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This page contains Cheats for DragonVale organized by sections for iPhone - iPad. This game has "Strategy Tycoon" as genre, made by Backflip Studios, released on Sep 14, 2011. If you can't find a hint or secret in our list, then please check this page periodically for the latest updates.

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Boxshot & Details
  • Developer: Backflip Studios
  • Publisher: Backflip Studios
  • Genre: Strategy Tycoon
  • Release: Sep 14, 2011
  • ESRB: Not Set


THIS WILL ONLY WORK IF YOU HAVE VERSION 1.17.0 OR HIGHER 1. Go your options menu 2. Tap the 'Redeem Code' button on the bottom left 3. Tap the 'Enter code' button and type in ' Dv117 ' and press ok. You will soon have 10 free gems!..

From: Seany<3dragon

2years is another redeem code instead of dv117. There is only 2 redeem codes in dragonvale unfortunately, but I think that they might release more out, but I'm not soo sure of the outcome. these redeem codes will not work if u put capital! Dv117 = 10 free gems 2years = 25 free gems Be quick to get these redeems or else people will get them before y..

From: Middy360

Go to redeem code in social and put in TURKEY you get 15 gems...

From: Dexter

2years gives you 25 free gems. Click on the social button, then tap the :redeem codes button, and type in: 2years...

From: Koolkat8

Type in any random number higher than 25. This will let you invite someone to dragonvale. You will be rewarded 25 gems. Have fun...

From: hobbits 12

Go to the social menu, and type in, PRESENTS , and you will get 25 gems c:..

From: blablah


To unlock the following Apple Game Center achievements, complete the following tasks:..

From: classy dudette

First of all you have to have a dragon race track. I posted a list of how win all all races in the hints section. How you get food is by spinning the wheel if you place and if you place ther is a 33% chance to get 1500-5000 food and the same percent chance to get between 1-4 gems or 12k-300k xp points. This was posted in unlockables because you can..

From: Cheatster

Hi guys! Me again! You know what's EPICLY AWESOME? If you update your DragonVale to the latest update, you will be able to get the Legendary Kairos. He can speed up your incubation time, breeding, harvesting and much more! Follow my instructions and you will have this mystical time-bender in no-time! Buy 'Perch of Kairos' From the Market for $750,0..

From: Game Freak


To get a rainbow dragon, breed an ice dragon and a blazing dragon!! (a blazing dragon us air and fire, and ice is water and cold.) the levels do not matter, but mine were level seven...

From: Rainbow11

You have to breed a fire dragon with a earth dragon and there you go your very own lava dragon...

From: draco master

This is how I got a seaweed dragon on DRAGONVALE: Breed/Buy a Marsh dragon Buy a Water dragon Feed until both are juvinile Breed the two, probably put Marsh on the plant side (check in market, see the little flags) And obviously, the water on the water side. CHECK: the turnout egg should be green and blue Striped. If not, it's probably another mars..

From: Artemis & Midna

Breed a level 10 earth dragon and a level 10 fire dragon. Earth on left and fire on right. (need to be level 16 at least)..

From: Greatqwerty hoo

To have an air dragon u should have a proper water and a fire dragon (no hybrids/mixtures). Sent them to the breeding cave. Select water dragon on the left and fire dragon on the right. U will get an air dragon in 2 hours after breeding. After getting an air dragon send air and fire dragon to the breeding cave and u will get a blazing dragon. Send ..

From: advitya

To get a mountain dragon, I did, cold (left) and plant (right). It. Worked first try no issues. Hope it works for you! :) good luck!..

From: Ms. Filly

This video will show you how to breed a Sun Dragon.....

From: wbangca

This video will show you how to breed a Rainbow Dragon Egg.....

From: wbangca

This video will show you how to breed a Sandstorm Dragon.....

From: wbangca

This video will show you how to breed a Rainbow Moon Dragon.....

From: wbangca

This video will show you how to breed a Sun Dragon.....

From: wbangca

Place sonic dragon level 10 on left side and storm dragon level 10 on right side in breeding cave. Must be done at 6:30-6:42 am eastern time, will get 48 hour time...

From: Genocide

For the rainbow You put a seaweed on right and a firefly/larva on the left for the sun and moon put together a crystal and a blue fire sun and moon have the same breeding and for the air you put a fire on the right and a water on the left. the rainbow may take a few tries!!!..

