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This page contains Cheats for Gran Turismo 2 organized by sections for Playstation. This game has "Racing" as genre, made by Polyphony Digital, released on Nov 30, 1999. If you can't find a hint or secret in our list, then please check this page periodically for the latest updates.

Boxshot & Details
Gran Turismo 2
  • Developer: Polyphony Digital
  • Publisher: Scea
  • Genre: Racing
  • Release: Nov 30, 1999
  • ESRB: Teen

Game Hints

Various Cheats and Hints

99,999,999 cheat
First by a car, then go to the first race. once in the race press x to go forward, in case of turning slow down and attempt the turn "WITH CAUTION" because you may hit the wall.... now do this for every other race and until you owned this game for 20 years you will earn nothing.... to get 99,999,999 go to endurence race and go backwards in to the pits and you will earn $5,000 because i don't i guess the pits are lonely. then park your car at the finish line and press every botten then you will get out of car and get hit by on coming traffic... BONUS " you can sue"

Submitted by: alfo

Fast money
win the Nissan Skyline Silihoette formula in the last race at the 80s car cup, then go to the Apricot Hill Endurance and win it. this gives you 500,000 and a crappy car that sells for 250,000 do this over and over, you get crap loads of money.

Submitted by: Tom Feerick

get money slow
race the endurance races take the one where you can use every kind of hp then get yourself in to the escudo pikes and peaks and race the 50 laps in the dark (always dark) you earn 350000 cr (you have to win ar first place) you can also sell every car you get in european race at gran tourismo mode click the arrow in the right corner at the top of the screen and choose one of the two types and race whatever race you want (hint use the tigra ice race car) hope you do it correctly because i am not so good in englisch sorry :)

Submitted by: denabnormale

Get money fast!!!
first get at least an IA liscence then get a good car and win all the nationals and world nationals, when you win world nationals you get a car,sell it for 250,000 do this 8 times and you should have 2,000,000. go to suzuki and buy an escudo pikes peak peak version which has 981hp, when you have bought it go to race and special go to the last line up and select gran turismo all-stars, go to red rock valley, when you win you get 50,000 and a new car and sell it for 500,000. keep doinag this and i gaurentee that you'll get shedloads of money!!! (trust me)

Submitted by: graham

Edit Mode
You can edit your own course stage. In Arcade Mode go to Seattle Circuit and press Start. Then, press Circle, Up, Down, and Triangle then edit mode would appear. You can delete walls, buildings, streets, trees, and fences.

Submitted by: Aaron Saeteurn

Mad Car
Go to the south city and then go to dodge and then buy the dodge Intrepid tune it up then get a paint job on it. It is mad it looks like a drag car and although it is only 400 and something horse power it at least it looks mad!!!
(send by:Kingginge)

Kiddie medal:
The small green and yellow object on the status screen under licenses is a license award given if you miss the bronze medal by .3 to .5 seconds. The game is selective when awarding the medal and it may take several attempts to earn one.

Motor Sports Land track:
Obtain all of the licenses, including the Super License and the Motor Sports Land track will become available in time trial mode on the arcade disc.

All tracks in arcade mode:
Obtain all licenses from simulation mode on disc two, including the super license.

Quicker settings:
When you are at the settings menu, you can set your gear ratios, damper bound, damper rebound, etc. by pressing L1 to make the notch move faster to the left and R1 to make the notch move faster to the right.

Easy Rally Racing:
Buy the Escudo Pikes Peak version and use it to compete in any of the Rally Races to easily defeat your opponents.

Finding cars:
If you cannot find a certain car at in the used car lot, check back in about 10 days or more. The car you are looking for may be available. For example, the Mazda AZ-1 appears only on certain days in the lot.

Super License:
Earn all licenses (A, B, Intl. A, Intl. B, Intl. C) to unlock the "Super License" option on the license test menu..

Event Synthesizer race:
Earn the Super License to unlock the "Event Synthesizer" race in Gran Turismo League.

More laps in Max Speed Test:
To make your high speed increase during this test, turn around and drive backwards until you get your desired speed. Return to the correct direction and finish the race.

Increasing the number of days:
To easily increase the number of days in the game, just go to a race. When you are at the screen with the "Start Race" selection go to "Exit" and your days will increase by one.

Increasing completion percentage:
Each time you win a race you will earn 4.5% towards your total completion of the game.

Ending credits:
Win every race under Gran Turismo League for the ending credits on the Arcade disc. Finish in first on all 21 tracks in arcade mode under the professional difficulty setting.

