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This page contains Cheats for Pokemon Snap organized by sections for Nintendo 64. This game has "Action" as genre, made by Hal, released on Jun 30, 1999. If you can't find a hint or secret in our list, then please check this page periodically for the latest updates.

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Boxshot & Details
Pokemon Snap
  • Developer: Hal
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Genre: Action
  • Release: Jun 30, 1999
  • ESRB: Everyone


Wait until you are past the two Vulpixes in the Volcano level, . Look to the left to see a Magmar and a Charmander. When you are close enough, throw an apple between the two of them. The Magmar and the Charmander will go after it. The Magmar will blow fire at the Charmander, which will fall to the ground and evolve. After it has evolved, it will re..

From: scarfacerockz27

Take photographs and throw Pester Balls at the Shellders in the River level. If done correctly, a Cloyster will appear later in the level...

From: Sunnydee00

Diglett appears on the left side of the Tunnel level, next to a Pikachu...

From: sweetfairy

The three Bulbasaurs at the beginning of the Cave level are really Dittos. Throw some Pester Balls at them to change them back into their true form...

From: Nickykum

Throw Pester Balls to the left of the whirlpool in the Valley level. You can find a larger Dratini near the beginning of the River level. Throw Pester Balls in the water Immediately after passing the Squirtles. If done correctly, Dratini should jump out right in front of you. Keep trying, as this is difficult to do...

From: lorderron01

Keep taking pictures of Diglett in the Tunnel level. Pikachu will move to the next place that it will appear. Eventually, Dugtrio will appear instead of Diglett. After taking the three photographs of Digletts to make Dugtrio appear, take one more photograph to make two more Dugtrios to appear for more points...

From: michael

Throw pesterballs into the whirlpool in the Valley level...

From: karen

Take a photograph of Eevee just after turning the pink ball into Chansey. It will jump into the air gleefully, and you will get extra points for a happy pose...

From: igcss

Look to the right in the middle of the Tunnel level to see Electabuzzs standing in front of large screens. Throw apples at one of them and it will walk approach use a Thundershock attack. Take a photograph while it is emitting energy for extra points...

From: maryaa

Throw a Pester Ball at the non-moving Electrode in the Tunnel level. It will self-destruct for a better photograph...

From: Iarwain

Throw a pester ball in the Valley level to knock down the Geodudes for a better photograph...

From: gerrard

Throw a Pester Ball in the Valley level in front of the first mankey, between Magikarp and Dratini. A Goldeen will jump out of the water...

From: Lezzers09

To get a great photograph of a Grimmer in the Cave level, take pictures of the first two Grimmers to make the third Grimmer appear closer, and the fourth Grimmer appear even closer...

From: FocuS

Throw Pester Balls in the pits across from Charmeleon in the Volcano level (almost to the end, on the right). Get a photograph while it is shaking embers of its body for more points.Throw a Pester Ball into all three volcanoes in the Volcano level. Then, throw apples close to the path. All three Growlithes will run to the apples. Take as many photo..

From: masterbee

Go to the Valley level and hit the Magikarp that is in the water in front of the first Mankey. Mankey will hit it over the mountain and onto land. Later, when you are in front of the three Gravelers, hit the Magikarp with a Pester Ball. Magikarp will go over to the waterfall evolve into Gyarados...

From: xanseviera

Take a photograph of the purplish mist in the first part of the Tunnel level. A Haunter will appear when the photograph is developed...

From: ssjfosso

Save the three Jigglypuffs in the Cave level. All three will re-appear at the end of the level singing the famous Jigglypuff song, allowing a photograph worth extra points. Get a photograph of Jigglypuff on stage for 500 extra points. Save the Jigglypuff from the Koffings in the Cave level. When it is on stage, throw a Pester Ball at the Jigglypuff..

From: Happy

To get a better photograph of Kakuna, hit a still Electrode in the Tunnel level and it will explode. The Kakunas will fall down from the ceiling and remaining hanging there for awhile. Try to get a shot with all three for even more points...

From: Etzio

There is a way to get a better picture of Kangaskhan. Go to the Beach level and play through until you see the backside of Kangaskhan. Throw a Pesterball at him and he will turn around and roar. Snap this photograph to get bonus points from Professor Oak...

