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This page contains Cheats for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City organized by sections for PC. This game has "Action Adventure" as genre, made by Rockstar North, released on May 12, 2003. If you can't find a hint or secret in our list, then please check this page periodically for the latest updates.

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Boxshot & Details
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
  • Developer: Rockstar North
  • Publisher: Rockstar Games
  • Genre: Action Adventure
  • Release: May 12, 2003
  • ESRB: Mature


Not only can the cars fly with the COMEFLYWITHME cheat, boats can fly too. Just type in AIRSHIP and the boat you're in will fly (a bit, depends on the boat)...

From: DutchUndertaker

Enter one of the following codes during game play or at the pause menu..

From: sahara2509


When the game is completed 100% you will recieve the following:..

From: NOS209

Below alist of various Vice City Unlockables:..

From: 0subZer0

Over the course of the game, you will unlock certain clothes that Tommy can wear...

From: sparkytc

Complete the following Side-Missions to unlock a corresponding permanet effect on the game...

From: bored1337

There are a series of secret vehicles in the game. This is a list of them and how to get them...

From: dufc4eva

It's best to buy the Hyman Condo before you pick up Package No. 20 or all the further Rewards won't be delivered there...

From: ordermember


Go to the folder mp3 ( C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto Vice City\mp3 ) and copy the songs you want to play in your radio station.Now start the game,get into a car and turn the radio to the radio station MP3 PLAYER...

From: WakJakskymn

If you put the Angry Ped cheat on then go to the Military base the soldiers will be killing each other, and it makes it easier to sneak in. This helps a lot at the end of the game when you can get an Apache...

From: westhamad

When you finish all the SunShine Auto missions you get fast cars and a monster truck SUV...

From: d3m0nz

Shoot the moon with your sniper rifle to make it change size!..

From: madz122

There is a place where there is always a PCJ 600. First go to the greesy choppers place. Directly across the street there is two windows that can be broken. Break the window to the right and there will be a PCJ 600...

From: dfdfdfd

To make the tank go faster, turn the turret backwards and fire in rapid succession. You can now move faster than any other vehicle. It works on water too...

From: zxcvb

Start from the cherry popper Ice Cream Shop and head south. You should pass a bridge on your left and then soon on your left you should see a narrow brown dock right next to the water. In the water below the front of the dock is a boat. Go to the edge and look down. You will see it. Do not jump from there though. You must jump from the south of the..

From: Jigswaw123

When you kick a bad guy you will get the sign that says good citizen. After you get your money, wait until the numbers stop moving. Then kick him again. Do this repeatedly until the body disappears...

From: qiuqiu

Go to Phil's Place to the North of Little Haiti and go into his big garage and you will find a Hummer siting right there in front of you!..

From: amberdlinn

To get the apache first beat the game and go to the Fort baxter airbase behind the airport. Go to the back of the base and it should be sitting there. But be careful unless you're wearing a cop suit or you will be killed by the army guys...

From: McCarthy

Follow the path that goes out the lighthouse. When you cross the bridge and the path run next to the water. It will be in the frist bush straight ahead on the right...

From: da game bomb

Go to the Malibu Club and check out the performers. They resemble the Village People...

From: charza

Go to the Malibu club and go upstairs to the little room. Now go to where the small boat is and look in the mirror...

From: hiropearl

Any time during the game enter any of the three weapons cheats repeatedly until a weapon gets to 10,000 ammo. You will then notice there's no number of ammo left - you now have unlimited ammo on that weapon. You lose it if you die or get busted, so be careful!..

From: the creater

Press PANZER. A RHINO tank will be spawned. Enter it.(If the police starts chasing you press the "LEAVEMEALONE" cheat). Then press the SEAWAYS cheat. Drop the tank into the sea. You MUST stay in it. Press the COMEFLYWITHME cheat. Start asselerating by pressing the [Up] button. Then press the num4 or the num5 button so the turret will turn..

From: n2Oddw8P

Enable the nuttertools code ten to twenty times. Shift to the gun with the most ammunition. Enable the gettherefast code and get in the Sabre Turbo. You can also get in a fast car that a civilian is driving but it takes longer. Get full health and armor. Get directly behind the convoy and aim for one of the lines of soldiers. Run over one line of t..