From: DG dragon

Breed a mud dragon with a blazing dragon to have a panlong dragon. Whiting 3 days you should get an egg with a Chines or Japanese letter on the egg. The egg will hatch whiting 3 days and you have your panlong dragon!! If you don't have a air dragon and you want it free, this is how to get it; breed a pure water dragon with a pure fire dragon(they s..

From: Danny829

To get Panlong, this is a limited edition dragon because it is the year of the dragon. Anyway lets get to the breeding. To get Panlong, it says you need to use a mud dragon and a blazing dragon. That is true but you need to put a blazing dragon on the left, and a mud dragon on the right. You have to wait 36 hours for them to breed and hatch. You wi..

From: Take My Word

Ok so alot of people have been asking how do you make a sandstorm dragon. Well first you need a mud (water + earth = mud) Then you need a air. There are two ways how to get a air dragon. 1 (500 gems) and if you breed water and fire which will make a air. After that stuff. You breed (air+mud=sandstorm)..

From: Gamer boy:)

Build a Breeding Cave and then breed a Earth and Fire dragon. Then you will get a Larva dragon after 12 hours...

From: Rampageman22

First you need to breed a fog dragon, then breed a blazing dragon, then breed the fog and blazing in the breeding cave, then breed the result with a lava dragon and breed that with a plant dragon. this sounds crazy but it worked for us but you wont nessaserily get it on the first go, i mean we got a rainbow dragon 1st time. it does take a while but..

From: Anonymous

You might want to get a rare dragon for free I guess. So I found a way how to getting it without wasting gems! So first you must be right on 8.15p.m till 8.25p.m. Then you must have storm dragon in level 7 no more no less and earth dragon in level 8 and again no more or less. Then we put the level 7 storm dragon on the left and the level 8 earth on..

From: Wilbert12390

Getting a Quake Dragon is easy all you need is to breed an earth and lightning dragon in the breeding cave or island...

From: Kevtajohanes

This video will show you how to breed a Leap Year Dragon.....

From: pagmaoverve

This video will show you how to Breed Brass Dragon.....

From: ParcMedia

This video will show you how to Breed Iron Dragon.....

From: Erinkelley24

This video will show you how to Breed Magnetic Dragon.....

From: Sophie

This video will show you how to Breed Chrome Dragon.....

From: brindall

This video will show you how to Breed Rust Dragon.....

From: Evie

This video will show you how to Breed Mine Dragon.....

From: littlesham

This video will show you how to Breed Lichen Dragon.....

From: sonnyboy

This video will show you how to Breed Cactus Dragon.....

From: janie

This video will show you how to Breed Dodo Dragon.....

From: clicker

This video will show you how to Breed Steel Dragon.....

From: MrGTAKing

This video will show you how to Breed Easter Bloom Dragon.....

From: Aurora619

This video will show you how to Breed Clover Dragon.....

From: London.Princess

All you need for a sun is lightning and cold. There is about a 5/100 chance that you will do it. I seen 2 sun I have 1 and my friend has 1. I breed cactus and storm 6-7 times trying for a bloom at level 19. My friend was simply trying for a storm at level 13. You also have to do it on the hour. It is the same with moon exept you have to do it at ni..

From: Peter

To breed a Plasma dragon you need to get Lightning and Water dragon to breed a Plasma dragon. The only habitats are Lightning and Water...

From: Plasma dragon

I had a level 6 fire dragon (normal one) and a level 5 lightning dragon (normal one) fire dragon on the left and lightning dragon on the right i use the gem because i was lazy but i might or might not work I'm not sure i did this at 10:47pm in nz so yea :/..

From: jordanhogg

You breed an emerald with a rainbow, then you breed sun and moon, and breed those together and breed a cactus with that result. The poo dragon costs 5000 gems and it takes 2 days. If u have it, breed on the breeding island. If u r under level 10, this will not work...

From: Poo head

To get an Emerald Dragon, I used a level 10 crystal dragon (right side) and a level 10 linchen dragon (left side) at 9:10pm. I do believe the timing you try to breed the dragons matters, especially with specialty dragons. I had to do it for my sun and moon dragon. I didn't use the breeding island, I used the regular breeding cave. Good luck!..

From: Catelynn143

To breed an air dragon you need to breed a water dragon and an air dragon I breed the two twi e and now I have two air dragons. Hope I helped...