Escudo: Turn more easily:
Set the LSD as INITIAL 6 - Front, Rear 6; ACCL 56 - Front, Rear 10; DEC 10 - Front, Rear 56. The Escudo is a 4x4, as is the Imprezza. If you have a front-drive car, you simply set the LSD for the Front. If you have rear-drive car you set the rear setting. For a 4x4 set it as above. How much you put on depends on how you feel the car handles. The point is to make the car turn as quickly as possible. If your car turns quickly, it can straighten up quicker; and allows you to leave the corner as quickly as possible; putting your foot down. The LSD allows you to "slip/spin" the car into a corner, almost as in an uncontrolled spin. But before you spin out completely the LSD lets you drive through the spin. The turn is faster if you get the setting right. If you get the set-up right, you can beat a more powerful/lighter car when driving a smaller/heavier inferior one. If your car lacks straight-line speed, it can make up for it by fast cornering. Using the LSD you can tweak the car to do that, up to a point.

FedEx car:
Enter the Gran Turismo League race events until reaching the Pacific League races. Then enter the Midfield Raceway event and to be awarded with a R*Nissan 300ZX GTS FedEx race car.

Ford GT-90:
Use any car within the horsepower limits and finish the Seattle Circuit 100 mile in less than 1 hour and 1 minute. You have to run the race four to six times before getting the car.

Race and finish first at the last MR Cup race. You should win the car along with 15,000 credits.

Lancia Super Car:Win the Laguna Seca Endurance our times to unlock the Lancia Super Car, which has 685 hp.

Lancia Statos:
Race at the Apricot Hill endurance three times. On your first two wins, you will receive a Viper GTS-R. On your third win, you will receive the Lancia Stratos. The preferred car for the endurance is the Opel Tigra Ice Racer. Note: The Lancia Stratos is for expert drivers.

Mark Martin's NASCAR #6 Ford Taurus:
To obtain this car you must first purchase a Ford Taurus and then perform the Racing modification.

Nissan R390 GT1 '97:
This car is obtainable in the Gran Turismo All Stars League, Laguna Seca. At first this car is a shocker with 351 hp, barely reaching 250 km per hour (approximately 156 mph) and handling like it is driving on ice, but it is worth quite a bit. Use the following settings to get it to hit 400+ km per hour (approximately 250+ mph), awesome acceleration, and an outstanding grip. Turbo Kit Stage 4, Computer chip, Port Grinding, Engine Balancing, -Racing Slicks (Super Soft), Gearbox (fully customized service), Weight Reduction Stage 3, Traction Control, Active Stability Control. Gear Ratios: 1st: 4.221, 2nd: 2.698, 3rd: 1.910, 4th: 1.423, 5th: 1.115, 6th: 0.920, Final: 2.500, Auto Setup: 23. LSD: Original Settings, ASC (Active Stability Control): 90, TCS (Traction Control System): 25. Note: When going into corners, hold the accelerator and brake at the same time. This prevents the car from sliding.

Subaru Impreza 22B/ Red or Yellow Evo5:
In order to get the Subaru Impreza 22B/ Red or Yellow Evo5 cars, you must win the third 4-Wheel Drive race using any 4-wheel drive car on a 9th day (19, 29, 39, etc.). Once you finish the race, you will be in a10th day, when the new cars on the used car lots. Go to the Subaru used car dealership to get the Impreza 22B or to the Mitsubishi used car dealership to get the different colored Lancer. Both cars can be found near the end of the list.

Toyota 2000GT:
Get the licenses from the original Gran Turismo, convert the data to Gran Turismo 2, then earn each license (including the Super License) without exiting the license screen (except when you pass all the tests). Purchase a good used car and enter the expert race on the event synthesizer. Race it until day 10. You should have over $111,000 by then. Go to the Toyota used car dealership and buy the 2000GT. It is not a great car, but it is the rarest in the game. Another way to get the Toyota 2000GT is to just go to the Toyota used car section. It is at the very bottom.
Best cars from each company:

East City
1. Toyota: Toyota GT-1 Road Car
2. Mazda: Mazda R-X7 LM Edition
3. Honda: Mobil1 NSX
4. Mitshubishi: 3000 GT VR-4 (Tuned up to the max. )
5. Daihatsu: Storia Rally Car
6. Subaru: Cusco Subaru Impreza
7. Suzuki: Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak Edition
8. Nissan: R390GT1 Road Car
9. Tommy-Kaira: ZZ II (You win it at Gran Turismo All Star Cup-4th race. )

South City
1. Dodge: Dodge Concept Car LM Edition (You win it at the last Convertible Car Cup. )
2. Ford: Ford GT-90 (You win it if you win at the Seattle Circuit endurance 3 times. )
3. Chevrolet: '95 Corvette ZR-1
4. Shelby: Shelby Cobra Coupe
5. Acura: Acura NSX Type-S (J)
6. Vector M12 LM Eddition
7. Plymoth: Plymoth Superbird Muscle Car

