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This page contains Cheats for Final Fantasy 7 organized by sections for PC. This game has "Role-Playing Console-style RPG" as genre, made by Squaresoft, released on May 31, 1998. If you can't find a hint or secret in our list, then please check this page periodically for the latest updates.

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Boxshot & Details
Final Fantasy 7
  • Developer: Squaresoft
  • Publisher: Eidos Interactive
  • Genre: Role-Playing Console-style RPG
  • Release: May 31, 1998
  • ESRB: Teen


To unlock the following, you have to play the game and collect/Earn achievements. You can find those earned achievements in your Game-Main menu or you can view them if you signup at one of the Steam communities...

From: sadsada


Walk around after boarding the Shinra No. 26 spaceship on disc two. Your party will be able to go down to the space pod or up the ladder to the right to the huge materia. Go to the huge materia and use the talk button at the tall glass to speak with Cid. He will explain the controls in this part of the game. Talk again at the case and enter the pas..

From: lizaiah61208

Insert any game disc and use Windows Explorer to view the contents of the "ff7/movies" directory. Click on the files in the directory to view the corresponding FMV sequence...

From: Nemocherry

When surprised with a back attack, try running away to automatically turn around...

From: Jigswaw123

Hold [Page Down] + [Target] while racing a Chocobo to slowly restore energy...

From: kakashi

Have at least one saved game file in which you do not have Yuffie recruited. Load that saved game and save near a forest on the overworld map. Go to a non-overworld area, such as Midgar, the cave near the Chocobo Farm, etc. and intentionally lose a battle to end the game. Note: You can also fight Diamond Weapon in the overworld to lose. Load the pr..

From: 24hapon

Obtaining this final Limit Break does not require a special Manual. You will automatically recruit Cait Sith into your party during your first visit to the Gold Saucer as part of the storyline. Have Cait Sith get the killing blow on 40 enemies and use its first Limit Break, Dice, eight times...

From: Brymac

That this can only be earned with a 5-star Materia, such as "All"...

From: Qutini

Recruit Vincent beforehand by completing the Nibelheim Mansion sidequest during Part 1. After Cloud regains his senses and you have access to the submarine, dive and search the coasts of the western continents until you find the underwater tunnel. Travel through the tunnel, then surface once at the end. You should be near Nibelheim, in a secluded l..

From: Icicle47

Recruit Yuffie beforehand by raiding the forests on the world map during Part 1. Note: You also may need to complete the Wutai side quest, during which she steals all your Materia, for it to proceed. You can return to Wutai during Part 2 after obtaining the Highwind for a better chance of success. Once there, go to the large tower in the background..

From: OZZY5400

Get a Mountain Chocobo by breeding a Good and a Great Chocobo and feeding them a Carob Nut. Then, use the Highwind and take your Chocobo to Cosmo Canyon. Once there, use your Mountain Chocobo to get up onto the mountain that has the Ancient Forest on it. Get off your Chocobo and enter the forest. This way. you can get some of the more powerful Mate..

From: Abhi

After you gain access to the Ancient Forest, there is a way to revive your characters without using a Phoenix Down or a Life Spell. If you have a KO'd character, walk into one of the fly traps and make it swallow you. When it spits you back out, your KO'd character will be revived with 1 HP...

From: Happeanubreva

Talk to the digging man in front of the house. Choose "Start digging", and select any treasure. Go to where you want to dig and select "Done", without calling any men for 100 gil. Ignite the bomb, and press Square (PlayStation version). You will see a man digging, and in the morning you will have the same chance of getting an it..

From: Ashefranbasch

In Disc 1, when you reach the booth to make the bridge go down to Corel, you will notice walls that look like domes. The first wall with no cracks or damage can be climbed to reach a bird's nest. Cloud will then say something similar to "Leave it alone" or "Get the damn treasure". Choose to get the treasure and you will have to ..

