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This page contains Cheats for Minecraft: Pocket Edition organized by sections for iPhone - iPad. This game has "Adventure First-Person" as genre, made by Mojang Ab, released on Nov 17, 2011. If you can't find a hint or secret in our list, then please check this page periodically for the latest updates.

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Boxshot & Details
Minecraft: Pocket Edition
  • Developer: Mojang Ab
  • Publisher: Mojang Ab
  • Genre: Adventure First-Person
  • Release: Nov 17, 2011
  • ESRB: Not Set


To make torches you need to go to the side of mountains and find grey blocks with black spots the you go to the crafting table and make sticks then you can make torches...

From: Kit kat

Firstly you must have: - iexplorer - a computer - a connection cord and MCPE (obviously) Ok so go on explorer and click on apps. Find MCPE, click MCPE and keep going on documents-games-mojang-minecraftworlds. When you click on MC worlds it will display your worlds,right click on one a few times and a typing bar should appear. Then just enter your n..

From: AandE

Ok. so you can't find any diamonds. After you've been mining for hours and hours you can't even find coal or iron. Well i suggest digging all the way to bedrock and then pillaring ten blocks up. Then Make your ceiling 6 blocks high. Since diamonds are found at this level, make this your diamond mine...

From: nikin1

Turn off 'Visual Effects' within the 'Options' in the event that your system is struggling you're going to get a performance boost...

From: AustralianAngel

In water you are able to go swimming and it contains no existence life form and in addition it prevent you from burning and could make you drown. Lava will hurt you, burn you and when your items touch lava it'll disappear. Warning: Lava is harmful and can destroy your things...

From: rocknrollkid767

Well we all know how to get wood, Right? But we need wool too to get wool u have to get 3-4 sheep, So sadly u have to kill them and get the wool. Then go to... And go to craft and get a crafting table. Once u have bought the table place it and click on it and chose the top one bed. (U can sleep on it and night time)..

From: Brie

Enter "mojang" in the seed code and it will spawn you in a grassland with coals near your spawn and a nice big dessert for big houses and if you search around the world in creative, you'll find a skyblock but a little bit bigger and with a pillar below it. But there is one very big problem to all of you, there is rarely a diamond or gold ..

From: Mineraft PE

(NOTE: In order to change your skin you must have a comuter with internet access. As of v0.6.0, it was annuonced that 6.x/7.0 would allow you to change your skin.) First google iexplorer and download it. Next go to or another skin provider and download a skin. Rename the skin to char (short for character.) Open iExplorer and fin..

From: bluephantom

First of all choose a place away from your house and flatten a 3x3 area. Place a small + of cobblestone and in the corners gold blocks. (before smelting ores duplicate to 11.) on the next row on top the gold is cobblestone and the very center is the nether reactor. On the top repeat the base but without gold. Before activating prep by emptying all ..

From: bluephantom

These two seeds are rich in ores. Seed 1: 'hunter' has a few majestic moutains and almst every hole you dig, you're certain to find something. The downside to this seed is there is no dessert biome meaning in order to get cacti, you must use the nether reacter. Seed 2: 'jpgaming' has 8 diamonds right under spawn. I have not tried the seed but I thi..

From: bluephantom

So u want to know how to make a base under a tree? Nice. You came to the right place! Find a tree with a good reasonable place you can remember (u can remember better if the tree is near the spawn.) Delete the two bottom blocks of the tree trunk and go under the remains of the trunk and dig down as deep as u want. Begin to make your room or chamber..

From: Epicdude84

Ever felt like taking a late night walk? You can't, it's too dangerous! BUT building a wall (stone brick for looks) 2 blocks thick seals an area. After that, carve a 2 by 2 hole in the wall for a door. Now build your town/haven. Add fence to mark property lines. To prevent spawing on the wall, add a glowstone layer and a lip to stop spiders. Place ..

From: bluephantom

If you stack fence 4 blocks high with a fence overhang you will have a lampost. Add glowstone under the overhang. You're done!..

From: bluephantom

This may be common on you guys already. but what I do to duplicate is build a stair like tower. You will need to build it big enough. at the end you need to fall down and die just like that. after you spawn grab the items and walk 50 or more blocks away from were you died. Get out of the app. double tap then tap the app this will appear - . Click i..

