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This page contains Cheats for Battleship Craft organized by sections for iPhone - iPad. This game has "Action" as genre, made by Phyzios, Inc., released on May 29, 2012. If you can't find a hint or secret in our list, then please check this page periodically for the latest updates.

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Battleship Craft
  • Developer: Phyzios, Inc.
  • Publisher: Phyzios, Inc.
  • Genre: Action
  • Release: May 29, 2012
  • ESRB: Not Set


Enter Jmsdf in the code section. Jmsdf stands for the Japanese Navy, this game has Japanese boats (like Mikasa)..

From: Stegs


Take a 200 mm armor skeleton that you by. Take of all the armor (armor only). Replace it with 600mm lightweight armor. Add five angled boilers. Get 160 knots!!!!!..

From: Minigun612

Make a fortress and delete every single weapon on all your other ships and put it on one big fortress. The reson why use a fortress is because it has more space and if you run out of space, you can easily add more blocks to make space. When you battle, you cant use all your ships at the same time. But if you combine all your ships power, that'll be..

From: Kyle

When your battling a fortress, the easiest way to win is to use a really fast ship. You can drive fast towards the fortress, while dodging the bullets, then ram it. Your ship will fly in the air and it will land on top of your enemy fortress. Then you can shoot down on the fortress and win!..

From: Kyle

What you need to do is that you need to take out the bottom of the ship and keep the outer part and make a gap at the front and still keep the cover that's the way to make your ship lighter and faster...

From: Gamerboy

First step you Need a ship that has got over 200 MW then you Need to get 35000$ then Buy a fortress aquarius you can easy get 35000$ by doing Duel 6 or Duel 4 if you already got a fortress aquarius then keep farming money with it by doing Duels then you can Buy all what you want. I Hope this will help you..

From: jeantheroker

I, lsudude410 have a lvl 4 ship with no lag, I choose battle, all that stuff, 100% automatically, how you may ask? Well, I built the ship yadda yadda yadda, then I built a small ship, reg. Skelton with some guns and an angled boiler, lag free, name: lag destroyer, I think it must be this... Anyways, I then battle with my main ship, absolutely no la..

From: lsudude410

Buy Skelton with 200mm armor and ad 4 angled boilers. Challenge Aries and ram the ship. If done correctly you can use the opponent as a ramp, damaging your opponent at the risk of sinking...

From: War master

Put a lot of armor at the front and sides and dont forget at the back or you will sink get a few large or angled boilers test your ship and see if it works because it has to be fast for this to work and then while you attack you just keep avoid there shot but still keep getting closer so now when youget really close chase after until you ram into i..

From: Guest

First you need to get a 400mm or 600mm ship or bigger. then put on angle boilers and large boilers on it. put 4 blocks on the front and back left and right side of the boat make sure that they are even on both sides or it wont work. put the 4 large boilers on the front and back platforms you made. the line up the angle boilers in the middle of the ..

From: player467

I will share the secret of a succesful ship. It is about grinding, grind a lot on drills and you can get to have an unsinkable fortress. Try out some designs you made and see which is the best. Make sure it has some armor! now get all your guns and stuff and put it on your ship. Grind duels 1-4 and get enough money for a 30.5cm gun. Now grind 5-6 a..

From: Teodor90

1.) You will need about 500,000 for a medium- large sub with 6 torpedo tubes 2.) You will need about 800,000 for a large sub with 10 torpedo tubes 3.) You will need about 1.2 million for a large sub with 14 torpedo tubes. 4.) You will need about 300,000 for a small-medium size sub with 4 torpedo tubes. 5.) add 50,000-150,000 to these prices if you ..

From: Fifth Reich

Put something where u want it delete the item thats holding it then once it says the item is not connected to the hull exit the app go on something like safari then go back to the app the check your creation there is a gap now you can make a floating plane plus check s.s buns v2.3 with floating jet if u verse me you'll see a floating jet...

From: Someone

Make a huge fortress using only lightweight armor. The size needed to reach 1000 armor depends on which lightweight armor u use. I used 400 light armor. After put weapons. After every weapon added check stats. Keep armor above 900. I recommend 30.5cm gun. It's cheap and powerful when there's a lot of them. Paint it all black.if u hav the newest upd..

From: Battleship cop

Buy skeleton with 200mm armor , take off all the armor so its just the red under layer left, add 5 angled boilers, get 194.4 knots...

