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This page contains Cheats for Divinity: Original Sin organized by sections for PC. This game has "Role-Playing Action RPG" as genre, made by Larian Studios, released on Jun 30, 2014. If you can't find a hint or secret in our list, then please check this page periodically for the latest updates.

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Boxshot & Details
Divinity: Original Sin
  • Developer: Larian Studios
  • Publisher: Larian Studios
  • Genre: Role-Playing Action RPG
  • Release: Jun 30, 2014
  • ESRB: Mature


To unlock the following, you have to play the game and collect/Earn achievements. You can find those earned achievements in your Game-Main menu or you can view them if you signup at one of the Steam communities...

From: bongky04


Find the Kickstarter birch tree inscribed with glowing letters at the Phantom Forest. It is located near the northern waypoint at coordinates X125, Y295, up the road leading to the northwest. Drop a Stardust Herb in front of the tree. The Weresheep will appear and you will earn the "Baaaah." achievement. You can kill or talk to the Weresh..

From: timmywacko

The first place you encounter Bellegar is inside the elemental demon cave at the top corner of Cysael. Talk to him and he will disappear. He will appear again much later, near the center of the Phantom Forest swamp. He will allow you to choose a treasure from a set of three barrels. To encounter him a third time, go south of Balberith's shack at th..

From: isogod

At the start of the game, have one of your characters is engage in dialogue with the drunken Legionnaires at coordinates X355, Y85. Select the other character, enter stealth mode, and try to cross the bridge. The Legionnaires will get angry and become hostile...

From: arlister

Play the quest that asks you to investigate the Tenebrium mine at coordinates X95, Y190 in the center of Luculla Forest. Enter the temple at the far end of the mine, then escape the mine by reaching the surface. The correct path is the Library, the High Priest's office (you must take Leandra's spell from there), reenter the portal back, the Crypt, ..

From: RSBTerrorist

Find the Fabulous Five representative outside the entrance to the King Crab Inn to get a quest to destroy Ahru's malfunctioning SparkMaster construct. Speak with Ahru and get the remote control for the SparkMaster. Enter the cave in the northernmost part of Cysael region to find more Fabulous Five members. Press the Angry, Angry, Sleepy buttons in ..

From: bearhug414

Enter the Phantom Forest safely with the Phantom Protection Amulet obtained from Zandalor's house in your possession. After entering the giant log with the green haze, continue until you are past the poisonous fog...

From: ninjatoad

Enter the storeroom at Cysael Harbor, then go to the attached courtyard on the right. You can find two Legionnaires and a charmed female Orc at coordinates X272, Y75. Tell the Legionnaires to spare the Orc's life, then return later...

From: Wahinhist

After destroying Boreas' elemental staff, you will get an item that is be used to release Icara, the White Witch, from her prison in Hiberheim...

From: padygroor

Get the elemental staff dropped by Boreas in the western "castle" in Hiberheim. Then dropping it in the Forge where you met the Conduit to destroy it...

From: Bobbyjackson

During Act II, Homestead will be hit by meteorites. Enter the Void Demon temple at the far northwest part of Luculla region in an area surrounded by lava. Destroy the overgrown Blood Stone at the rear of the temple. Because the demons in the temple are invincible, you must use someone that can sneak or become invisible to accomplish this...

From: Tomster500

Use the forest spirit's rune to enter the Source Temple at the center of the Phantom Forest...

From: Rubyz

Find Archibald east of the Goblin Village waypoint, guarding the bridge leading to the Phantom Forest zone. Speak with him, but refuse to pay his toll. Instead, you must make him the King Troll. Enter the Lair of Maradino at coordinates X151, Y257 in the northwest part of the zone. The entrance is very well hidden and in order to be detected by Per..

From: game chicken

After freeing Icara return to the Shelter plane and talk to her again next to the tapestry...

From: mattress

Find Evelyn in her secret hideout and kill her. You can now talk to Zombie Jake...

From: Jaydee Babee

Meet the Conduit in the northernmost building filled with lava at Hiberheim...

From: bossmon123

Find the set of four elemental demon statues guarding the entrance to a cave near the top of the Cysael map (not far from Evelyn's hideout). Activate each statue by using a spell of the same element, then destroy the activated elemental...

From: gearsofwar

After the area with numerous trigger buttons in Black Cove, you will find Pontius Pirate. Kill him to earn the achievement...

From: brta

Enter the second floor of the Silverglen inn and find the woman being held hostage by a suicide bomber skeleton. Cast the Teleportation Aerothurge spell to get the bomber away from the woman. Note: If you have Jahan in your party, cast the "Rain" spell to cause the skeleton to instantly explode...