From: minegamer

One of the best ways to collect resources such as cacti, sugarcane, and mushrooms are to go to the Nether Spire. The Spire itself is made entirely out of Netherrack, which is quick to mine with an iron or diamond pick axe. The spire is 7x17x17 blocks. Building the Reactor: The only way to create the Spire is to successfully manufacture and assemble..

From: MuffinLove<3

Ok if your having trouble finding sugar cane it normally grows near water in sand thanks..

From: Minecraft 101

Ok say if your lost u have 2 ways out killing your self or wandering around trying to find your house which normally get u even more lost my suggestion is u should have made a trail of torches on ground because u can see them at night...

From: Minecraft 101

U take some TNT and make the biggest whole in a mountain it has to be really dark because they spawn in the darkest place in your world...

From: Minecraft 101

The seed is 0.4.0 this will give u 2 gold some iron and 5 diamond...

From: Minecraft 101

Place your redstone block next to a floating water (you should check out 'how to get imcpedit', if you click it, the water will slowly float down...

From: Toiletbabe

Advantage: You get materals like coal, iron, diamond, gold, and lapis lazuli.. You don't waste materials; you get more. Your hidden from players. Safer travel. Disadvantages: Mosters might spawn if its not well lit. Water is hard to get. No sun means you must have a TON of torches/glowstone. Your house doesn't look very good. Wood is hard to get (u..

From: flamethrower

In seed code type 3314400 ,in that world go forward to 1 block high hill go right & you'll see holes that are 1 block deep & 1 hole has 1 iron ore...

From: iron on surface

So start by getting a chest and whatever you want to duplicate (blocks or items). Then place your <empty> chest and put your block or item in the chest. Close out of the chest and wait 3 seconds. Open the chest again and take out the stuff. Walk around or stay still (doesn't matter) for 15 seconds (if it doesn't work then wait 25 sec or longe..

From: Stephdaboss

Type in the seed box: nyan The seed nyan has extreme mountains and over hangs and the highest point is only a few blocks off the max height. There is lots of lava, water and ores. Note: There are a lot of dark places for mobs to spawn on survival! Good luck!..

From: TGleds27

These are some good diagrams for defenses: Wall: c=coblestone o=obsidion coc coc coc The coblestone allows for better deceration and the obsidion for explosion defense. If you have no obsidion, you can use water. C=cacts b=blank spot C b C b C b C b C C b C b C b C Mobs that touch it will die. On top of wall, put a cobblestone block to stop spiders..

From: flamethrower

Never kill sheep. Just shear them. They grow back their wool again once they eat some grass. This works with colored sheep. You know how to die a sheep, right? You get the color dye you want and hold down in the preferred sheep...

From: Some Guy

In order to spawn herobrine on MCPE 7.0 or better you have to make a 5 by 5 pyramid made out of diamond blocks. Then you have to place a torch in every corner on every layer and on the top of the pyramid.After this,surround the bottom layer with nether rack and use flint and steal to set it on fire.Then surround the nether rack with obsidian. After..

From: Squirrelface48

In creative mode, float up in the air and shoot an arrow down then make shore that u have bonemeal in your inventory, thence quickly tap the bonemeal then it should be an inc sac! If you quit the game then go on that world, it will be bonemeal again. BTW you can dye sheep with it...

From: DJ-PON3

Here are alot of seeds for you guys! PE Seeds With Diamonds / Gold jpgaming (dig straight down) 0.4.0 (dig straight down) rainbowdash sorry FORPARTY ROCKIN PE Seeds With Lava Android nyan shit Notch Intrepid PE Seeds With Sugar Canes / Farming lego (to the west of spawn) Potato Lololo Cane 64 PE Seeds With Waterfalls Stockholm racecardriver skybloc..

From: CheatsKing19

Ever wondered if you can catch things on fire in creative, PE? Well, you can. This is how to obtain burning Netherrack: You'll need: - Land without trees - These in your hot bar: Dirt, Sapling, Netherrack, Bone Meal, Bucket of Lava - An empty bucket in your inventory Do This: 1) Place the dirt block in a empty space 2) Put a sapling on the top of i..

