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This page contains Cheats for My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic organized by sections for iPhone - iPad. This game has "Edutainment" as genre, made by Gameloft, released on Nov 8, 2012. If you can't find a hint or secret in our list, then please check this page periodically for the latest updates.

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Boxshot & Details
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
  • Developer: Gameloft
  • Publisher: Gameloft
  • Genre: Edutainment
  • Release: Nov 8, 2012
  • ESRB: Not Set


This is a hint for the buildings that give you mostly an element you need : Windmill - Gives mostly laughter and a slight chance of magic Cherry stand - gives mostly laugther sometimes kindness and sometimes magic Lemon stand - mostly laugther sometimes loyalty and sometimes magic restaurant - mostly loyalty and honesty antique shop - loyalty and k..

From: speedcow

I discovered if you tap an activated Harmony Stone so many times (spending the respective shards), the fountain that usually spits out bits will occasionally give you a gem. I've formulated a theory about it, but it's unconfirmed: To get the gem(s), put 1,000 shard "points" into the stone. Different element shards have different point val..

From: Scienceisanart

So if you have a tablet and a phone with these apps, you can set up two different gameloft accounts. Here is how: 1) create account using gmail account or whatever you got. 2) with the other gameloft account, wether it be on phone or tablet, use facebook or other account you may have. This way, you can sent your heart gems to yourself both ways! En..

From: chikorita pie

Try to use the Royal Conservatory and Observatory in Canterlot. The more frequent you pass by Canterlot, the more frequent your Magic Shards will appear! If you're too lazy to tap on the train station, well, have a hard time with your luck in the ballon pop stand...

From: Katrina

WHO WANTS UNLIMITED HEARTS? Many ponies cost hearts. Scootaloo, twilights dad, and minuette are goals! But zecora apple cobbler sapphire shores and jeff letroski are all for hearts too. This is how it works. Log out of your gameloft live account and create a new one. Make a fake username email and password. Go to friends on your fake account and cl..

From: Annacleo16

Dont you always dread waiting and waiting like 13 hours for a pony to come or you have been ENDLESSLY saving up for a ponies house and there is a giant rock in the way, and you have to wait like seven hours for it to clear? Now your wait is OVER. Have clearable items clear and ponies arriving in SECONDS! All you do is go to settings then general th..

From: Annacleo16

WINDMILL: laughter sometimes honesty CHERRY STAND: laughter honesty rarely generosity very rarely magic LEMON STAND: laughter generosity and sometimes honesty APPLE STAND: honesty generosity and laughter sometimes HOUSE OF HATS: laughter generosity sometimes honesty CARROT FARM: generosity honesty laughter rarely loyalty SPA: generosity honesty som..

From: Annacleo16

I recently discovered that if you score 48 on the ball game that it fills up the star so you only have one shard left. The way to do this is to let the ball drop to the ground each time then "kick" it back to the pony. If you get 48 it will fill up the star. This works all the time in Ponyville but not everytime in Canterlot. The star gam..

From: KPvN37

Find Derpy, who is in a box with eyes. Tap on it. Derpy will come out and you will get bits and sometimes gems! Just letting you know!..

From: Bluefirebunny

Turn on airplane mode to get ponies for bits instead of playing the balloon pop game to win them. I got Fleur de Lee for 10 bits this way. Go to settings then at the top, switch airplane mode to on. This works only for Fleur de Lee in the update. I am pretty sure it works for most ponies before the update. Hope this works for you!..

From: bluefirebunny

Here is an easy way to level up. This will also help you get bits and element shards. Buy as many shops as you can and give as many ponies jobs as you can. Then, go to settings and change the date to one day ahead. Go back to the game and collect everything. Go to settings again, do the same, then return to the game to collect. Keep going forward a..

From: Bluefirebunny

They give you about 6 days and 24 hours to win Flash Sentry or Aloe, but it is not enough time. I doubt it that someone wins them in that time, so I came up with this trick. You will be time traveling in this trick. First dance to all the songs on that day wait one more day. Now you only have 5 days to win the prize. Go to settings and go back one ..

From: Riodejaneiro422

Tap the gem at the top then tap get free gems. A video might pop up or a list of things you can do to earn gems. Some require actual money, Internet, or Facebook but you can get tons of free-ish gems...

