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This page contains Cheats for The Blockheads organized by sections for iPhone - iPad. This game has "Adventure" as genre, made by Majic Jungle Software, released on Jan 10, 2013. If you can't find a hint or secret in our list, then please check this page periodically for the latest updates.

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Boxshot & Details
The Blockheads
  • Developer: Majic Jungle Software
  • Publisher: Majic Jungle Software
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Release: Jan 10, 2013
  • ESRB: Not Set


To unlock the following Apple Game Center achievements, complete the following tasks:..

From: edwardodixo


When You build a chest, you can fill it up, then click on it to remove it, and you can carry around a full chest in your inventory...

From: dRiP3R

Make a carrot on a stick and find a donkey you may now jump on a run through the world and when you sleep the donkey will stay...

From: Donkey tamer

To get a two player session going in the game, select that option from the menu screen, hook up with a buddy over Game Center, or be matched up with a random partner for your brand new world. Every cube in the world can be destroyed and re-used and those cubes can be used as building materials to make equipment and structures in the game. Experimen..

From: Mitsuki3

You get free clothes when you travel to: North Pole, South Pole, East Equator and West Equator. Soon enough, you will come across all tall tower, and at the top, there is an item. North Pole: North Pole Hat of Warmth South Pole: South Pole Boots of Speed East Equator: Sunrise Hat of Fullness West Equator: Sunset Skirt of Happiness..

From: Funnerz

The VERY first tip is Never place a torch inside your WOODEN house. This may result to a burned house. Avoid cutting trees from the very bottom. Start at the top part going down. This will give you more wood. Depends on how tall the tree is. Don't dig the block where the tree is standing on. This will break the tree and the leaves will wilt branch ..

From: Donkey/Fallon

Forget chests, use trees and use the sticks to make baskets for every item slot. This will help you when on long journeys so you dont have to get rid of stuff that you need...

From: bobslayer

Mine down in a straight line for a while. You will find tin ore, iron ore and oil. Soon your character will be sad and hungry and will be very annoyed, but that's a sign! If you keep digging you will find you soon have gold. Remember: keep digging down and bring lots of torches! Also you should bring a bed and lots of food...

From: McKenzie

Make a tub frame, add campfires under the tub frame, add water. You will see steam coming out of the water, and the water will turn bright blue instead os mid-green...

From: Im just help

Dig up a block of dirt. You can do this by tapping the block of dirt you would like to dig up. If the block is white with a hand in the middle, you're using your hands. If its green with a tool, you are using the correct tool (spade). Warp in a workbench. Tap the blue portal which you warped your blockhead in and tap "Workbench" for one d..

From: Films

Don't place a campfire in your wooden house. Results: house on fire. Dont place it near any wooden items, actually. You cannot die, just move incredibly slow. Using spears or swords on animals will get you either leather, meat, fur, or feathers. Replant every tree you chop down in order to have a reliable source of food. You can plant things by tap..

From: Films

After you have a house built, a bed built, and a few torches, it's best to go out and search for some food. Food appears on trees; pine trees (long trunked, tall dark trees) will not produce food, only wood and sticks. Orange trees are short and have a lightly colored trunk. Little orange dots should appear on these, and you can tap on them to grab..

From: Films

This is part three. Sorry about part 2, there was a limit to characters and I couldn't tell you when pt 3 was going to be out.By now, you should have a workbench, a woodwork bench, and a tool bench, a decent food supply, and a cozy shack. Let's make some tools. Tap into the TOOLBENCH LVL 1 to start making tools. If you haven't built this yet, go in..

From: Films

Mine five stone. If you already have five stone, go back to your "main place", or home. Once at home, go to your Workbench and update it to level 2 for five stone. This should take a couple minutes. Now build the Taylor's bench. This requires five more stone and five flax. Flax can be found in bushy-like plants that grow out of the ground..

From: Films

Here is the Part 5 I promised! I will work on it as much as I can but it is coming slowly. Let's build a boat. You will need one wood and one linen. Simple, right? Boats take a while... My person was out all night once because she started building at sunset. But let's get back to building boats. Once your boat is finished, lets take a little ride. ..

From: Films

Here is about cirten areas you may land in after sailing across a large body of water. Dodo country is filled with small red birds with blue wings and yellow beaks. Dodos can be used for 2 main reasons; food and dye for clothing. Dodos spawn near apple trees, and they also lay eggs. A dodo egg is a light blue oval which can have very faint spots. T..

From: Films

This will be one of the last parts I make, this one up until nine will be guides, 10 will be tips and FAQs. Beachy country is filled with donkeys, sand, and trees. You can tell if your in a beachy area if coconuts are around, and there are Rocky Mountains, cliffs that go up high and are made of stone. Sometimes they have caves in the middle. Beache..

From: Films

Wow, looking back I started the "What to Do After Warped Ins" only 3 days ago. Well, here is part 8. Young donkeys don't really do anything, just stand around and look cute. Slapping them doesn't do anything, and if they die they don't give anything. Young donkeys cannot be ridden, only stay young for a day, and aren't that much fun until..

From: Films

From now your pretty much on your own! Just keep gathering food, digging, crafting, and blocking. Try multiplayer, your friends can create their own blockhead when they begin. Projects take a shorter time when 2 or more players are doing the same thing at the same time. Create a new world and try it again! Make a whirl pool by placing water in a ma..

From: Films

Here are some tips; because you've pretty much done everything... When 2 or more blockheads work on one project, the project goes faster. Putting campfires too close to wooden objects (trees, beds, wooden blocks, etc) can cause a fire, but it can also be used to get rid of the bears. Going out from sunset - sunrise and walking under a tree with a d..