From: ...

Get lava and wool put lava on wool break it with a iron shovel leave game wait 5 seconds go back on game and bam! Diamond block...

From: Chris

Type in steve in the seed code then you'll spawn on a island one of the islands has a lot of trees and you can use them to make an obstacle course and there's an open spot to make another obstacle course in that seed I have 4 obstacle courses but the 4th one in under construction it's gonna lead to the void. ps I'm doing it in survival mode...

From: Iron on surface

What you do is that you make a 3x4x(how Long you want the train to be) then place fences on the middle block then fly on the fences...

From: Sir steve

Build a plus out of glass in the air dig out middle put one block on bottom fill with chickens mine bottom block chikens will go 2 ground and blow up...

From: MinecraftPEhelp

What you want to is place a door anywhere. Then place any block on top of it. Keep placing blocks on top of each other until you think you've don enough. You will now need to build a 3 by 3 platform on top. Once finished constructing go to your door at the bottom and close it on yourself. Then exit the game and go back into your world and you'll be..

From: MinecraftMatt

A great seed for mine craft pocket edition. Tons of lava falls, waterfalls and archways. There are huge mountains and a mini island. I had my house on the island and rarely monsters come on to it...

From: Izzy2424

Place 6 gold blocks down, none in the middle, it should make a square. Next, put torches ontop of the gold blocks. Put on sign in the front of it, saying Hero Bryne's Home. Put Oak Planks around the gold blocks, then yellow again. There you have it, you made a Hero Bryne Trap!..

From: Trap!

Hello Guys on this quick tip i will tell you a seed that has a small ravine on it. The seed is called bAsketgoal. To check if you have the right seed, you will spawn on a mountain. I hope this tip helped you...

From: CheatsKing19

Creepers r one of the most dangerous yet useful parts of minecraft. Creepers r the only way to get gunpowder so the best way to deal with them is to first, get ones attention. Once it notices u back away then light a fire directly in their path. Then just back away until they burn to death. Most of the time they will drop at least on gun powder...

From: gamecritic

Herobrine Nyan Sky city walk BBB Infinity Raygun Time ( flat land seed ) Broarmy 0.4.0 And My favourite seed.... theelderscrolls "I think this seed is amazing!"..

From: Cheatsking19

You can only do 2 things with charcoal 1# make torches 2# and to use as fuel in a furnace. To collect it you just collect any type of wood when you collect it DON'T turn it into wood planks you go and put the wood in a furnace to cook then It should cook into Charcoal. Hope this helped!..

From: CheatKingGaming

If you want an awesome seed with hills to hollow out or blow up and ditches to turn into lakes, this is the seed for you! This is for mcpe! Go to minecraft and start a new world with the seed topofthemorning. Hope you like it!..

From: Someone

Make a tall, wide and closed tower with a door and a light source('s) only at the bottom Make 2 closed dark rooms at the top of the tower with no light sources (make the rooms bigger than the tower) For floor 1 make a 3x3 hole in the middle of the room with signs in front of the hole with water streams that covers the entire bottom of every wall (w..

From: Gilly567

I apologies for the few year delay for this post. As some of you may have seen before in part 1, I promised I would submit more defenses for you to try when I got 10 likes. Now I am at over 60!!! Here are some more: Creating the "Deadfall Pit" 1. Create a 4 deep hole in a chess board fasion. At the bottom put either flaming Netherak or sa..

From: Flamethrower

Have you ever wondered how to seek hidden mines or whatever in other peoples worlds? Think not! Simply go to the edge of the world. Jump. Place block under you. Repeat until the game won't let you go further. Face the edge of the world. Walk. You are on top of the edge! You can walk around, and do whatever. No one can see you! and while you look at..

From: EvaNeedsToKnow

1. Enderman sounds are people saying "Hi", "Hello", and "What's up?" backwords and mixed up? 2. Chicken eggs have a 1 in 1,027 of producing 4 chickens when broken? 3. Slimes spawn best (in swamps) when there is a full moon? 4. There is a 0.5% fo spawning a pink sheep in your world? 5. Enderman spawn best if there is a ..