From: icemr2turbo

Its really easy. i now can go 220mph like a boss. u need 4 angled boilers a 200mm skelly and everything else is free. note goes very fast, first get it and make it a little bit wider. then put the angled boilers 2 by 2. add some guns or put on a cone and use as a battering ram. added tons of guns and doesn't sink. watch out world and have fun with ..

From: need4speed

First buy skelaton erase the first two decks of the ship besides the very last five blocks covering the props and the rudder so no water gets inside the boats next take propellers and put them all over the hull and sides and make sure up side down then take 4 heavy ballasts and put in the front and 2 in the back. take and gun and put in the front o..


This is for not so pro players. When you battle online, press the power button of your phone. Wait for a few seconds and then you will be disconnected but your enemy's ship will still be there. Don't worry, they won't shoot you. One more hint: battle only ships that are the same level as yours. Good luck!!!..

From: Herr Battleship

Use your ship called my first battle ship and put two 1/2 hulls in front of the propellers and then do same right above..

From: Yh8awsome

All you need to do is you put 14 600mm lightweight armour together in a row, put a angled boiler In the Middle floor and cover it with the armour. Thanks for reading...

From: The noon

First, do a 5x14 layout. Then do a 3x6 layout on the back with 400 mm armor or 600 mm lightweight if you can afford. Do another layer of it. Then, dig out 10 blocks of the 2nd layer starting on the back in the middle. Now put a rudder at the VERY BACK!!! of the line. Now put a propeller (ONE ONLY) at the very end of the line, close to the front. Pu..

From: Battleshipcraft

First you have to buy the Yamato or the Shinano. Then Goto the front of it and press the emblem, press the put blocks bar then there will be nothing in the bar then exit out of the Shinano or Yamato. Goto your ship you want the emblem on, and then press the put blocks bar and then you can place your emblem!..

From: Benbenq99

Add a deck plank across the top of the boat, then hang from this two additional planks as ski's either side of the boat. Each ski should be added to make them both two planks in length. Finally add a couple more directly to the side of the boat. this will give you a stable craft in tight turns and 194.6kts...

From: TornadoWilkes

OK so when you first download the game, You have ''my first battleship''. Now do the secret codes and enter jmsdf in the slot. Now beat battleship aries. Then purchase a skeleton with armor{200mm}. For the crazy part you have to delete the Mikasa and your first ship. Now you have all the weaponry of the two ships { around 45k worth}. Remeber that 2..

From: Taka

This trick allows you to save space by putting boilers, guns, etc. on their side/upside down. First rotate a block(one that you can rotate 360 all ways) to same direction to the piece you want rotated, BUT DONT LET GO. Then go back to home(press the square on circle button) and go back to battleship craft. Then pick the thing you want (non-restrict..

From: Endyman

First you need 140,000 for two under water torpedo tubes and 1200 for a hull with 200mm armor. Next make holes in the ship down to the ballast and place the desired boiler ( you can't use a angled one) next take ballast and put it on the left and right of the hull until it can cover the boilers. Next take 400mm or 600mm lightweight armor and cover ..

From: Dabattleshipguy

Making all of money not in use is easy, just find the cheat code for Mikasa which is jmsdf and type it in on the codes, than you will get Mikasa, but that's not the magical part. Then destroy the Mikasa you got as in take all the parts that cost money off of it and delete it. Then close out of battleship craft and open it again and type in the code..

From: Mikasa cheat

Let's make a carrier!You will need about 1mil resources for this.the one i'm presenting today will be a 1.5 mil carrier.First buy the free use 3*2*1 400mm armor with the two block side in front to make the length of the make it wide to fit a large carrier boiler with wide side in make sure you have a 1 block space betw..

From: Teodor90

The way to do this is first to build a large, and I mean, large sub, longer and wider than the runway. After finishing constructing your sub, you can either put one runway on top of your sub or two runways, one on each side. Note: when placing runways, make sure your sub stays balanced otherwise it will tip over. After placing the runways, add at l..

From: S.S. Mingming

When you have a ship you may have 4 proppelers like skeleton with 600 mm armor (46cm guns can be mounted) but if you remove the 2 middle proppelers and add blocks going back then it should increase the speed by 30 knots like it done with my ship...

From: Mavricks

When you start your game you have a battleship called my first battleship so to help you type in JMSDF even though all of you know that but make sure to transfer all of your weapons to one ship then remove all decorations as they don't add anything good to your ship and may even make your ship worse the only thing it helps is looks that includes br..

