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Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic 2 - The Sith Lords Cheats for PC

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This page contains Cheats for Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic 2 - The Sith Lords organized by sections for PC. This game has "Role-Playing Third-Person" as genre, made by Obsidian Entertainment, released on Feb 8, 2005. If you can't find a hint or secret in our list, then please check this page periodically for the latest updates.

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Boxshot & Details
Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic 2 - The Sith Lords
  • Developer: Obsidian Entertainment
  • Publisher: Lucasarts
  • Genre: Role-Playing Third-Person
  • Release: Feb 8, 2005
  • ESRB: Teen


Open up swkotor2.ini in your KoToRII folder and go under [Game Options] and add EnableCheats=1 and when in game press ` (*Note: The entry box will be invisible, just type in the codes you wish to use and press enter, if they do not work you probably mis-spelled something, try again)...

From: Jalkafhlouz

Use the a code below after pressing ~ to open the console and typing giveitem. E.g - giveitem a_belt_01 will give you an Adrenaline Amplifier ...

From: Bunny


Beat the game two times, once with a Light side ending and again with a Dark side ending. Start the game a third time to have new dialogue choices appear during the game...

From: Kat1717

After completing the game your character will appear on the main menu...

From: chloej

To unlock the following, you have to play the game and collect/Earn achievements. You can find those earned achievements in your Game-Main menu or you can view them if you signup at one of the Steam communities...

From: Marzthomas


When called back to Dxun by the Mandalore, you are given two missions. The main character Jedi goes to the capitol, but first with a cast member of your choice you will do a mission in the Dxun jungle. In the structure, there are two ancient computers in different locations that open big locked boxes with crystals in them. The first computer code i..

From: imjames407

Save Koohda but kill the Jedi Master. He will have a Jedi Master Robe on his corpse...

From: stlbullet

This must be done after Telos, on the Ebon Hawk. Ask the Handmaiden to teach you some fighting moves. When the fight is over, ask her to put clothes on. Make sure that you have already re-equipped clothes. She will put on Jedi robes. This is also the starting point to make her a Jedi. Go into the inventory and take them off of her so that she is no..

From: zAANGnflL

Use the following trick to get one of the rare crystals, weapons or armor. The game reloads an area if you have not explored it every time before you enter it. For example, if you are at the Telos Citadel station and are about to enter the entertainment district, it will reload if you have not yet visited a trading outpost. In order to use this to ..

From: Tessie

Do not be a "Grey" Jedi. Leaving your connection to the Force in the neutral area is not cost effective for gaining Force powers. The higher you are to the Light, the better the chance of getting two points to use instead of one. This also works with the Dark side. Jedi Masters also learn powers faster than the Watchmen or..

From: brian789

You can gain a prestige class when you are at least level 15 and have a very strong alignment to either the Light or Dark side of the Force...

From: lor185020

If you need to get somewhere fast, use Force Speed. Your non-Jedi companions will still be able to follow you and keep close...

From: mazai4eg

If you are playing a True Dark side character, the Wookie will join your party. You will get to kill Mira with him. If you talk to him enough, you will gain attribute bonuses...

From: levi

Use the following steps to make HK-47 functional again. On Peragus, get the Voice Vocabulator from the wrecked HK-50 droid. On Nar Shaddaa, after you defeat three HK-50 droids with T3-M4, pick up the remains. On Dantooine, get parts from the salvager by the Jedi Enclave. Also, try to pick up all the remains that the HK-50 droids leave...

From: Kidd187211

To become proficient with a lightsaber, you must work on the Dueling feat tree. The first level gives you a +1 bonus to defense and attack whenever you are using a blaster pistol, vibrosword, vibroblade, lightsaber, or any other one handed weapon. Note: This does not work when you are using two weapons. The height of the tree adds a +3 to defense a..

From: xkatelpx

Throughout the game you will get Deadly Sonic Mine (ground) and similar mines. You can use these mines to open locked doors that you cannot open in the normal way. Plant the mine directly against the door and wait for a few seconds. The mine will explode and open the door. Its always a good idea to press [Recover] when you find these mines. Besides..

From: Lou Power

To get your party's characters to progress quickly, simply return to the Ebon Hawk after you complete any mission (including bonus missions and side quests). This will trigger sequences where your party members will enact with one another. This does not happen every time you enter the Ebon Hawk, but does happen very frequently...

