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This page contains Cheats for Brothers In Arms 2: Global Front organized by sections for iPhone - iPad. This game has "Adventure" as genre, made by Gameloft, released on Feb 22, 2010. If you can't find a hint or secret in our list, then please check this page periodically for the latest updates.

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Brothers In Arms 2: Global Front
  • Developer: Gameloft
  • Publisher: Gameloft
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Release: Feb 22, 2010
  • ESRB: Not Set


This is a very easy and the safest way to get free ammo, granades, first aid. this trick well also cool down the missions which you failed to complete. the trick is to go to settings/ date and time settings/ add +1 day to the present date and than play the game. missions will had been cooled down and you will get free ammo/ granades/ firstaid kit. ..


Whenever you are on an MG, and you see a halftrack incoming, you can immediately take out the bazooka (if you have it) and destroy it with a single rocket. That way, less men will come since halftracks transport soldiers and destroying the halftrack will kill all men inside it...

From: Storm75

In the mission Hot Corner in the European campaign, two guys will attack you from the left after finishing the first wave. When there is one more guy left do not shoot him with the MG. Exit MG mode and kill the last one with your gun and crouch. That way, you can quickly turn to shoot the men that are trying to flank you and you are in cover from m..

From: Storm75

Hey This is how to get 8 free grenades... 1) get on Burning Bunker In Prologue 2) Dont go to machine gun 3) turn left and go past the half wall and go to the glowing green box 4) Run to the right and ace box and u pick up 8 grenades 5)quit mission and use em and go back again..


In Sicily mission the ruin: don't watch the intro video. It makes you have less health to start with. Skip the intro video to have extra starting health...

From: JungleStalker14

In hold the city, evacuate the main square, shoot two Germans. And there is a door to your left. Enter that door and you will find a Thompson submachinegun. Climb the stairs to the balcony. Then, Schumacher will say that medics (and Germans) are on their way. Shoot all the Germans and ko a tank that comes in. Exit thru the door to the left (not the..

From: Flanker

When you enter a level go to shop and you can change your weapons during the level...

From: BiA2 pro

Go to europe then click the regroup mission then drive the car / jeep dont get close to enemies if you die there come back again there so youve gonna earn LOTS LOTS of money!..

From: TheBIA2Guy

Just keep on firing outdoor guys in the 2nd barn after rescuin the 1st guy.When colonel shouts: "they're everywhere!" shoot guys from right to left until only one guy remain in front of the 1st barn.Dont kill him until rescuin the 2nd guy :) its important running to rescue him immediately after one german guy left. Enjoy killing the rest ..

From: dubdi

If you shoot players on your own team the next time they see you they will have Red Crosshairs and will kill you also most of the time your teammates WILL attack you for no reason this will probably happen with the enemy eventually you will be in "free for all" which is Everyman for them self...

From: Newworldmatt

*You must bring your sniper and lots and lots of bullets for this *You must NOT use any grenades for this 1. Go to the Last AA in Sicily 2. Crouch on the first trench as instructed 3. Eliminate all enemies (4 of them) that are not near the machine gun. 4. Use your ironsight to eliminate the two guys on the machine gun. After you eliminated them, th..

From: Dispopulate

When u take down a german tank, use iron sight of your bazooka. In the steel soldier missions, ignore the tanks when they come head on. But instead go past them and hit their rear in one shot and they die...

From: ME

If you want to buy medkits at a cheaper price, specificly the 2-kit and 10-kit packs, go to the shop menu. Press the "Top 10" section and then press the medkit section. The 2-kit pack will go from 18 dogtags to 10 dogtags and the 10-kit pack will go from 80 dogtags to 22 dogtags. I hope you have a surplus of medkits!..


If you watch the videos for the free medals whenever the option pops up, this will be great for you. Once you finished watching all the videos you can before the notification says there are no videos left, immediately hold down the off button of your iPhone, iPod, etc. and shut the phone down. Once it is off, turn it back on again, DIRECTLY go to t..