West City
1. Peugeot: Peugeot 206 Rally Car
2. Renault: Espace F1
3. Fiat: Fiat Coupe 2. 0 20v Turbo
4. Venturi: Venturi Atlantique LM Edition
5. Lancia: Lancia Delta HF Integrale Collezione (This car is better than the Stratos Rally Car which you can win at the Apricot Hill endurance race. You have to come in first 3 times. )
6. Citroen: Citroen Xsara Rally Car
7. Alfa Romeo: Alfa Romeo 155 Touring Car

North City
1. Audi: Audi TT LM Edition
2. Jaguar: Jaguar XJ220 Race Car
3. Lotus: Lotus Elise GT-1
4. Opel: Opel Calibra Touring Car
5. Volkswagen: Volkswagen New Beetle GT
6. Lister: Lister Storm
7. TVR: TVR Speed 12 (You win this at the Gran Turismo All Stars Cup-Red Rock Valley Speedway. )
8. MINI and MG: Mini Cooper MK1 Rally Car
9. Aston Martin: Aston Martin V8 Vantage
10. Mercedes-Benz: Mercedes-Benz AMG E55
11. BMW: BMW 840ci
12. RUF: RUF CTR 2 Sport

Pop a wheelie:
This trick only works with Nissan 180SX drag car. Set rear downforce to the highest setting, front downforce to lowest, and rear height to lowest. Set the gearbox settings to wide, and tires to hard on front and rear. Go to Laguna Seca race and leave the track. Drive as fast as possible. If you have enough speed, your car should get on its rear wheels, accelerate very fast, and go over 635 km/h.

You can do a stroke/bore up on the Austin Mini as well as the Skylines.

License test cars:
To get the following cars, you must get all gold on the given license:

Gold B: Spoon S2000 (J)
Gold A: Dodge Concept Car (red)
Gold IC: 3000GT LM Edition
Gold IB: del Sol LM Edition
Gold IA: FTO LM Edition
Gold S: Toyota GT-ONE Race Car ' 99

Record times:
It is not possible to set record times on the simulation disc. The only way to set record times for a track is on the Arcade disc in time trial mode.

Drive 470 kph:
Get an S license, select arcade mode, and go to Motor Sport Land. Get your 180SX Drag (not the Skiline drag) -- it weighs under a ton. Go to the corner after the hill. Go flat tack so the reverse sign appears, and drive straight into the hill. You will go through it and just keep going (it will say off course). You will not be able to go fast if it is like your on the dirt. You will see mirages of the track and need the gearing right. This is why the map is so small. If you want to get back on the track, you must keep your green dot on the screen.

Better car performance:
On any car that has full racing gears, go to change parts menu and select "Gear". Make sure "Auto Setup" is set to "Wide" for more top end speed. Changing the setup to "Wide" will result in more top end speed. Move the setup to "Close" for more acceleration. The only reason to change the setting is from track to track. For example, for the Test Track, set it all the way to the right. For tracks such as the Special R5 track, set it all the way to the left.

Do not buy too many cars:
When entering the Special Events races, it is not necessary to have the same kind of car as the event specifies. (i.e. You do not need a muscle car to race in the Muscle Car Classic.) With the exception of the drivetrain specific events (FF, FR, MR, 4WD) and the Tuned/NA races, as long as your car meets the horsepower requirements, you do not need the kind of car that the title specifies. Basically, pick the car that you like the most, and race all of the races you can within the horsepower restrictions. Doing this means you do not have to buy a luxury sedan to compete in the Luxury Sedan Cup, etc.

More car indicator:
When you want to buy a car and you are browsing, make sure you look in the right hand corner of the screen. If an arrow points to the right, click on it to see more cars. This also works with some special models. (Example: Ford has four special models).

Rearrange cars in garage:
Press Start when browsing trough the list of cars to send the highlighted car to the top of the list.

Using soft or medium tires in Endurance Racing:
You can use soft and medium tires in combination in Endurance Racing without using only hard tires for durability. This depends on the type of car you use (MR, FF, FR, 4WD). You can use super-soft tires on the front wheels of FR and MR machines while using medium or hard tires on the rear wheels. But 4WD machines should generally use medium or hard tires. You do not need to use the most powerful car. Also, the competition during Endurance Mode are rather feeble; most suffer from spin outs. To make the Escudo turn more easily; set the LSD as - INITIAL - front 6, 6 on rear; ACCL 56 - front, 10 on rear; DEC 10 - front, 56 on rear.

When you are racing in an endurance event it does not matter what kind of racing slick tire you use because they all wear down at the same rate. You should use super soft tires for the best handling and performance.

Easier turning:
When in a turn, hit the brakes until your hear your tires squeal. Then, turn with the D-pad.

View opponent replay:
Press Up or Down while watching your own replay pad to select the car that you wish to see the replay from. Note: You must be racing against the CPU or another player for this trick to work.

eddyrockstar, Aug 21, 2008

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