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This page contains Cheats for Virtual Families 2: Our Dream House organized by sections for iPhone - iPad. This game has "Simulation Virtual" as genre, made by Last Day Of Work, released on Dec 6, 2012. If you can't find a hint or secret in our list, then please check this page periodically for the latest updates.

Boxshot & Details
Virtual Families 2: Our Dream House
  • Developer: Last Day Of Work
  • Publisher: Last Day Of Work
  • Genre: Simulation Virtual
  • Release: Dec 6, 2012
  • ESRB: Not Set

Game Hints

Fixing all problems that may occur

Ok there are 4 possible things that may occur. They are a leaking kitchen/bathroom sink, a stove that is on fire, ants in your kitchen that keep coming and going, and a clogged shower. I know how to fix all of them. First one go to the work room below the bathroom and place your person infront of table with the hammer on it, i it works it will say " fixing sink. Second one, go to the same work room. Next to a table you will see a fire estinguisher. Place your person in front of that an it will put out the fire. Third one, you will see a brown pot on your table next to the sink that you have never seen, place pur person in front of that, then once they are done with that next o the harbage can outside is a orange blob use that to finish tge ant repelent. And last one, it is the same instrutions as the sink. (If u place your person infront of the tools and it doesn't just try again and again)

Monkey lover!!, Feb 23, 2013

Sell furniture

To sell furniture, drag one you want to get rid of to the outside gate (on the street). Then it will say how much it's worth and if you agree, let go of it.

Lily:3, Mar 2, 2013

Problems around the house Guide

There are 4 things that can go wrong. They are-

- Fires (oven and dryer)
- Leaks (sinks)
- Clogged stuff (toilet and shower)
- Ants (kitchen)

Here's how to fix them...

1) bring your person to the fire and make sure it says under action "() is burning!"
2) keep them like that for about 15 seconds
3) drag them to the upper left table in the workshop. There should be a fire extinguisher there.
4) place adult on it. If it doesn't say "putting out () fire" try again.
5) they will put out the fire!

Leaks/clogged stuff-
1) put them by the leak and wait for 15 seconds while their action is "the () sink is leaking!"
2) drag them over to the bottom workshop table and they should say "fixing (leaky/clogged) ()"
3) try again if they don't
4) they will fix the shower/toilet/sink!

1) when ants appear, put any person on them and they will say stomping ants.
2) praise them and you will get a goal and 25 coins.
3) place an adult on the brown pot on the counter in the kitchen.
4) they will "prepare cinnamon ingredient"
5) once they are done, drag that same adult onto the orange-yellow thing by the bins by the gate.
6) clear every person out of kitchen otherwise you will not get rid of ants
7) they will "finishing ant spray"
8) the ants will be gone and never come back!!!
9) plus you'll get a goal and 50 coins!

Hope this guide helped! Happy fixing!

Helpful corgi, Mar 11, 2013

Goals volume 1

Hey guys! This is a guide to most of the goals on VF2. In guide 1, you see the first 14 goals in the goals screen. More guides coming soon!

  • Getting Paid- 100 coins. Make your peeps work, sell collectables.
  • Bring home the Bacon-1000 coins. Same as above.
  • Mind on Money- 10,000 coins. Same as above.
  • Trump this- 100,000 coins. same as above.
  • An eventful week- 10 emails/house events. Every once in a while a little yellow envelope flashes in the top right corner of the screen. This is an email. Drag a peep to 1 of the computers. House events appear as soon as you log on. They have two choices, and fill the entire screen.
  • Never a dull Moment- 50 emails/house events. Same as above.
  • Marry rich- When you get a marriage proposal (through email) you accept when they have more then 370 coins in Thier bank. If your not getting a proposal, wear perfume. It's at the flea market.
  • Marry for love- same as above except they have less then 150 coins in the bank.
  • Perfect Match- When you get a proposal, the person asking and your other person will have the same job.
  • Oh, baby- you had a baby. Place an adult on another adult and they should either say Embracing, Arguing, or trying to make a baby. Try again if they Don't say the last one. Tip: make sure the house/yard is clean and both parents are happy and healthy.
  • Oh, baby baby- you had twins. Same as above, except instead of 1 kid, you got 2.
  • Ohhhhh dear- you had triplets. Same as above except that instead if 1/2, you had 3.
  • 4 is enough- you had 4 kids total.
  • no vacancy- you had 6 kids total. Note: you can only have 6 kids.