Go to the Europe campaign then go to the "Regroup" mission and drive and the corporal should shooting the Germans, if you die you can repeat it so you got lot of dog tags...

From: Random

If you look where your medikits are (top left) there will be a number inside a grey circle. The number shows how many medikits you have. If you tap the number you will get one medikit. The grey circle will disappear and it will start appearing again from the top. This shows how long you have until you can get your next medikit. Another thing that a..

From: MartinWarrior

If you need dogtags for a bazooka (like me) simply do this: go to "radio tower" repeat 10 times you should ha 90 more tags...

From: simosim90

I'll make this as simple as possible. Go to Rat Tunnels, in Pacific. Do NOT ho into the tunnels, run backwards and around the corner until you see a spot of light on the ground. You will 'start' another mission, just do what Neissman tells you. At the MG post, kill the guy in it. Another guy will run out of a tent on the left. Keep shooting the ten..

From: Spazattack

In fancy road go on the bridge without killing the germans behind you and when cpl schumacer told you to go flank the germans under the bridge, when you got up look behind you and theres a box of grenade launcher there...

From: Cpl. Wilson

Go to the Last AA in Sicily. And after you kill all the Germans at the roadblock you will automatically get off the tank. Then turn around and run Over to the bridge without killing any of the Germans behind you and there in front of you will be a box with light sub machine gun which is a Thompson...

From: Free Thompson

A more in depth guide has been constructed by StealthyNubcake complete with screenshots. It can be found at,74815.0.html Here is the complete list of all the locations for anyone's interest if they are having difficulty finding some. Prologue *Seashore 1 - Right of door before entry of beach house. *Radio Station ..

From: REM

Go to burning bunker mission and turn around to your back theres box of grenades there. Go to Prologue and Seashore, before you use the MG, turn around to your back and theres the grenades...

From: Cpl. Wilson

In hold the city (sicily) go the first building. Ignore all germans and go to main square. Go out of the main square (not where you entered the main square) then you should see a building. Go inside then you'll get a thompston.Kill enemies from the balcony. Destroy the upcoming tank. Go down the left stairs (not where you entered the balcony) and s..

From: flad

You will need a grenade launcher (required), lots of ammo (suggested), and unlock the mission: Nightfall in Pacific. Progress through the mission, and reach the Japanese camp. When you flank left, instead of passing the second tent, jump over the boxes by the campfire. Run out on the road, and repeatedly shoot your grenade launcher at the door wher..

From: Easy Dog Tags

When you go to multiplayer, equip a grenade launcher. The reason: when you equip it in multiplayer, sometimes you get free dogtags. I got 6000 dogtags in an hour with this. Enjoy!..

From: BurningSoldier

In the mission "low ground" of you don't go to the first checkpoint and just rush up the side of the bridge ( follow the path ). Then turn left after getting on top of the bridge you will see two nazis looking into nothing, go to the one on the far left. You can continue to kill him as he respawns. Look around there are other spawns in wh..

From: Sandfox

You need the M30 schermeizer to do this. When Cpl. Hartley said 'Wilson, help the wounded soldier' for the 2nd time, instead of healing the guy, just shoot all the enemy soldiers and jeeps as fast as you can. Then if you shot many, you might just finish the mission. Hope this tip helps..

From: Book

You can use any type of grenade to do this. Just target a halftrack then throw 3 grenades onto it then it will get destroyed. This is good if you dont have a bazooka. Hope this helps..

From: Book

Ok when some one has a bazooka its easy to avoid getting hit with it: 1) when shot at move back and forth and to side to doge bazooka 2) hide behind something and change weapon to m1918 3) aim at the bazooka guy and shoot 4) or throw a grenade 5) this will only doge bazooka rockets..

From: MC NA$TY

To get more dog tags you can go to the Prologue to Burning Bunker. Each time you finish it you can get 100 something. So do 30 times you can get a Bazooka!..

From: SoHelpfulGuy

Go to survival free then watch the whole intro video and once the survival has begun, you look at your left run to there and don't go back to the truck then after you finished, the thing up top says "You reached: M31-Devastor". That means you actually got a M31-Devastor for FREE!!!..