From: Films

You can craft a chest at a woodwork bench for one wood, and can store stuff in it.(lvl 1) But then, in a craft bench, (lvl 1) you can craft a basket for five sticks. Craft one for each inventory slot, then remove a full chest and put it in the basket. See? Now you can hold about 100 items in one inventory...

From: Films

Time Crystals appear in caves that are in the side of cliffs, and usually the cliffs are made of stone. About 30-50 squares down from the top of a cliff you should find Time Crystals. Using a pickaxe to mine them gets you 3x the time crystals. They usually produce a blue glow when your near them. The other place to find them is way deep underground..

From: Films

Fill up up all of the slots with baskets except for one spot,then in all the baskets slots put more baskets then when ever you want to take out/put in in to the basket use the one one slot to open that basket up take out or put in what ever is needed then put the basket back...

From: bob the great

If you want a donkey your In the right place ok step one craft a carrot in a stick second step click in the donkey then start riding him then sleep you will find him where you left him if you don't want just hit him...

From: Daniel

A Beginners' Guide to Survival Sleep in a bed. Beds provide more energy and keep blockheads awake longer. Collect all the food you see. Don't go out at night where pine trees are. (Appearance: tall, dark leaves and redish-brown trunk.) Dropbears appear on pine trees. Start from the top of the tree and head to the bottom. Leave the bottom block of t..

From: Films

This is the guide to surviving in the poles. Likes are free! Care to drop one?? Pole appearance: red or blue twisty pole sticking out of the ground or our of an ice ocean. Surrounded with snow. There should be a prize at the top; a hat that keeps you warm or boots that make you run faster. Once crossing the mark of the Pole, you are considered &quo..

From: Films

There is a glitch that occurs to me commonly while I am sailing in Multiplayer with my 4 blockheads and I find the equator in the middle of the ocean. Next I make a stone platform and build up 15 ladders. I hop back down and fall asleep. The next morning I get 2 across the ocean safely, Dharmabumday gets 1 of his. With one of his trapped on an isla..

From: Films

One of my worlds I have no food and have no trees. Kwemokia eventually starved, and I had to set out on an adventure. Where to find food: Worms: in dirt sometimes. Oranges: in orange trees. Apparence: medium-dark leaves, orange trunk. Fast growers. Chillies: near equator in ground. Carrots: near donkeys in ground. Sunflower seed: dropped when sunfl..

From: Films

Donkeys are very much like horses, and will do anything for carrots. By planting carrots outside your house/destination, and then meditating for a few days, you will find donkeys have appeared. Craft a carrot on a stick (craft bench) and go up to the donkey. Tap on it with the carrot on a stick and ride away!!..

From: Cherryrose74

This is for when your blockhead is mining and it falls into the water or mines a block and water spills all over, taking out their lights. Save If you have another blockhead or are in multiplayer, (invite people is possible) tell them to save you or make their actions do so. Just have them mine up til they find you. Or you can just mine down until ..

From: Films

If you're planning to travel around the world, bring some food, anything would do. It would be easier if you brought clothes too, but it's not absolute necessary. Bring 10 ladders for the poles, some dirt, and maybe some torches. When you finally set out on your journey, when your blockhead gets tired dig a shelter, with space enough for your block..

From: Darkscales

To spawn fish and sharks, build a GIANT (13 by 7 blocks) pool and fill it With water fully. Then make sure u have sand at the bottom of the pool. Then use steel lanterns to provide enough light in the pool. After that grow kelp in the sand. Wait for few days and sharks and fish will spawn. But make sure u have kelp! To spawn donkeys: plant bunch of..

From: Minecraftian 12

Hey guys! Since my last 'What to do after warped in' worked out great and I know a tons more about the game now, I've decided to make a second one. So, please read this one only if you haven't read the first one yet! :D And, if you don't know what this is, it's a guide for beginners. X) Your inventory bar When you bring your Blockhead in through th..

From: Films

This is part 2 of the "WTDAWI" series! Enjoy! Crafting a workbench The first thing you'll want to do is dig a price of dirt. To dig it, just tap or click on it. You can use you hands or your spade to mine it. Using your hands will be slower than mining it with a spade but will still get you what you need in a decent amount of time. To min..

From: Films

Drop one of those hot likes! Flint and the toolbench Now that you have a campfire, it's time to craft a toolbench. In a toolbench, you can obviously craft tools. You can start by making basic flint tools, and move on to iron, steel, and gold tools even! But it all starts with a dirt block and a peice of flint. Use your spade to mine the flint (aka ..

From: Films

Go ahead. Tap that thumbs-up button... IF YOU DARE!! Viewing your Blockheads' details You'll probabaly want to see when your blockhead is tired, hungry, or why their happiness/health is down. So, it's the time that I talk about viewing your blockheads details. >At the top of your screen, there should be a little square with your blockheads name ..

From: Films

In the pause menu, you will find a "Get Time Crystals" button. Tap it. At the bottom, there should be another button saying "Get Free Crystals!" The original options are to "Like" them on Facebook, share a link to Facebook or Twitter, and to watch a 15-20 second video. These earn 50, 50, and 20 crystals, respectively. ..

From: Ted

Instead of building a shelter, dig one instead. Make sure it's big enough to fit a bed, a chest and all the benches. This will make sure that you can finish working a project even after it gets dark, and grab food if they are hungry. Make sure you have some sort of light, and I would recommend you put a trapdoor to get in it. (P.S make sure it's at..