From: omeGuy

Breed lichen then crystal dragon then might get moon sun rainbow or emerald or randomised dragon...

From: Jayjay

To get money quickly and efficiently at low levels before you have many dragons at high levels that give you heaps of money, try breeding a plant and lightning dragon together for a cactus dragon. It takes 30 mins to create the egg and another 30 mins for it to be ready to hatch. It sells for 100 000 dragoncash. If you were to do this for a whole d..

From: firedingo

This video will show you how to Breed Current Dragon.....

From: xrockstar65

This video will show you how to breed a Quicksilver Dragon.....

From: Cheeseus97

This video will show you how to breed a Pearl Dragon.....

From: abhrajit06it

This video will show you how to breed a Solstice Dragon.....

From: bklynjets

This video will show you how to breed a Crystal dragon.....

From: Prasetyo

This video will show you how to breed a Love Dragon.....

From: godkira7

Go to cydia then go to manage once you are in manage tap sources when in sources at the top right corner it says edit then you tap it then at the top left corner it says add, tap it. something shows up in to box type in [WARNING!:illegal!]it will install when it is done go to it then touch the letter i that is on the side and sc..

From: darkcloud24

When you reach a certain level you get a new treat farm that lets you plant more things that give you more food if you have enough money, make at least 6 farms that are huge then plant the last food you could plant but it is 5,000,000 so you lose quite a lot of money. it only takes an hour for it to be done but you get a lot of food. Hope it Works!..

From: darkcloud24

Build a collosium and put the type of dragon it shows like if it says plant put a plant dragon. There are 3 trophies. The gold one gives you 5 gems and a lot of cash. The silver one gives you 2 gems and still a lot of money. And bronze one gives you cash. Another way is to get a gemstone island and get pearl and emerald dragons and put them there. ..

From: darkcloud24

If u r wondering how to get a firework dragon before july 20th i can help. all u have 2 do is breed a mud dragon and a blazing dragon. mud on the left and blazing on the right. it doesnt matter wat level...

From: dragongirl

Feel like you don't have the cash you need? Well an easy way to earn cash is breeding fire and air, blazing takes a total 16 hours to finish and it sells for 1,000,000 dragoncash so keep farming it...

From: NightmareZ

This video will show you how to breed a Gold Olympus Dragon.....

From: searay330

This video will show you how to breed a Silver Olympus Dragon.....

From: lordofthegout

This video will show you how to play the Dragon Track!.....

From: JuggaletteJenn

This video will show you how to breed a Malachite Dragon.....

From: Darth Anitrus

This video will show you how to breed a Pollen Dragon.....

From: cyr1696

This video will show you how to breed a Ruby Dragon.....

From: Penguin Queen

This video will show you how to breed a Evergreen Dragon.....

From: star wars guy

There is a dragon that is not in the market that is the rarest in the game called the eclipse dragon that you can only breed during a solor or luner eclipse and is a highbrid for a sun and moon dragon...

From: Dan

The list below will show you what two dragons are best for every race: C road- flower or poison. S fault line-quake or crystal Marshland-mud or swamp. E skies-sonic or firefly Y if the dragon- firefly. U meadows-tree or flower I abbreviated the first word of the title of the race. I have tested all of them and they all work if you know how to race...

From: Cheatster

This is real and working, no stupid surveys. In this, you actually edit the game rules to make everything appear. First, you have to download iExplorer 3 at: It does not matter if it is the demo version, this will still work. Next, after you have installed iExplorer, plug in your Idevic..

From: Reconder

U can breed the peridot dragon using cactus and a crystal, but it must be done in August. U will get 24 hour breeding time...

From: Happydawg247

This video will show you how to breed a Silver Dragon.....

From: monkeylord14

This video will show you how to breed a Ironwood Dragon.....

From: roxas

This video will show you how to breed a Rain Dragon.....

From: bmbrussee

This video will show you how to breed a Seasonal Dragon.....

From: jaffas

Poison and mountain dragon in breeding cave then you get paper dragon but maybe not the first time. Good luck. This video will show you how to breed a Paper Dragon.....

From: Jonathan

Well this may not be a cheat but i hope it is helpful:) so you can buy gems from the market then spend them to buy parts of Kairos' perch.Another way to do it is to race.there are three parts,or stages to this Perch of Kairos summoning,so use your gems wisely.the perch costs 750,000 gold.I think racing is the most fun and hardest way to earn the pa..

