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This page contains Cheats for The Secret Society: Hidden Mystery organized by sections for iPhone - iPad. This game has "Adventure" as genre, made by G5 Entertainment, released on Nov 21, 2012. If you can't find a hint or secret in our list, then please check this page periodically for the latest updates.

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Boxshot & Details
The Secret Society: Hidden Mystery
  • Developer: G5 Entertainment
  • Publisher: G5 Entertainment
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Release: Nov 21, 2012
  • ESRB: Not Set


Write down the reward you get for completing each collection. Then when you need something like seakers, compasses, or energy go to your list. If you are able to complete the collection again you can get what you need without buying it...

From: MrsB

If your friend sends you something on your list and you do not send them something back, chances are they will stop sending you gifts. Make sure you pay attention to who sends you the gifts you have to say thank you to. These are the people sending you gifts on your wish list. Be a good friend and they will send you gifts everyday. Also visiting fr..

From: MrsB

You can sometimes buy combining items needed to complete a collection for less diamonds/crystals at the collection than at the shop. If you need a combining item just click on the group of 4 combining items at the collection and then you will see the costs. The following are cheaper at these collections than at the shop: At the "Hearts" a..

From: MsCee, JJJ, KaReN

I've noticed this feature: if you have accidentally found some item before it appeared in your quests and you are able to combine a collection with this item already - do it! It will sort of "verify" that you had this item and the quest will be completed. And don't worry about the 6th step of each quest-group, which is "combining a c..

From: Sylar

Below is the list of levels for each picture from lowest level to highest level as of the Treasure Island update (Sept. 2014). Each level is listed as: Level (frame colour*; rate of completion % for each play at level; amount of special items needed to play picture at level**). *Frame decoration is as seen on iPad1 1st gen, and appearance may vary ..

From: Argh

Take a screenshot (home button & power button together). Find the items in the screenshot. For dark screens take screenshot after using a torch. EDIT: Use this tip with caution as it requires that you leave the game to look at the picture you have taken! Your game may close out and lose your search without mistake streak. You could take a pictu..

From: Luvthisgame

Until such a time as G5 get round to letting us put bugs, carrots and fireflies on our wishlists there are two ways you can let your friends know you need them. Currently many people change their names but that costs crystals, only a couple but it soon tots up! Something you can do that is free and can be a little fun is to change your Facebook pro..

From: Zecret Zociety

Among lower level collections, many players combine the toy soldiers in order to get two compasses and 1500 coins. Each set requires 2 small winding keys and 2 small springs to combine it. On the other hand, if you instead combine the books in order to get one compass and 750 coins, and you use one small winding key and one small spring to combine ..

From: KaReN

When choosing your screen name, use a unique name so you can be identified easily. If you use a common name like Mary or Mike there will be others with the same name. When you send a gift the receiver won't know which Mary sent it and could send a return gift to a different Mary. This is further complicated by the limited choice of avatars! Also, d..

From: Deby, Sherlock

Free gifts are called free for a good reason! You don'T have to have the item to give it as a gift, and even if you do have it, you won't be giving it from your inventory *as long as it's not a collection item*! So share the love, people! I'm sure some of you have looked at someone's wish list and thought, "This person is too far ahead of me; ..

From: Lynne

When you enter a code to add a friend you will sometimes get this message: "You entered an incorrect code". This can happen for the following reasons: The code was not provided correctly, sometimes digits and characters look similar to each other - tip to players who provide codes, type them all lower case so digits and characters will be..

From: JJJ

BUILDING ARROWS (OR WHATEVER THE "EVENT" PICTURE REQUIRES) FOR AS GOOD AS FREE Use a luck talisman (gold horseshoe should allow you to get it almost every time) and play Buddha's Square. Even at Magister level this costs a little over 30 energy and using the luck talisman you should get a Cappuccino almost every time - that's 30 energy po..

From: ZecretZociety

Once you have either completed the goal such as levelling up to Academian or the event time finishes, it's a good idea to hoard your arrows (or whatever it is on the current update!). On the Christmas update and the Valentine update, all unused Lanterns (and then Baubles) were converted to Carrots, Ladybugs and Fireflies. You no longer need the ite..

From: ZecretZociety

Sometimes people change their names to reflect whether they need bugs or carrots etc. Remember to try and keep a recognisable part of your name if you do this. You may just get deleted if your friend doesn't realise it's you!..

From: ZecretZociety

A way to find collections you are working on completing, of which you have added collection items to your wish list but may not be at the top of your list, is to look for the red x while scrolling through the collections which shows the "Collection" item you have added to your wish list or one or more of the "Different" combinin..

From: Gewlia

HOW CAN I TIME TRAVEL? This depends on your device specifically, and some don't have the capacity to do it. It involves changing your time settings to enable extra gifting and energy restoration. There are some good existing threads explaining the specifics of how to time travel and issues you may come across. Use the search box to find these. PROS..