From: Bae

You are going to kill sharks without getting hurt. Also, you can use your bare hand to attack the shark. This is going to be a trap, so here are the materials. You will need 7 to 10 blocks(stone, dirt, wood, etc). Some kelp and your hand or weapon. Let's start building! First swim at least 10 to 15 blocks out into the ocean. Then swim straight down..

From: explorer

If you happen too find carrots, place them near your house in the dirt and plant them. In a couple of days donkeys will appear. Just remember too plant the carrot in the dirt. Goodluck..

From: Alyssa

For the key to surviving make a hole in your house, collect ice, and then click above the hole and make sure the water cant freeze. then get kelp then plant it in the bottom of the pool (you can plant kelp in any thing so don't worry). then fish will randomly spawn in your pool then u can can kill then to get fish meat (you can kill fish with a spe..

From: shadow

SOOOOO sorry guys for not being online. As always, Likes are free. Dropbears Dropbears are a mob that live in trees, and they are obviously bears. The reason they are called DROPbears is because if you walk under their tree at night, cut down their tree, sleep under their tree, or harm then they will drop on you and injure you, causing you to have ..

From: Films

Another one. Yes. A heh heh. Craft bench Time for a craft bench. You will need a dirt and a stick. You can craft it at the workbench. >Once you craft it, you can only craft one option; a basket. I've already explained baskets twice, (oops, don't tell anyone) so you should know about them, if not review part 5. Shelter It's probabaly time to star..

From: Films

This cheat might help you harvest a bit more quickly. What you need. Couple things to harvest, tin buckets(s) with water and maybe an ocean. Your crops should be close together for this to work. Also it has to be not trees. Now lets get started. Get your tin bucket(of water) and stand in the middle of your crop. Pour water where you're standing. No..

From: explorer

To do this cheat, you need 2 devices with The Blockheads. Also, they should both be connected to Wifi. Okay, so first, pick an online server. Choose which character you want to make permanent. You will use that character always when playing. Step-by-step time!: Food 1. Select the starter food (5 fruits) with your non-permanent character. 2. Drop th..

From: I'm-a-BIRD

Three ways to troll someone. XD 1. Fire! Fire! Requires: ladders, made from wood in a woodwork bench, wood, dirt, chest, ember. Build a dirt wall then make a little 'house' (wooden) in the air. Then mine the dirt and replace the dirt with ladders. Then place a chest inside the wooden house, and tell your friend that you hid all your valuables in th..

From: Xpert Troller

You may need many food sources and a bed (any type of bed /wooden bed/soft bed/golden bed/ golden bed is the best) ok so dig down and when your blockhead is tired dig a shelter and put your bed there and sleep when done sleeping get the bed and continue digging down until you reach green liquid near fire that is the center of the earth and done whe..

From: admin

They didn't post my first 6th part. So if you see it on your screen and this one, its a glitch. Anyways, I apologize for the lack of the series. It's my birthday today, so I'm gonna get one or two in. (: Exploring Time to explore a bit more. Tap on the edge of your screen near the blackness. You'll want to explore to see what kind of environment yo..

From: Films

Wanna build a hot tub? Okay first you will need ice and kelp a good way to find them is to venture off to find an ocean (make sure it snows near the water) when your there make sure you brought these torches, campfire, and a bed meditate or sleep until turns into ice . Mine it with a pickaxe or your hands get a reasonable amount same with the kelp ..

From: block brain

When you cut down a tree, cut the second block.So you leave a will grow back, so you don't have to plant new ones...

From: explorer

To get basalt go to the centre of the world and uncover a stretch of lava. Make a small pool 1 block above it so there is a space between the lava and pool base. Put water in the pool. Break a block at the bottom of the pool. The water will flood out turning into basalt on contact with the lava. If there is not enough water it will turn into steam ..

From: Falcon7757

Make a 2 long by 1 deep hole. Put 1 bucket of water in it. It should fill it halfway. Then tap on the half block of water and it gives you a full water bucket. Useful if you live far away from water...

From: Falcon7757

Simple And Easy Ways To Troll If someone has a wood house, place a fire in it. Take all their benches and stuff and quit the game. If their valuables are not in a safe, take them and log off. Place shark and fish buckets in their house. Flood their house. Change the floor to dirt and grow carrots everywhere to spawn donkeys in their house...

From: Falcon7757

Find your portal and craft a woodwork bench then tool bench then craft 1:a axe 2:a spear 3:anything to mine blocks and ore. Dig a hole to blocks down from side of portal then dig the stone block under portal keep digging and you should find :caves :ores :lots of blocks (tip: you should bring lots of food, ladders, kelp and chests...

From: Blockheadgirl

You can only reach the sky by making 300 ladders and make sure youre in the highest part of the island after craftting some ladders put the ladders up the sky if you reach the red system it means that you can go too universe you can get some rare items like red shark tooth, some rare diamonds and others...

From: Patipoti123

DONKEYS - to spawn donkeys all you need to do is plant many (5+) carrots in your back yard DODO - to spawn a dodo bird plant apple trees FISH AND SHARKS - to spawn fish AND SHARKS there are two things you can do 1). You can make a bucket and go to sea, you can collect a fish even if it is baby or adult BUT you can only collect sharks if it is a bab..

From: Theblocker

First kill a cave troll and get the ICE torches.Then make a cave and place the ice torches in the cave and wait for a few days (meditate if you Want to make the time go past) and there you have it so now you can have unlimited ice armor and ice torches...

From: Blockhead PRO

Go to any body of water and wait for winter, once the water freezes, remove it block by block. carry it to any other destination... so bring a chest with. you wont need a bucket...