From: Mavricks

First buy Miska OR type in jmsdf at the code. Delate the Miska, exit out, got to settings-international-langauge. Change your language to Japanese(it is right under English). Go to Battleship Craft go to code type jmsdf Delate it then go to customize go to weapons you should see that you have earned more than 3 30.5 cm gun+ and more than 5 12cm gun..

From: Ship

All Battleship Craft players shold've known the code "jmsdf" (without the quotes) that give's the Mikasa ship right? Now, I can show you how to get Mikasa again and again! First, close Battleship Craft from the multitask. Second, go to setting > Wi-Fi > then turn it off. Third, still in the setting > general > date and time &g..

From: Jason Logan

The long awaited part 2 is here! Now that you have a base lets start placing runways.3runways centerd should,behind the runway you should put carrier deck.i used armor,it works just as make sure the platform behind the runways is 1 block wider than the carrier decks that would be 4 wide while the runways would be only 3 w..

From: Teodor90

I found some evidence of a new weapon will probably be called a "phalanx cannon". in prototype.plist i found its data and i also took a look at the png file and it looks cool. cant wait to see what they do!..

From: Teodor90

Simply have two mk5 inch guns (or something like that). And a fast boat. Then when you get in range (also dodge it helps sometimes other times you can just go straight and you have no problems) tap, click or whatever at the top of, or just all over, capricornus' biggest gun in the front or so you are hitting the bridge behind it and you sink it in ..

From: Bob just cool

Once you have a couple 30.5cm + or 3-4 old 30.5cms (they take up less space than the regular one), you can farm duel lvl 7. Farm it until you have 50000 resource. BUY THE MK45 5IN GUN. It is 2nd longest range, fires straight, does high damage, has great rate of fire, and takes down aircraft really well...

From: Kmw99

As long as the floating block glitch has been patched fleets are no longer possible that way. But you can use rotated depth gages. you can find them under decorations. Now go to your ship, and add a depth gauge. It will be a few blocks tall. Now select move tool and press on any part of the gauge. Now press the abb block button and start adding dep..

From: Teodor90

If you have bought a new sub and think its just not good enough think again. SHOT PLACEMENT Shot placement on the enemy is very important if you cant take it down in one hit. A hit as close to the boilers as possible will make the ship at least 50% extra hit to the props can decrease the speed further by about 10 knots.from now on the shi..

From: Teodor90

Just a few submarine tips: Keep front/back and starboard/port always balanced More propellers doesn t mean more power Use angled or aircraft carrier boilers Make it "aqua-dynamic" for more speed Try giving it slightly negative buyoncy Don't put useless surface guns if you don't come back up to the surface Tinker with your sub's pitch for ..

From: TheRobsterrr

Requires the following - Jailbroken device, or 2000 US dollar.. Patience: The 2*2*6 plate, look for how to get Yamato emblem tip. they use the same glitch. Start off building a massive skeleto ship using the 2by2by6 block, then dig a hollowed out part big enoegh to put 24 gas turbines. Then build a bridge taller the better to protect them. Place al..

From: Vice admiral DD

In order to make a fast sub, generally you have to sacrifice your props, which are your main sinking force but suck up your speed. However, if you get a density where your ship is barely afloat, then add fins at the front using half ballasts, with the slant like this:\. Then add half ballasts at the bottom of the back, just in front of the props wi..

From: Kmw99

Normally you would have the rudder at the back but if you put it at the front then the steering speed is improved a lot this is especially for larger ships that don't turn quickly, the only thing is that it is opposite steering meaning when you turn left you go right and if you turn right you go left but you will get used to it...

From: Mavricks

First you will need two iPads, iPods, or iPhones. (Doesn't need to be two of the same device.) Choose the one you want the money on. After that, the one that you don't want the money on, go on it, go to the app, and go to single player and build a new ship. Choose the template that is "Free Build". I recommend you use hulls for this in st..

From: Kamden Dulaney

When you purchase the Skelton 600mm armor 46cm gun, delete all large hull under it and replace it with 400mm armor lightweight large. It will increase toughness and keeps the Skelton floating...

From: Herobrine ronan

All you need to sink the capricornus is the mark 45 5 gun. In my opinion it is the best gun because it fire perfectly straight and is capable of severely wounded your opponent. Aim at the boilers first than the bow but the catch is that you need to be quick about it...