From: Lezzers09

In Disc 1, you have to take a road to Corel. Once you get the bridge down and able to cross it, there will be a fork in the road. One leads to the rubble in the water, and the other to Corel. Take the road to rubble and keep going. Then, turn right to reach an old man's cave with a tractor inside. There is an Ether, a Potion, and a Tent in this cav..

From: JajoPol

The General store in Cosmo Canyon has a back room that is roped off when your characters first arrive. Check back after Meteor has been summoned. The rope will be gone, allowing your characters to walk back in the room and get an Elixir, Magic Source, and the "Full Cure" Materia...

From: Karlndrof

When Bugenhiagen shows you his conservatory he will talk about Spirit Energy. When it shows the planet, it has Dyne on top of it...

From: Basicfrog

Go to Costa Del A Sol in the final Disc or before Disc 3 with at least 300,000 gil. Talk to the person in the upper floor in the first house to the right, with the worlds "Costa Del A Sol" on it...

From: Lilpatrick11

Get a good (70+) score on each of the three tracks in the snowboarding game in Gold Saucer. Then, get the yellow balloon to enter time attack mode...

From: Icarlyparty

When you win a battle and the slots appear, try to get a bad one. You get more battle points when you select bad items. Before you do this, give the character that is fighting a Ribbon to avoid any status changes such as Poison or Frog...

From: Sanshu75

Play the little slot machine in Wonder Square to get one of the following items when you win: 500 GP, 300 GP, 100 GP, 50 GP, 30 GP, 3 GP, 1 GP, Phoenix Down, Potion, Elixir, and Megalixer...

From: Lex

Go to the Gold Saucer battle arena and have a couple of tries. Exchange your B.P. for Enemy Lure and equip them to the same character who has Chocobo Lure. Go to any of the tracks and you should have a Chocob most of the time...

From: Zerooooooo

If you have acquired a Chocobo that can run on mountains (Mountain, Black, or Gold), race with it. While in the race, your Chocobo will never slow down from things that usually affect other Chocobos (for example, the space area at the end of the short course or the underwater area in the long course)...

From: AEF_Cossma

After you have started racing Chocobos, go to the Gold Saucer with Tifa or Cid in your party. After you register for a race, and have chosen whether you wanted to race the short or the long course, Cid or Tifa will appear and ask if they can race. You can either agree or disagree; as it does not affect your race in any way...

From: AnnaMik

To win the arm wrestling game in Gold Saucer easily, use a controller with an auto-fire feature (PlayStation version). Set the auto-fire to Circle and just hold that button when arm wrestling to win most of the time...

From: Dsaraliz

In Wonder World, near the games, you will find a Mog game with a man next to it. Play the Mog game, feeding him slowly until he is full, and no more than that. Do this twice and you will win the Mog game. It takes awhile, but talk to the man afterwards and he will give you 30 points...

From: LizacK

When you are in Gold Saucer, listen closely to the background music. When you hear a steady beat, play a game of Super Dunk in Wonder Square. Push and release the button on each beat, and you will always sink it. This can easily earn you a few hundred GP with every game...

From: Xbox Live

Get a mountain crossing Chocobo (Green) and load it up with the best greens. They can be bought for 5m000 gil at the Chocobo Sage's place. Then, race with it. When you race Teiho on a normal or other Chocobo, when you get toward the finish line, notice how your movement is slowed greatly in the space part of the track. When you race him with the Gr..

From: Thorn526

Go to the Honeybee Inn in Disc 1. Peek in the room with the two old people in it and move the screen all the way over to the hot tub. You will see a mini Cait Sith jumping up and down...

From: AGGA

The Choboco Sage is located on Icicle Island, which is east of the city that you snowboard at...

From: Verafaa

Directly East of Junon is a small cave that is only accessible using the Highwind or riding on a blue/gold Chocobo. The old man in the cave can tell you how many times your party has fought or escaped. You can also get helpful items from him, but the last two digits in the times you have fought must be the same. For instance, speaking to him after ..

