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This page contains Cheats for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas organized by sections for Playstation 2. This game has "Action Adventure" as genre, made by Rockstar North, released on Oct 26, 2004. If you can't find a hint or secret in our list, then please check this page periodically for the latest updates.

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Boxshot & Details
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
  • Developer: Rockstar North
  • Publisher: Rockstar Games
  • Genre: Action Adventure
  • Release: Oct 26, 2004
  • ESRB: Mature


Enter these during gameplay...

From: sisy57

During gameplay press Down, X, Right, Left, Right, R1, Right, Down, Up, Triangle...


All you have to do is type X, X, DOWN, R2, L2, O, R1, O, Square...

From: astn7278

Press: Triangle, Up, Left, Right, Square, Circle, Left...

From: JDK_MaNia

First you have to put the cheat on for cars float away when hit which is square, R2, Down,Down, left,Down, Left, Left, L2, X. then hit a car with another car which you are driving. then it should slowly rise up. in that time get out of the car then press trinangle very quickley. and then if you get in the car put the flying car cheat on which is up..

From: Dude man

O up l1 l2 down r1 l1 l1 left left x triangle youll get a plane...

From: michael12


Ever seen that black muscle car outside your girlfriends house. Its locked right? not if u push it into your garage at grove street. we the car comes back out from the garage it magicaly gets repaired...

From: Gta sa plaz

Unlockable: Dating Rewards list..

From: Sephiroth

Unlockable Mission Rewards..

From: Cheatall3

Unlockable Vehicles..

From: moted11

Unlockable Collectibles..

From: yAZhEIqMZ

Unlockable Outfits:..

From: wendyhai

Complete the requirments to get money made at that location...

From: kouki

Unlockable Dual wield weapons:..

From: KiranKumar

On all four racing locations in GTA SA get 1st place marked with a checkered flag on the map - radar...

From: sithlord66


Pause the game and press R1, R2, R2, R3, X, X, L1, O, O, X, then Triangle then go to the clothing shop and punsh the person behind the counter her lights out then press the code again and you can make punk, hip-hop or metal etc...

From: Dmanruls

When you first go to Los Santos International airport at the main gate you will be told that you need a pilots licence to get into the airport, this is not so!! Get yourself a car and drive up to any of the perimeter fences, park the car beside the fence, stand on top and you should be able to jump and hop over the fence. There is a dodo that you a..

From: Hottestmanfour1

The place where you first meet Catalina. Go there and look for a garage in that little town. The two player marker will be spinning around infront of it. Simply, walk into it and Player 2 just presses any button and your off. enjoy!..

From: rahil

Find or buy an uzi, KILL 10 COPS, then steal 1 cop car and put it in our garage. Get out of the garage and let it close(make sure no other car is in the garage) go back in and drive it to the gangsta hood and leave it there. go backto the garge and you will have unlimited ammo...

From: soso

If you want to get free health, cruise the streets of any city near nighttime slowly and near the sidewalks. Drive slowly, and eventually a hooker will aproach your car. Let her in, and drive to a really REALLY secluded area of land. When you get there, stop the car and wait but DONT GET OUT OF THE CAR. Eventually the camera will drift downwards an..

From: Mystery16

Just like in Vice city, If you'll get out your sniper, when the moon is out, simply shoot it to make it bigger, and if you want it small, just keep shooting till it shrinks to it's smallest size. This cheat is awesome...

From: iamsoodumb5

Alright this is what you do. You go to the airport in Las Ventras [Not the abanded one]. Then you go to the helicopter that can float on water[the levithan]. By the way this is done on two player. Then find a body of water that is big. then both of you bail out of the helicopter on top of the water and the helcopter will fall in the water. then one..

From: sisy57

Going to a place when its not unlocked yet you get 4 stars all you need to do is lock wanted level...I hope it works...

From: Cheating ownz

Start swimming underwater (but don't get too deep) until your breath meter gets low. Then, go up 'till your breath meter is full. Repeat this process for three or four times and lung capacity will increase. This way I reached the max. lung capacity level...

From: prounited

Press the START button and put the marker on Preshing Square. Then goto it and go in front of the bench furthest to the left.(east). Then walk into the little icon that has two little skulls on it and it will say to press any button on the analog dualshock controller to activate part two a.k.a 2 player. Enjoy!..

From: marissarenee

There is another spot for parachutes to find in a building your own home town in los angelas je must go in to the building to get the parachute and you will find there a heli to.. Good luck...