From: Can'tGetRight

First you have to arm your self with heavy duty long range guns. Then go to either night battle Lv1 or lv2 in the drills. Now when the mission starts zoom out and you will see the outline of the ships. They won't attack you if you don't move so shoot them down and earn the cash...

From: Mildew

Purchase a mark 45 gun and place it on a free skelton.then battle duel 9. aim for the right side to make the boat capsize...

From: herobrine ronan

So what you do is type the code "jmsdf" and then delete the Mikasa. Build a giant ship and cover it with armor then put the guns on top. Buy 4 angled boilers and put them in the back. When you are done, do the drill lvl 4, 7, 9 and the do the last aircraft carrier (If I were you, I would just keep doing lvl 7!) Soon you will be filthy ric..

From: Geomaster404

First make sure u have adequate space for weapons to create the ultimate carrier make something like for example Yamato battleship but use 3 -4 gas turbines and make it look stealthy like zumwalt destroyer also don't exceed the height of 40 meters u will be a dead duck also add fighter jets to escort torpedo and bombers make sure to put enough mk 4..

From: Lololol

First you either buy a ship or customize your own. Next you buy a FLOAT (hint:it costs about 100 pieces of gold). Add it to your ship. Now switch it backwards. Now you can make a plat form for planes or another battleship! Also you can put it on top too...

From: gamerlover

If you go into the prototype.plist and scroll down to the fighters (which are named by their names in the game) and then you go into that direct airplane and scroll down until you see special and then you change that to what ever number you want them to fire...

From: AJ Foe

What you do is buy 3+ rare metals, use one to buy a rare metal plane(you can use one if you already have one), and transfer all non rare metal weapons and the plane to one ship. The shape doesn't matter. Now go to the customize menu. Copy the ship for one rare metal. You don't have to pay resources. You can copy armor, boilers, decor, ect. Also...

From: HardCore colors

A simple list of what not to do, some may be basic, some more advanced. 1. No normal ballast or hulls, or decks (unless it's something special, like a hydrofoil). Hulls should be replaced with lightweight armor no matter what, decks the same, and normal ballast should either be replaced with 600mm armor, or lightweight armor, or removed. 2. Don't o..

From: Lagoe

Use the cheat to get the makasa then customize it. Place 47mms on the walls beside the masts.also put them in-between the 2 On each side that are already there. then put 3 small boilers in beetwen the 2 masts. Next put another 30.5 cm gun in front of the ones already there On each side.then put two twelve cm guns on the sides in between the two 30...

From: Like if like

First cover the propeller area with 200ml light weight armor then delete EVERY 1/6 & 5/6 hulls. You should get 194 knots. Thanks...


Well, you just downloaded the game. For the purpose of this guide, I won't be highlighting simple things such as controls. But rather how to quickly get a moderately competitive battleship very quickly. 1. The Very Start Okay, so first type in the Mikasa cheat. If you don't know how to use it, it should be pretty easy to find online. Delete "M..

From: Lagoe

Most ships have a weakness in duel. Aries weakness: None. Like other, if shoot when it's on sideways. He was his weakness on you. Taurus weakness: same as Aries. Gemi's Weakness: same as Aries. Cancer: same as aries. Leo weakness: same as aries, not really has a weakness. Virgo weakness:doesn't have one, although its pretty weak. Libra weakness: sa..

From: Benbenq99

Erase whatever you don't need from a free design. Make three lines of hull 6 units long. Make sure this (I will call it the upper deck) is down the length, not the width. Put a line of four hull in the middle of the front under the upper deck. Line the sides of the bottom of the upper deck with half hulls, put one in the front, put 1/6 hulls on eit..

From: Hardcore Colors

To start off with a ship that wrecks Havoc on everything that is made of matter you have to: Step 1 build the bottom with widths like 6 large 400mm 2by2s then keep putting those 2by2s till u have the width as 6 of them and length as 10 to 15 of them. Step 2 now that you have the center you can increase the width and length to up to 10 for width and..

From: Hunterkiller

First, buy free design on both idevices and delete everything except for 1 block. put a heavy ballast/ballast on there and delete the last remaining hull. now both do Ad hoc and both go the ship you just made. you should both sink and get 800 each..

From: MrMcBob

This, although sometimes noted as ineffective, I find very effective, escpecially in the island course. It is very simple. Start with a free design. Place a runway on top of it. Erase the eight hulls. Put two carrier decks(50m) or two 1x20 decks on one side, and put another runway on the side of that. fill the middle with your favorite aircraft sel..