From: a creep

This video will show you how to breed a Equinox Dragon.....

From: Beck

This video will show you how to breed a Opal Dragon.....

From: Rueuudh

This video will show you how to breed a Ash Dragon.....

From: chrisnewbie

This video will show you how to Summon Kairos Dragon.....

From: Rhindress21

This video will show you how to breed a Ghost Dragon.....

From: bored1337

Each Race has always has the same (usually two) obstacles. Having a list of which obstacles appear in which race is the key to picking the right Dragons. Example: Ulster Meadows Race always has a mixture of Earth and Plant obstacles. I suggest you race the Moss Dragon here (it's the most common dragon that excels in these two environments, but if y..

From: *.meow-meow.*

Ok, so when you start a race it does the countdown. Right when the race starts, right after "1" disappears tap the screen and you will get an extra boost and most likely win the race, if you tap at the right time..

From: Race track tip

Get a mud and a blazing breed them and you should get either a paneling or a eclipse dragon (mine were lv15)..

From: Franklin jo

Ok what I did was put a level 8 fire dragon on the left and a ice dragon level 7 on the right it worked for me so yeah also I'm leveled 17 so that might be a factor!!!:)..

From: -*beene*-

To breed the Solar Eclipse dragon, you need the Earth dragon and the Blazing dragon. Breed them together and put the Blazing Dragon on the left. After a few tries, you might get it! I got it on my 2nd try. Epic breeding island helps. Thanks!..

From: HelloKitty13

Breed lightning and earth and get a crystal egg. the egg is yellow and has silver diamonds on it. lightning dragon level 9 and earth 7...

From: geekslayer73

Breed a Fire and Water dragon together to get an air dragon worth $500,000 dragoncash. They take only four hours to breed and hatch, making them better for money than blazing dragons...

From: A Ghost

This video will show you how to breed a Legendary Kairos Dragon.....

From: omarsalazar69

U can get a topaz dragon by breeding the cactus dragon and the firefly dragon select cactus first then select firefly my friends worked in the third try and so did mine if doesn't keep doing them and I guarantee it will work. This video will show you how to breed a Topaz Dragon.....

From: Billy Jo Bob

This video will show you how to breed a Smoke Dragon.....

From: mixpoh101

Open the dragonvale Build a colloseum if you have that enter one of your strongest dragon (warning)choose the correct required Push the home button push it twice push the dragonvale and push the minus sign and go to settings off your wifi go to general and go to date and time change the year to 2009 andgo to your dragonvale again it will show that ..

From: Acewesom

To get a rainbow dragon on the first shot all you need is a evergreen on level 7 and a quake dragon on level 7 and then you put the evergreen on the left and the quake dragon on the right it will take 48 hours but it's really worth it if you want a rainbow dragon and it do dosent work that way around then try it the other way around with the quake ..

From: Etho

Try mountain dragon and air dragon to breed a Lunar Eclipse Dragon. This video will show you how to breed a Lunar Eclipse Dragon.....

From: cactuar

Try Poison dragon and Swamp dragon to breed a Turquoise Dragon. This video will show you how to breed a Turquoise Dragon.....

From: yabuduvxp

You put a ground dragon on the left and a cold dragon on the right to breed a Glacier Dragon. This video will show you how to breed a Glacier Dragon.....

From: warlord

Try Water Dragon and the Metal Dragon to breed a Platinum Dragon. This video will show you how to breed a Platinum Dragon.....

From: princess101

The combo for the turquoise dragon is a poison dragon and a swamp dragon. Lvl and witch is on witch side doesn't matter, and don't give up. Apocalypse is a lichen and magnetic, this combo may also give some uncommon dragons like copper and reindeer. Thx for reading!..

From: Jax3316

Garnet: Smoke and Obsidian. Sapphire: Mountain and Rain. Apocalypse: Fern and Lichen. Sakura: Flower and Tree. Silver: (metal and cold are the elements present, resulting in many combinations) Topaz: Cactus and Firefly. Turquoise: Poison and Swamp. These have all been tested and assured. Good luck and happy breeding!..

From: ILoveTopaz

If you're having trouble breeding a flower dragon here's how I did it. On the left side put in a level 4 fire dragon, then on the left put a level 4 plant dragon. (This worked on my iPad so don't blame if it does not work.)..