From: prounited

Go to blueberry acres in red county (los santos) and steal a combine harvester. If you dive to the village drive over somebody in the combine harvester blood and bits of there body will come out the pipe at the back of it. lol..

From: elliato

To do this trick first put the "cars float away when hit" cheat on. Then find a car and drive it to the nearest airport. Find a plane and gently tap it with the car, if you hit it gently enough it wont float away. This is your chance to get in it, it should still handle like a normal plane but you will be able to do all sorts of crazy stu..

From: Downtown

On the 1st island go to the middle of the city. There is the tallest building on the 1st island and there should be an entrance go through it and you will be on the roof with a landing pad also the roof should be star shaped. Walk around until you see it (its yellow and orange)after you pick it up select it on your weapons list then you can jump of..

From: vulcan

In the country somewhere there are ghost cars with no driver. In san fierro at the police car park there are some strange cars that pop up every so often. I supped up a blista compact then i blew it up and when i went to the police imound it was there...

From: kyle123

When you are in a mission that involves you driving a group of your 'Homies' and it has a car health bar. DON'T put the cheat to get full health, because if you do then instead of repairing the car it will subtract health from it instead. I have died many times in those missions and I had to work that out for myself. Hope that this helps...

From: Cody Thomson

Get a PCJ100 and go to the bridge that links island 2 and 3 on the las vetuerus side go to the side of the bridge and climb the wire it may take a few atempts...

From: kyle123

You know about the crip walk right, well hold (TRIANGLE) while standing and CJ will do the grove street walk. Other gangs have their own walk as well. So wach where you do it...

From: k_rel

Find the BF injection. Go the right of BF then Triangle if CJ kick on driver. will be die...

From: Cloud

At the starting of the game you wont be able to travel to las venturas or san fierro...ill tell how to get there without getting 4 stars...first do the'never get caught cheat(CIRCLE, RIGHT, CIRCLE, RIGHT, LEFT, SQUARE, TRIANGLE, UP) then spawn a hydre jat or stunt plane than you be able to fly anywhere in san andreas without getting 4 stars...

From: Burning spirit

Go by the gate of the airport and kill the man in the small room next to you...

From: sened

Go up a hight a little bit, like in Wang Cars second floor, stand still the whole time and spawn about 30 hunters in the same place then put a satchel charge under or on them, the hunters will have dropped into to each other, run away quite a bit detonate the satchel charge and enjoy the show. this works works with hydras too. The atchel charge wil..

From: the chris

No this has nothing to do with ET. you need satchel charges by one of the weapon cheats, and the quad cheat wich is: LEFT, LEFT, DOWN, DOWN, UP, UP, TRIANGLE, SQUARE, CIRCLE, R1, R2. Get onto any building(the taller the better), put loads of satchel charges about a metre away from an edge of the building, put the satchel charges as close together a..

From: the chris

Millie: You will automatically get her as your girl friend in the mission " key to her heart". Barbara: Barbara is located in the city El Quebrados,In The desert you will see her at the sheriffs building talking to someone. Michelle: You can get Michelle at the driving school. Helena: Go to the small town called "blueberry" and ..

From: SubZero

In the mission Madd Dogs Ryhme Book Sneak in without alerting anyone and whn you get past the bar there is a man playing DRIV3R. Listen to him Rant about the game! Its hillarious..

From: ldjfc9

Walk up to any arcade machine or console system in the game and press triangle, you will be able to play retroesque arcade games...

From: brignall_182

You have flew the tiny jets, dodos and spitfires right? Well there is a bigger plane in the game! First of all, fly or drive to Las Venturas airport and go inside. Check out all the hangars but go north for a bit until you find a huge hangar with a green door, it will open and there will be a boeing 757! If not walk back and let it close, then walk..

From: HunterMav66

Go to las venturas and there will be one big pyramid, go with a jetpack to the top of the pyramid and there you will find a horseshoe...

From: Draegon

First cheat the ninja theme and go on player two. Then player two kill player one with the katana. If the player one die, no head....

From: Cloud

When your in los ventres there will be a mission called st. marks bistro where you have to fly to liberty city! Well before you go put in the jump 10 times higher cheat above in the cheat code section! then make sure you have a parachute! well go to liberty city and you'll go in side and kill all the dudes but when you go back out don't kill no one..