From: Hardcore Colors

Starting the game is always difficult. But you can use this for help. First, touch the single play and touch the top right corner, there will be a code section. Type: jmsdf. Second, you will unlock a good ship, and now do drill and do some shooting to get stars. Stars give you better aiming. Then do duels. Third, keep getting money to make the ship..

From: Benbenq99

If you have a big very well armored ship and have a lot of MK45 guns air for the right side of the Yamato at the 30.5 guns. it will do a lot of damage. after a while it will turn where you can hit the right side and it will capsize. hope it helps...

From: irrattecater

Battleship Tactics Make the enemy is facing the side of you so you can release all your firepower. Shoot where the plane is gonna be,not where it is. If facing a sub, speed behind it trying to wait it out and when it surfaces,ram it or shoot it. Battlecruiser Tactics Remember that battlecruiser are fast,but have inferior armor to a battleship,so ci..


We all want a battleship that can tank really well, to do this use 2x2 400mm armour. Make your ship massive and only 2 blocks tall for the hull. Something about 150m long and 90m wide can tank really well. Next cover it with 46cm cannons if possible. 46cm cannons also help add toughness to your Ship. Now you have a tank with 4000+ Toughness. Depend..

From: SGTRegret

47mm & 76mm Naval Guns: Small, but cheap, and not all that powerful, can be usable in mass numbers in the early stages of the game, but their limited range is their largest downfall. 4.5" Naval Guns (12cm & 13cm): The former is very cheap, and not particularly powerful, but holds a unique niche in being extremely light and has a high v..

From: Lagoe

Well, this will be rather short, but here's what an unrealistic, VIP, legitimate ship's stats should be around or above. Battleship: - 2500 Toughness - 2500 Strength - 900 Armor - 75 Knots - 100 Stability Carrier: - 1750 Toughness - 35000 Strength - 650 Armor - 75 Knots - 84 Stability Fortress: - 2500 Toughness - 7500 Strength (AA Guns) - 975 Armor..

From: Lagoe

I like to make a last stand effort if I am losing; you probably like to as well. The 3 second last stand really lasts not much longer than that, but has earned me some extra "in death kills". The timing is key in this. It ONLY works if you are sinking bow first. It pretty simple, as long as you can get to 45knots or more fast. So you are ..

From: PACK

Can't spell it sorry but the trick is u go full speed at the ships and target in on the Scorpio to the left because all the fighters sent in the beginning will be just to the right of it. Wait until the Scorpio ship is about 15.2 away because the planes will be in range of a 45.5 and all u have to do is shoot the fighters down and send up ur planes..

From: LonleyRider

First, you must have the Yamato or whatever ship that has the 6x6x2 block. Then, you tap on that block, tap the "+" button, and then tap the hand button. Put the block where you want it and hold. Tap the home button while holding and wait for the music to stop. Now, lift your finger ang go back into the game. If the block has moved, move ..

From: Ship260

Just a quick rundown on defeating Yamato, this should be simple enough. 18.1" Naval Gun Aiming: As soon as you can, open fire, it doesn't really matter where you hit, so don't try too hard. However, once the gap is closed to about 11 or 12km, start aiming trying to hit the deck on your right of the first forward turret. This will quickly make ..

From: Lagoe

Make a small ship with 1 propellor and a small rudder and cover them on the sides. Then make it aquadinamic (arodinamic but for water) and add a Vulcan it becomes fast mine has a top speed of 63.7 knots and turns super fast. With the Vulcan it can take down the Capricorn as its agile and small. It can't survive close combat with small guns though o..

From: Grasshopper

First, you need a fast ship. Then, get some 600 mm. armor, and build a ram at the bow of the ship.Then, go to duels 1-6 (doesn't matter which one, as long as it is 1 or 6 or anywhere in between) then ram them at full speed, and they will sink, not right away, but it will sink. And this is a "tried and true" method...


Buy the 200mm and replace the hull with it no problem don't replace the 1/2 just normal hulls now 600mm armor (free ones) with the ballast u know the glitch they have same weight and lightweight 200mm armor has same weight as hull and deck replace deck with 600mm lightweight or lightweight 400mm Armor..

From: Amadis

The missile when used properly can become the most powerful weapon on your ship. activate on the right side of your control panel when in battle or in try run. then attack normally. you will fire a missile that has the force of about half of a torpedo tube b but the explosion radius is the real enemy. the radius (5) damages in a circle of 5 blocks ..