From: Abulamayday

Use the Immaculate amulet obtained from Evelyn's body to remove the barrier from the area below Cysael church at coordinates X440, Y390. Kill Braccus Rex in the church basement, then talk to Aureus...

From: Naigmarrida

Loic, the head of the Immaculate cult in Luculla, will send you on a trial dungeon to become a member of the cult. You must pickpocket him before talking to him at the end of the trial dungeon. You will require a minimum Dexterity of 11, and minimum Pickpocketing skill of 6 (base skill and item). After speaking with Loic, he will becoming suspiciou..

From: aocasinoyw

Find a man, a woman, and Alfie to the southeast of Silverglen. Use a Blood Stone to heal Alfie. Then, escort the three of them to Silverglen safely...

From: hp_love

Dig one of the mounds in the Cysael town graveyard with a shovel and Nemris will appear. He will question you about the contents of the Philosophy of Death book that he wrote. The book, which is blank, is found in Cecil's library. The correct answers to Nemris' questions are 2, 2, and 1...

From: halo123

Reach the Mirror Dungeon puzzle through the two sets of trapdoors near the cliffs above the beach at coordinates X110, Y295 and X150, Y290 in western Cysael. Send two teams of two characters through each trapdoor. Each area will contain a set of elemental pillars and an inscription describing the order to use them. Using the pillars in one area in ..

From: andysquire

After finding all three clues implicating Esmeralda during the "Murder Investigation" quest, talk to Aureus to have her thrown into jail. Go to Esmeralda's smithy shop. A Legionnaire appears and will escort Esmeralda away. Visit her in the jail under the Legionnaire barracks, and she will reveal that Evelyn is the true culprit. After you ..

From: michelledel

Start the quest to lower the barrier around the White Witch's house in Luculla. Use the magic scroll that eliminates the barrier instead of killing the two mushrooms. The scroll can be found in a hidden mound at coordinates X216, Y132 to the northwest of the barrier, past a trapped path...

From: dmc4

After the Billeh Ghar trap in Black Cove, go down a hidden trapdoor in the room to reach to an area with numerous trigger buttons. Press the button found below and to the right of the center pedestal to earn the achievement...

From: Stevenfdnyems

Unlocked by meeting Mangoth, in the Immaculate Cathedral at coordinates X210, Y450 in the central northern part of Luculla, after the initiation trial. The path to the Cathedral is lined with numerous mines. Once inside, light the four candles in the entrance hall to open a door that allows you to proceed further in...

From: Senjaru

Go south from the entryway of the tutorial dungeon, then move east to discover a talking clam on the beach at coordinates X459, Y70. Toss it back into the ocean to obtain a gift..

From: fda

Solve the candle puzzle during the Trial of Ascension inside the Source Temple...

From: Dr Mmm Pie

Enter Hunter's Edge in southern Phantom Forest. There are two bridges leading to this area from eastern Luculla...

From: sboy120

Enter the Esmeralda's cellar through the trapdoor at coordinates X255, Y205 at the back of her Esmeralda's house during the "Murder Investigation" quest. The key to enter through the back door is found upstairs. Remove some of the hams hanging on hooks in the cellar to uncover a small button. Press it to move the bookcase away from the do..

From: confuww

At the start of Act III, you are asked to enter the Wizard's house at the east end of Hunter's Edge. After finding the key in the beehive and using it to access a hidden trapdoor at coordinates X315, Y15, you will enter the cellar containing some of the Wizard's servants. You will get a quest to disarm the traps in the house to allow the servants t..

From: jazzpena

Meet Billeh Gahr inside the Black Cove dungeon. . One of your characters will be placed on a trap that will trigger if they move. Use another character (unlink if needed) to move one of the crates that are in the room to reveal the button that deactivates the trap...

From: console wii

Get Leandra's Spell from her lab in the High Priest's Office (big blue bubble). It is accessible from the library (which in turn is accessed from a portal after meeting Leandra in the mine). You also will require a Vial of Leandra's Blood, which is guarded by Mangoth in the Immaculate Cathedral. To get the blood, you must have the Book "Necron..

From: bateriax

Encounter the first Star Stone and teleport to the Shelter plane to receive a teleportation pyramid. The second pyramid is in Cysael town, inside the bathroom adjoining Mayor Cecil's residence at coordinates X255, Y205. You can teleport to it by using the first pyramid. Pick it up and drop it into your inventory...

