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Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Cheats for Playstation 2

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This page contains Cheats for Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater organized by sections for Playstation 2. This game has "Action Adventure" as genre, made by Kcej, released on Nov 17, 2004. If you can't find a hint or secret in our list, then please check this page periodically for the latest updates.

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Boxshot & Details
Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
  • Developer: Kcej
  • Publisher: Konami
  • Genre: Action Adventure
  • Release: Nov 17, 2004
  • ESRB: Mature


Do the following during the intro movie:..

From: NadydayAddend

When the very first Konami logo appears, enter the following:..

From: D kid

Type in this code in the menu on the map screen to see the location of The End during your battle with him. This code will have to be inputed every time you leave the map screen and come back to the map screen...

From: kj360

While in the the Cure Screen hit R1 twice this will activate different animations from body building techniques to stances...

From: oliverjohn123


In the base with the helicopter parked, near the medical bay door on the southeast (trench) side. There is a gaurd, when you hold him up and interrogate him, he will give you Metal Gear Acid password "V-I-P-E-R"..

From: Iron-Death


Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater unlockables:..

From: songcailei

When you go back to Graznyj Grad for the second time, you can find a maintenance crew uniform in the locker room where you hid the Major earlier. It is in one of the lockers against the wall of windows that look into the lobby of the building. This suit is especially useful when you have to plant the C3 charges in the hanger. Just do not get too cl..

From: ruben67

Select the "I liked MGS1" option when starting the game. This will also change the introduction sequence to show Snake without a beard...

From: Spartan 121

Beat the game...

From: borokotoy12

Beat the game...

From: coodencat

Beat the game in the European PAL version of the game to unlock Duel mode, European Extreme mode, and Demo Theatre mode. Note: After all intermission sequences are unlocked in Demo Theatre mode, a bonus "Peep Show" sequence featuring Eva in her underwear in various videos will become selectable...

From: trid titan

For this you have to beat all Bosses without using lethal force to unlock one of the following special camouflages. Animals camouflage (reduces hand shaking when aiming guns) Cold War camouflage (some enemies hesitate when shooting) Fire camouflage (fire damage reduced) Hornet Stripe camouflage (keep hornets, leeches, and spiders away; can tame hor..

From: Horror

After completing the game, you'll get snakes tuxedo, you'll also get a new gun, called Patriot, it has unlimited ammo and is very usefull. You'll also recieve a camera, it is more usefull than just snapping shots. Put "I like MGS2" to get Raiden's face paint. It is also usefull later in the game...

From: Erick Mattos

To get The Boss' gun, the Patriot, successfully complete the game. This gun fires like a machine gun and carries unlimited ammo. However, if you use it during game play it will lower your rank at the end...

From: My-Heart

During Ocelot scene at the end, you must choose the unloaded weapon to obtain this weapon after the ending...

From: Vadim-vasilij


In the area just before the swamp, there's a spot with a big tree and and three pathes out. If you take the one to the right, there should be lots of trees. Go to last tree, behind there should be a sniper. On the clif before the brige, if you take out the gard under the nest(on YOUR side)with the sniper you got before, the other gards mite hear th..

From: mootsy

In order to kill anyone with the Single Action Army, do not to shoot the enemy but instead shoot behind the enemy. The Single Action Army ricochets. Shooting behind the enemy will cause the bullets to bounce back and hit him. When you equip the Single Action Army revolver, go into first person view and move the Right Analog-stick in circles to spin..

From: mr.papertowel

While in the backpack, you can see the informaion for an item (hold R2) or a weapon (hold L2). This is different from the viewer by pressing R1. You can use the D-pad or Right Analog-stick to scroll through your equipped items. Note: This only applies to items or weapons you have equipped...

From: pafAppegoCrep

Tune to 144.40 on your radio to cancel Alert mode. Note: This can only be done one time. During alert mode, grab a guard and interrogate him. He will give you a radio frequency number. Call it and the alert will go away. Note: The number changes. The following is a list of some of the "Cancel alert" frequencies: 149.46 140.61 141.45 146.6..

From: ISPLove

Tune to one of the following radio frequencies for fire support. 140.09 141.31 141.62 142.12 145.68 146.74 147.32 147.90 148.56 149.29..