From: Tricksy143

Try Smoke Dragon and the Obsidian Dragon to breed a Gift Dragon. This video will show you how to breed a Gift Dragon.....

From: Xian54

Try Smoke Dragon and the Obsidian Dragon to breed a Garnet Dragon. This video will show you how to breed a Garnet Dragon.....

From: Azndude

Try Cold Dragon/lightning Dragon or use one of your basic hybrids dragons to breed a Hail Dragon. This video will show you how to breed a Hail Dragon.....

From: Cody Thomson

Purchase Them: You should use coins to purchase gems in DragonVale, either from buddies of in the market. Go To A Friend's Dragon Park: May possibly not appear like much, but free Gems and cash is simply too best to avoid. Go to a friend's Dragon Park once every single day and discover the Party Hats on their island. How much money you obtain is de..

From: juan alberto

Try Ash Dragon bred with Quick Silver Dragon or Copper Dragon bred with Water Dragon or Rust Dragon bred with Lightning Dragon to breed a Cyclops Dragon. This video will show you how to breed a Cyclops Dragon.....

From: holi

Try hail dragon bred with sonic dragon to breed a Amethyst Dragon. This video will show you how to breed a Amethyst Dragon .....

From: Expert

Try pollen dragon bred with air dragon to breed a Rose Dragon. This video will show you how to breed a Rose Dragon .....

From: max3925

Each different race has different element habitats you have to cross. To choose the best dragon for each race, go on to the race and look at the dragon furthest away from you (closest to the audience) ,quit the race then choose the same dragon or one with the same elements. Your dragon will be fastest! Also you can tap the screen as soon as it says..

From: Win dragon race

First you have to have a lv 10 cold dragon and a lv 10 plant dragon. I think there is a 100% chance that it will be easier with level 10 dragons. Then put the plant dragon on the left and the cold on the right...


Breed sandstorm and crystal and there will be a 3 out 6 chance you will get one I have tried 6 times and out of the 6 got 4 Olympus dragons...

From: Kfc is cool

This is a great cheat that i use to get the rainbow and sun dragons, i breed randomly everyday until i found this match that got me amazing results: first, upgrade the "epic breeding island" *optional*, and than buy 130 gems for 4.99, than breed hail and bone dragons. if it takes more than 12 hours to breed, than it will work, if it does ..

From: charlie adams

Get this app on your comp called ixplorer3 (which is 1$) then take a USB cable and plug it to your comp then go to ixplorer3 (which is different from internet explorer) and then go to games on ixplorer3 then all your game will be seen go to dragon vale then you will see this huge page of words then press find and choose any decoration items then yo..

From: kay koolkid

Shimmering faultline:earth lightning so quake or crystal Dragons are good. Cherry road:fire plant earth so poison lava or flower would win. Year of the dragon:water air earth fire so panlong or gold Dragon is gonna win. Electric skies: lightning air so sonic lightning maybe Sun would do. Ulster meadows:earth plant so moss or tree Dragon is good Rim..

From: csengegi

You need to put a crystal dragon on the left and blue fire dragon on the right, it might need like 3 tries good luck!..

From: jose gonzalez

When it comes up with the habitat, always put in your strongest hybrid. Earth is stronger than fire, tree and lightning so put hybrids with earth in it. Next is lighting and fire and last is tree. The other dragon breeds such as air and water follow the same sort of patten although as I found out playing, if all your dragons are the same level, you..

From: Mydogs00

If you want to get an emerald dragon for example, breed it just before it leaves the market. Do this with all limited dragons for 89% success...

From: Pppjack123

Try Flower dragon and Water Dragon to breed a Bouquet Dragon. This video will show you how to breed a Bouquet Dragon ... Other Breedings you can try to get the Bouquet Dragon Flower dragon and coral dragon Flower dragon and Seaweed Dragon Flower Dragon and Fog Dragon Flower Dragon and Iceberg Dragon..

From: jStans

Try Coral Dragon and flower Dragon to breed a Salamander Dragon. This video will show you how to breed a Salamander Dragon ... Other Breedings you can try to get the Salamander Dragon Flower Dragon and Water Dragon Water Dragon and Fire Dragon Rain Dragon and Blazing Dragon..