From: ZecretZociety

In the top left corner of your screen, below your game name is the Facebook icon, tap this to sign in. You will need to ensure that you have the FB app installed on your device and that Secret Society has permitted access to it in your settings. PROS - You can change your profile picture to that of your FB account. There are awards for publishing t..

From: ZecretZociety

But they just sent me a gift!!? This is the message you receive when your friend's gift box is full (it has a limit of 301 items). You will be able to gift them again when they have emptied some or all of their gifts. If you have tried to send a free gift, it will deduct the failed gift from your 50 per day, but your friend will not receive it. How..

From: ZecretZociety

Each player has a profession that provides a benefit when your friend taps a charged award or plays a picture or puzzle that you have visited. Here is information on each one: Merchant: represented by a coin on friend's avatar, you increase money earned for your friend when they play a picture or puzzle you have visited or is given out when the awa..

From: JJJ

Secret Society is a notoriously glitch game, and it is wise to back up your device and game regularly - your game is NOT stored on G5's servers as far as we can tell, and if your game crashes without a back up your game is almost certainly lost. The back up procedure is different for each device. iDevices are relatively simple and can be backed up ..

From: ZecretZociety

THERE ARE THREE CATEGORIES OF GIFTS: FREEBIES - (anything on the send a gift tab) which you can send 50 per day, one per person. This does not "cost" you anything. COLLECTION ITEMS - which you can send 10 per day - distributed as you choose, ie you can send all ten to one person if you wish. THANKYOUS - These are the little wrapped boxes ..

From: ZecretZociety

HOW DO I PUT ITEMS ON MY WISH LIST? Go to the "Collections" tab at the bottom of your screen and open it up. For collection items, find the item in your list and click the green plus sign and it will be added to your wish list (displayed across the top of the tab). For Elements, you will need to click one of the boxes next to a collection..

From: ZecretZociety

WHY SHOULD I VISIT MY FRIENDS? If your friends see that you visit them, they will hopefully reciprocate (particularly important if there is an event such as Valentines that requires their input!) You get XP points for charging awards or pictures which help you level up in the game (if you are close to levelling up but have run out of energy, visit ..

From: ZecretZociety

If your friend sends you something on your list and you do not send them something back, chances are they will stop sending you gifts. Make sure you pay attention to who sends you the gifts you have to say thank you to. These are the people sending you gifts on your wish list. Be a good friend and they will send you gifts everyday. Also visiting fr..

From: ZecretZociety

When you enter a code to add a friend you will sometimes get this message: "You entered an incorrect code". This can happen for the following reasons: The code was not provided correctly, sometimes digits and characters look similar to each other - tip to players who provide codes, type them all lower case so digits and characters will be..

From: ZecretZociety

There is no way to summon an anomaly or a particular mode to a picture except: TEXT mode will always appear if you BANISH an anomaly. CURSE mode will always appear after playing a picture with an anomaly (this is the ONLY way to get this mode). If you have one anomaly in a picture but have a task requiring a different anomaly, the anomaly can chang..

From: ZecretZociety

All tools are available to win for turning in collections and achieving certain awards. They are also available to buy in the shop. The following tools can be bought for coins: COMPASS LANTERN TIME MACHINE Some tools can be found by playing certain pictures: SEEKER'S EYE - Japanese House and Venice COMPASS - Polar Station and Throne Room LANTERN - ..

From: ZecretZociety

SEEKER'S EYE - Points out the location of one object but does not remove it. (In pairs mode it will point to both of the items at the same time) COMPASS - Lasts for 30 seconds. The compass points in the direction of one item at a time. It starts in the middle of the screen but you can move it around. When it is near to an object, that object will l..

From: ZecretZociety

WHAT ARE TALISMANS AND AMULETS? Talismans and amulets are game boosters to increase the amount of coins earned, increase your chances of finding an item, increase your experience and increase the speed of energy restoration. WHAT ARE ARTEFACTS? Artefacts are much the same as talismans and amulets, but offer higher levels of boosting over a longer p..

From: ZecretZociety

There are currently 8 Awards that sit across the top of your desktop. Apart from the Pyramid and Sphere, these awards have 10 levels each, 5 stars and then 5 crowns - the crown levels are colour coded, level 1 - Pink, level 2 - Green, level 3 - Blue, level 4 - Red, level 5 - Gold. From left to right, the awards are: Collector - upgraded by completi..

From: ZecretZociety

I have not seen this mentioned on here or on the tips but you can use the seekers eye to clear a yellow lit square with the seekers eye. This particularly helpful on a more difficult board with little niches that can make lining up color really difficult. I always try to have a couple in my arsenal when I do this puzzle...