From: Flamethrower

Put 'infinity' as your seed if you so you will spawn on a tree. walk on the hill. see the stone 3 by three thing dig all the way untill you see a cave.go in it there is gold,emrald,redstone,iron and coal, get the iron and mine it then cook it with the coal and go back to where you came for and dig down untill you see diamonds!:3..

From: Sallyjes03

So type in AcE in the seed slot and u spawn SO CLOSE to an island village the castle is like any other but I think is u dig straight down from the spawning point there is a cave/dungeon and when u go to the top of the castle u can see a HUGE mountain(sky mountain)and it is rlly close!just go to it and u also see A HUGE CAVE it isn't long but there ..

From: Darkstripe

Don't try this on a world you really like. I would suggest making a random world and trying this, then delete the world. So to do this you need at least 68 blocks of any type. Go to the edge of the world and build a tower until you get to the top of the world. Walk toward the edge of the world. You will find that you can go through. Keep walking fo..

From: Sully

Go to creative mode and go to the corner of the game. build blocks up as high as you can then walk out of the boarters of the game...

From: Ima123

If you hate zombies or anything around your house when you want to go to sleep well then this is your cheat place your bed in you house then put I tourch on the ground right by the bed and one on the wall by the bed if you bed isnt by a wall put two torches at the sides where the pillow is then you will go to sleep...

From: Magnagarurumon1

Run forward, slide your finger to the jump button and then back up to the forward button (without letting go of the screen)..

From: Makemap

Hi, basically if you want a world that is all water the closest I have ever found and the closest I think there is is the seed 'flatland' and pretty much all the whole world is water there is some land and i think there is a cave but I'm not sure. so please like this if it helps...

From: Rodos

Easter Eggs

First, make a tower of cacti as high as you can go. Then place a non transparent block ( this may work with transparent blocks but I haven't tried) next to the base of the cactus tower and it will look like cactus is raining! You can also try several cactus towers at once. P.S. It is best to do this on creative (obviously)...

From: Anonymous

Get out a bow and bonemeal in creative charge the bow fully and let go but quickly change to the bone mea and it takes a few tries and only works in creative...

From: Mcpe

You might be familiar with this but... HOW TO GET INC SACS IN MCPE: 1. get a bow and bone meal 2. shoot the bow 3. right after you shoot the bow,switch to bone meal Now, the bone meal will turn into an inc sac, the background will become red, you can only use it 4 times, after that, the bone meal and inc sac will disappear. ( can use it to co..

From: iron on surface

This has you grab a bow in creative then bone meal shoot at the Water and tap the bone meal quickly and then you have a inc sac it's useless but it's a Easter egg and it highlights red it's perfectly fine but it only works on creative only so yeah it's a great Easter egg well it's December 2 2013 cya later..

From: skyplays mc


For this you have to create a stone stair first, after this place one of your doors on the stair. If done correctly there will be 2 doors...

From: garrett

When you try to put a door at the top of a set of wooden stairs, it pops up with two doors. This means you can make one door and one set of wooden stairs and you can make as many doors as you want without using any wood besides the first door and the stairs...

From: Minecraft Ninja

When fighting creepers fight with pickaxe and right before final strike switch to axe and kill it and gives you unlimited everything...


First place something then click the home button the double click the home button hold on the minecraft box until it shakes then click the red minus button the go back into the game then your world and it doubled it. (P.S only works on iPad, iPod, and iPhone)..

From: Multiplier

First you but a block down anyone then you go off the game double click on the home button and hold down the minecraft app and it will start to shake then press the - button then go back on minecraft go on the same world and you will have one on the ground and one in your inventory some times it gives you more than one it give me 8 extra most of th..

From: Jack

Get a friend to join your world, then both of you have to go into the same chest and put the item in that you want duplicated. You both have to press on it at the same time, if it is like 2 of the thing then hold it at the same time, it doesn't always work but when it does u will both have the amount of the item, have fun!..

From: brosef

Ok so this is for the PE so you build a nether reactor make the first layer for the telaporter thing (3x3 grid, gold blocks at the corners fill in the 5 spaces left with cobble stone the place the nether reactor on top) get out of mincraft but don't exit to the main menu. Get back in minecraft and use our pic ax and collect it again. Lay it out at ..