Try Fire Dragon and Water Dragon to breed a Coral Dragon. This video will show you how to breed a Coral Dragon ... Other Breedings you can try to get the Coral Dragon Blazing Dragon and Ice Dragon Water and Obsidian Dragon Fire Dragon and Fog Dragon..

From: splintercell

Try River Dragon and Air Dragon to breed a Terradiem Dragon. This video will show you how to breed a Terradiem Dragon ... Other Breedings you can try to get the Terradiem Dragon Mud Dragon and Snow Dragon Century Dragon and Air Dragon..

From: GoogleGirl

Try Metal Dragon and Willow Dragon to breed a Meteor Dragon. This video will show you how to breed a Meteor Dragon ... Other Breedings you can try to get the Meteor Dragon Chrome Dragon and Steel Dragon Meteor Dragon and Air Dragon Air Dragon and Metal Dragon..

From: pokemonfreak

Try Iceberg Dragon with Mine Dragon to breed a Diamond Dragon. This video will show you how to breed a Diamond Dragon .....

From: Darth Anitrus

Try Glacier Dragon and Water Dragon to breed a River Dragon. This video will show you how to breed a River Dragon ... Other Breedings you can try to get the River Dragon Rain Dragon and Earth Dragon Glacier Dragon and Mud Dragon Air Dragon and Mud Dragon..

From: stepabout

Try Blazing Dragon and Storm Dragon to breed a Thunder Dragon. This video will show you how to breed a Thunder Dragon ... Other Breedings you can try to get the Thunder Dragon Sonic Dragon and Magnetic Dragon Water Dragon and Sonic Dragon Air Dragon and Lightning Dragon..

From: kimmber

Try Firefly Dragon and Frostfire Dragon to breed a Spring Epic Dragon. This video will show you how to breed a Spring Epic Dragon ... Other Breedings you can try to get the Spring Epic Dragon Sun Dragon and Moon Dragon Storm Dragon and Fire Dragon Lichen Dragon and Scorch Dragon..

From: stelarplacebo

Below a list of all 8 new habitats: Giant Cold Habitat Giant Fire Habitat Giant Earth Habitat Giant Plant Habitat Giant Lightning Habitat Giant Water Habitat Giant Air Habitat..

From: skullrocker200

Try river dragon and iceberg dragon to breed a Aquamarine Dragon. This video will show you how to breed a Aquamarine Dragon .....

From: Pudsthecat

Try Plant Dragon and Fire Dragon to breed a Motley Dragon. This video will show you how to breed a Motley Dragon .....

From: garaheags

You can get rainbow dragons in many ways. I have three. Sonic and lava is the way I got the first two and the third I got by breeding the first two dragons together. You can get both sun and moon dragons by breeding sonic and storm. Get sun during day and moon during night it depends when you breed it. I got Kairos by racing a lot. I also got a dia..

From: pickiejojo

Try Storm Dragon and Poison Dragon to breed a Celtic Dragon. This video will show you how to breed a Celtic Dragon ... Other Breedings you can try to get the Celtic Dragon Storm dragon and lichen dragon Storm dragon and plant dragon Storm dragon and flower dragon Storm dragon with bloom dragon..

From: Pudsthecat

Try Mine Dragon and Crystal Dragon to breed The Jade Dragon . This video will show you how to breed The Jade Dragon .....

From: Cloelover21

Breed a level 10 crystal dragon with a level 10 snow dragon. it may not work at the first try, well it did for me!..

From: Dragon breeder

I used the Storm Dragon & a Metal Dragon both were level 10 dragons on the epic breeding island, and I breed the Electrum Dragon on my 1st try with this combination, good luck...

From: James$$

Try Magnetic Dragon and Water Dragon to breed a Ouroboros Dragon. This video will show you how to breed a Ouroboros Dragon... Other Breedings you can try to get the Ouroboros Dragon - Magnetic dragon bred with Swamp dragon - Plasma Dragon bred with Magnetic Dragon..

From: doggie015

You put a level ten blazing on the left and a leval ten ice on the right trust me some how i got an autumn on first shot then I got an equinox dragon on my second time and then I bring those two again and then I got another autumn dragon...

From: Kalroy

Well the way it worked out was I was trying to breed a cotton dragon buy using a quake dragon and poison dragon and I tryed again and again until I go one saying "egg will be finshed in 2:60:14 (or something like that) hurry them up for 60 gems so I look f in the catagories (all 4 of them) and then tryed the one with all the special dragons lo..