From: daisuke0628

When you level up, it is always a good idea to increase your character's Wisdom. This helps your Force attacks and Force bar. When you have a high Wisdom, your enemy will have a tough time resisting your Force attacks, and it makes the damage of your Force attacks higher and more effective. Attacks such as Stasis, or Stasis Field will be useful in ..

From: inzi

Talk to Visas about everything except for how she and her people can see through the Force. After you have built up enough influence, save the game and ask her about the way her people see with the Force. If you have gained enough influence, you will gain the Force Sight power. If not, reload your last saved game and keep trying to gain more influe..

From: JD-dancergal

Talk to the Handmaiden and ask her to teach you some fighting moves. Do this when you are on the Ebon Hawk. After defeating her, tell her that she seems to be predicting your moves. She will tell you about how the Echani generals could predict the outcomes of battles. Then, ask her how you would be able to do that. After that, you will gain the Lig..

From: mario

After you find all Jedi masters on Datooine, Korriban, Onderan, and Nar Shadaa, you will go back to Datooine. Go to the enclave and you will see an intermission sequence of it rebuilt. Enter, and if Kriea is with you or not she talks and sits down. Then the three masters (the Korriban one is dead) test you. If you want to be good, tell them that yo..

From: snfgc

After the Ithorians call you asking for your help, go to them and see the Ithorian in the plant room. He will ask you to help save their leader, Chodo. Ask him for a reward, then leave them on their own. Do this repeatedly to get more Dark side points...

From: BlackHawk

For a major advantage, be on the Light side. Increase the stat that allows you to have Dark side powers without making you a Dark side character. Get Dark side powers. Make everyone a Jedi. They will all have Force powers. You can make them Dark side. Also another advantage is that Mira can shoot rockets that kill easily...

From: gator8

The Crystal Caves on Dantooine hold your very own Force Crystal. It has your name and you can keep getting Kreia to "tune" it to yourself throughout the game. It will also improve over time. Always use the personal crystal in your own lightsaber. It is the best crystal in the game, giving you attribute bonuses and a +1 to attack and damag..

From: aaronandrews00

To get the Barab Ore Ingot easily you must be on the Light Side. If you choose Jedi Consular, Jedi Sentinel, or Jedi Guardian as a class and choose to be come a Jedi Master, Jedi Weapon Master, or a Jedi Watchman you can still get Barab Ore Ingot. However, do not use two lightsabers. You must have use one lightsaber with a color being the same as y..

From: Sherdilmomin

When you first get Bao-Dur after you leave Citadel Station, he can make lots of shields (an infinite amount for a limited duration). Keep asking him for shields. You will get Energy, Mandalorian Melee, and Echani types one once in awhile. This is useful for gaining credits. However, after Bao-Dur asks you about making a lightsaber and tells you to ..

From: im85288

Using the "Handmaiden Robe" trick, breakdown the robes on the workbench to get 20 components. These can go a long way, for melee shields, energy shields, etc. Repeat this as often as desired. It is better to breakdown her robes than valuable merchandise. Note: If you sell it, you can get about 2,600 credits depending on your status with t..

From: camz

If you get stuck trying to defeat a large group of enemies or one very difficult enemy, look around your environment for something to hide behind. The enemies are only aggressive if they can see you, and it is very easy to exploit this "line of sight" issue. You can lure one enemy at a time around a corner until the pack is destroyed, and..

From: agung

When inspecting the dead Jedi body, to gain more experience faster and easier, make sure you have the Master Force Scream. It does massive damage all around you. This is useful if you plan to fight multiple Hssiss, as it has an area affect of virtually the entire room. You can inspect the body ten or more times and use the Force Scream for all the ..

From: qwertycool

Play as a female character. The Disciple can now be found at the Ruined Jedi enclave on Dantooine...

From: Vivianswhite

Early in the game, when you are about to flee the Peragus Mining Facility, save the game when you enter the hangar with the Ebon Hawk. Then enter the Ebon Hawk to trigger a sequence that places you in control of a turret. Multiple Sith troops try to board the ship. Kill all of them. Consider using the keyboard (press A and D) instead of the mouse. ..

From: Sisy57

After entering the Jedi Temple on Telos, ask any maiden for Battle Circle. Then, win three waves (1 vs. 1, 1 vs. 2, and finally 1 vs. 5). You can leave the arena or lose the sparring in the first or second rounds. You must win the 1 vs. 5 on your first attempt. If you lose or leave that third round, the maidens will not allow you to fight again. Sa..