From: Jill

To find out your own profession - select 'friends' tab on main page; select 'top 1000' tab; select 'friends only' tab (bottom left); tap 'find me' tab (bottom right); tap on yourself to see all your achievement levels and your profession icon. Hope this helps :)..

From: Sue

To make it easier for you to remember which tasks you still have to complete and what you must do to complete them, a smart idea is to make a text document listing all of them. You should also update it as you complete a task. It's much easier to check the document you have made versus trying to scroll through 20 to 30 unfinished tasks looking for ..

From: NU Wildcat

Before using a food item for more energy, be sure to check your status bar in the upper left hand corner that will tell you how close to leveling up you are. Try not to add too much energy if you are close to a new level. If you don't have enough energy to play a picture, the game will suggest you use the lowest value item that will cover the energ..

From: RatSeeker

In brief - when a friend puts a combining element on their wish list and you haven't unlocked that element for gifting yet, you can open it as long as you DON'T have enough crystals - yes this is true for updated ipad players and you will be thanked with 60 crystals as long as you follow the steps below - amazing trick! Find a friend wanting a comb..

From: Sue

As you know, the higher you go in the Memory Match game the more cards you get to match off and this can prove quite challenging, especially if you get distracted or have to pause the game. This trick will help and all you will need is a Seekers Eye (or two) and another device to take a snapshot of the screen. Activate a Seekers Eye at the beginnin..

From: Sue

While you can use a Seeker's Eye to clear one of the yellow squares in this puzzle, be extremely careful about using one in the last 4 seconds, as there's a glitch that causes the game to freeze if the Seeker's Eye hasn't cleared the square before the clock runs out. When the game freezes, it's usually necessary to close the game and restart it, wh..

From: Sully

First you need to be running the time talisman ~ the 'artefact' you get that adds 60 seconds to each pic/puzzle play for 24 hours. Then, you need to let the time run out. When the pop-up box asks if you want to continue, use the time machine. When you go back to the pic, the timer starts at 1:00 and then you see the clock rewind the 45 seconds. You..

From: CherylKIND

Totally exit/shutdown the game (powering off then on your device is one way to do this) If you have many friends in your waiting room (wr), tap the x to remove them (usually low level players under level 5 and/or players that have been there for more than a week) If you have many actual friends I notice that this will slow some things down in the g..

From: JJJ

These are the gem match combinations for Gem Match within the game. 3 gems in a row - normal 4 gems in a row across - stripe gem going up 4 gems in a row down - stripe gem going across 5 gems in a row - rainbow gem 5 or more gems in a cross pattern - bomb gem (also when in a 90 angle) Combo with normal gems and stripe - cross knockout Combo with no..

From: Grey

There are various ways you can get extra arrows, carrots, fireflies and ladybugs. 1. You can add the ones you want to YOUR avatar or Facebook name eg SueArrows, SueLB's or SueLB/FF etc. 2. You can add the 'code items' for the ones you want to your wish list. Current list of code items: Arrows = Cupid's bow from the Legendary Bows collection Carrots..

From: Sue

Whether you are a lower level player unable to gift Carrots, Arrows, Ladybugs or Fireflies, or just want to be a most helpful friend, the information below will help. First: Discern your friend's need. Obviously, check thier name, but also what their wishlist is asking for. Here are some commons requests I have seen, what the collection reward is a..

From: Navers

I'm not taking credit for all of these. Some I use myself, some I've picked up from other people's posts here. Try to have have Seeker's Eyes and Time Machines available! Blocks Generally moving all the blocks left and down helps. Seeker's Eye- Removes 1 block. Pipes Start by going around the board with the outside tiles then work your way in once ..

From: RatSeeker

Magicians decrease energy required by about 10% so try to select pictures that require the most energy. When working pictures, especially those with anomalies, get help from a magician to same the most energy...

From: Nathan5907

Sometimes you are tasked with finding something when you already have one. If the item can be placed on your wish list, you can give the item to a friend, then have the friend give it back to you. When you receive it, your task will be complete. Make sure your friend has the same collection available to them. I sent an item to a kindle player that ..

From: Nathan5907

When you gift a friend, gift the item that is farthest to the right on their wishlist. Items in the wishlist are in order from lowest to highest according to the level required to give that gift. Higher level players should never gift a spring when their friend is also requesting a screw. If you want to help your friends let the lower level players..

From: Trevor

By installing the game on another device you own, you can become one of your own friends. I play on my tablet and also on my phone. Once I installed the game on my phone, I friended myself. When you need a particular item it is often available in one of your games, you then gift it to yourself. Voila! You have the collection or combining item you n..

From: Crash


*Not tested, just something I noticed* I am playing on a Samsung Galaxy S4 phone (Android Jellybean OS - before upgrade to KitKat). At night before going to sleep, I would leave my game on the screen and push the button to put my phone to sleep. I would immediately plug it in to charge for the night. In the morning when I got up and went to play, m..

From: nitey4ever
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