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This page contains Cheats for Minecraft organized by sections for Macintosh. This game has "Adventure First-Person" as genre, made by Notch, released on May 10, 2009. If you can't find a hint or secret in our list, then please check this page periodically for the latest updates.

Boxshot & Details
  • Developer: Notch
  • Publisher: Mojang Ab
  • Genre: Adventure First-Person
  • Release: May 10, 2009
  • ESRB: Not Set

Game Hints

Tnt cannon (creative only)

To make a tnt cannon first you have to dig a 3x3 hole and 1 deep, then you fill it with obsidian, then make a ring of obsidian around the hole and fill the hole with water. AFTER THAT you put a block in the middle above the water and then put a pressure plate on it, then put tnt around the block with the pressure plate and you got ur own tnt cannon.

michael ;p, Oct 4, 2013

Spleef multiplayer game

Many Minecraft players like to play a free-for-all game called "Spleef". It basically consists of two or more players creating a square stadium (approximately 15 to 20 blocks long or wide) that is floating or above lava or water. The object of the game is to destroy the blocks (stone and dirt are best) around your opponents either with or without tools. Players can choose whichever tools to use, but you can also set rules (for example, no diamond pickaxes). The goal is for the players to try and make their opponents fall through the stadium to eliminate them. The last player standing is the winner.

Spazzman29, Aug 30, 2016

Making obsidian

Obsidian is a block that takes 15 to 50 seconds to collect. It requires 15 seconds with a diamond pickaxe, and 50 seconds with anything else. If you are wanting to make a near-indestructible building or structure, obsidian the best choice. Sometimes it is naturally occurring, but often times it must be manually made. First, you will need to find flat lava that is not flowing. Then, collect water with a bucket, and put the water onto the lava. Alternately, find flat water and collect lava. A blackish-purplish block should appear, which is obsidian, and requires a long time to collect. It is much easier to just spawn obsidian, but you will need a mod to be able to spawn it in Single Player mode.

Space cookie, Aug 30, 2016

Avoid getting lost and know when near the ground

Newer players often like to explore, but once they stop exploration, especially in an abandoned mine, they get lost and end up somewhere totally different, away from home. Short of remembering where you last slept and copying the X, Y, and Z values for future editing back to spawn/preferred place, use the following tricks to never get lost:

  • Explore systematically: If you find a fork in the road, or multiple forks, take them one at a time. When you reach an end, and mining near it yields nothing, then either mark it or use a common block (like gravel) to seal a path off.
  • Set breadcrumbs: While mining and exploring, be sure to mine up bits of the floor, using cobblestone or a block different from the floor as a pointer to the way out; or an ore block to note an intersection, so you have something to identify where you began later. While this will damage your pick more, knowing the way back is more valuable than a tool, especially since the wooden planks in abandoned mines are abundant.
  • Keep natural landmarks: Scoop up the first source of water that leads to nowhere, but leave everything else. Some of the water flowing from walls may be useful for exploration. Also, if there is lava out of your way, do not go out of your way to put it out -- it emits light, which may be encased in a structure with glass (panes) as natural lighting.
  • Know the way outside, and know when there is lava: Torches emit a bright light that fades into warmer tones. Lava has a brighter radius of light, meaning its brightest point is larger. If you see light that you did not create, then it is obviously a lava pool. Outside light on the other hand uses cooler tones. When you are near ground, it does not have the warmth of torch light, taking on a more fluorescent white color near the rock, or at night time, a light shade of blue.

Bloodytears16, Aug 30, 2016

Infinite Water Supply

There are a lot of reasons that you'll want to have a Bucket of Water on your hands (fire, building, farming, irritating friends, making a moat, etc.), but it can get really irritating having to run down to the ocean every tie you want some. Follow this quick tutorial, and you can have a small, endlessly full pool of water wherever you want it!

You'll need an Iron Bucket and the ability to dig into the floor a little.

  • Dig a 2 by Hole in the ground that is 1 square deep
  • Fill your bucket/s with water from the ocean or a lake. You only need 2 deposits, so taking 2 buckets is recommended.
  • Bring the water back to your base and pour 1 Bucket in each corner of the square in the ground.

If done correctly, you should have a still 2 by 2 pool of water. Every time you take a bucket and use it on any of the squares, the others refill it to fullness.

A simpler version by Ry: You will need 2 water buckets. Now dig a STRAIGHT line with 3 holes like this: If "=" equals a line, make this "===". Dig 3 holes STRAIGHT and then put 1 water bucket in each end and then get the Water from the middle and the water well keep regening so the water is Infinite.

Rigormortiis, Jul 6, 2011
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Game Easter Eggs

Various References

  • Donkey Kong: You can find a painting of the arcade version of Donkey Kong.
  • International Karate+: The painting of the two martial artists is from the game International Karate+.
  • King's Quest series: The painting with the man that wears a red shirt with white skin is Graham from the King's Quest series.
  • Space Quest series: The paintings with the spider and Graham represent the scenery from the Space Quest series.

Jameskukuru, Apr 15, 2016

Getting to the void offline, single player

I don't know if this is obvious to everyone but me, probably is, but there is a way to get into the void that works. Build an ender portal and travel to the end (if you don't know how to do that you basically get these ender frames, i think that there called that, anywway, use em to build a 4x4 square on the ground and miss out the corners. Put the eye of enders into these frames, the last one must face inside the portal!!!!) and fall off. You'll die. That's the void. Trust me, it isn't amazing, its just falling into space and dieing slowly xx

LeahLocust, Aug 25, 2013

Seed with sandstone well

This is the seed creepercat and it will be in the sand biome and you will start in a snow biome so just look from there for the sand biome.

