razzle00

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