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This page contains Cheats for The Sims: FreePlay organized by sections for iPhone - iPad. This game has "Simulation Virtual" as genre, made by Electronic Arts, released on Dec 13, 2011. If you can't find a hint or secret in our list, then please check this page periodically for the latest updates.

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Boxshot & Details
The Sims: FreePlay
  • Developer: Electronic Arts
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Genre: Simulation Virtual
  • Release: Dec 13, 2011
  • ESRB: Not Set


Hi, there I found a secret that gives you FREE cash, maybe you like to try this: Press the "shop" button (Purple button) and during this process of loading press your ipad or iphone hardware button so you get out of the game and see the main screen. Now after 10 seconds reload your game and you will see the shop screen still loading. Now ..

From: karl2k7

Gather all your sims in the same house Get gardening patches for all the sims Let the sims plant the ame thing Go to settings and change the date to JULY 1 1985 Double click then delete sims Go to sims from homepage The plants wont be grown Go back to settings then change it to the normal date Go to sims and congrats...

From: Lola

Okay, Buy Garden Patches For All Your Sims. Get Them ALL To Plant Beans Or Whatever Vegetable Gets You The Most Money. Click The Home Button& Go TO Settings. Now Go TO General&Click Time&date. Change The Time To JULY 1st,1985. Now Double CLICK the home button. From The Bottom Of The Screen Something should Pop Up Showing Apps Including ..

From: SimLoverx3

1. Go on to the purple tab with the trolley on it. (preferably the store). 2. While it says 'Connecting to store', press the square button to go on to your Home screen. 3. Count for ten seconds on home screen. 4. After that, go back on to it and press cancel. 5. Go back on to the store and everything is free. WARNING: might only work on the iPhone...

From: Chlo babe xxx

By shaking your mobile device for let say three or four seconds your Sims character will vomit. If the Sims only show nausea just repaet shaking your device for another 2/3 seconds and they'll certainly be sick...

From: DragonMaster

To gain little but fast XP shake your device to make your sims queasy. Shake it a couple more times. It'll make them vomit. The clean it up by tapping on it...

From: Anonymous

When there are special occasions such as Christmas there may be free stuff in the store, get loads of that stuff. Wait until those free things go to normal price in the shops and sell it.. this is certain to get you a profit...

From: Missy

Buy haunted objects(demon picture shown in the bottom of the object) then when you get all the ghosts you will first get aghost containment thing then you will then get 500,000 town points next time you finish it and you also get tonns of rewards like 3 lp or1,000 experience 1,500 experience and 2,000 similions. :)..

From: haunted rewards

Well if you have some sim you can make money by at night plant beans because its not like your going to play it at night so wait till Morning and their you have some money for going to sleep (works best with lots of sims) also if you go to school for 6hours plant onions before school come home and their some more money this cheat works for every on..

From: meganhoran

I have found out that when you praise or play with a dog they will go off and find treasure, sometimes you get a lot of simolens or even lifestyle points. Hope this helps! :)..

From: Chatterbox

Your sim probably wont do an action because you may have something blocking. an example is a chair might be in front of your toilet, that would be the reason for the bubble above the sims head. you need to move the chair so there is a clear space to walk...

From: amyv.23

To change your sims clothes you must have a dresser, draws or dressing table to do so. you must click on dresser or dressing table and the sim who you were has the option to change clothes! babies available as well...

From: amyv.23

You go to town map and click the blue bubble above a property. it shows different house options, your choice. if it wont let you move in sim then you must may need to complete recent goals, level up or you can use your orange diamond thing to buy...

From: amyv.23

Add a new sim and name him "bill rogers", then customize him. Then make another sim named " melinda rogers". Then make them enemies and after that make them marry each other. Let them have a baby and make the baby a todler. After that let the two divorce each other. Then delete melinda and make the baby a teen. After that delete..

From: Belinda clover

First I'll say most ppl won't agree that this is helpful if they want fast results but the cheats I have come across are crazy and don't work. If you work or go to school during the day just plant tomatoes(they only take 6 hours so they will be done when u get home, you 3,000 sim dollars depending on your level) the more sims you have working in an..

From: smile

This tip is if you want faster money than the tomatoes take. Carrots earn you 48 dollars(for me at level 16) every 5 mins and cost 3 dollars. So in 20 mins you earn 192 dollars and you spend 12 dollars. Corn earns you 148 dollars every 20 mins and cost 11 dollars... so with carrots you earn 576 every hour... and if you have 6 sims and youre growing..

From: smile

When your sims have had a baby, DON'T SELL THE CRIB! Put it in your inventory and wait until you want to use it again, then put it down and use it again. There is no limit how many times you can use one crib...