From: Iawdgxdn

At the start of the game, get a Light side point before you get a Dark side point...

From: Wawa

Have Dark alignment and travel to Nar Shaddaa immediately after Telos to recruit Hanharr. Always keep him in your party. Bring him to Dxun and Onderon, and do not do any of the side quests on Nar Shaddaa until you have him in your party. He will gain no influence on Korriban and only a few difficult ones on Dantooine. Always save the game before ta..

From: Aprilmbe

Mira can be recruited near the end of your visit to Nar Shaddaa. You must be of either Neutral or Light alignment...

From: Soulis89

Have a high Repair and Computer skill and have good influence with T3. You can gain influence with T3 by always being polite when you speak to him and thanking him for his work. Because T3 can be fully influenced by only conversation, there is no need to have him being in your party except when the plot requires it. When on the Ebon Hawk, talk to T..

From: Orangepluto

Have a deck entirely consisting of +/- 3 and above cards, then fill the extra slots with -4, -5 and -6 cards. Play a negative card every time it is very close to 20 or over 20...

From: Albertroy

You must rescue Jedi Master Vrook. Do not fight him when you rescue him from the mercenaries in the crystal cave. When leaving the cave, tell Azkul that you will help him. Pretend to help Khoonda, but instead disable the turrets, paralyze the people in the med-bay, and have the droids to defend the hostiles. You can ignore the mines. Tell Zherron t..

From: Gothica4444

Play as a male character to recruit Handmaiden after landing on your first planet, when you meet Atris on Telos...

From: T5qYkHWQ

The named lightsaber crystal is found in the Crystal Cave on Dantooine. In the furthest part of the cave are several Kinrath and a Kinrath queen. Defeat them to find the crystal in a deposit in the center of the room. You will have better success if Kreia is in your party when you find the crystal...

From: Zacstriker

Prepare by defeating the other members of the Pazaak den, the droid, the Twi'lek girl and the Dunarian. To defeat the droid, either defeat her in a game or repair her. If you have a low Repair skill, have Bao-dur in your party and he can do it. To defeat the Twi'lek girl, she will lose on purpose while flirting with a male character. If you are pla..

From: Afin09

You must install the Pacifist Protocols module. To acquire it, when on Nar Shadda you will meet two merchants, Oondar and Geeda. While speaking to them, go back and forth negotiating discounts. Oondar will eventually ask you to get rid of Geeda. After speaking to Geeda again, you can chase her out, agree on a discount, or listen to her proposal of ..

From: Harvestmoongirl

Do not skip the prologue. Progress until you have T3 plot a course for Peragus...

From: Lofty

Have Dark alignment before visiting Nar Shaddaa to receive Hanharr instead of Mira...

From: Depharis13

Increase your influence with Visas by being kind to her and to other people. You can gain influence with Visas and Atton from both cruel acts and kind ones, depending on the target. After you earn a few influence points, ask her about her sight, and she will show you the "Force Sight"...

From: Magic

Right after Peragus. On Telos, find Dendis Dobo after getting back your stuff. Assuming you haven't scavenged everything for components/chemicals you can sell most everything you have [except for what few weapons/armor you need] and make it to 10,000. You can just save, sell, and load before selling and not even miss your stuff, if you're in to tha..

From: Misa

To get this you want your deck to be entirely made of +/- 3 and above and fill in the extra spots with -4, -5 and -6 cards. Just play a negative card every time it is really close to 20 or goes over 20...

From: Bfxxiong

When leaving Peragus, tell Atton "Just do your best to keep your distance - we'll get out of this yet." You'll have to confirm with "There's got to be another way. Keep evading them until we clear the field, and we'll try to jump to hyperspace." Or with "No, someone may still be alive on the station." Then the Harbinge..

From: Qwweetrtr

When leaving Peragus, tell Atton to "Fire on the asteroids - maybe the explosion will destroy them." (option number 5) in order to blow up the system...

From: FinMan


When you have a party of 3 people, wait until your main character dies. When this happens have another one of your living characters talk to the other living character, when this happens your main character should spring right back up to life!..

From: Poke' guru

This only works if your character is male. Simply remove Handmaiden's armor in the Ebon Hawk, then talk to her and ask her to put some clothes on. After the conversation, remove her robes, then tell her to put some clothes on again. Do this as many times as you want. Each set of robes is worth around 2,000 credits...

From: DDiMarzo

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