From: FesureMaybe

Revisit Midgar at any time on disc 3. The man walking around outside the wall will say that he lost his key to sector 5 around the Bone Village. Travel to the Bone Village on the Highwind or Gold Chocobo. Dig for normal treasure, on the top half (upper level) of the site. Keep searching until the key to sector 5 is discovered. The party may now mov..

From: Elijeezy35

The first time you enter the Shin-Ra building, bust in after disposing of the guards Go upstairs, but do not take the elevator. Go into the shop in the upper-right corner. Listen to the people in the bottom-left corner. Then, go next to the man and press Circle (PlayStation version). You should see an FMV sequence. Note: This does not work after fr..

From: Balaji

The combination to the safe in the old mansion in Nibelheim that contains the key to enter the basement (and get Vincent) is Right 36, Left 10, Right 59, Right 97. Note: Push the button used to talk to people to select each number. After opening the safe and fighting the monster inside, a key to the other part of the mansion and Odin summon materia..

From: Marioem

To get across the swamp where the Zolom lives without a Chocobo, enter and keep running. If the Zolom is just about to enter a battle with you, save the game. Then reset, and load the saved game. The Zolom will be in a distant corner, giving you a chance to get across without a battle. If not, repeat those steps until you are across...

From: Bayblades2

When you go to Winhill on Disc 3, exit the town near where the two boys playing tag and the man in yellow are located. It is a small exit besides the flower shop on this screen. You should be on a dirt path. Follow the path until you see the rock formation slightly below the top left corner of the screen. Then, walk onto the right side corner and a..

From: Mature

The highest number shown on the status menu is 255. However the game will allow items on that screen to be built higher, but will display anything greater than that number...

From: Kojopo

When surprised with a back attack, try running away to automatically turn around...

From: Zachokxp

Instead of using Regen, which has a limited time of effect, equip yourself with an item or Materia that absorbs Poison. Make sure that it does not nullify Poison. Then, Poison yourself and you will recover health every turn until the very end of the battle. The best way to use this strategy is to equip the Poison Ring or the combination of the Elem..

From: Paicalano

Get the MP Absorb and Master Summon (W-Summon is suggested) materia. You can do this with any character, but Cloud is recommended. Equip the character you want to absorb MP with MP Absorb (it does not have to be mastered) linked with Master Summon. Enter a battle with this materia equiped and summon Knights Of The Round (two times if you have the W..

From: SillyGoose Ugh

To get Master Materia (Magic, Summon, and Command), have every materia of a color mastered. Then, return to Cosmo Canyon. Go to the color of all the materia you mastered. It will exchange all the Master Materia of that color and you will get the mastered materia. Do the same thing to every color to get all Master Materia. Alternately, defeat Emeral..

From: Lorna

Go to the underwater tunnel by using the elevator in Juno. Equip the Morph materia on someone and fight until encountering the Ghost Ship enemy. Morph it, and the ghost ship will turn into the Guide Book. Give it to the old man in the right-most house in Kalm. He will give you the Underwater materia. This materia eliminate the timer when you fight ..

From: Aaronrow00

Choco Mog : Talk to the Chocobo at the front of the farm and reply "Waaark". Shiva : At the Junon coast after saving Pricilla. Ifrit : On the boat after beating Jenova-BIRTH. Ramuh : Lying on the floor in the Chocobo Jockey waiting room. Titan : In the wreckage of the Gongaga reactor. Odin : Defeat the Lost Number enemy inside the Shinra ..

From: E97MMzZg

Equip the Morph Materia paired with Sneak Attack Materia then Mega All Materia. Your character will automatically Morph the enemies at the beginning of a battle. This trick is very useful when you want to Morph multiple enemies. However, it will only work most, but not all, of the time...

From: GazNicki

Getting the Bad Breath : Fight the creature after the Icicle Fall, on the left side after equipping the Enemy Skill materia. Getting the Big Guard : To get the Big Guard enemy skill (casts Barrier, M-Barrier, and Haste), make sure you have Manipulate (Cait Sith is equipped with it) and Enemy Skill materias. Go to Costa Del Sol's nearby beach. You w..

From: Rossi

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