Master JD Funk, Oct 2, 2013

Herobrine Easter Egg

In the tutorial world of Minecraft Xbox 360 version lies secrets. Im not talking about the music disks or the hidden weapons or the many different areas to explore. Im talking about Herobrine. The far left corner of the map(on the bottom) lies a cave. You may have to dig around a little to find a hole. Also you might want to have some torches. Once you find it be prepared to fight some mobs if your not on peaceful. The cave goes on pretty far. Watch out for the lava as well on the floor. DONT BRING ANY SPECIAL ITEMS WITH YOU! You may lose them. When you reach the end of the cave, it may seem to be a wall. Breaking through it, you will see a sign. What the sign says varies from game to game. I will let you see for yourself.

Vexsio, Dec 27, 2013

Game Glitches

Duplicate the easiest and best way

This is how you duplicate on Minecraft:Xbox360 edition. It works 100% of the time if you're good at it. It's easier than it looks, I just had to put a lot of words to describe it. So, first you need a chest. Make sure nobody is near you, then if u have, for example, nine diamonds, then craft them into a block of diamond. NOTE: This will only work if nobody is near you and it works on other stuff, wich i will tell you what it works on at the end. Also, you need to have a chest and classic crafting can't be on. You also have to be good at pressing buttons at the same time and pressing buttons fast. YOU ALSO NEED A CRAFTING TABLE IF YOU WANT IT TO GO MUCH FASTER!

Ok, so now that you have a block of diamond, put it into the slot in your hand that is selected(you can see it in your hand.) Now use the chest but at the same time press start. NOTE: YOU HAVE TO PRESS LEFT TRIGGER ON THE CHEST TO OPEN IT BEFORE YOU PRESS START OR ELSE YOU WILL HAVE TO TRY OVER AND OVER TILL YOU GET IT RIGHT! To do this, you simply press left trigger a millisecond before you press start. (Easier than it sounds.) If you did it correctly then when you exit the pause menu, the chest should be opened but you're not in the chest's interface. If so, then quickly throw the diamond block by pressing 'B' (you should be far enough away so that you dont pick it up) NOTE: VERY IMPORTANT! You have to do it before you see the chest closing or else it won't work. It gets easy to do like 30-40 blocks at a time once you get the hang of it. THIS WILL ONLY WORK 100% OF THE TIME IF YOU ARE FAST AND KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING!

So now that you threw the block you should still sew it in your hand because of the chest open but no interface glitch. Now press 'X' to open the crafting interface. NOTE: DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT USE THE CRAFTING TABLE AT THIS POINT OR ELSE THE CHEST WILL CLOSE! Now go to the last tab and craft your block into 9 diamonds. Now exit the interface and pick up your original diamond block. Now craft the 9 diamonds into another diamond block and repeat, but remember, always throw all of what you're duplicating or else you'll end up with less. I would recommend to stop making them into blocks when you're at around 20-30 because it's easier that way. You now have infinite diamonds! NOTE: Don't use all of your blocks to craft stuff or else you won't have infinite anymore. ALWAYS KEEP THE 20 BLOCKS SO YOU CAN DUPLICATE MORE LATER! You don't want to run out!

Now I will tell you what this can be used on: Diamonds, Gold, Coal, Iron, Emeralds, Redstone, Lapis, NOT CHARCOAL BECAUSE IT CAN'T BE MADE INTO A BLOCK! Also there is a different way for duplicating something into something else but still being able to duplicate it into it again. For that one you do the same thing just instead of turning it into a block in the beginning, you don't! So i will tell you now how to do that, then i will say what it works on. First, chest and crafting table again, im gonna use wood logs into planks for this example. You do the same thing to activate the chest open no interface glitch. Then exit the pause menu and make sure the chest is open and you are far enough away so you won't pick it up.

Now throw every wood log you have, just make sure it is 55 or less if you can't LITERALLY spam the 'B' button. Now craft them into planks and exit it and pick up the logs. You now have a lot of logs AND planks! This trick works on: Logs into planks, planks into sticks, stone into stone bricks, etc. (Basicly most of the things that you csan craft into something without a crafting table. NOTE: IT WORKS ON STUFF THAT YOU NEED TWO OR MORE DIFFERENT ITEMS AS LONG AS YOU HAVE ALL OF THEM AND YOU THROW ONE OF THOSE ITEMS! Such as: Dyeing wool(You first duplicat the dye you want to dye it, then throw the wool and craft that dyed wool.) etc.

Congratulations! You now know how to duplicate the easiest and best way in minecraft! Friend me on Xbox, my gamertag is Drayko3000 Thanks for reading!

Drayko3000, Jul 23, 2016

Car Glitch

First you grab a minecart an the 1 railing then you drive the minecart off the rail with water and keep driving to drive forward move your left joystick backwards and to go backwards move joystick forwards it'll work every time I've tested it myself.

Noone will know, Aug 21, 2015

Water Not Spilling

Some times when your careful you can make a glitch. If there is water right in between sand and a grass hill, and a tree close by. Destroy one of the edge blocks on the grass side and the water won't spill. P.S. This has to be natural you can not put down the sand or the grass or the tree.

Monster2005, Jun 16, 2015

See all caves and underground fortresses

Dig a hole 3 blocks deep, go in the hole put glowstone or TNT on the space above your head, throw enderpearl at the glowstone or TNT until you get to see lava in areas around you and you can keep doing this to reach fortresses and locate their rooms.

Kody Werner, Aug 8, 2015

Go out of the Map

First you will need to get on any world in Creative (or survival but you will need a lot of things) then go to the edge of the map. Grab an enderpearl stand all the way at the edge. Then you just keep throwing the enderpearl until it hits the last pixel on the block then move one block to the edge and you will be outside of the map!

Minecraft Nerd, Feb 15, 2015
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