From: a stranger

Note: this only works if the house hasn't been built yet (you need an empty plot). Go to the furniture store and click on exterior walls. Pick whatever type of wall you want, click the tick and hey presto! If you build now the walls will be what you just bought. Do this for roofs and the same thing will happen...

From: Poodle

When you have a toddler do not buy them a toddler's bed as they're expensive and can only be used by toddler. Instead, go to the preteen section and get a bed from there, these are less expensive and can be used by toddlers, preteens, teens and adults. Also, if you have an adult that you want to have a single bed, don't get the 'achy breaky' bed, g..

From: Life

On the newest update there was a Christmas task to get a free reindeer and 3LP, when you finish the task go to a neighbours town and you will get the 3LP and another reindeer again, you can keep revisiting your neighbour and you will get the 3LP and a reindeer again, just keep visiting your neighbours and your LP will start to build up. I have got ..

From: Chloe

So, it says the limit for kids in a house would be two, having both parents, or three, if you adopted a kid over the phone and had two kids, along with one parent. But there is a way to have four kids in a house with both parents, without adopting! Make the parents have two babies. They both must be aged into teens for this to work. Go to a househo..

From: Brooke

The limit for sims in a house is 10, but there is a way to override that. Send the family to the park, swim center, snow park, community center, or nightclub, and have them do something. Back at their house, whistle over ten sims and make them do something that takes at least twenty minutes. Go back to the family, make them quit their actions, and ..

From: Brooke

To add some variety to your town, try turning home plots into other places. I've turned one plot into a daycare for the toddlers, the lady who lives there is the daycare teacher. When the toddler parents are ready for work, I go to the daycare and hit the whistle to summon the toddlers. Then their parents can leave the house empty and the toddler i..

From: Roo

If you have time just sit there and continuously plant bell peppers which are free bring all your sims to one house and buy enough patches for each one. Another idea is to praise your dog every time it finds money then your dog will find even more money. Sometimes making your sims vomit and then cleaning it up will get you XP. Hoped this helped...

From: Kaejay89

Plant Corn or Carrots. They give you lots of coins. Get your sims inspired. Then you get more xp and coins. Plant things overnight. Plant onions or beans. Praise your dog when it digs up stuff. Sell Trees. They come with your house and are worth a lot of money. Save up your LP and coins when you dont need them. You will need them for quests trust m..

From: SyDoesMinecraft

Low on simoleons? I can give you tricks: Money over night: The best way to gain more simoleons over night is plant. Recommended plants: Tomatoes (6 hours) - 3,000 or 2,000 simoleons & 1,288 XP [plant at your own risk] Beans (9 hours) - 1,260 simoleons & 928 XP [no risk, but lower than tomatoes] Onions (7 hours) - 1,200 simoleons & 900 X..

From: Cirisaki13

If you have built the mystery island brige, and have upgraded the 'riches' thing, You can earn free money, plant tomatoes in a garden patch, for free. Then collect from it, and if your lucky you will get an extra money bonus! I'm at a level that gives me $180, when i plant things. Hope this helps...

From: Penny

So, if you have completed every quest in your level, then you probably need some xp. So this is how you can get 500 XP points. Have two married sims be rude or complain to each other until an option comes up that says "divorce" it's picture of a broken heart. Tap it, and the divorce page will come up with 500 xp. Hope this helped!!..

From: Dabomb

This is a tip for earning money. The more sims, the better. You need to have a workplace(s). After you employ all your sims, before you go to bed, I suggest you make all your sims go to work. After you wake up in the morning and open The Sims Freeplay you will get atleast a 1,000! Have fun with your money! Hope it helps!..

From: StarPlayer13

If you aren't very bothered about life dreams and want to age a sim without a cake, this is for you. So, if you have a baby, toddler, preteen, teen or adult that you want to age up to the next life stage go to the right hand side menu (where work, hobbies and relationships are) and tap the last option (the one that looks like and sand timer/hourgla..

From: Helpful sim

If you have a Bridge or whatever like that, you will see The Riches of Terra. Upgrade your Terra (The Riches of Terra), with pickaxe, gold, and granite (you can have them from plant) then plant bell peppers or anything you want. Then you will get bonus from Terra (if you are lucky). my terra's level 5 now, it gives me 175 coins bonus. Hope it helps..

From: Anon

You need: A married couple with no kids (you must not care if you get rid of these sims) A family with two kids (any age) A crib Enough simolions to add a baby and relocate a household Go to the childless married couple, put out the crib in their house and add a baby, but DO NOT let it finish yet. While the baby is still loading, delete the parents..

From: Logalemon

Here is a list you should know about The Sims FreePlay: 1) This game is ALMOST like real life 2) After completing two and a half sims quest, never sell you crib(s)! It's a huge money saver! 3) Always try to send your sims to work everyday 4) The higher level you are, the more easier it is to earn money 5) Sims who are advanced in their current job ..