From: strikebluster

When you are on the radio and talking to somebody, press Left Analog-stick Left or Left Analog-stick Right. Let it go to the last picture of the person you are talking to and it will give you background information on them...

From: pvt psycho

After you crash with Eva, after beating the Shagohod there will be two more areas before you reach The Boss. In the second area, there will be a fork. There will be a tree at the very beginning of the right fork. Go behind it and enter first person view. Shoot the frog. Then, get near Eva and open up the survival viewer. Go to "Cure", the..

From: Bunny

At the scene where you have to make your way to the Wig with an injured Eva, take a fake death pill. She will be alerted and rush to your side. If you revive yourself, she will be annoyed at you. Continue doing this and she will not believe you, making her more aggravated each time...

From: glangton85

Get Eva to stand, then grab her and interrogate her as you would a guard. She will say four different things. Note: You must keep holding L3.These are: "And then when I was 17", "Instant noodles", "36 23 34", and "Up up down down left right I forgot the rest"...

From: TheDodge

When you are on the mission to go to the lake to fight the Boss, use your EZ gun or MK22 to put EVA to sleep. Drag her body in water, then drag her in the dirt. Keep dragging her, then wake her up. Look behind and her hair will look black...

From: Robertito0

Stay after talking to Granin in the little room between the cells and the room he is drunk in. He laughs and starts saying "Someone's in here!", falls asleep, then dreams "Ahh Tanya yes ohhh". Note: Keep knocking on his door a and he will get angry...

From: goregous

After you complete the game, you should get a Single Action Army or a Patriot. Play the game again until Snake fights Ocelot (in movie mode) for the first time. When Ocelot and all of his guards are passed out, shoot Ocelot in the leg once (Single Action Army recommended). If done correctly, when you fight him in the game he will have a bandage aro..

From: Arceus2009

Equip the box and call Signit. This will start a conversation with Snake saying how the box makes him feel safe, and it is his destiny. This will thoroughly creep out Singit...

From: typhlosion

Basically with anything that you capture, either animals or plants, you can get a laugh from calling her because she describes them all...

From: MrMaikellll

When you meet Eva the first time, in the next area is a big swamp. Get into the swamp and go north. You will see two logs blocking your way. Go underwater and cross the logs to get to the area, where there is an ivy tree. Climb up the tree and press Triangle. Hang and move on the rope until you see another rope beneath you. When you see another rop..

From: Bendown

In the east wing of the Groznyj Grad Weapons facility, in the "break room" area just north of the door leading to the hanger, there are two tables. Underneath one of these two tables (usually the left) is a box containing a handkerchief soaked in a knockout agent. It is highly effective when used in CQC...

From: HiHoFai

In Graniny Gorki Lab B1 East, there is a Playboy magazine in an office...

From: MistaOuija

After defeating The End, go directly west to find a clearing. The box should be there. Use thermal goggles to find it easier. The rifle is called a Mosin Nagant and is a tranquilizer sniper rifle. Call Sigint while gun is equipped for a history lesson...

From: wignall

This weapon is located in the room behind some boxes where the shotgun is found. Check the entire area to find more items. Note: It is recommended to first eliminate all the enemies before searching the area. You can go back to fight The End...

From: smarta

To get the M16-E1 assault rifle in the Virtuous Mission, go to the bridge in the Dolinovodno section and get to the end of the bridge. This works best if you eliminate all sentries first. When nearer to the end of the bridge, let yourself fall to the left. When you grab the bridge to keep from falling into the ravine, there should be a tree branch ..

From: SKfan666

While reloading your gun, quickly press R2(2), which will unequip and re-equip your gun to cancel the reloading time and still have your gun reloaded with ammunition. This method is only effective with guns that take more than two seconds to reload (for example, the RPG-7)...

From: Freakin leakin!

After being tortured by Volgin, you will be put into a prison cell. There are two ways to get out. The first is to get the fork off the ground and dig out the fake death pill that The Boss shot into your leg out and use it. Or, if you pressed R1 during the torture scene you may have seen The Sorrow holding a number (144.75). Call this while you are..