From: pownzor1

Have some rare metals and can't decide what planes to get for your aircraft carrier? Well my first choice is either the TBF avenger or the nakajima B5N. These planes have better range than any other plane and have superior damage (they Carry torpedoes). One plane may miss because the ships try to move out of the way but 2 or 3 will destroy any ship..

From: Dark_jesture

This works with the 300,000$ one, but I don't know about U-boat. All you have to do is take away 1/4 of the top, then make sure there is a 4x4 space, them add some more angled boilers, they will fit inside if you move them around. Add as many as will fit or as many as you want, then close it back up.Voila!..


Shoot the between boiler and the main gun. It will die fast..

From: Person

You want a high speed ship that doesn't flip over at the first turn, combined with killer weaponry? The answer is simple: build a trimaran! First build a hull with 'large hull'blocks 1 blocks wide, 2 high and 24 long. No angling, just a flat bottom. On the bow end extend the hull with 2x2 'underwater torpedo tube' and place blocks on top of them, m..

From: Duncan

If you take out the propellers on any ship and make them 4 blocks in from the back of your ship then cover up all the other sides it gives your ship an instant speed boost my skeleton without any boilers went up to 50 knots then capsized...

From: Anonymous

If you have a large ship like the Yamato or the USS Iowa, you'll notice that you're ship % limit is almost 100. If you still want to add more guns but is out of space you should delete useless items and decor. You can also try to hollow out the ship...

From: Troll face

First, to do this trick, you MUST have battleship craft (obviously), second type in jmsdf, next just build your ship to a level that your satisfied with, then, go to multiplayer battle, select Game Center, choose your game type and the amount of people, wait... now turn off your device and wait for 3 or 4 seconds, turn it back on, destroy the enemy..

From: Death's Rival

Take a Skelton with 200 mm armor, then you take out all the ballasts on the bottom of the ship and replace. Them with hulls. Then put four gas turbines on it, and tadahh you have a super fast ship. Remember that this ship does get shakey at full speed and is extremely hard to control. When it crashes into other ships it goes in the air and does car..

From: straightspearer

When you start, type jmsdf into the code in settings. It will unlock the mikasa. delete mikasa and use the 30.5+ guns on your first battleship (removing all decoration like masts) to complete drills 1-4 easily. remember to do shooting missions, as your accuracy will go up. start farming these levels, to earn money for better weapons, like the mk 45..

From: someone

First of all, this cheat was like the other one I did before, but the first one had a bit of mistakes in direction, so get battleship craft, type in jmsdf, DELETE MIKASA, level your ship to a desired grade, now go into multiplayer battle, wait UNTIL THE BATTLE STARTS, now turn off the device your using, wait for 2-4 seconds, turn your device back o..

From: Death's Rival

You have about 4 angled boilers and a long, sleek ship, but it only goes about 100 knots max? Well, I found out that, surprisingly enough, if you have some form of 600mm lightweight-armor Skelton or something similarly-designed, delete the 1/2 hull blocks which are rotated sideways (i.e. the triangular face pointing up). Your ship will look blocky ..

From: Helper

To this, simply remove all SCULPTED blocks that make up the main body of the ship aka the hull. You may also remove the rear sculpted, but this may actually decrease your speed. Another way is to remove the blocks right outside the little tunnel/ hole with the propeller in it and put 1/2 blocks in those same spots so it looks like: [][]|\H/|[][] H=..

From: TheExpert

Start by making a platform that is rectangular with pointed ends. get 600mm armour (free) and put on bottom. get 6 angled boilers and place on ship. get 30.5 cm guns and put on top near front. get two 30.5cm+ guns and put behind other guns. put 400mm light weight armour and place on ship. remove and hull to make the surface flat. place aircraft boi..

From: blazemaster

First build a Skelton take off the decks and replace it with hulls and make it bigger and add 4 30.5 cm guns+ and add 2 angled boilers it should complete duel level 9.P.S the top area make it be made with amor I prefer 200 mm lightweight amor...

From: Super cruiser!!

In Duel Lvl. 9, I have noticed that if you have two or more 30.5 cm guns, or a couple of 30.5 + cm guns, you can speed up until you are just in range of the ship, then fire off volleys at it until it sinks. It is too slow to get YOU in its range, or at least in my game it is...