From: TheHobo123

First you need to beat The Last AA, then go to the level monster gun. Monster gun is super easy to beat, and it takes about one to two minutes and you usually get about one hundred dogtags...

From: Us

Ok so when you start hold the city do the beginning until you get to the open area then run straight foreward until you see a door on your left go up there do the mission destroy the tank and go down the farthest door to your left and your at gray church then when you get to the gate where the mg is you can shoot the guys in there for as long as yo..

From: Jackpot

In Sicily do Monster Gun and kill the enimies on the bottom in the ruins and they just get replaced. Don't worry about the tanks because they won't hurt you...

From: AA master

This are the step to get a lot of XP and DogTags Things needed: - Sniper - Some other guns - Around 300 bullets Steps: Go to "The Last AA" in Slicy Move to where the Green Circle thingy goes Kill all the Enemies which is not near the guy with the machine gun Use the iron sigthing for the sniper kill both the guy who is shooting and the gu..

From: BIA2 Cheater

In the chapter the last AA when u start there will be a box of grenades that your supposed to use to take out some soldiers instead take the box let them kill you and repeat until u have the desired amount of grenades...

From: The Boss

In the mission flanking in Sicily the first objective is to flank the mg nest. So you go around, but you don't go inside because you have to shoot from the outside. The nazis inside will keep respawning, so you get 20 seconds to shoot the crap out of them...

From: Spawn trap

In Fancy Road-Sicily, when your tank KABOOM, do not kill the Germans, at the back of you there is a bridge. Walk to the sidewalk then you can go to the bridge, (Warning:don't go on the road, it has something like a force field.)then slowly walk back until you do bridge head and bridge end. When you reach a MG 42, then keep shooting until cpl Schuma..

From: Powsir Dude

In the red smoke mission there are secret traps high voltage go t the house see if there is enemy staying if there no enemy stay in that house in 3 min you will die regain again ang go to the house after the mission you have an unlimited dog tags...

From: kimi

Go to the prologue, do the mission Burning Bunker and keep repeating the mission over and over again. You can get a high combo multiple times you do the mission. NOTE you must take out the bazooka troopers or you will get seriously injured...

From: Easy Dog Tags

Tip: 1. Go in the mission called night fall. 2. When the soldier tells you to flank the mg from the left don't go to flank. 3. Keep shooting the enemy's spawning from the tent. Note: the enemys will not stop. I continuously shooted enemy's 15 mins with generade launcher and got more than 6,000 thousand dog tags...

From: Gamer yashjjj

First pick night fall then take the patrols and all other enemies until you get to the point where your suppose to flank the enemies then go take out the tanks and the enemies until you see the Kilroy symbol and avoid the green circle and hide in the tall grass get the shot gun and keep on shooting at the midol of the tent and the machine gun your ..

From: Someone

Go to rat tunnels in pacific, don't enter the tunnel in the beginning. Instead backtrack until u enter the previous mission. Clear all troops and stop at the last mg. U MUST HAVE A FLAMETHROWER. Equip ur flamethrower and approach the bunker by the mg. aim the flamethrower at the bunker and get in the very front of it. Soldiers should keep coming ou..

From: Eric

Equipment -M30 Schmeizer... Get into the first barn. Do what you need to do. You don't have to destroy those halftracks. Get into the second barn (as Cpl. Schumaker orders). Stay low. Don't rescue the wounded soldiers first. Kill all the Germans. Then get out to help the wounded soldiers. You must be quick before the Germans got back to their posit..

From: HEP

Weapons recommended: Schmiezer and Phs-100 and LOTS of ammo Instructions: When you start the level run up to the archway and kill the Germans on the balcony but DO NOT keep going! Stay on the archway and kill the Germans below. They just keep spawning! I have earned over 10k dog tags and 5 levels!..