From: billybob

When you find a donkey it will probably have carrots u will need these make a big cage or some thing to keep the donkey in and plant a lot of carrots around him and them meditate or sleep and do that repeatedly and u will get a lot of donkeys...

From: ncballer_05

WHAT YOU WILL NEED: Kelp (minimum 5) Crafting table Machete ( if wanted ) Spade ( if wanted ) If you need worms, go to a place with water ( e.g. Lake , sea. ) and pick some kelp ( long, wavy green stalks in sand,usually shallow water.) you will need at least 5 kelp. You can get the kelp with a machete also if you want to, this will increase amount ..

From: Gourmet spinach

After you build your house or shelter in the game you might be hungry. No problem! Go to the roof of your house and plant a bunch of Apple trees. After a little time some dodos will spawn and lay dodo eggs. Pick up the eggs and build a small underground room. Sit the eggs on the ground (or a 'nest' if you want) and wait a day or two. The eggs will ..

From: Bre12312

First you make a pool 5 blocks wide and 3 blocks deep and fill it with water.Then you make 3 campfires and put it under the pool.When you see mists in the air that means it is hot.And if you are damaged go in the pool of hot water and you will heal.I tried it and it works 100% real...

From: winson

Been playing on servers, and I'm a little upset that someone stole my name. (Films) But, here's part 7... More mining It's best to do a little more mining now. If you get stone, ores, and coal you can make ingots, houses, and upgraded benches with new benches to craft. Once you get about 10 stone, go upgrade your tool bench. Then, make a stone pick..

From: Films

You can travel easily when you are on flat ground but not when climbing up and down. You can make your own tunnel around the earth so that traveling from one place to another would be easier. This can be one of the things to do in block heads when you have nothing to do. You can put donkeys or train in it so traveling would be faster...

From: Dq2400

Things you shouldn't do..... 1. Place campfires near wooden things. Results: House on fire!!!! AAAAAH!!!! 2. Go out in the cold with no clothing. You'll freeze, then slowly move. You can't really die. 3. Go exploring without at least 50-75 food. 4. Don't swim when there are large bodies of water. Sharks Alert! 5. Do not use the wrong tool when mini..

From: Game Developer

Walk up to a tree. climb the tree and find the trunk, once you find the trunk mine it with a axe [ don't need it but get a lot more wood that way] from the top down. this will maximize the wood you get when you mine a tree...

From: 489herobrine

First of al you should plant a carrot plant right on top of your roof and stay away from it for about a day or 2. Go back to your home and usually you will find that there is a donkey around because they like carrots. Get some dirt, sand, stone, ect and trap the donkey and yourself in a little house(it doesn't have to be to big but make sure there ..

From: Blueangel7248

Yes, I know these are all over but I thought I'd share it again anyways. So all you need to do is make 6 baskets and carry them. Then if you want/need more space, just craft a chest or 2 and put it within one of those baskets...

From: More inventory

When wrapped in dig alot of dirt and make a room. I recommend you to make a room near the portal, fron where you were wrapped in. If don't know how to make back walls or a house to stay in, don't worry, tips to make a home: Dig a alot of dirt/sand and place 4 to 6 blocks of it horizantally from right side but before that, please find and anti-tree/..

From: Xalay

My tip is to make a two floor house with the portal inside u can make this out of whatever u like and then make an aquarium by collecting ice and kelp (u can put the aquarium inside the house if u want) don't forget to make ur fire bed ladders shelves and a chest for ur house then put dirt on the top of ur house and plant trees so u can have a upst..


Find a tree. (I recommend a very tall tree like maple of pine) get to the middle, the trunk. climb to the top of the trunk and start mining it from top down. you will also get some sticks. (make sure you use a axe!) that is how to get the most amount of wood when mining a tree, now go try it out!..

From: 489herobrine

If you find ores or crystals you want to use your amathist pickaxe or any special pickaxe, you need to use another pickaxe first until the block is almost broken, then stop mining the block and mine with your special pickaxe, you should get the ore/time cytstals without wearing your special pickaxe too much!!..

From: Yjl

First, find and mine 9 tin ore (use a pickaxe to get the most tin out of a block). Then use a (any level) furnace to smelt the ore into 3 tin ingots. After that, go to a press (level 2) and make them into 3 tinfoil. Go to a (level 2) craft bench and convert the tinfoil into a tinfoil hat, this may not seem like much when you first put it on but eve..

From: 489herobrine

At the equator if u climb. To the top of the pole u will find a hat that will make it so u r never hungry as long as u have the hat the only reason u will need food is if u get hurt to replenish ur health...

From: mart

The fishing rod will be finishing all the time when you are casting it, and when the worm Get to the ground, fishes will never eat it, so your fishing rod will finish without fishing any thing...

From: Rida

To make an easily expandable house make a five long (so your inside has five blocks of space to walk in) and a three tall (so there are three blocks of space up) first floor. You will need to build the first side full, but you need a door on either side so you don't have to climb over your house if you are needing to get to the other side. Then I n..

From: TheOnlyMASMC

1. If you are planing to go fight sharks, have armor and a weapon (I killed one with my hands BUT PLEASE do not do it) 2. Some food is more filling, if someone wants you to trade you meat or fish for sunflower seeds say NO 3.when you are walking, never (if it is nighttime) go under a tree with a dropbear in it 4. Dodos are good, if you have one, do..