That's all for now, more coming! Hope this helps!! Like it if you want more!

Cprgi luver, Mar 12, 2013

Sell Items

Just drag the item you don't want to just outside the gate, not only does it get rid of your ol junk, but it gives you money too!

Katykat, Apr 16, 2013
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Game Glitches

Game Glitches

Hi guys. I've been playing this game at least 10 times a day and am up to the 5th generation. These are the glitches I've encountered so far. I'm surprised there have been so many glitches in the game. I hope they release an update soon as I'm starting to feel a little ripped off after spending about $10 on the game so far.

- Goal not completed after praising when pulling a weed. Apparently LDW know about this one so hopefully it will be fixed in their next update when they decide to release one. I'm full of snark today.

- Wrappers and socks can't be picked up when they appear on the top half of the house particularly around where the second bedroom and bathroom are. When I drop someone on them, they start to pick it up then they twitch and drop the item. I've also tried hiring a maid to no avail. I've only known of one other person having the same problem so wondering if it's just me or not.

- Sometimes the flea market is empty even when I didn't purchase all the products that were available. This is happened to me a few times but after a short time I'll check again and there will be new products however I read an earlier question today that said their flea market has been empty for a few days (can't remember the exact time it was way too long). Flea market items are meant to refresh every few hours.

- This is not really a glitch but I've noticed when I place some items in a room (especially big items like a couch or bed), they will appear to be overlapping into another room. I think this should be fixed.

I'll also leave a post in the hints, tips or tricks section now if you guys are interested. Thanks for reading.

misspeg86, Jan 5, 2013

Money Time Glitch

There are different ways and here are some for virtual families 2. There are also some baby cheats i've added down the bottom. Some of these cheats may also take a couple of tries to work and might not work at all. I found that the only work occasionally but provide enough money to last ages. NOTE when you skip time the game will pause for a few seconds. FOR ALL OF THESE YOU NEED TO HAVE THE DATE SET TO THE CORRECT TIME AT THE START.

1.This one won't make the people age and will make you roughly 100000 coins depending on you people's salaries.

  • Take 1 person drop them on the shower, so that their status says having a shower.
  • As soon as you have 2 people doing these activities leave the game and go into settings and change the year back to 1992.
  • Go back to the game and hopefully you will have lots of cash.
  • You can repeat as necessary, although it probably won't work straight away, but if you do it too many times your people may die.

2.This method is highly effective and has earned me up to 300000 coins but your people will age several years. It is a good cheat if all your kids are in collage and you want to move onto the next generation.

  • Go into the game and click menu, then click settings and pause the game.
  • leave the game and go into settings and change the year back to 1970.
  • Once that is done go back into the game and unpause it.
  • You need to play the game for at least 6 minutes or more.
  • After you have played for a while quit the game and go into settings and change the time back to the correct date.
  • Then leave settings and minimise virtual families 2(double tap home button and hold down VF 2 till minus appears then tap it.).
  • Reenter the game and if the cheat worked you will have lots of cash.

3.This method is easy but is probably only going to work once, and your people will age. It will earn you around 120000 coin but again depends on your persons salary.

  • Go into the game, then exit and minimise it.
  • Enter settings and put the clock back as far as it goes(1970).
  • Reenter the game and and get every member of the family to do and activity(eg have a shower).
  • Exit the game and minimise it.
  • Go into settings and change time back to the correct date.
  • Now hopefully when you go back into the game more money will appear.