From: 1harpar

Get a motorcycle (PCJ) then look for a prostitute. When you find her, pause game play and enable the hopingirl code. The girl will get on the bike, hide in some bushes, and do her thing...

From: Shahoood

Kill the man on the sign, then enable bigbang code for all of the men that follow...

From: rodos

As soon as you get off the phone enable the bigbang code...

From: mogg1342

To pass this mission easily, keep tapping [F1] repeatedly for the replay effect to hear all of the dialogue without having to worry about the detonation meter. Note: The most effective way to do this is to drive extremely fast on a long stretch of road while also enabling the booooooring code, if desired...

From: NarutoLover28

It is possible to get up to 150 second stoppie bonuses with this trick. First, get a moped and drive to where there is a long, straight stretch of road. Press [Keypad 9] to lean forward, then use the brake. While you are doing a basic stoppie, release the brake and press the gas (while still holding [Keypad 9]). You should be able to "drive&qu..

From: cypuscreek

Go to the Greasy Choppers Bike Club. Go north about a half block. On the left hand side is a building with stairs (going over a gun that you can obtain). Go up the stairs to the roof to find a shack that can be used to store any motorcycle-class vehicle, etc. It only costs $1,000...

From: rakesh

Get a PCJ 600 motorcycle and position yourself directly outside the golf club (where the guards usually take your weapons). Move back far enough so that you can to nearly top speed. Ride straight past where your weapons are usually confiscated and go into the golf course. The guards will try to chase you, but you will easily outrun them. If you wer..

From: motleyfan92911

Find the parking deck with the neon lining at the top. This is the parking deck with a Banshee and a PCJ 600. Walk up the stairs at the north side of the parking deck. At the top of the stairs, there should be a set of body armor. Turn to the right when you get to the top of the stairs. Jump onto the side of the building, go around the corner, then..

From: jackesdsa

Enable the "Rhino" code and put two tanks in front of the other motorcycles. You will have enough room to get in front. Keep up your speed and you will win the race easily because the other motorcycles will crash into the tank and either fall off or have to go around them, using up time...

From: d3m0nz

Go to the Malibu Club in a really fast car, such as an Inferno. Get the mission brief. Drive as fast as you can towards the junkyard. When around the corner from enable the "Rhino" code to spawn a tank. Drive towards the guards, blasting them with the tank's cannon. Once inside the junkyard, kill as many men as you can by running them ove..

From: Guest13846

After winning the Destruction Derby at Hyman Stadium, two Blood Ring Bangers will be parked outside. Once you exit the stadium, go to the right. Thenm walk around the stadium until you see the first parking area. There will be two Blood Ring Bangers. They will respawn if you destroy them, and will be at that same place forever. Each time you find t..

From: eggdr0p

Enable the "Change wheel size" code about five times. Find a car like the Bobcat, Baggage Carrier, Rancher, or any other car that goes faster than normal. Then, enable the "Better driving skills" code. When you hit the gas, you will pop a wheelie...

From: fnks

You can get a passenger on the back of your motorcycle-class vehicles easily. Find one with two people on it. Knock both people off, and make sure the passenger gets to the motorcycle before the driver does. Try punching the driver a few times. Do not shoot or the passenger will run away. Once the passenger gets on, just hop on and ride away...

From: Goody13

Go to the south of Little Havana. In this area are a series of garages, in the place where you fought the Zebra cab in the Kaufman Cabs asset mission. Go by the water and look at the garages. One of them will be open and have a picture of a bomb painted like an 8-Ball. Drive your car inside and let the garage close. Wait a few seconds and it will o..

From: vadmee

There are two things that are extremely helpful when street racing. First, you do not have to park in the pink area. Hitting a competitor will start the race automatically. To get an advantage, get some speed in the direction of the first checkpoint, then just barely nick the lead car as you fly by. They will all be left in your dust, and probably ..

From: asifa rana

Enable the "Black traffic" or "Pink traffic" code. Park any car that you want to remain in that color and save the game. When you reload, you will have that color car. This does not seem to work on certain mission cars, such as the taxis. If you already have a car in your garage and wish to make it black, enable the code, drive ..