From: Yellowfang :)

Go to the North Pole not the South Pole (it has red strips) you will find that the pole is in the water. Dig next to the pole (because the water will be turned into ice). When you get to the bottom you will find a cave. Ps: when you get deep in the cave you will find water...

From: Nido

If your using wood for your house stop right now! Use soil, it might not look atractive but it sure is fire resistent. Craft a flint shovel and pickaxe and start digging! Also doing this might lead you to other objects needed for upgrading and crafting! Have fun!..

From: LollipopLicker1

Get a chest and see how many slots are there build more chest and when filled put those chests inside of the first one and then craft loads of baskets from sticks so you will have lots of space good luck may not work after update...

From: Dan

If you have a golden pickaxe you have to dig stone that has not been dug or placed before and it doesnt last long :( well a little. So lets get on with it. A golden shovel only gives you worms unfortiantaly but you can get food. I made a farm and dug random dirt+ timecrystals also come from dirt...

From: Heath the duper

Basicly fill every slot with baskets except a few even basket basket slots (basket holding baskets) and if you want to put something away, move the basket into the empty slot and open it to put things in and move the basket back in the slot...

From: unknown

Get kelp using a Machete and make sure you have a ton of them. Then go underwater and watch the blue colored line underneath the happiness bar. When it starts to get low just eat a kelp and viola; your breathing time increases and just keeping eating kelp to explore deep oceans...

From: Mr.KnowAll

First, you'll want to dig a hole. A 4 deep, 8 wide hole, for a starter home for ur first fish. Now, you may be thinking , "what? I want to know how to make a shark aquarium!!!" Well, since your eager, ill tell u. Once you have filled ur hole with water, plant as much kelp in the bottom as possible. Then, wait 3-5 days (in game) for fish t..

From: Aquarium lover

If you cant make a fishing pole(don't have the supplies or don't have a craft bench) just make a trap! its easy, first dig out a bunch of dirt or sand. then make a wall for the end of the trap ( the other end is the shoreline) then only leave one block of water above your wall. after that just wait on the beach for the fish to come in. after their ..

From: blockhead

Put 4 basket inside a basket, 4 of those baskets inside another basket, until all you have is one nice little basket. never put your workbench, tools, etc. etc. into a basket. Leave a few spots in your inventory blank so you could try out the different baskets and find the right one. Try to visualize the 'tree of baskets'. if you have four forking ..

From: asdf

Make sure that when people ask u to go into WOODEN homes u don't Don't go into places that it is hard to get out of without a pick ax Don't go into places that it is only 1 or 2 blocks wide Make sure to always keep a pickax and a sword in your inventory Pickax for a trap Sword for punishing the person that trolled One more thing, So the other playe..

From: Blockhouses

This is how to get to space with any 2 blocks. First, you put down the 2 blocks then dig the bottom block and put it on top of the block on top of the top block. Repeat these steps to get to space. This may take a long time, but it is worth it!..

From: winson

This is the easiest way I've found to "catch" sharks without being harmed. You start at a beach or if you've already built a lake & planted sharks, stack sand blocks, in the area you want your "trap" as many as you need to reach the surface (you'll need to be able to stand on them & still reach in the water). Then contin..

From: Jen

You can get fish by making a boat and a rod but it takes SO LONG to get the supplies to make it. So all you need to do is grab the fish. This can be VERY EASY or can be VERY HARD depending on if you understand this. When there is a pack of fish or one swimming towards shore, secretly swim past the fish than use sand or dirt or any blocks topple the..

From: Jaybird

All you will be needing for this contraption is 5 campfires and 5 glass and a few ice (or buckets of water). First step is to Dig down 5 blocks wide and 3 blocks deep, Second step is to place all the campfire on the 3rd level of what you've digged, Third step is to put the 5 Glass on top of the campfires, and Fourth step is to put the ice on top of..

From: GuessMahName

Sometimes certain ore is a rare commodity... and since iron is the main base ore used for the best tools, items, benches and so on (also used to make steel which again is part of the whole 'base ore' part I mentioned above)... that aquiering it isn't always so easy.. so while you've probably waisted much of materials on train tracks and stuff, havi..

From: KuroEngel

First thing you should know is to have armor on and a sword and/or bow and arrow, next go somewhere the scorpion can't get you with the poison, after that just attack the scorpion and continue to try and stay away from the poison. repeat process and then you finally defeated a scorpion! You will then get the achievement on game center (IOS devices)..

From: blockheads gurl

(diamond/gold locations: about 30-60 blocks from center of world) cave trolls: 30-60 blocks from center of earth cave troll tips~ only found in unexplored areas, can't be spawned with already found/bought ice torches can only found naturally, wear armor and have a sword and/or bow and arrow, go to center of world and make tunnels left/right to try ..

From: blockheads gurl

If you want fish but your far away from the ocean this tip will help you make a fish farm. First get 2 tin buckets and fill them with water. Next place the water from the 2 and rise it DO NOT take a block height take the highest water level. Then get kelp and place it on dirt sand compost limestone so fish will spawn finally make a small entrance i..

From: Primaball

Ocean? Lake? How about a hot tub! Make a hole (the actual tub)then, cover the bottom with camp fires. Then fill it with water. Holy crap! Another tip?!?! Obviously! Meditate. What? Does that tip suck? I'm not finished yet. Meditate...THEN you wait till the meditating meter fills up. Then you get a free item! Last but.... Probably least: don't chop ..

From: Enderboss

On a flat desert area where there are scorpions, dig one block down, then stack 2 blocks on top of each other net to the hole. Sit on top of the stack and wait for a scorpion to walk into the hole. Once a scorpion is in the hole, quickly place a block (I'm going to call this the trapping block) above the hole, trapping the scorpion. Once you have a..