4.The simplest method, it is not guaranteed to work your people will age. Even if it doesn't work you will earn a some coins though.

  • Go into the game, then exit and minimise it.
  • Enter settings and turn the date forward 20 years or so.
  • When you go into the game you may have lots of cash.

These are the money cheats that I currently have for virtual families 2. There is also a glitch in the system and if you use these cheats to much occasionally you may find that every time a notification comes up your game shuts down. Do not delete the game if this happens it can be fixed by simply playing around with it. If you want to get lots of money on virtual families 1 any of these cheats would work, but really all you have the do is: Minimise the app, Go into settings, Change the year back to 1970, Go into the app, Exit and minimise the app, Reenter the settings change the year back to the current one, You will have lots of money then.

Here are some baby cheats.
1) How to get triplets on virtual families 2, it will cost you 15,000 coins. NOTE you need to at least be 3 or 4 generations into the game or it will not work.

  • Wait until you have a new generation, and your person is unmarried, if you have a choice of people it's best to choose someone who wants kids.
  • Go to the store and click food and medicine then scroll down until you see the baby boost(It will be the second last one above doctor consultation, and will look like a pink needle) then you need to buy three of them.
  • Leave the store and give the three needles to your person.
  • Go back into the store and buy another three, these are for your persons spouse.
  • Now you need to wait until you get a marriage proposal.
  • As soon as you accept a marriage proposal you need to use the three spare baby boosts on the new husband/wife.
  • Then as soon as both parents have three baby boosts in them you need to get them to have a baby.
  • If they keep arguing just praise them and keep trying. If it still doesn't work it's probably because 1 or more of the parents doesn't want to have a child. In that case you need to adopt and try again in the next generation.
  • Congratulations, if it did work now you need to raise triplets.

2. This cheat is for speeding up time so that your baby grows up. The cheat works on all the virtual family, and virtual villagers games.

  • Find a mother nursing a baby that you don't want to wait forever for.
  • Exit the game and minimise it.
  • Go into setting and change the clock to 3 or 4 hours into the future.
  • Return to the game and you will find that it stops for a few seconds, but when it restarts the mother will have no baby in her arms and the child will be running around.
  • If the baby is still in her arm you need to repeat the cheat.

3. This cheat is useful to find out about the gender of the child while they are still a baby it works on both virtual families games.

  • Enter the game that you have the child on.
  • Go into the family tree(on vf1 it's at the bottom of the screen, on vf2 it's in the menu).
  • Scroll down until you get to the generation that your on.
  • Look across and you will see that the most recent child is the baby.

4. This cheat isn't for virtual families it's for virtual villagers. It's how to tell if a mother will get a baby without waiting for her to go indoors.

  • Drop a girl on top of a guy so their status says going indoors.
  • Tap on the girls details.
  • Look at her portrait and if it has a baby that mean ps that its going to work.
  • If her portrait doesn't have a baby that means that it won't work and you might as well try again instead of waiting.

Lollypops86286, Jan 17, 2013

Taking the garbage out quickly

To take the garbage out without having the person walking ALL THE WAY out to the bin outside, drag your little friend over to the garbage can in the kitchen, then once they have the rubbish bag in their hands, praise them and voila! Garbage has automatically been taken out to the bin!

Maegan1231, Apr 4, 2013

Extra Coins for your family

When you see a collectible in the yard that you already have, put as many family members on it before the first one put gets up. Each family member you put on will have the same collectible. Each one sells the collectible and you get multiplied coins.

The expert, Apr 12, 2013

Taking Out the Garbage Like a Boss

Okay, so instead of taking the bag of rubbish ALL THE WAY OUTSIDE, use this glitch to do it the lazy way. :3 First, drag your little friend to the trash can. When that black bag appears on them, select him/her. After that, drag them to any place. The black bag will fall onto the ground. And to check if this glitch really works, touch your trash can. It'll be empty! :D Enjoy taking out the trash LIKE A BOSS!

The Glitch Girl, Apr 29, 2013
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