From: WildFire

The Heat Dragon level 21 can be reproduced by using any 2 dragons with Fire and Light elements at the Breeding Cave and or Epic Breeding Island...

From: Salty Dog

The Luminous Dragon level 21 can be reproduced by using any 2 dragons with Plant and Light elements at the Breeding Cave and or Epic Breeding Island...

From: HaNoOoONa

The Ember Dragon level 21 can be reproduced by combi dragons with Fire and Light elements at the Breeding Cave and or Epic Breeding Island...

From: male25

The Glass Dragon level 21 can be reproduced by combi dragons with Earth and Light elements at the Breeding Cave and or Epic Breeding Island...

From: pocoyo

The Sand Dragon level 21 can be reproduced by using any 2 dragons with Earth and Light elements at the Breeding Cave and or Epic Breeding Island...

From: Clayton010

The Meadow Dragon level 21 can be reproduced by using any 2 dragons with Plant and Light elements at the Breeding Cave and or Epic Breeding Island. Tip: Use 2 Meadows in the nursery. One from Rift and Cactus, the other from Light and Malachite...

From: ars4797

The Light Dragon level 21 can be reproduced by using any 2 dragons with light/rift and Light/rift elements at the Breeding Cave and or Epic Breeding Island. Or buy it for 2,000,000...

From: DSKS

I mainly use the Bouquet dragon for this race, (Year of the Dragon,) and it usually gets me first place. I too dont have a Panlong yet, so I believe this dragon, including the others below, might help you along. - Bouquet - Blazing(+Firework) - Moss (+tree) - Swamp (+Seaweed) - Rain and Fog - Mud Basically, hybrid dragons that have the elements Air..

From: CyanWolfy

First go to breeding cave or breeding sanctuary. Higher chance to get sun dragon in fully upgraded breeding sanctuary. breed cold dragon with lightning dragon between the time of 7 am and 7 pm not 7pm to 7am.when breeding is done you will get a sun dragon but there is a very low chance to get it since it is rare...

From: Ahmar

Whenever you try breeding a light rift dragon with another dragon it always ends up as the same dragon you were breeding with Moon + Light Rift Dragon = Moon. So if you want another moon dragon easily that is the easiest way with out breeding it again with snow + lightning this is the best way...

From: dracotive

First of all, you need to have a cactus and a firefly dragon. This can be bred in the breeding cave or the epic breeding island. The dragons can be at any level (from the exception of level 4 to breed) but have more chance to breed if the dragons are on level 11. So, first. you put the firefly and then you put the cactus and there is a 5-15% chance..

From: Topaz Dragon

Was trying to breed a frostfire dragon but on my first try I got an electrum dragon. I bred a level 13 cold dragon and a level 12 firefly dragon on the normal breeding cave...

From: Gr8plyr

In the market if ur not sure and u have got the egg tap one of the earth plant fire etc. then tap the little button at the bottom and if its the same as ur egg in the nursary then u know what sort of dragon you've got!If u want a sort of dragon but u don't know what parents u should choose just look it up in the dragon market...

From: Jyhorses

1st get a lava dragon 2nd get a metel dragon 3rd put both in breading cave in 46 hours you get a bronze dragon...

From: dexter

You have to breed ash and frostfire to get the jet dragon remember you may not get it on your first try...

From: Gdudwhusbh

At level 16 get the karios habitat and ( If you have 2700 gems you could buy all 21 pieces) if you don't have that many gems than race in the dragon track like crazy then after all the pieces are collected then you should unlock the only Legendary dragon in dragonvale: Karios! He can speed time up by 6 hours every 4 days :)..

From: Fred is smart

Well this Dragon I was trying to breed the bloom dragon but it turned out to be the blue Moon dragon to breed this dragon you have to do STORM AND LEAF the second time you have to do LEAF AND STORM..

From: Chechena101

You will need: - Large Plant Habitat - Cactus Dragon x2 - Breeding Cave Note: You must to be Level 14 or higher Step 1: Pick boths of Cactus Dragons to the Breeding Cave. (If you dont have any breed your Plant and Lightning Dragon) Step 2: Wait at least 30 minutes and then sell the egg. you will get 100k Step 3: Repeat many times as you want. You w..