From: skinner1994

Do the RHINO cheat. than do the cop mission. Get out your RHINO run away from the RHINO then the cheat BIGbang. Run back to the road en than enter the RHINO cheat get in your car. Then run out your car end run away from the road.(bigbang) then RHINO get in.. get out.. run .. enter cheat..enter cheat... RHINO cheat= panzer blow up cars= bigbang..


When somebody dies near you, an ambulance will soon appear. Before it starts to leave, jump on it and stay there to get a ride through the town. When the ambulance reaches a red light and a car is in front of it, the ambulance will hit the car and you will start to get thrown off. To prevent this, move towards the center of the ambulance. The same ..

From: feltonrobertson

After winning the Destruction Derby at Hyman Stadium, two Blood Ring Bangers will be parked outside. Once you exit the stadium, go to the right. Thenm walk around the stadium until you see the first parking area. There will be two Blood Ring Bangers. They will respawn if you destroy them, and will be at that same place forever. Each time you find t..

From: steven

If you are running from the cops, hijack a Coach. Even though they are very slow, they are very big and can withstand a lot of damage. The police cars cannot stop it or make it spin out. Unfortunately, when the bus catches on fire, it takes a long time to get out of it, and there is a good chance that you will get wasted...

From: RoxyRose

Go downtown to the Well Stacked Pizza. Go to the nearby alley (the south alley shaped like a near perfect square on the map). Look around to find a black Washington. If it is not there, then drive away a distance (like to Hyman Memorial Stadium) then return. If not, do it again...

From: sabdullah

Acquire a property with a large garage, such as the Hyman condo. Get the Hunter and take it to the Hyman Condo. Fly down from above to the western-most garage. Make sure this garage is empty. There should be enough space for you to fly down. Place it on the ground, positioning it so that its winglets are exactly parallel to the garage doors and can..

From: cbrend

You can always find a Phoenix at Starfish Island. Find the house with the Comet. Go back to the main road with a motorcycle (or walk) and take a right (on the sidewalk). Go down past the front yard fence to the first house. Keep walking until u see a alleyway and turn into it. Go to the end of the alley, then look to the right to find an opening to..

From: lilschro21

Do the Loose Ends phone mission. Kill everyone, but do not finish the mission. Go get two Packers and drive them both as if you are playing leapfrog or else they will disappear. Park one of them in front of the gate that you came in. Drive the other Packer up its ramp so that it goes over the gate. Next, position this Packer so that you can drive t..

From: sparky

If you have a sniper rifle, take aim at the Rhino. Aim it just directly below the turret, in front of the tank. You will see the head of two soldiers inside. Snipe the one of the right, as that is the driver. The one on the left will either exit (then shoot you) or take driver seat and drive. You can use other various guns as well, if you have good..

From: markjoshua

After unlocking the other side of Vice City and gain Diaz's house from him in the Rub-Out mission, return to the island you first started on. Go the pizza restaurant near the Leaf Links bridge. Go to the apartment building near there that has one of the windows open. Go up to the roof. There are two other flights of stairs in plain sight when you l..

From: cloud31687

To get the gold Spand Express, play until the Jury Fury mission. Enable the "Car drives on water" code. Make sure you have at least $14,000. Before doing this mission, drive a car to the Docks and go north. Buy the Hyman Condo. Set any car on fire, then go in it to commit suicide. You should end up back on the other side. At some point du..

From: blackknight001

Approaching the front of the bike when stealing it. Tommy will leap kick the person off and land right on the bike. He will also do the same kind of leap onto it, without the kick when doing this to an unattended bike...

From: qiuqiu

You need to have a moving Rancher in front of you to do this trick. You also need an Infernus. Drive behind a Rancher at the same speed. Using the front of the Infernus like a wedge, it is easy to lift the Rancher onto the hood. Once its back wheels are on the hood, hammer on the accelerator to full throttle. This will lift the Rancher straight up ..

From: wakkjack

There are two things that are extremely helpful when street racing. First, you do not have to park in the pink area. Hitting a competitor will start the race automatically. To get an advantage, get some speed in the direction of the first checkpoint, then just barely nick the lead car as you fly by. They will all be left in your dust, and probably ..