From: Em

It is very useful to have one block head out exploring and one holding down the fort at home. Yo get a second block head you need 50 time crystals and a couple various fruits. It would take a long time to collect all the time crystals around your world, so tap free offers for them. (If you don't already have 50) Just press the time crystal in the t..

From: Tmax

You Need: (any type) shovel, (any type) machete, kelp Tip 1: FIND a lake that is not to small or huge make sure it has kelp (so like small-medium to medium large sized lake) Tip 2: Make sure its 3 to 5 blocks deep Tip 3: Shape it into a rectangle Tip 4: Get all the kelp there and replant it (make sure the kelp is on every block in the water, if the..

From: SPYcraft^-^

Hey guys, Films' guide was outdated after the update in 1.5, you can now DIE! Don't go venturing out in the wild in the dark. Chances that there are dropbears on trees. Save your time crystals. Don't go wasting them all. Use them for a special pick, portal upgrades, or premium items. There are several ways to die. Falling terribly, lack of oxygen, ..

From: ekmk3565

This is all you need, Any Food, not the short healing ones like the flax sunflower seed! you need tough food. Like Cooked Fish, Meat. You will need atleast 1 ice part of the set. This is what you'll do if you don't have a ice part. Full Iron Armor, 10 Raw Meat. It is very worth it to beat a cave troll Dungeon, because you will find: 2 Ice Torches. ..

From: Gian

First of all, you will warp your First 'Blockhead.' It is a free warp. Click the Random button, which randomizes your blockhead look like. You can change the name or gender by clicking on top of the warp-in. When you're finished, you now have your blockhead! You have a Flint Spade, 5 Fruits ( Random ), and a Basket. Dig a Dirt block using either Ha..

From: Gian

You will be spawning your own fish and killing them once they are trapped. But, first you need to build/dig a tank and make a small trap in it first. Beware you might not understand this. The materials you need are: Tin bucket(s) At least 28 blocks of sand or dirt (if you are building the tank) Kelp About 14 other blocks other than sand or dirt spa..

From: explorer

Hey guys, it is Game Dev here, brother of Game Developer, and I will show you how to get your 5th blockhead. Apparently, you can die now! Okay so, let's get started. Firstly, you need food and crystals. Secondly, the 5th blockhead costs 200 crystals, and random food. (Normally cooked dodo meat) If you want 5 blockheads, you need to save up 4 of dif..

From: Game Dev

This will only work if you have the trade portal and train yard. You'll need at least 2 steel ingots and 1 wood block. First you go to the train yard and make the ten rails. Then you go to the trade portal and sell them. Each one sells for about 120. But you know how the portal is. So for only 2 steel ingots and 1 wood block, you get about 1,200 go..

From: Cheat Master

The WAY TO SPACE! Stuff needed: Tons of Stone, Sand OR Dirt Tons of Ladders ( If don't have elevator) Elevator (If don't have elevator) Warm clothing or the best one : The North Pole Hat of Warmth Tons of Kelp Food How to get? (Tons of Stone, Sand or Dirt) When it comes to getting alot of blocks, mining is currently the best. Miners always get ston..

From: Jimmy Tham

There is something that some players don't know. At even pole or equator, there is a high pole. They just walk away from it. But up there ,there is a SPECIAL item up there. You cannot climb the pole so build a high line up and take it. Items that are on poles: The North Pole Hat of Warmth The Sunset Skirt of Happiness The South Pole Boots of Speed ..

From: Jimmy Tham

First, these places have something in common. They are extremes and can kill. Space: No air. Extremely cold. Hard to get to there. Need-to-get-there things' numbers are high. The Core: Extremely hot. Harder to get there than space. Need-to-get-there things' numbers are lower than space. I am exausted and I need sleep. I will add more detail when I ..

From: Jimmy Tham

Building Wonders (for EXTREMELY professional players only) Well, this descriptions are not hints ,tips or even tricks but missions for pros. Mission one: Make a world map out of stone. Mission two: Make a statue of yourself. Mission three: Build a 1000X1000 GIANT aircraft base. Mission four: Build a statue that writes "FUCK YOU" The harde..

From: Jimmy Tham

Healing Without the need of food Its like a sauna or a jacuzzi. The main concept is the temperature. How to make: (On land(surface)) 1. Get 5 campfires, 5 buckets of water and 5 glasses. 2. Make a room 5x5. 3. At the bottom row, put all 5 campfires in a row. 4. At the 2nd bottom row , put all 5 glasses in a row. 5. Use all the water to fill up the ..

From: Jimmy Tham

"As we pass through the trees... A monster comes down from the trees... It attacks us! We ran away... After that, we planned an all-out attack on these monsters!!!" -- Mr. BlockyLuvr2865 (Player's name) After I heard this, I've been so angry about Koala Bears! Its time to change the course of the war. We all need weapons , right? The weap..

From: Jimmy Tham

Cave trolls are the strongest hostile in the Blockheads game. Its damage is terrible as only 3 hits to a blockhead will kill the blockhead(exclude the death bar). The strongpoints of a Cave Troll : Super Damage Mobile as a normal blockhead Tons of health Needs no air in swimming Not effected in Magma or either the Space The weakpoints of a Cave Tro..

From: Jimmy Tham

Sharks are the 2nd most dangerous animal in the game. It is 3 times more faster, 2 times smarter and 7 times the numbers of cave trolls. Yet their damage is lower than cave trolls. Sharks attack by charging into the blockhead. The way to confront it is to trap it or capture it with a bucket. Trapping it is by luring it with a blockhead or let it mo..