From: RaF

Ok so u go to cooperative breeding get level 7 arctic dragon and the polarian dragon do it between 8:15 to 8:20 pm that's how I got mine..

From: Unicorncat300


If you have an iPod or iPhone generation 3, then you're in luck. First go to market. Then you click on the treasure label. Next you touch the treasure chest full of coins on he top of the screen. You then can click on any gem, coin, or food inapp purchase you want. The apP should not ask confirmation that you want to buy the gems, coins, or food. I..

From: Rgreen10

Basically u hav to be connected to game centre, what u do is sign out of game centre, go back into dragon vale once u have done with game centre. U click cancel when it comes up, connect to game centre, it will then start a new dragon vale with free money and coins, diamonds, go back into game centre, sign in again, go back on dragon vale and click..

From: Cheat quests

Its simple and easy all you have to do is log out of gamecenter then play dragonvale a screen should come up asking you to log into game center hit cancel. Once you do this you must wait for your new park to load. Once this is done you must log back into game center then open dragonvale again wait for a while then we the screen comes up to choose w..

From: holtsrule

Theoretically, you can get more then 3. But what you do is log out of gc and open dragon vale and progress to where you buy the cave. Now save it to a new gc account and open it on 3 separate devices. Now tap purchase on all three devices and all get placed next to each other and not overlapping. There are your breeding caves and use the 10 free ge..

From: Cheatster

Here's a cheat on how to get up to 10 gems at a time. First things first, You have to have a Game Center account and your Dragonvale account must be saved to it. So, open Game Center and sign out. Now go to Dragonvale. A button will pop up. Click "cancel". You will have an entire new park and 10 gems to start out with. Now return to Game ..

From: HelloKitty13

Go into gamecenter Log out Go to dragonvale and when it asks you to sign in press cancel To back into gamecenter Go into dragonvale When it says locally or gamecenter press gamecenter It'll set your gems to 10 (If you have more than 10 then it'll do nothing)..

From: Amazing Jesse

Okay first you will need a jailbreak device. If you jailbreak it then go to cydia, Go to sources then add After you have added it. Go to the"I" section the find the "IAP Cracker" in thus install it then go to DragonVale and purchase gems, money or even food for free!..

From: Catwalk Tower

Go to game center log out go to dragonvale while the bar is loading go back to home page go to game center log in go back to dragonvale you got 10 gems it gets trassfered from one and each other bla...

From: dragonvmaster

Go to dragonvale. Close the app and open gamecenter. Now you must log out and reopen dragonvale. Once you have done this it will ask you to sign back into your GameCenter account. press cancel in the top left corner. Now wait until it starts to load the game and close the app. now go back to GameCenter, and log back in. now Open dragonvale. it will..

From: pugger

So, You need to have a get a Game Center account to do this. So close safari and enter Game Center. Hit Account (Game Center Name). Then Something will pop up on your screen. Select Sign Out. Go Int Dragonvale. Wait Until The Loading Bar Pops Up And Then Close Dragonvale, and Go Back To Game Center. Type in your password and sign in. Go into dragon..

From: ISeeDaCheese

Like all the others, go into game center and log out. go back into dragon vale and when it asks you to sign back into game center, hit cancel. then, you can get free money by collecting party hats from your own island. after that, hit go home and it will send you through the tutorial. go up to where you buy the breeding island then log out. go back..

From: cookiemonster

When you've completed a goal on the right side of the pop up you will see 2 icons, one for facebook and one for twitter. As soon as you click one or both of the the icons the game doesn't realize wether or not you've posted something so you can just hit the cancel button. It works even if you don't have a Facebook or twitter!..

From: Snickerdoodle

Code: Lets say your original account is level 20. ( above level 10). Next, you log onto another game center ID that doesn't have dragon vale listed as one of the games. Then Increase what ever account your on to level 10 and enter your ORIGINAL ACCOUNT's friend code. (example of ORIGINAL ACCOUNT: level 20). Then you can send gems from your new Game..

From: Cheatsforlife

On most Apple products Dragonvale had a glitch to get 1 free gem per challenge. After you complete a challenge or level up, you will see a screen that asks you if you would like to share on FaceBook or Twitter. (Take note this only works if you do not have a Twitter account connected) Click the Twitter button and It will say you do not have an acco..

From: Fandom_Queen
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Wats up with the glacier dragon its alright when its a baby then its just weird soz backflip studios...

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