From: Mr.Bia2

In single player, campaign, go to Sicily the map [Fancy Road], you will be on a tank, shooting with a machine gun. Go ahead and play, until your tank get destroy, you will dismount the tank, don't shoot any enemies, behind you, there is a bridge, go straight to it, you might not get in, because you need to get in from the very right side of the bri..

From: Terminator

At first I know you don't have much dog tags, just go to single player, campaign, prologue mission [Burning Bunker]. You get to use machine gun, and not wasting ammo. Then get a better gun, pass prologue, get to Africa the last mission [Our Fort]. You get like almost 200 dog tags each time without wasting you own ammo. I did it until I earned a gre..

From: Terminator

Everyone wants to get medals so that they can get the big guns like the browning etc even though they can save for an m7 grenade launcher which is a good weapon for both campaign and multiplayer. But some people also want the guns which cost for medals. So heres the tip. Go to setting/ date and time settings/ set time. When you go there increase 1 ..

From: Abdul wahid 47

You can earn much xp and dogtags easier in the Last AA mission. You need to bring MIGarand, Bazooka, schmeitzer and LOTS of ammo for MI Garand. Once it starts, don't move anywhere. Just crouch and shoot enemy using garand. The fun begins when you shoot germany in the MG nest. In the place where you crouch, the MG won't hit you. Shoot every solder c..

From: Sgt. Teguh

This guide tells the easy missions that gives you dogtags without the hassle. Campaign 1 - Prologue - Radio Station Campaign 2 - Tunisia - Blocked Way Campaign 3 - Sicily - Monster Gun, Fancy Road Campaign 4 - Europe - Regroup Campaign 5 - Pacific - Black Hole, Upside Down Cheers! Enjoy it...

From: TheBIA2Guy


I am not sure if this is a cheat or not, but in flanking, at the start, once you get them to retreat the game does a skip and takes you to a balcony or fortified position. Once there you are supposed to stay put and just shoot the germans as they come to you. One night i got really drunk and went to chase the germans. I discovered you can push the ..

From: Dr Dre

All you need is to go into multiplayer mode be in normandy and be ally. When start you must see the allies flag. Then come to the wall with two lines. After that, when you come to that wall you must assume a cover position behind it. Then, you pust your control circle somewhere left or right whatever. Then you are in the wall. And the only way you ..

From: Burnhell

When you need to flank the bunker you shoot your bazooka every time in the bunker and the enemies will reappear and you can clear the bunker without needing to flank it...

From: Themadvaper

On the mission RADIO STATION at the end of the level when the tank comes get the anti tank weapon but DO NOT SHOOT YET. After you get the anti tank weapon go over to the radio then face the radio.ON YOUR LEFT the wall with two windows walk to the middle of them and then walk in to it...

From: BattleMaster101

In the multiplayer matches you get a medal for completing a daily challenge. Once you have finished your daily challenge go setings and change your date to the next day. Open bia2 you will recive a daily reward and if you play a full multiplayer match you will be rewarded with a medal...

From: Bia2

Go to sicily go to the first aa gun Turn around and if you see the fire go there If you do not go there crouch there Your there now just go stariht and if cpl. Ira get in there soilder go there You will do that again Note:you can only do that per one in the mission..

From: Unknown

In Sicily on multiplayer, a glich that you can di is go underneath the balconies and take your flamethrower and start shooting flames at the balcony. The flame is visible up top but normally, people don't notice it and they die immediatly...

From: Anonymous

In the original Brothers in arms go to multiplayer and go to normandy. Select americans and go to the edge of the wall by the grenades. Hit the button to get to cover by thge wall by the peices of "wood" and get in the middle of the V of wood. Hit the button to cover there and keep tapping it. you can then glitch in the wall and hide in t..

From: Vipersfang

First start bia2 then if you get daily reward accept it exot the app go to settings > general > date and time then switch off automatic time settings change the time to +1 day and open the app again you'll notice that you got daily reward again keep doing this and you will get unlimited ammo and grenades etc. WARNING: after you change the dat..