From: Jimmy Tham

Make sure the blockhead doesn't have any items ( or else you will get confused ). Then make blockhead meditate. When the blockhead is meditating, click furnaces or crafting bench or camp fire or etc. You might be able to find what you will get after meditating. Hopefully it will work..

From: Mylinuxbsd

When you see the tower with freebies-like sunset skirt of happinness, just dig down of that tower until you see no more of the tower then find a pathway made automattically for players to enter then continue and you will find treasures. Continue and you shall find a water source with emeralds, ruby, amethyst...

From: Jadey_rslphy

If you want to make a server, that's cool. But you need to prepare for it. Firstly, you need at least 600 Time crystals to run a server, because now does not allow new servers where you could pay to run it. You can get those 600 to 2000 time crystals in-app-purchases, or saving up by watching videos. Once you have enough time crysta..

From: Hiimnew

Get a sand or sandstone room, about 14 long to 8 tall, for an efficient sized one, big enough to spawn sharks, fill it with water, u can use ice, it will eventually melt if it is warm enough and plant seaweed along the bottom of the aquarium to spawn fish, and fish will eventually spawn sharks if there are enough. put ocean lamps to automatically g..

From: Lil stung

I'm back. Even though, yes, I posted a guide yesterday. A second part to that guide should come out soon. What are cave trolls? Cave Trolls are, so far, the most dangerous mob in The Blockheads. They are blue creatures with long arms and stubby legs that are just a little shorter than a blockhead. They have one eye and visible teeth. If they see a ..

From: Films

This trick will get you all the leather and fur you want. Build a seven long by ten tall stone building (or 10 long by 10 tall). Craft compost and line the bottom of your building with it. Climb to the top of the inside of your building and add lanterns in the corners. Plant pinecones in each of the compost and wait for the trees to grow (they grow..

From: Darragon

Here is a list of things you should know about the blockheads: 1) It saves time if you just go ahead and dig a home underground 2) The grey animals in the pine trees are dropbears. People think that they are monkeys, squirrels, weird things like that. 3) Never go in the woods or to the desert at night. The attacking animals are more powerul at nigh..

From: Mystery~

First thing you need to do is get MUCHO amounts of ice. Then you need to dig a hole at least 18 feet deep or it won't work. Then pit the ice in the hole and let it melt. The dig al the way around the tank and make sure the bottom is either black sand, dirt, or regular sand. The go not in the water but to the bottom outside of where you dug around a..

From: Anonymous


Go to the North Pole wait until the water melts make meditate until the water starts freezing again go tin the water and get frozen then you can sleep or meditate...

From: Mike

First, you press pause on the left corner and the options are many. Pick Get free crystals. From there it says get 20 crystals if you watch a video. Watch it! Then exit from that video. Close everything, then come back and press pause and do the operation again and again. You are able to do this everyday...

From: Batman

Have two block heads in your world and have the both mine the same piece of stone at once. Make sure you are using stone pickaxes. If this works you will get two pieces of stone from that one block, I have used this many times and it works...

From: Blockchampion

If you need/want rare or other items make 2 blockheads on the same world. then make one meditate for a long time and continue playing with your other character. After a while, go back to your 2nd player and there should be some random objects floating in front of them. (This may be a glitch so it might not work)..

From: Charli

Find a biome in which water will often freeze. Create a ditch 2 or 3 blockes long and 1 down, place one bucket of water in the trench so that it partly full of water. When the water freezes and melts the trench will become full of water...

From: CH815

Set up an action which either gets you to 5 apples or 50 (or however many needed) time crystals, and in the time when your blockhead is going to do the action, quickly tap 'warp in' on your portal which would normally get you another blockhead. Tap it as many times as possible before your character has got the items you need for a 2nd/3rd/4th block..

From: mayonnaise1339

To get fifty free time crystals, go to the pause menu, select "get time crystals". Then select "get free crystals". Select the Facebook option. As soon as it redirects you to safari, return to your blockheads app and it will thank you for liking them on Facebook even though you never did...

From: Sevenblue

First you have to drop something in a storm then meditate until it disappears then exit the game then go back on when you go on the level again it will be raining the item you dropped sadly it will stop...

From: Killer pigman

If this makes sense, you'll be filthy rich with t.crystals! To do it, you need 50 crystals, and 5 of the required fruit. First start meditating, then drop the five fruit on the ground. Then tap on them as if you wanted to pick them up. DO NOT STOP MEDITATING IF YOU DON'T WANT TO!!!! Tap on your portal, and it will say that you have enough to get a ..

From: Crystal Dupe

Make a plus sign. i hope it works. me and my friend Jye Did it and i got a emerald. It is all about the how you put it up. now put a Sapphire on the bottom and then put a ruby 1 above the sapphire and put a amethyst 1 above the ruby next put a emerald on the left hand side if you want a sapphire from meditating and then put a diamond on the right n..

From: Heath the duper

Im back and i forgot to add this in my other glitch post that when you have a house you see a wall go inside and make you house 16cmX14cm. Make a plus sign with your gemstones and make all you blockheads meditate and so on you get timecrystals or gemstone i hope it was working for me and i will pass this on to who ever needs help. Heath the dupe *\..

From: Heath the duper

If you are on a server or you are on a local game (not hosting) with enough players, you can duplicate your stuff. Turn off chat notification, then place whatever item or items in a chest and quickly exit the game. This does not work every time, and you have to keep recently obtained stuff in your inventory for a while before duplicating it again. ..