From: eaglebear

Throw Pester Balls in the pits across from Charmeleon in the Volcano level (almost to the end, on the right). It appears less frequently then the Growlithes. Get a photograph while it is shaking embers of its body for more points...

From: trnrnner

In addition to the two Bulbasaurs in the craters in the River level, there is another hidden in a nearby log. Throw an apple near the log's opening and it will appear. In the Cave level, there are Bulbasaurs that are really Dittos. However, if you take pictures of them, they will be classified in the photos as Bulbasaurs...

From: Ghost

Chansey appears when a Pester Ball is thrown at the ball that Eevee is chasing in the Beach level. After hitting the ball that Eevee is chasing, it becomes a Chansey. Take a photograph of it tossing the egg in the air. Professor Oak will comment, "Oh, what a funny pose!" and give you a few extra points...

From: irtheps2playa

Go to the Volcano level and follow it almost to the end. Throw an apple at the Charmeleon that is near the lava pool. Note: Hit it when it is between you and the crater. It will evolve into a Charizard after being knocked into the lava. After Charmeleon evolves into Charizard, an apple into its mouth. It will use a flame thrower attack for a photog..

From: lorna

Get stuck behind Moltres' egg in the Volcano level and look left to see two Charmanders. Throw an apple at both of them and they will roar to call more Charmanders to join them. You can get almost ten Charmanders in the same photograph for extra points.Get stuck behind Moltres' egg in the Volcano level. Throw an apple to attract many Charmanders. W..

From: jamster4

Keep tossing Pester Balls into the water in the River or Valley levels until a Magikarp appears. Use the Dash Engine to zoom to Magikarp and it will almost land in the Zero-One, allowing you to get a close-up photos...

From: h4x0r21

Enter the Volcano level just past the Moltres egg until you reach the two Magmar. Throw some apples between the two and they will both run for it. When they both reach the food, they will use flamethrower attacks on each other. Take a picture when they use the flamethrower. Professor Oak will give 800 points for the picture. Throw an apple between ..

From: jeff hardy10

Wait until near the end of the Valley level. Two Squirtles will slide up a mountain at a Mankey. Wait until the last Squirtle is right between you and the Mankey, then throw a Pester Ball at it. With good timing, it will slide up the mountain and knock the Mankey off. You will be able to take a close-up picture of it right around the corner...

From: wendyhai

Throw an apple right in front of the Magnemite in the Tunnel level. It will stop its sonic wave and become photographable...

From: demon513

Throw apples at each of the three Magnemites in the Tunnel level to lure them together and evolve into Magneton...

From: pinokyo

Throw Pester Balls at the Metapods in the Cave level and they will drop down for a close-up...

From: TakenBr

Use the following technique to get an easier photograph of Mew. Once in the Rainbow level, pop Mew's energy shield by throwing Pester Balls at it. Then, use the Dash Engine to keep up with Mew for a minute, then snap away when he turns around to look at you. This must be done quickly before he returns inside the energy shield. Another technique is ..

From: fozipmw

Go to the Volcano level and follow the path until reaching an egg in the middle of the road. Throw an apple at the egg to make it fall into the lava and Moltres will appear. Note: Wait for it to face you for additional points...

From: Matty

Take photographs of the first two Grimmers in the Cave level. Then, throw Pester Balls at the third Grimmer in this level to evolve it into a Muk. If you are moderately fast, you will have good time left, and get a great angle. There are two Grimers in the Cave level. Throw five apples at the second Grimer, then take a picture of it. Then a third G..

From: zaenal1234

Go to the Beach level and play through until you approach the end. You will see two Pidgeys flying overhead. Do not throw anything at them. They will fly near a Meowth and do their attack. Take a photograph of that event to get extra points from Professor Oak...

From: Sumzor987

Throw Pester Balls at the Polywags in the grass at the beginning of the River level. The Polywag will run to another position. Repeat until they all jump into the water. Take a photo of them jumping. Sometimes, if you throw an apple into the water, one or two will jump out very close for a great photograph. To get a good picture of Poliwag, Pester ..

From: Tonyparker

Go past Vileplume's location in River level. Pass the Metapods, then look right when you see Psyduck near a lot of logs. Hit the wood-appearing objects that are flying around with a Pester Ball and Porygon will appear. Hit it with another Pester Ball and it will change into its original colors...