From: jadejagirish

After the torture scene and you are in the cell, throw the food you are given (and the rat). The guard will say, "Oh you're not hungry? Thanks!". The guard will then say, "OWHHWH...." "OWW... I can't hold it any more". He will run for the restroom, start screaming, then say, "OHH... I don't think it will come out&..

From: blackee

Knocked out or sleeping guards can be awakened by standing near them and pressing Circle several times to kick them. Every time they are kicked, one of the white Zs or stars above their head will disappear. After all the stars or Zs are gone the guard will wake up and you can interrogate and/or kill them...

From: UC0MznPN

For a quick kill, manually aim at the target's head and shoot. If this does not kill them instantly, it will do a good amount of damage and they will probably die after the next shot...

From: AnnaEmily

During a mission, go into the items screen by pressing Start. Press R1 to go into View mode to see Snake in the middle, and a set of coordinates on the left side of the screen. Both Analog-sticks will control the rotation of the view of Snake. Spin the view very fast either to the left or right so that Snake is spinning, and tilt the camera up and ..

From: jam eater 12

Equip your Snow Camo and put on your Desert facepaint. Then, run next to one of the logs and lie down until The Boss runs and hides behind a tree. Equip your sniper rifle and get into your kneeling position. Find where The Boss is hiding and wait for her to poke out. Shoot her, and wait for her to hide. You do not have to lay down or move, and if y..

From: amyxdea

The battle with The End is a grueling sniper battle, but if you know what you are doing you will be able to take him down without being harmed. First, go to the river area. It has a lot of space and will make it easy for you to hide. Go to the lower half of the river area and find one of the hollowed out logs. Equip your Tree Bark Camo and wait for..

From: jackwheeler560

Beating The Fear with the Mk22 is no simple task -- once his stamina gets low enough, he will run off and find food to raise his stamina back up. The easiest way to defeat The Fear is to equip your Thermal Goggles and stay in the location that you start the battle in. When you have lowered his stamina enough, he will jump out of your range. Watch w..

From: Scous3r

Wear the Spider camouflage and black face paint. When the battle starts, run straight to the end of the row and do a left U-turn down the next row. However, stop at the beginning of that row. You can get a single shot off at him with the shotgun. Then, run to the main door. Once at the door, crouch down and he will eventually walk by. You can shoot..

From: sunflowerqueen

When you are facing any of the bosses (except The Boss), you can use the Fake Death. When you use it, they will think you are dead and will not pay attention. You can now use the Revival, wake up, and get some free shots in against them...

From: minaa

In the scene where you have to reach the Wig with Eva injured, shoot her with a tranquilizer dart. She will pass out and begin to talk in her sleep. To wake her up again, go into the survival viewer and cure her with the knife. Alternately, you can kick her awake...

From: lil_yo

This trick is has no actual effect other than making the flame look bigger when you swing it. Get the torch and NVG in the cave. Equip them both from your backpack and turn them both on. Your flame will appear twice as large, and when sparks shoot off they are more visible...

From: feeling

You can get medical supplies from special garden plants (which appear using the thermal goggles), holding up soldiers/scientists, dragging scientists, and from special fruits and animals...

From: Amith4thakar

If running low on medical supplies or want to use less, only heal part of the wound. As you heal the wound, the circle around it will become smaller. When healing a wound with one item, it will make the wound automatically heal, but the more supplies used the faster it will heal...

From: The white dude

In the place where you fight The Fear at the time you catch the Tsuchinoko (night), have a run around. If you look around a bit in first person view, you can see two dead scientists. One will be hung up by his foot, and the other will be attached violently to a spiked pole. The scientist on the spiked pole is easier to find, but they are bother rat..

From: w0BqklpG

While wearing the scientist uniform, press Triangle to adjust your glasses or hold Triangle to hold your finger at your glasses, posing like an actual scientist...

From: meggz05

In Groznyj Grad after the torture scene, you will wake up in the prison. Get the fork and remove the bullet, but do not remove the transmitter. Then, continue the game. Later when you meet Eva behind the water fall, there will be a funny extra intermission sequence that takes place after Snake pushes her away from the kiss. The extra scene will onl..