From: Vilhelm

Its me again yes, and merry christmas to all of you who read this, and if there is a birthday to someome happy birthday but i wanna get to the point of blockheads, well most if all it increases thinking and wanting to do architecture when your older also minecraft and survival craft are good aswell for that job. So the glich is when you find a time..

From: Heath the duper

Put down a train station. Have a crowbar in your hand. Press remove on the station. It will give you one track. Press remove again. It will give you a station. Put the station back down and it will be fine. Repeat the prosess to get a lot of tracks. Works on both Singleplayer and Multiplayer...

From: 1TheRandomOne1

While meditating cast your fishing rod through blocks under you into water, not only does this happen but fish will practically instantly come to you, thanks to the meditation's fast forward effect...

From: Meditation Fish

First, craft 10 rails and a crowbar. Second, craft a train station from 3 rails and 3 woods. Third, place the station and then use the crowbar, tap on the station and tap remove. You will get one rail, use your hand to remove the station again. Continue until the crowbar broke. Use it for your railway dream!..

From: Mr.Crowbar

Go to a beach, meditate until there is a lot of ice, destroy as most as you can and then you need too wait/ sleep/ meditate until there comes a big wave with sometimes: Kelp, dead or alive sharks/fishes. The Tsunami flows all the loot to the land but be fast! If you wait too long everything despawns. Hope it's usefull!..

From: TheLonelyBlock

To duplicate dodo eggs, simply place down a block; any kind, anywhere, then put a dodo egg on top. Now, break the block below it. Ta-da! There should be 2 dodo eggs floating on the ground. This is a duplicating way i accidentally found when making a dodo farm. Enjoy...

From: Glitches&Tricks

As we all know, version 1.5 came out and all the duplicating ways are fixed. But luckily, we have found one existing. This is one that my friend told me. Step 1: Hold an item you want to dupe over a chest space, do not let go. Step 2: Double tap home button (the button that is ON the ipad, left or right side of your ipad depending which side your i..

From: TBHCattyKat

You need: A block of dirt, a shop, an item you want to duplicate, and two blockheads. Step one: put dirt block on ground, must have no backwalls, then put shop on top. Step two: put your blockheads on different sides of the shop, take first blockhead and make him put the item you want to duplicate in the shop to sell. Don't exit the shop interface...

From: Lightwavers

What you need: 1. Ladders. 2. Electric elevator motor. 3. Another player (dont work in singleplayer). What you need to do: 1. Ask someone to put ladders down. 2. Put electric elevator motor to same block as the ladder. 3. Remove elevator 2 times. 4. You should have 2 electric elevator motors. Warning! Only tried on android. Enjoy!..

From: BlockHead

Keep in mind that this cheat only works on multiplayers. To do this cheat, you need a shop/market stall and the things you want to duplicate. Place your shop/market stall down but make sure there's no walls and a block beside it, just a block below it. Place the things you want to duplicate in the shop/market stall. Ask your friend to destroy the b..

From: Prince1man

Note: works on cold places only! Create a 3-blockspace hut tub by limestones and campfire, make sure that when you get the campfire the water will turn into ice. Now put one Ice block and let it turn into water then get all campfires. Tadaaa!!! The water will turn into ice...

From: Jadey_ralphy

Setup: 2 blockheads, a chest, an item(has to be 2 of the items or more), very good timing, the blockheads app, admin So u place the chest, then u place the 2 or more items in the chest, then u have 1 blockhead stand back very far, then u have the other blockhead open the chest, then u switch back to the far away blockhead, go to the chest and press..


I am a fairly impatient person, and do not believe in waiting. It takes a good amount of time to craft certain things. But if you're like me, we don't have very many time crystals. So what do we do to get things crafted faster? We jump forward in time. When you are crafting one or more items that take a long time, have your blockhead at maximum ene..

From: Time Traveler

So what you need is two blockheads. Get one of your blockheads to run quite far away from the other and then click on your other blockhead. On this blockhead you will now need to get a chest and a multiple number of the item that you want to dupe. Now go into your chest and make sure that it is empty. Put your items into the bottom right hand corne..

From: Hello

It takes 2 of one kind of item to be able to duplicate it in a chest. The Normal Duplication Glitch: You will need 2 blockheads. You must also have 2 of items of kind. With your first blockheads craft a chest, put 2 items of a kind (example, 2 torches) in the bottom right corner. Then have your second blockheads walk away from the chest. With your ..

From: Time Traveler

The Normal Duplication Glitch for version 1.6 is great and all, but I wasn't satisfied yet, so I looked for something better, the hidden way to duplicate. The Hidden Duplication Glitch is similar the normal one, except you will only need 1 of a desired item to do it. This is great for that moment when you find only 1 diamond or something like that...

From: Time Traveler

Unfortunately, we live in an imperfect world. After you placed the 2 chests in your inventory on the ground, you may have opened 1 and saw your item. But if the other did not have your item, do not panic. It would be pretty cruddy of me to to submit a cheat that doesn't work, right? Here is the solution: If one of the 2 chests from your inventory d..

From: Time Traveler

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Ok. Hi, I've been having trouble with blockheads ever since I got a software update. So one day I come home from school and told her I'd meet her at my world. All of a sudden, it says Connect Error th...

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North Pole South Pole East and West Equator?

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How do you get the materials for the jetpack?

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Posted on: 01-04-2016
Is the moon in 1.5?

I've heard some stuff about a moon with an alien boss battle and lots of gold and if there is a moon dose anyone know how to get there...

From: Animelover404
Posted on: 11-29-2015
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