From: Leapster

This might be common this might not be common, but let's start. You could also watch on video (mannygsyt) on my duplication trick. WITH CHEST: So first you get a block (the item has to be placeable) and then put it in an empty chest. After, you ALMOST break the block in front of it. Then get the block from the chest and place it anywhere near you. ..

From: Game_Admin

Obtain a large amount of ore blocks or other block of choice. Next, place all blocks of choice. Press home buton once, then twice more to open recenly used apps. Hold down on minecraft in recents, and tap the red - . Finaly, exit recents, and go back to minecraft, and check inventory. You should have all the items you placed. Then go to the place w..

From: cMace360

K so this works on anything as long as its a brick, my friend tyler i tried to do this with diamonds and he had 10 but he had them not in a brick and he lost them so have a brick. anyways through it on the ground, press ur home button then press it twice and itll bring up this thing at the bottom then hold ur finger on the minecraft pic till a litt..

From: me?

Make a nether portal on minecraft pe the activate it, when the glowing obsedien is there break through it to break the nether reactor and the building won't break and the glowing obsideon should stay the same so you could make the nether into a house!..


If you have only a little bit of gold or diamonds then you can make more! I will use gold as this example but anything that can be placed on land will work. If you have gold blocks or gold ore then skip this step. Otherwise, turn your gold ingots into gold ore. If you can't, mine some more, then try again. Quit to title to permanently save your inv..

From: Gofishes

Note-- this works with any full block (eg, dirt, gravel, diamond block, iron block etc) Get a valuable block, like diamond or gold/butter. Place it down Wait exactly 1.5 seconds Go out of minecraft using the home butten and shut down minecraft in the multitasking bar Go back into minecraft and repeat..

From: Zan

So all you have to do is have one of the blocks you want to have more of and ten put it outside of your door this only works on minecraft pe do the thing where you press your home button twice the things you've been on should pop up press minecraft for a couple of seconds there should be this red circle and -that should be in the middle press the r..

From: Minecraft455

You need to go to the seed "raygun", no spaces, then under spawn, you'll have 9 diamonds and some iron to collect the diamonds. Then after you get the 9 diamonds make it into a diamond block, and place it down (make sure its at a 5-6 block distance away from the one you're standing on). Next, go to your iPad or iPhone menu, then use your ..

From: AsLegion

Make a tower as high as you can go at the edge of the world. Jump off the edge of the world and you can walk on air. To return to the normal world walk into the world or quit the world and reload it!..

From: TGleds27

So if your haveing a hard time fighting monsters. First you connect to another person and trick them in to turning there phone or I pad get a monster. Before they turn it off then you get a monster then if they turn it off all of the monsters will freeze trust me i did it and it worked..

From: Look. Jacobs

E.g-get 9 diamonds and craft into a diamond block and so the same again Put on block in a chest and place the other next to it This will only work on apple software Go off the app and double click the home button Then close the minecraft bookmark Go back onto the game and then look in your inventory You will have two diamond blocks and one in the c..

From: A&C minecrafter

This is a cheat to have incibility 99+ items. Ok, First have someone join you. Then make them hold something(especially something like a diamand sword). Next tell them to leave. After that tell them to come back. Finally when they come back they will be holding 99+ of whatever you gave them. Only works in survival...

From: Mr.Guy

This glitch is good if you are doing skyblock on survival. The things you would need is: Lava bucket water bucket If you guys didn't know this that if you put lava next to water it will either turn into obsidian or cobblestone so the thing you need to make is a 3 block long hole and just 1 block deep. Put the lave on one of the sides and the water ..

From: CheatsKing19

You need 2 players and the item you want to duplicate. Put the item you want multiplied in a chest and get both players to look in it. At the same time tap the item and then you should have 1 each. Put the item back one at a time then you should have 2 repeat the process and then soon you will have lots of that item...

From: Chicken Warrior

This requires 2 people to do it: Give someone at least 1 of the thing you want and make sure they have it in there hands then attack with a sword then when the person can't take any more sword hits finish him/her off with your fists. Then, the person will drop 2 stacks of 64 and then 1 more stack of 8...