From: Anonymous

Changelings are usually on the place that is dark (that means the place where you have not expanded) and they usually don't talk to anypony else. They can only be imposters of the mane six ( twilight, pinkie, rarity, fluttershy, rainbow dash, and applejack). If your twilight already have wings and crown, and you see a twilight that doesn't have win..

From: fillysecond

If you want to finish any derpy quest, use this to help you. Time travel then go back to your game. Search for derpy. To find derpy again, travel to canterlot and wait for a few seconds or minutes. Go back to ponyville. Search for derpy. Gone? Okay. Then time travel again ang go to your game. Search for derpy. Keep doing it as many times as you wan..

From: Twi

Ever year when its the game's birthday a huge discount comes. Last year(2013) everypony that you can buy with bits and gems had a 50% discount. And the best part is that everypony that you needed to get by popping ballons could have been obtained with coins! You could easily get your hoof on ponies who where at 5 bits! Like Fleur Dis Lee. The birth..

From: angelc08

I dont know if this will help but if you tap on a pony and when see its photo on the side of the screen. Tap on the place you want him to go. You might want to tap lots of times until it works because it doesnt work all the time. And you have to restart lots of time because when sometimes the pony stops from going to his destination. Hope that will..

From: angelc08

This is just another thing about finding derpy: Derpy is mostly found in lonely places with more space. So when you want to find derpy search to where its empty first then look in your city. This will make it quicker. Its just a part 2 of what Twi. You can add me: angelc08..

From: angelc08

Using gems properly is easy: Do not use your gems on any pony with gems except when its only a small amount because all the gems ponies can be won in the dancing mini game and i hope you all know the time travelling system in the game. Use the gems on buildings, decoration and balloon popping game because the balloon popping ponies cannot be won in..

From: angelc08/Angel

Once you activate some of the element stones, you can get bits from them by tapping the stone. But If you have a lot of shards example: 300-up if you tap the stone really fast, you can sometimes get a gem or two...

From: Ponypie

Did you know that if you have both Ponyville and Cantorlot, you can level up the mane six faster by playing not one, but two mini games at once. Here's how it's done: Exit out of the game and make sure you don't log in until your ponies are ready to play (everypony has a different time schedule... So the wait period may vary). When you start the ga..

From: Lunetiz

If you don't have any friends because you are that much of a loner, then don't worry. When you play the Equestria Girls Dance game, every time you finish a dance, it will say at the bottom "share +?". It doesn't cost hearts to share, it gives you about 3-5 hearts...

From: RainbowDashie

Derpy is a weird pony. You can find her by looking in spaces you haven't bought. Weird thing is whenever derpy shows up in my town all of my ponies aren't in the light! This is because all of the ponies are crowded around the derpy box. When derpy shows up all of the ponies are back to walking around in the light, derpy of course flying around clum..

From: princess spike

There are two new ponies on sale for gems currently-Cherry Fizzy and Banana Bliss, but if you turn off your wireless (turn on airplane mode), the two ponies can be bought for bits and there are four more ponies for gems. Sorry I don't know the names without looking...

From: AliceinPonyland

This is for newbies bc it is one of the first tricks you learn. You don't have to waste gems to get wheels fast, my viewers. Try this simplistic trick: For Canterlot: Try tapping on trees, shrubs, and the main big items in your villiage, also try the banners and pillars. For PonyVille: Try the windmill, any statues you have, and the trees. I have n..

From: MLP #1 fan

In your towns and villiages, tap on any trees, shrubs, main big items, banners, pillars, statues, etc. This is one of the basic newbie tips...

From: Mlp #1 fan

Raise any of the ponies you have to 5 stars that are available in the equestria girls dancing game. I have Rarity, Pinky Pie, and Twilight at 5 stars so that I can choose which one has the highest multiplier. The highest is 3% on ponies you have. Tge reason you must raise them to five stars is so that at the end of the dance routine it shows your s..

From: Alexx

Have you finished all the quests (in all three locations)? Bought all the ponies in the store/unlocked the Balloon Pop ponies? Wondering what the hell to do now considering you can't get Pinkie's parents yet? Well, it's actually pretty simple. Once you've gotten all the shops filled: just collect from all shops, spend as many bits as you can to buy..

From: FountainMaster

In the new mine cart game if you pay for double points you earn higher level shards. Also this can help you earn money for shards...