From: Raze

Ok, this works for almost all designs and it's relatively cheap requiring an investment of $5000 or so. It's rather relative to the size of the ship. First you must find the waterline when still and full speed. This is normally 3-5 blocks. You then use floats (decoration) and stick them out 10 blocks in front of your boat starting at the idle water..

From: Scorperious

To avoid getting hit while charging an enemy, move your ship in a wave pattern. this won't work 100% since you do get hit but it does alleviate most of it. Imagine getting hit by twenty 46 inch cannons while getting destroyed by planes. This strategy works mainly for farther ranges and does not work well in extreme close range (1-3 km) or against p..

From: Sam

I know Lagoe has touched on this issue, and he/she does very good research, but I wanted to make this a little clearer. The easiest way to destroy the Yamato is to build a submarine. Tips: NEVER surface. You will be blown out of the water, or, in the game, into it. I tried this once, and I hadn't even gotten a gun clear before a large shot took me ..

From: Raze

Easter Eggs

To get colored bullets all you have to do is color your gun. let's say pink then your gun will shoot pink bullets...

From: mr.reed 25

When you go on islands if u look close enough u will see giant men with big guns it is awesome and if u shoot them they will fall...

From: mr.reed 25


If you guys playing this game want to improve your speed, you might want to cover the propeller with hull, armor or ballast. It will improve the speed rapidly, so good luck to you!..

From: Talk to me leh!

Get two i Devices iPod / iPad / iPhone. have one be updated more than the other (the one you want the stuff on) than put on all your best stuff on the ships than fight you will be disconnected but the one more updated will get both ships...

From: yoyosup

Hey all, ive managed to get the Emblem from the new yamato ship in the shop. I Havent yet found out how to send in hints, so here is how to do it: get jailbreaked, get ifile, go to the Battleship folder (file://localhost/var/mobile/Applications/CE7F3D40-1ECB-47A9-A374-84AE41F5D0B7/ is what it looks like in my device, you might have t..

From: Lifeless

Go to settings-general-international-language. Then change your language to Japanese (it's the first language that doesn't have letters in it that look like English letters). Click done, wait for it change your language then open battleship craft click on single player then click the little gear in the upper right hand corner-click code and type in..

From: Guppy109

This only works if you have a ship with a short range. what you do first is make the screen look up so you get a fish eye view of the ship then you'll see every ship in the area...

From: the general

You can place your torpedo tubes inside the hull of your sub, they should launch and appear above you. Also if the glitch was never fixed you can just simply put torpedos on the deck and they will launch underwater. 50/50 chance of working on your device...

From: Alderon13

First you can do it on any update . Now for the magic,first go to the game and then go out of the game and double click the square on your iPad, I pod ,I phone and then minus the game then you go to the game again go to secret code and write 100,000 money and kaaabooooom it comes. Here's a tip do it as much as you want and you can sometimes you can..

From: Moey d cool boy

Easy Money- All you need is to have two devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod). Have one of your devices be the one that you want all your money on. Make one of your devices the "Money Holder". Buy on that device the free design (Which costs 0) and your other device a heavy ballast (Which also costs 0). Have them verse each other in multiplayer Ad ..

From: Jake 3.1415

When in a Game Center battle, if your opponents look too hard to beat, just turn off your device (dont close the app!!) and turn it back on. Then, it will say " session disconnected" then it will tell you that the other players disconnected, when it was really you. They will not shoot you because they are disconnected, so you can move in ..

From: Trpphycollector

The floating block glitch rarely happens but if you can get it then you could Create more than one battleship at a time but to get the glitch easier then you can put a block that cost resources then paint some blocks then backspace and it will disappear but the next time or two you go into it the block will be floating...

From: Mavricks

On a night battle, zoom out slowly at a slightly upwards angle. If you do this correctly, you wil be able to see every ship in the battle. I know this is similar to the other night battle tip and I'm not trying to steal that person's thunder. Hope this helped!..

From: StrangeYeti

This MIGHT have already been posted. What you do is put 2 hulls beside each other, color them both BLACK press REDO. Press the back button is lower-left-hand corner, go back into customization, find the "missing hull" move it around, edit it. My ship has flying runways, and a flying 46 cm gun! Hope this helped :D..

From: lsudude410

While playing the night dual just stay put dont go or reverse a single move can let you get hit easily just stay and shoot its an easy WIN!!! but the money will only be between 800-1500...