From: Iron on surface

First you place a valuable block to you that you want to duplicate. This will be the only thing for this in minecraft pocket edition. so don't do any thing else afterwards. This only works in flat place, so be carful. Next ya gotta go out of minecraft pocket edition and delete it from your task bar. Then you will go back in and tap on your world. Y..

From: Magma

So you have to have: 10-20 Blocks, 1 door. You place the door and all those blocks on top. Open the door and close it on yourself.Then close the app and double click the home button. Then, for iPhone 5 swipe up when you see minecraft. For iPhone 4 and under hold your finger on minecraft and make it all jiggly and then press the little red x. After ..

From: Ripjaw908

This Glitch is very easy to do and works on all Version's. The thing(s) you need are: A local Multiplayer Server. So all you have to do is make a 2nd player join then the host has to lock His/Her IPod / IPhone / IPad then wait about 5 Second's Then open up back into the game then it should say "your server has restarted" then the second p..

From: CheatsKing19

For this glitch, you will need 64 cobble stone. Your going to need enough fuel to burn all the 64 cobblestone, so when all of the cobblestones smelting just let it wait...when all of it is smelted into regular stone just keep that whole stack of stone in the furnace...the next thing you have to do is smelt one block of iron ore in the furnace while..

From: Dizz

I'm not completely sure how much of a glitch it is, but it sure is useful. First get on a survival world that you have, then find a chest that has something you want more of, I.e. diamonds, red stone etc. etc. Once you have done that either grab another friend who plays MCPE or just another device. Then join games. After that make sure both players..

From: Silent Tiger

If you have a bow in creative and have a block or spawn egg like broken stone hold the bow right after you shoot touch the spawn egg or water/lava buckets to transform them to a empty spawn egg or empty bucket and turn theblock into stone bricks but may take some tries. Try it with random stuff bone meal will turn into a ink sack...

From: legoboy4life

For this glitch you will need a bow and at least one arrow. First of all you will tap on the inventory box that has the bow on it, you will then use the bow and pull an arrow back ( do not let go of arrow yet ). Then you will slide your finger over while pulling back the bow, onto the arrow icon in those boxes. You will throw your arrows out and af..

From: jacetheace4

Step 1: Make sure you have nothing in your inventory. NOTHING! Step 2: Collect 2 of the same items. Examples: 2 seeds, 2 pieces of cobblestone, 2 pieces of iron, etc. Step 3: Make sure those two items are in the first box of your inventory, and ONLY! Step 4: Hold the empty box next to your two items. It should make a noise, like when you throw some..

From: Minecraft Cheat

This cheat requires minecraft pe 10.0 or 10.4 you must being in survival to do this. Choose any block you can place put all you items in a chest and grab the item you going to duplicate put it in the first slot and hold on it while holding move you finger to the second slot till it drops something. Doesn't throw more than one time till you pick it ..

From: Creeperminer

Torches, and glow stone are not the only things in mine craft that produce light. Now red stone ore does too. Just tap the red stone with a torch or vines quickly two times. It doesn't glow very bright, and it lasts for a few minutes, but it works...

From: Jagapup

First you place an item (anything hard to find) in your hot bar. Then you save the game and exit. When you log back in look in your hot bar. If followed correctly you should have twice as many items that you put in before. P.S this only works for survival...

From: Girlygirl160

Make a secret room under your house the fill it up with you epic stuff ect iorn, gold and diamonds the get a rail place it down the place a minecart on the rail then stand on the floor on top of your secret foom the hold down like you are getting in a minecart then you glitched in to a different room p.s. the room can only be 4 blocks between you a..

From: Foxygirl123

I say if you do this go on creative go to the side of the world were its blue (if night on survival black) you can eather place blocks or fly and go up high then go into the blue (or black) then you will hear your footsteps and you will be walking on the side of the world!..

From: XSmexxi

Duping 1 Put everything in chests except for what you want to dupe. Die by falling on the normal ground. Respawn Pick up your item Walk far away from where you died Go to home and double click home button(this will show the games you played) Hold on to minecraft till it shakes. Hit the - symbol Go back to your game Go back to where you died and the..

From: Primacron
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