From: MlpEG

We've all had that day when we run out of right? Yea. Here's a tip to get some faster! If you have any royalty anywhere, Celestia, luna, sombra, cadence, all the ponies who come to you at full five stars already. Every now and then, they do a special animation that produces shards. So, get ready to close out of that tab, and go shard..

From: SombraLuna

When you are getting ready to play the ball game with any pony, turn your screen sideways, as if you were going to text someone. Im sure you already know that if you swipe at the right time the ball will shine, but when you turn it sideways you may notice an arrow on the ball pointing up-left, up, or up-right. Swipe which way the arrow shows at the..

From: Discord

When you start the game, if you are a newbie, don't give Spike gems to speed up. Don't spend gems on a worthless thing unless you have loads, eg the balloon pop has a 50-50 chance of giving ponies, however if there is a really expensive pony, like 500 gems, all gem ponies are available to win on the Gem Balloon Pop minigame. So, princess celestia i..

From: SensibleGemPony

Derpy the one in the box if you tap the box you can earn bits or gems the gems are rarely but the bits always. Events the solo events you can win gems on events only on SOLO events. Leveling up you can earn gems every time you level up. Daily reward on Day 4 and Day 5. On the gems market click watch video you can earn 2 videos the 2 gems can really..

From: SunsetJewel

Whatever element of harmony (earned with shops and events) you can exchange them for gems! Every 100 shards u throw in (must be same element) gives you a chance of a gem popping out instead of coins! Remember, it is not always guaranteed that u will get a gem!..

From: Mane 1

Now every pony wants to get the major prize in the EG dancing game. You can win Princess Cadence! Below i am showing you tips on how to win the major prize (major prize not guaranteed) Have at least 5 friends to play with. Friends will get you a bigger score (in multiplier.) (From wiki)If you haven't reached 5 stars with or bought all of your Mane ..

From: Mane 1

Winning the ball game is easy. If you want to not be able to drop the ball, then just spin the mouse in circles that way the little filly doesn't have to bring the ball back. Hope you found this helpful!..

From: Mlp lps star

In zercoras hut if u mix the garlic, the sap, and the black iris u will get the greater totem of friendship which is extremely useful for beating tirek...

From: TwilightSparkle


Here's a trick so you dont have to wait for the balloon pop game! How to use the cheat : 1. Go to Settings>general>Date & time 2. switch it so you will be able to customize your time. 3. Press 'set date and time' and put it one day forward 4. Now you go back to your game and everything will be loaded you'll be able to play games with your..

From: Speedcow

Hi, if you want. Now this glitch is involved with the date. So first you set your date to oct. 30. Then you go get your bonus from the game. Continue doing this until your at nov. 2. When you get your bonus, go back to settings and do nov. 1 go to the game. Obviously you wont get anything. Good. Now the tricky part. Go to november 30 then nov 31. I..

From: Annacleo16

I've noticed that the game can make some kind of glitch where the game freezes at the Daily Bonus and makes some kind of loop so it keeps appearing. That way you can get plenty of gems really fast! To do so you have to use the cheat where you forward the time. Notice that it takes patience to do this. You'll have to forward the date one day at a ti..

From: Carolinesparkle

If you need to Derpy come to your town, Changelings and Paraspites for get gems. well, you don't need to do that again, there is α tips that easier then waiting Derpy, Changelings or Paraspites. what you do is : go to setting and go to date and time then set the date to the date of tomorrow the daily gift will come for you. Do this again a..

From: Cooler050603

Ok so warning! This may or may not work depending on what level you are! You have to be past level 10 for. This to work! But this only works on some ponies!(Bon Bon mostly) so once you get to one third on a star for a game when you get to the apple game and click really fast (don't let the apples drop!) the star will flip around two or three times ..

From: Bon Bon fly!

I am not quite sure if everybody has this, but whenever I click on the gems (as if I want to buy some) in the corner, it says, 'Earn Free Gems!' If you click on it, sometimes it will say, 'Congradulations! You earned 1 Gems!' But, if you click the X in the top right corner, you will see that you earned 2, 3, or maybe even 4! I know that this isn't ..

From: earningjems

I am not sure how it happened, I believe it was when I did the time cheat. One time I had done the cheat a few times and was scrolling around my Ponyville when I saw derpy, but she was not in her box like usual. She stood still but she was blinking, this only happened to me in Ponyville, in canterlot she is still in her shaky box. Its kinda weird t..