From: nasrul0123

When you are inside Groznyj Grad East Wing Corridor must get Colonel Raikov's outfit from him, get his uniform. After the intermission sequence is over, open the locker that Raikov is in. He will fall onto the ground. Look in first person view to see that Raikov is wearing a thong. If you leave him on the ground and go for the door, Major Zero will..

From: markjoshua

When you first get to Graznyj Grad, you must steal Major Raikov's uniform. He can be found in the restroom, and will use Raiden's "Double Kick" and "Cartwheel" moves...

From: KILD

Get to the part where you have to find Major Raikov and take his uniform. Dress up like Ivan Raikov and go to the other gaurds. They must salute to Ivan. During that time, go into first person view and aim at a guard's crotch and punch them. The guard will grab his crotch and fall face down, knocked out. This can also be done when you go into the r..

From: Ademonarch

When fighting The End, find his parrot and kill it. Eat the parrot, then kill The End. When you are fighting the Sorrow, look closely to see a ghost parrot on The End's arm. It will say "Grandpa! Grandpa!"...

From: Thorn526

When you are fighting The Sorrow, all the people you killed will appear as ghosts. However, if you want their head chopped off, do the CQC. Hold the CQC and Snake will use his knife to cut their neck. Then when you are with The Sorrow, the soldiers you killed with the CQC they will appear with their heads falling off. They will say "My head; i..

From: hjmiller

This trick is useful if you are trying to be stealthy on metal, wet, or other noisy ground. When you are on the noisy ground type, equip a gun, then use the R2 button to unequip it. Keep on tapping R2 fast and snake should float starngely, because he is changing his stance to hold the gun so his feet never touch the ground and dont make any noise. ..

From: Downtown

When the battle begins with The Fear (mad flame thrower man) equip the black camo and black facepaint, then run down the corridor untill u reach a door. Equip your sniper rifle (or mosin nagant if you want to knock him out) and go into first person mode. Now the fear will keep walking by and not even notise you are there:) every time he passes by j..

From: Bealishere!

In every area there is a store house full of boxes of food (for the guards.) Equip your dynamite and place a stick on each box and blow them up. After a while go back to the same area and the guards will be saying stuff like: "im famished" and "im soo hungry". If they say this get in a fight with them and watch how their shots w..

From: Bealishere!

At the end of the game the credits will start. You can skip them if desired, but you will miss out on something. After all the credits have passed, the title of the game will appear an a black screen. Once at this part someone that sounds like Ocelot will start talking. He reveals that he is with the CIA and he has triple crossed the Russians. He a..

From: Iryuka

When a name appears during an intermission sequence in parenthesis, it indicates the voice actor who provided the dialogue. While the name is displayed, press Circle to change the credits to the person that provided the dialogue in the Japanese version of the game...

From: refcameron

At certain points during some intermission sequences, the caption "R1" will appear for a moment at the upper right corner. Pressing this will allow you to see through Snake's eyes during that exact moment, giving you a unique perspective and occasionally allow you to see something hidden. Sometimes, but not always, you will even be able t..

From: kiba12184

After dying, remain idle at the "Game Over" screen. The letters will change until the words "Time Paradox" appears. This will also happen if Eva, Revolver Ocelot, or Sokolov dies...


When you get to the helipad on the mission operation snake eater there will be a ladder against the middle building take out the guard and climb up the ladder and in the corner will be the water camo...

From: 107cro1

When we see snake getting his award as big boss revolver Ocelot is out the window. To see this press and hold R1 as the president puts his hand out snake will see Ocelot through the window giving you his little hand gesture...

From: Kirbster

Easter Eggs

In the begining of the game, when the boss throws you off the rope bridge you willget a message telling you how to cure yourself. After you do that a movie will come up. If you press [R1] and look to your left you will see the sorrows skeleton...

From: badbrad-92

After the cut scene with Grannin stay in the room and go into first person mode, look behind grannin and there should be a model of metal gear ray...

From: Bealishere!

In the cut scene with Grannin he talks about a "walking tank" and shows you some documents (during the scene). If you hold down the R1 button you will be looking at none other than Metal Gear Rex from the orginal metal gear solid...

From: Bealishere!

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