From: Mystery~

This is my best way of earning money. I love this way so much because it isn't a cheat to cause glitches. First grab as many sims as possible and make them grow watermelons. Make sure you do this everyday. Don't forget to send your sims to work. Growing Watermelons takes an hour. When one hour passes collect all the watermelons and make them plant ..

From: Mystery~

Hopefully, the tips below will help you on Sims Freeplay. When you need another Sim, but you can't afford another house, you could get two sims, each with their own house, to move in together. Then you have a spare house waiting for a new sim. If you have sims that are currently not doing anything have them plant carrots, corn, etc. for a little ex..

From: Katieeeeee

This is what I have done: Put all the furniture you want to keep in inventory. Decide on which house is your biggest. Call all your sims there. Renovate the house so all the furniture is inside (mine takes up two thirds of the lot so they can have room for a garden) from now on, this is your sims unofficial home. Go to all the other lots and sell a..

From: Hope it helps

Little did you might know, you can actually age a sim up for free! Here is how! First you must complete the Life Dreams And Legacies quest at level 26 or above. So if you are below level 26, you cannot do this trick. After the quest is complete, you have unlocked auto aging and personalities. Babies For babies only, give the baby you want to age a ..

From: Box~

After you've unlocked the mysterious island you'll be able to get the riches of terra thing. ALWAYS upgrade when possible, its a great way to get more coins and XP...

From: Ezangel11

THINGS REQUIRED: - Loads of cribs (depending on the amount of children you want) - A married couple with less than 2 kids - The cooking hobby unlocked - More than one house First, place all the cribs in a horizontal line with no gaps in between. Add a baby. You can change the features. Then, go to another house and cook cheese and tomato on toast. ..

From: Guest

It doesn't matter how many social points you have, go into the children's store and buy a bunch of the high hairs that cost 10 social points. They add more points to the part that says, "Your town is worth..." And when you get to certain numbers of points it gives you 2 or 3 lifestyle points. It depends. I used to get 2 lp's but now I get..

From: Person

To get more Simoleons try to get 6+ sims inspired and then make all of them garden carrots or corn. They could earn you up to 10 simoleons more!..

From: Qveen

All of us need money to make your home beautiful. All you need to do is just when you had finished the quest 'Two and a half sims' you will unlock the highchairs which is 10 SP. You can click the object continuously and then buy it. After that sell those highchairs which is gonna be 500 simoleons and you can get extra cask from that...

From: Ally

1. Build the Neo Tokyo house, but at my opinion, Japanese house is better because it is cheaper then Neo Tokyo and also give lot of Simoleons. 2. Wait the house to complete, then sell everything in it,even decorations and wall. 3. Repeat this until you've get amount of money you want like 9,999,999 Simoleons. 4. Use the money to buy lot of Giant Gl..

From: Icy Curse


Hi I just figured out a cheat do not do any more updates on sims after social because then you can not use the cheat Go to date and settings make sure your automatic time setting is off change your date a very low year like 1969 or someThing like that change a random time Double click the menu button find the sims freeplay click it There you go I b..

From: Thebest

Get all your sims to plant beans. Go to the settings menu. Double click the home button and get rid of the sims app. Change the date and time to something 2013. Go back to the app and all your sims will be inspired, the plants will be finished, and an extra 10,000 simoleons...

From: Ipod

First go to sims freeplay, then don't do anything then double click home button go to settings make airplane button on go to date and time make set auto on make the year one year backward the double click go to sims freeplay and you will see there cannot connect to server bla bla bla then go to settings make the airplane button off and make make se..

From: rojan121

Ok first Plant something like beans. Then close out of sims free play and double-click the home button and hold down the sims icon till it jiggles. Then push the minus button then go to Settings, General, and Date and time. say no to set automatically set it a year ahead aka 2013 (WARNING your party boat will be screwed up until you change it back)..

From: Jbh099

Get unlimited money become a millionaire just like moii. First you need all of your sims at one home.You need to buy the same amount of garden pacthes as sims. You may think it doesn't work but it does. Then you need to make everybody plant some beans. Then you need to click the home button then double click the home button then delate the sims. Go..

From: Podsipod

Open up your Sims Freeplay app then make sure all of your sims AREN'T doing anything Go to your Settings and then go to General then go to Date and Time and turn of your Automatic Settings then set your month to a month BEFORE. Turn off Wi Fi in your Settings. Go back to your Sims Freeplay app and it should you need Wi Fi for the app then exit out ..