From: battleship S-12

~MAKING~ Click Free Design, and locate the back of the ship. ~WIDTH~ Once located the back, make the width of the ship five hull blocks long. ~LENGTH~ After locating the back and making the width five blocks, make the length of the ship going forward 15 blocks (use hull blocks). Then, make the ship two hull blocks thick. ~THE BUTT OF THE SHIP~ At t..

From: Ozuaka

When you are in a multiplayer match press the off button then come back in the game the enemy will not shoot at you so it is easy to kill him..

From: Mr weed

Go to duel level nine and let the ship kill you then press retry you can snipe it from 13.2-5.0 kilometers with out it attacking. Will not work with other drills so don't try this on yamato. PS: Capricornus II's torpedos and short range weapons still work so don't get close stay at bay in case the glitch didn't work. Thanks for reading bye...

From: Budder

Get a Yamato. Tap on its emblem, and click the block adding button below. Tap where you want to have it placed. TAP AND HOLD. When the " Cannot add any more parts " box appears, press the home button and go back in the game. It might kick you out, if that happens, just go back in again. It can be extremely buggy...sometimes...

From: Anon

This should work if you have ifile. You type in jet plane version 1.5 and open up the credit page at bottom of video (YouTube) and click bottom link. Then hit download when it appears. You should get new drills. Supposedly custom made ships. Also helicopters and jets. Plus modern bridges, illuminator radar, rail guns, an arleigh burke class mast, a..

From: Nonexistent

I found out how to get unlimited of a certain part or weapon. But first, you need at LEAST 1 of that item, and room on your ship for two of the item(s). First, place the item on your ship. Then, delete the item. After that, use the paint bucket and paint ONLY 2 blocks at the same time; IN A SINGLE SWIPE! Then hit the undo, and the parts you colored..

From: RottRouke

In order to do this, you need: the item you want to float; and a block you can put the item on. To start off, place the block you can put the item on. Next place the item you want to float. Then get any color and color them both, BUT IN ONE SWIPE, OTHERWISE IT WILL NOT WORK. Then press the redo button. The block you wanted to float should disappear..

From: TheExpert

This is somewhat useless, but it can be fun to look at. First, go build a free design template. Delete all the blocks except for one. Hold down on the block as if are deleting it, BUT DON'T RELEASE. While holding down, exit out of battleship craft and reenter. The app should crash/ glitch out. Go back in the app once more, and you should see nothin..

From: TheExpert

The previous way to make a floating block was patched. I found a new way to do it. It also works with parts you can't add but can select (Yamato armored hull, the Yamato ensign) Delete the part that connects to the part you need to be separated then when the error message shows up hold BOTH the power/lock button and the home button Your device will..

From: Guest
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Not a question, The game is kinda back on the app store!

I posted this in "questions" that way people who see this can share their thoughts about this. Anyways, the game is back on the app store, renamed "Warship Craft". It's by a different company, but the...

From: LSUDude410
Posted on: 05-04-2015
Imposible aircraft carrier?

So i was playing with my friend and i noticed that he had a pretty small aircraft carrier but when the battle started he launched like 50 planes at me and i thought how did he get so much coins and wh...

From: Dark knight
Posted on: 03-15-2015
Shinano yellow "flower" decoration deleted by accident

Hi all, my son deleted by accident the yellow decoration "flower" (emblem?) on front of his Shinano. Big tears here... He cannot find it in the decoration menu. Is it gone or is it possible to retriev...

From: Inge
Posted on: 12-10-2014
Arliegh-Burke class front

Hi I am Louiz I used to go on this website before BSC closed down i specialised in replicas and battle tactics I own just finished a Arliegh-Burke class destroyer but the front looks wierd I don't hav...

From: Louiz
Posted on: 11-23-2014
How do i use a depth gauge

I built a submarine and put torpedo tubes on it and put a depth gauge on it but I don't know how to use it pls help!!!...

From: Vanoss gaming l
Posted on: 11-18-2014
Take the yamato down

I have lots of ships in my fleet (I seldom buy them, I build them), I chose a ship called USS Montana BB-67 (equipped with 12x46cm main guns and 20x30.5 inch secondary armament, strongest in my arsena...

From: XD come on
Posted on: 08-30-2014
What would you add to the game?

I would add more drills, against pre-made ships like the HMS Vangaurd, or the DKM Bismarck. @ Louiz, the boarding parties do seem like a decent idea. They can't sink or take over the ship, but they wi...

Posted on: 05-21-2014
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