From: killacomcaca

As you approach Psyduck on the River level, hit it with a pester ball. It will jump from log to log, doing great posses. Professor Oak will give you bonus points for photographs of the poses...

From: teeaqbe

After the first Rapidash runs by on the Volcano level, two more will appear on the right. Throw an apple at them they will start reigning. You can get more points for your photograph while they are on there hind legs, more points for their size, and more points because there are two of them...

From: Canxer

Hit a Geodude down with a Pester Ball in the Valley level and Sandshrew will appear from the ground...

From: 21athawes

Staryu appears above the water in the Valley level...

From: Thorn526

Go to the end of the Cave level, until finding a Weapinbell flying around a pool of water. Knock it into the water to evolve it into Victreebel...

From: alohamahalu

Look towards the first Mankey near the beginning the Valley level. Something that resembles a Kadabra will appear further down the level. It is actually a Sandslash. Take a photograph of it when it goes into the ground for more points. Get to the area in the Valley level where Sandslash, Graveller and two Geodudes can be found. After they hide, thr..

From: The One

A group of four Shellders can be photographed near the Slowpoke area in the River level. Go to the River level and try to turn the Slowpoke into a Slowbro. When the Shellder is on its tail and the Slowpoke is getting ready to evolve, turn towards Shellder and take a picture. You will get even more points if the score on size is 1000 points...

From: JumpShot

Throw apples at the Slowpokes that appear near the wooden Shellder sign in the River level. Lead them to the mud spot next to the sign. The Slowpokes will put their tail into the water evolve into Slowbros after hitting the Shellders...

From: holi

Throw apples near the wooden Shellder sign in the River level to attract a group of Slowpokes. Throw the apples as if you were trying to get Slowbro. Take a picture of Slowpoke with its tail in the water, and Professor Oak will grade it as a fishing Slowpoke...

From: KcK Bhoyingreen

The little bumps in the water at the start of the Valley level are Squirtle shells. Throw Pester Balls at them and they will shoot onto land. Then, you can take close-up photographs, without them fleeing like the other Squirtles...

From: hgvonetel

Take a photograph of Staryu in the center of the Valley level. Its gem will turn blue and it will begin to circle you until the whirlpool appears. Staryu will enter the whirlpool and come out as Starmie...

From: daddytec211

Throw Pester Balls in the tall grass in the Beach level. To get a good picture of Scyther, throw Pester Balls at the first Meowth chasing a Pidgey while it is walking across the tracks. It should stop and fall down. Then, throw Pester Balls in the tall grass next to you. When Scyther comes out of the grass, take a few pictures of it but do not wast..

From: rick90

Start game play in the Valley level. When the first Staryu appears, it will fly into the air and then start circling. Allow it to continue to circle until the whirlpool appears. It will jump into the whirlpool and evolve into Starmi...

From: searay330

To get riotoric an undiscovered pokemon just throw a apple at something that looks like a mewtwo on cave level then go to moon and take 5pictures of mew after this a celebi will apear photograph it then an odd ball of light apears play pokeflute and then it changes into a ritoric the photo is worth 100,000,000..

From: daniel

The three ledgendary birds all make an appearance in this game; Zapdos, Moltres, and Arcticuno, respectively. Zapdos - In the second room of the tunnel level, you'll see a giant egg and a Pikachu. Throw Pokemon food so Pikachu will get close enough to the egg. Use the Pokeflute, and Pikachu will use Thunderbolt, which will hatch the egg, reavealing..

From: pgj1997

Surfing Pikachu - In the beach stage, throw a trail of Pokemon food from the Pikachu standing in the sand at the beginning to the pink surf board. Pikachu will follow the trail and he'll see the surfboard. He'll then do a backflip, and pretend to surf on it. Pikachu on a Stump - Furthe down the beach stage, you'll see something rustling in the bush..

From: Pgj1997

Easter Eggs

In the volcano level, there will be a giant egg blocking you're way. Look to the left and you'll see 2 Charmanders. Throw Pokemon food at each one. They will then turn around and yell. Each will make two more Charmanders come from the hills behind. Bring all the Charmanders close enough to where you can take a picture of all of them by luring them ..

From: Pgj1997

Get all the jigglypuff away from the koffing and at the end of the cave you will see a streak of light and it is celebi...

From: pikabomb
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