From: Tatisawesome

Go to your The Sims: Free Play app on your Apple device Hit the home button and go to Settings > General > Date & Time Switch your Automatic setting to off Change the year to 2000 Hit the home button to return to your main screen Double tap the home button to get to the bottom bar Hold The Sims: Free Play and then click the red minus Retu..

From: Game_Admin

I had trouble using the same money cheat where you change the date ahead one month, day and year. For some reason it won't let me go into 2014, but I found the same results (after trial and error) if you change the date to December 31, 2013. Plants grow, buildings mature etc. Thought I would share, I haven't seen a cheat put here yet for the update..

From: babymama23

Go to sims and make them all plant beans Go to settings and change date 1day 1month and 1year forward Go back to sims and collect your money Turn date and time back to current REPEAT Ps:this can work for speeding things up aswell but make your sims hibernate but before you turn the date to something else focus on the thing you want to speed up..

From: Fluffy

First, let Orsis dance. Then, while he's dancing, tap the home home store icon then go back out...

From: Sims Player

When woohooing two sims, press the three little dots (pause menu). click the second thing down on the left side. from here you should be able to change the language. change the language to french. the game will reload. then go back and do the same thing, but change the language back to english. then, return to your game. the pixels are gone...

From: CFC1025

So when you try to plant the LP Lotus it costs $0.99 right? We'll, I'm going to help you get it for free! First you change the language to French (be careful not to press Restart). Then press Oui, which means yes. Then change the language back to English and press yes. Then keep pressing the plant till the LP Lotus pops up & instead of $0.99 be..

From: SnipeYouDown

Buy about 6 seed packets from the supermarket. They can be any kind. When you're ready to plant make your sim walk very far away. Then you click on the garden patch and click on the seeds you bought. It will say free x6 if you bought 6 seed packets. Then quickly go to the town map before the sim reaches the gardening patch and go to another sims ho..

From: Just Games

1. Build the Japanese Retreat house 2. Sell everything in and outside the house one by one 3. Sell all the doors and windows 4. Sell the rooms themselves 5. Demolish the lot and repeat steps as needed The Japanese Retreat costs 9,000 but by the time you've sold everything, you've made a profit of about 70,000..

From: Calico Kat

This is a new time glitch as of July, 2015! As far as I know it only works for iOS devices. Step 1: Open Sims FreePlay app, and have your Sims doing an activity/task. (For money, gardening would be good). Step 2: Open Settings, go to General, Time & Date, and make sure Set Automatically is on. After checking, go back into the Sims FreePlay app...

From: KittyCat36

In order to do this glitch you need to complete the Peaceful Patios quest. You will need to build some patios so you need enough simoleons. After completing the Peaceful Patios quest to go to a house lot. Build a 3 by 2 patio and put a railing around it. Four squares away build a 1 by 2 patio with no railing. Place the most expensive outdoor furnit..

From: Box~

The first thing you do is to go to your device's settings, then click "General," and then click "Date & Time." Switch off the automatic time and scroll back months from today's date - it'll be more easier if you scroll back a year though to make sure you get your rewards. Then, you click on the app and have all of your Adult..

From: AMitchell

After you do the Simoleon Sprout, go to your time settings (in the device you're using) and will 4 hours. You can also do this with quests, but be careful because if you do it too much and you have an offer you may end it. Also to get beck your normal time just close the game and make the time right. I hope I helped...

From: Happyface

With 0 SP in your possession, open the store that sells items for kids. Access the Infants section. Choose the white highchair and buy it. Even though you don't have any funds, you can make the purchase. Continue purchasing it as often as you like, then sell the chair for easy profit...

From: Strikebluster

*Requires completion of the Multi Story Renovations Quest first* The stairs glitch is a glitch that can complete almost any action instantly without using LPs or your sims' life meters. The best part is: you get to keep the rewards! Any currency or XP that action would give you will still get, only instantly (hobbies included)! Here's how it works:..

From: Lemur

When you are on level eight or over you will unlock the birthday cakes but they are five LPs and you didn't have any all you need to do is have a sim bake a cake but after it will say you are low on LPs all you need to do is double tap the home button and slide the sims free play up then go back on the sims and you will hear a sound that goes boom ..

From: Chocolate

Do you have zero LP? Did you buy a puppy or kitty from the pet store instead of an adult one because adult animals cost LP? If you want an adult pet follow these steps: 1. Buy a puppy or kitty from the store. 2. Press the stove, press baking and find the Pet biscuit. 3. A pop up will appear saying you need 15 LP to bake. 4. Immediately Press your h..

From: Sims Boss

If you have had trouble getting your sims engaged because you bought the cheapest ring and your sim didn't like the ring then this is for you. If you have zero LP(life points) and you can't afford the most valuable ring then follow these steps. 1. Have a sim selected then click their almost-to-be significant other and click propose marriage. 2. The..

From: Sims Boss
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