From: ghostrider

This is not a helpful glitch where it can benefit you. This is just a unique thing about the SNP Dragon sniper. When you press the aim button, look at the gun itself immediately. In the middle of the transition from hip-fire to ironsight, the appearance of the Dragon will change into the other sniper, M1 Garand M84. Do not worry, though, the damage..


Basically, in the shop find the 10medikit pack for 80 dog tags. Then go to the top ten, then go back to the medikits page. You will find that the price of some of the packs has decreased a lot. For instance the 10pack for 80 dog tags now costs 22 dog tags (70% reduction). This is very useful to buy lots of medikits for less...

From: MartinWarrior

When you start, just don't move and defeat the enemy people. After a while, you realize they never go out! Just use slow shots after time, though or else you'll lose your ammo. It worked for me...

From: BurningSoldier

First, go to any MG. To use the MG, do NOT hold the fire icon(this causes the MG to overheat.) You don't move anywhere on a MG. So, rapidly tap on the fire icon and turn anywhere you can turn. The tip will not get MG overheated, but it causes a little bit lower rate of fire. I hope this help! :)..

From: MyNameIsPr0123

Hello guys, when u start the last mission of prologue, pvt.harris dies(he died three times in the game but I not going to tell it this time.). Dont wait for him to die go away from there to the long grasses you will get a flame thrower which will stay with you for the whole mission...

From: Kkan9

On the level Low Ground in Sicily, when the rookie moves forward to his first cover, pass the first yellow cilinderand go to the top of the bridge and behind the crates. There will be Nazis shooting machine guns in the opposite direction. When you kill them new soldiers will appear. Bring a lot of ammo and kill till your board you'll level up quick..

From: meman 7

On the level low ground if you go to the place where nazis come from the stairs u will see a nazi named Pvt. Harris there who died in prologue...

From: GlitchyRapist

Go to the mission called rat tunnels, and run back ( the end of the map ) and you will go back to the last mission(Nightfall) and you finish the mission,then you will see infinite people spawning in a tent. Keep firing for XP and dogtags. (Flamethrower will do best)..

From: Lt. Wilson

When you are at the radio station part rush a head of neissman and blow up the radio station and the tank will appear. Then return to neissman and follow him to the radio station then blow it up again. A second tank will spawn and the first one will not despawn. You only need to destroy one. Also you can destroy the tanks as you did in Enter the ci..

From: Clueless

In the last level of prologue when you go to the grass while there's still enemies behind you'll get a free flame thrower and if you don't collect the dropped one it won't run out of fuel...

From: Epic

EPIC CHEAT! Infinite Spawn area for infinite dog tags/EXP! You will need: A Flamethrower Pacific campaign unlocked (second area) 2nd mission in the second area. Now: Select the mission "Rat Tunnels" Start the mission regularly incinerating the enemies with the flamethrower (OPTIONAL) Complete the objectives instead of the part where the t..

From: DudenotcooL!

Note: Your weapon must be "M30 Schmeizer" Go to the "Hold The City" part of the game, when you enter the area where you're surrounded by enemies hold your positions, and after the soldier say "They're counter-attacking, we must hold our positions" kill the 3 or 4 enemies then keep advancing north until a scene shows up..

From: mrhelpful

Click on hold the city mission. Then do the mission until you reach the three soldiers together. Kill the soldiers using m7 grenade launcher. Then dash to the left side of the screen. There will be a house with stairs. On reaching the house cpl Schumacher will explain what to do. To do this you must have m7 g launcher or m1a9 bazooka. On destroying..

From: Kart

In the level, "monster gun" DO NOT ENTER THE AA TURRET! Go right to the wall, and shoot the guys in front of the cliff. DO NOT SHOOT THE TANK ON THE CLIFF, it won't hurt you, just shoot the Soldiers. They just keep coming, I got all my guns and ammo doing this...

From: Xitrow

Go to Okinawa first level "nightfall" when it seems like the end, your squad sends you around a tent to flank an MG but DO NOT blow up the tanks. If u kill the MG, he will keep coming and u get massive kill streak...

From: Giants85
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