From: wheeliegal92

Go to your hideout and go to "Save". Either save or leave without saving and your health will be restored to full..

From: stacey123

Enable the "Car floats on water" code, then get a nice looking car. Pick up a prostitute and drive off onto the beach and into the water (watch for high waves). After you are far off from land, stop. She will do her thing and you will increase health. The poor girl will not be able to get out and will scream continuously until you finally..

From: cheatlover

If you are doing a rampage that requires a certain number of vehicles to be destroyed and you are near somewhere with a large garage, go over to it. Open the garage and blow the cars up while they are still inside. Walk away so that the garage closes, then return and the cars will be in perfect shape again. Blow them up again, and repeat the proces..

From: sk8erchic

When you reach the mainlands, kill yourself then you will appear to be in little haiti at the hospital then just walk onto the footpath ahead of you then keep typing "PANZER" and watch the fun! Thousands of Rhino tanks will combind and then millions will blast! Note:it will kill many people too!..

From: Kev

If you want to kill cops without receiving a load of wanted stars, use the main blade of a helicopter and angle it so that the blade hits them. You accrue less "wanted points" this way...

From: candlewax92

When going on the pcg 600 press down arrow key, space bar and num 9 alltogether and see you can make a big stoppie...

From: sath15976

I have found out that PLAYERS who are not fast in typing can't type the cheat fast in emergency. I have also found out a cheat in which you can do a crime and police won't get you. That cheat is 'leave me alone' with out space and ''. I have also seen that we are not only the bad guy in the whole city. It happens with me and usually cab drivers tha..

From: Mask Man

Take a pcg 600 go in front of the pole position club and then make the bike get in but you should be out then get in and then get out again with the bike it would be easy the to find hidden packages rampages and all stuff..

From: hami

If your star level is raised to 3 stars to 6 stars, tankers will come to bust you. To kill the tank drivers, just press cheat "WHEELSAREALLINEED". the tanks would be invisible, but the drivers will be visible. Just kill them with perfect aiming. You can even kill them from above. But the disadvantage is your favourite car will be invisibl..

From: beatthat211

Get a police car and drive to a hideout with a garage then press the Caps Lock to start a vigilante mission then get out of the car exit the garage the type the ''bigbang'' cheat then you will have 50$ Do this 12 times and you will have 150 body armor...

From: apache36

Get the sniper and then shoot to all the windscreen(pilot place) of the chopper (but you must shoot beside the chopper) the chopper will crash and boom and you will got some bonus...

From: Assassinman

First, make sure you have gun (a Colt 45 will do). After getting your golf outfit, head to the golf course and to the pink marker, but don't go through the front and let them take your weapons. Instead, get in almost any car, and drive it a little to the left of the entrance, where there's a 4-5 foot high wall with a ramp on the other side. Jump on..

From: Noobie

Type "PANZER" in the keyboard. look around you can find a rhino spawn to near you. enter the rhino. and type "LEAVEMEALONE" if you have any wanted stars. press caps lock in the key board. and exit the as you can see that rhino in the most distance. and type "BIGBANG" and you get some money. repeat it. you wil..

From: sreegovind

Easter Eggs

Listen to the VCHAT radio station and you will hear a football player call in and say "Hey, I'm a first time calla". They will start talking about different football conversations. Listen for about one minute and you will hear the caller say something similar to "Well, we were beaten by San Andreas". In the original Grand Theft ..

From: Taelithus

Look closely at the "Exploder" billboard above the 24/7 store in Little Havana to see a scene from The Terminator, in which the Terminator robot descends from an explosion...

From: sarahroxsarse

There is an airplane with a banner on the back that flies around Vice City. When you fly a helicopter or a plane around it, or zoom in on it with a sniper rifle, you can see that it is an exact duplicate of the full-winged Dodo from Grand Theft Auto 3...

From: aapoceniorge1t

On the assassination mission Autocide, the two people in the truck are named Marcus Hammond and Franco Carter. The main characters of The Getaway are Frank Carter and Mark Hammond...