From: joe4408

The Turismo the fastest car is good but just keep hitting the cops and get a 6-star warranty but then drive onto the train tracks and hop out and grab the train but slow a bit but then gas it...

From: Reece15

To find the AK-47 go to mulholland and go down to the streets then go behind a market with a driveway and it will be in the corner...

From: ericthespy

Go to the abandunt airport in las venturas if u have got far enough in the game there should be a jet pack at that house.Then go to any 2 players icon in the map go to the abandunt airport and player 1 type the jetpack cheat while player 2 go to the jetpack by the house and now both 1 and 2 player have a jetpack have!!!!!..

From: O.G

Go to the San Fiero bridge (The rail one not the road) go to the nearest pillar thats near San Fiero city on top on it theres a Minigun..

From: Random gamer

Easter Eggs

Go to calugalas casino and walk past the walls until u see a wall with an icon on it i just be in a turn. Face the wall and SLOWLY walk to the wall, after a few seconds CJ should fall in the cement till his knee's then u can turn but won't move, to get out just jump. PS: You can also push other people in the cement and when they are stuck u can dri..

From: gamegod

Go to the Gant Bridge in San Fiero then go to the up using jetpacks on top of it there should be a sign says "Theres No Easter Eggs Here Go away"..

From: Random gamer


If you go to the johnhouse at 0.00 you will see her walking about the house but it does not happen all the time...

From: spikelet13

Go to the cemetery in temple,los santos. Wait in the cemetery for a very long time. Sometimes,in the night or day,you will see her walking around saying "i want to see carl" And if she see's you,she will stare at you. If any of the peds see her,they will get frightened and run away. And if you hit her she doesn't die,even if you cut her h..


This glitch is very useful if you are flying something that stalls easily, like the dodo or the big jet and if you want to get to the max height. First you have to enter the cars float away when hit cheat, then find a plane and touch it gently with a car. You will see that if done right it wont float away just hover slightly. This is your chance to..

From: Downtown

To keep your car on fire do the vehicle of death cheat (L1, L2, L2, UP, DOWN, DOWN, UP, R1, R2, R2)..

From: Jacksparrow

First you need to go into the gym that is nearest the Johnson house. From there you can get to the glitch world. Look up as soon as you get through the door, and there will be a big black mark where the roof should be. Interested? Of course. Do the jetpack cheat and go up there, though it may take you a while to get through, and after you have made..

From: The End

Go onto a two player, one of you get into a vehicle, and one of you use the jetpack cheat. The one with the jetpack (If you can't get one as player two, use the cheat as player one, then drop it on the floor) must then hold X, flying into the air. Keep hold of this, and switch to the other person's camera, and drive away. You will hover into the ai..

From: The End

When you go to a bridge in los santos before you unlock the other islands you can walk over the bridge getting the jet pack and moving foward eventually you wil move foward let go of x and you will land on nothing take of the jet poack and you will walk on air....

From: straw hat

Go to a safe house and save when ever the message "your area is under attack" appears on the screen. This will stop a rival gang from taking your Territories...

From: Lavaughnna

Go to Commence in los santos and there is a building there will be 2 elevaters get a pedel bike. First drive bmx bike up the elevater and drive up to the doors up there and park the bike side ways up angaist the door and try to walk in and u will go in and if you did it right the door should be half way opened and then try walk out an get on the bi..

From: O.G

Go to Commence in Los Santos there should be a 2 elvaters there go up the elvaters with an motorcycle go to the door and park the bike infront the of door and go in and if u did it right the door should be cracked opened then go outside and get on the bike as u can see u cant see your bike but once u press triangle u will get on the bike u and your..

From: O.G

First get an tractor and find semi truck "no trailer on the back" then back the tractor to the front of the semi. Then move the bar on the back of the tractor and move it up to grab the back of the semi by moving the R analog stick up.Then the semi will be attached to you tractor to make u and the semi shoot away start turning side to sid..

From: O.G

When your in the San Fierro Bay dive into the water (Warning this in one of the bay) and if you search the shark for long time it should be apear randomly it also not happening all the time so it make it unique. Sometimes it glicth swim through the wall or sea floor...

From: N00B

If you go to NO FLY ZONE (restricated area in las venturas) there will be four nuitrieon vulcan HRPG missle mungun lancher if you get in their radar on flying they will fire some missile that they will come towards you any where if any missile touch carl and if carl is not dead by two missile then carl's health and body armor meter will be gone and..

From: zanger

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