From: krissi023

Use the Immaculate amulet obtained from Evelyn's body to remove the barrier from the area below Cysael church at coordinates X440, Y390. Then, talk to Thelyron, the Cysael doctor, in the basement of the church. Then, talk to Arhu...

From: fenomen

Find Zandalor after the Trial of Ascension and complete his conversation...

From: imhantz

South of the church in eastern Cysael is a wishing well at coordinates X435, Y315 that asks for help in rescuing its twin, which is stranded in the ice region of Hiberheim. This quest cannot be completed until Act II, after you find the alternate path to Hiberheim. Kill King Boreas then talk to one of the statues on the northern wall at coordinates..

From: kimberlyyyy_xo

Herschel, the tavern keeper in Hunter's Edge, requires another batch of Glen's whiskey brewed to keep the Orcs off his back. Visit the cellar in Glen's house located west of the tavern to find a book that describes how to brew the whiskey with the following steps. Go to the water well on the western side of Hunter's Edge, get the bucket on it, then..

From: arvin4gta

In western Cysael, enter the wrecked house next to the Cysael West portal. There is a trapdoor hidden by a rug. Go downstairs to find a sarcophagus. Drag the lid off of it to release Snorri. Talk to him, and he will give you a challenge to destroy a blue orb within a time limit. Fail his challenge and Snorri will break it himself...

From: garaheags

Have the Pet Pal feat, then find Sam the cat in the King Crab Inn. You will learn that he is in love with Maxine, Mayor Cecil's cat, and wants you to play matchmaker. To make Sam more attractive, find his jewel-encrusted collar near Desdemona, at the bottom of the Black Cove dungeon...

From: deadmeatwalking

Get the "A Forge of Souls" quest to repair Icara's soul forge to Leandra. You can choose to kill Cassandra the lich, at the top of Phantom Forest. Talk to the various corpses nailed to trees there to learn that Cassandra is invincible and is worshipped at the Temple of Death. Go to the temple, which is near the log entrance to the Phantom..

From: danner

During Act III while on the trail of the Wizard, you will travel to the far eastern part of the Phantom Forest swamp, where you will find the demon Balberith in the basement of a shack. He owns Jahan's soul. Agree to Balberith's terms in exchange for the Forest Spirit's rune to earn the "Raw Deal" achievement. Jahan will gain a level but ..

From: KookieStar

During the "The Watch is Coming" quest, exit east from Hunter's Edge and follow the trail of blood to find the Knight's Tomb fortress. Break down the portcullis and enter it to encounter a titan. It will attack if the person it is conversing with does not have the Titan Dictionary from the Wizard's home. Afterwards, go deeper into the for..

From: Coco

Talk to Brandon, who can be found wandering around outside the inn at Silverglen, to get the "The Troll's Bounty" quest. He will ask you to obtain a sample of Tenebrium Ore for him. You can mine it or steal it from the Immaculate camp in the northeast. Tell Brandon that you are keeping the ore to earn the "You Keep Me Rockin" ac..

From: dmboatr1

Once inside the Source Temple you will find a massive puzzle in the central chamber with three Statues of Self-Awareness. Step on the floor panel switch to open the first door. There are pressure pads in each room, but some are dangerous. Step on the pressure pad close to the giant head, then enter to the room to the right. Step on the pressure pad..

From: kappamaki123

Search the indicated location to find the corresponding stone. In Cyseal, tell Evelyn the healer which person to save. At the end of the Black Cove, after the Pontius Pirate Boss fight. Inside Maradino's dungeon lab at Luculla Forest. In Luculla Forest, complete the quest with Mangoth and sacrifice him. Destroy the central totem in the middle of th..

From: Hannah146

In the tavern murder room at Cyseal; part of the first quest. Next to the connecting path between Cyseal and Luculla Forest. Dropped by Braccus Rex at the end of the "Undead Scourge" quest started outside the Cyseal church. In the Immaculate Trial dungeon in Luculla Forest. In Luculla Forest, complete the quest with Mangoth and do not sac..

From: liljohnny74

Find the sailors at the southernmost dock of Cysael Harbor trying to put out a fire on their ship. Help them and they will tell you that they are now looking for work, giving you the "The Shipless Sailors" quest. Tell the The Fabulous Five spokeman outside the entrance of the King Crab Inn that the sailors are looking for work. Return to ..

From: eMJay

After getting the Telekinesis+2 ability, go to Cyseal. Go on the road northwest of the market square. Look for a large beer barrel on stilts behind some wooden barriers and up some steps. Once there, switch to your secondary character and place the barrel in their inventory. The barrel will overburden that character, making them unable to move. Swi..

From: cardselling

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