From: rene60620

Go to downtown and find the VCN building,it has a VCN maverick on top of it. Go upstairs and get next to the maverick, (A sniper refile will help you here). Take the sniper and aim towards the wall of the other building you see, Get to the edge of the helipad and aim at the window of the building, sniper will show a blind spot in middle of the wind..

From: Cap deadpool


Get into a police car and press [Caps Lock] to start a Vigilante mission. Start pressing [Shift] repeatedly until the sirens begin. When this happens press [Shift] again repeatedly until you hop into the air. Do not press [Caps Lock] again. Get out of the police car and get into another car. Press [Shift] and you will jump. Note: This does not work..

From: nintendobeau

While holding [Up], press [F1] at the same time then press it again. You will be walking without having to press any keys. This is helpful if you are tired of holding the same key. Use the mouse the control the direction in which you are moving. Note: This can be also done in different walking directions with the keyboard -- just make sure you pres..

From: CheatFreak

As you open the door of a vehicle, quickly press [Esc] and enable any of the different costume codes of your choice. The result will be you being invincible to any attacks that hit you. Also, if you blow up yourself with a rocket launcher, you will still not lose any health or armor, but you will be just lying down pretending to be dead. To "w..

From: lorna

Go to any Ammu-nation or hardware store in Vice City. Walk up to the pink marker and immediately throw a grenade. The cashier will be dead and all of the weapons in the inventory list will disappear except for the Body Armor. You can however still buy the invisible weapons. Note: You will not get any stars for doing this...

From: Lexxxi

This trick will allow you to pause time by the use of a camera and the replay effect. First, get a camera (from missions like Martha's Mug Shot or elsewhere) and take a picture. As soon as you see the camera light flash, immediately press [F1]. Wait a few seconds then press [F1] again. As a result, everything in the game will be paused except for T..

From: dabaddews

Take any sports car with tires that do not become big (for example, the Banshee). Enable the loadsoflittlethings code then drive straight into the water. If you land on a rock, you can get out of the car and stand underwater without getting wasted. If you do not land on a rock ,you will feel as if you are going endlessly down nowhere, but will land..

From: ajclamborghini

Take a bike, preferably the PCJ 600, to Washington Beach. Go to one of the outpost huts and place the bike facing the steps. Move backwards until you have enough distance to get some real speed. Once you have done this, drive towards the steps and try to fly over them. If done correctly, when you hit them you will get the "Greetings From Vice ..

From: cool

Find any vehicle and have brass knuckles, a bat, or empty hand. Hit either the hood, trunk, or doors two hits for each piece, them get in the car. Press [F1] for a replay then press [F1] to exit the replay. The doors, hood, and trunk will be perfect but open while driving. If you hit anything three times, it will fall off and when driving fast the ..

From: jabu

Go to the Ammu-Nation in Downtown. Enter the back room and keep doing the target challenge. You will notice that every time you complete it, your pistol ammunition will go up. Eventually, there will be no ammo or amount left in the clip shown under the pistol. Note: This trick can only be done with the regular pistol, and not the revolver...

From: ilikepotatoes

Do the "Phantom Driver" glitch to more drivers inside of vehicles. After doing this, the game will not spawn any more vehicles except for people on the sidewalks and already parked vehicles. This is helpful for completing missions with police chases in them or for doing races at Sunshine Autos. You will also notice that the drivers you ha..

From: havok16

To morph with vehicles easily, break off any vehicle that has doors on it (Caddy or bike recommended). Park your vehicle directly next to a clothes icon. At this point, align the vehicle in the middle of it. When you come out, immediately enter back in then accelerate or reverse. Another better way of doing this is to enter inside the vehicle while..

From: tontontin

Stop in front of any car and shoot at the window. As soon as the driver gets out of the car, immediately press [F1] for the replay effect then press the key again. The driver will be paused. You can even go through his body. You will notice that you cannot go into the driver's side of the door, but you can go in the passenger side if there was no o..

From: Packets

Enter the airport building with some detonation grenades, your weapons will be taken and placed outside the gate. Leave the building, and you'll see that all your detonation grenades have turned into normal grenades. The security must have stolen your detonator!..

From: Crz

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