From: crystal pegasus

First I buy aloe and saved in the inventory then the other day I welcome aloe then in a few hours I check the inventory then I saw aloe again then in the house and canterlot was 2 aloe!.It was mindblowing and this glitch is helpful when give you a mission to get 2 stars on aloe...

From: derpyhovesfan12

It easy if you have 1 or more friends in your friends list you can dance with them and when you dance with your friends you recive one heart per song without your friends send you a heart! and not also give you hearts by dancing it also help you with your score multiplier! specially if you have 2 friends that is the magic of friendship!..

From: derpyhovesfan12

This glitch is the same of double the aloe but a little different because I was finding a place to welcome lighting dust and I don't find a place so I send her back in the inventory I obviously clear path and then in the inventory was two lightning dust and I think this glitch work with all canterlot ponies (and remember!!! you have to dance to get..

From: derpyhovesfan12

So, after I started using the time traveling cheat for this game, I noticed that Derpy would no longer show up in her box. This was only in Ponyville, it was completely normal in Canterlot. In Ponyville, Derpy would just stand there blinking. It looked like she was transforming into Slendermane, honestly. I didn't give it much thought, I though tha..

From: Raineh14

So if you want princess luna you have to do this:first get all mane six and level up to 5 stars second clear all the land in ponyville third the most difficult one do all the quest and last get all the stones activated. Note don't activate all the stones after the final quest so activate all stone before the final quest because some people had to m..

From: derpyhovesfan12

This is for iPod/ iPads. Get some shops, and exit to settings. Change the date by only one hour. Go back to MLP and collect. Go back to settings. Repeat. WARNING! Keep an eye for parasprites between the hours, or you could get a monster swarm...

From: Free stuff!

If you have princess celestia and tap her 10 times then tap derpy and she will do the same thing as twilight and turn to an alicorn and become a real character that's not under a box but will still give you bits and gems and somtimes a heart!..

From: Emmahampton

You can play any song in the the equestria girls minigame whenever you want if you just go your setting and change the time back a day, then go foreward a day. It moves the time 24 hours so you can play any song whenever you want!..

From: RainbowDashy

This happens VERY often. It sometimes doesn't. You must not have Rarity to do this. If you check in the ponyville market, you might notice that Rarity has no horn, which makes her an earth pony.This often happens. Good luck!..

From: Esmeraldakitty

This only happened once, so I don't know if it will always happen. I will state exactly as I did, but I'm sure you can change the variables a little. So, I was making a kindness totem and I left the game at the Everfree Forest. Like, completely exited. So once it loaded back in, all of my ingredients were ready to collect. I collected all of them. ..

From: RainbowRayne

I experienced a glitch twice since the forest was added. I had automatic time fast forwards with the shops when traveling between the Apple farm and Ponyville. Derpy also kept appearing and gave me gems each time. Once I tapped a treasure chest and a gem popped out...

From: PsychoTwi

First you play the mane 6 in ponyvile. Then you got straight to Sweet Apple Acres and you can play ALL OF THEM AGAIN WITH OUT WAITING! Even after you do Sweet Apple Acres go straight to Canterlot and PLAY THEM ALL AGAIN! And even after that go to the Everfree Forest and PLAY THEM ALL AGAIN! That is a total of 4 TIMES PLAYING THEM WITH OUT WAITING, ..

From: Anonymous

On my App I have noticed that if I let the phone lock (due to time out) whilst on the screen for choosing which type of ball/apple/stars you want to use, once I have done the mini game all my shops in that one area will be finished and my daily balloon pop will have reset. This wil not affect other areas, so if you do it in ponyville, only ponyvill..

From: Solarwinds

Okay, I'm not sure if this will work, but it worked for me! Step 1: Go to a place where you don't get internet connection (Is it normal I can play with no Internet?) DO NOT TURN YOUR INTERNET OFF OR IT WON'T WORK! Step 2: Go into the game, and go to Equestria Girls world. Step 3: Go back to Ponyville, and your shops should be restocked! It's a grea..

From: ShadowKat

For this glitch you will need rainbow dash. First go to the mine cart mini game. Then change the pony in the mine cart to rainbow dash. Then play the mine cart mini game and run in to a barrel. Then rainbow dash will catch the rainbow dash that was in the mine cart...

From: Arcaninegirl
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