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This page contains Cheats for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City organized by sections for Playstation 2. This game has "Action Adventure" as genre, made by Rockstar North, released on Oct 27, 2002. If you can't find a hint or secret in our list, then please check this page periodically for the latest updates.

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Boxshot & Details
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
  • Developer: Rockstar North
  • Publisher: Rockstar Games
  • Genre: Action Adventure
  • Release: Oct 27, 2002
  • ESRB: Mature


Enter these codes during gameplay without pausing:..

From: Martin, Stuart, josh

1.When doing races from the car show place drive to the start line but dont drive your car into the pink marker. Get out of your car put in the armor cheat: R1, R2, L1, X, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, UP, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, UP And the health cheat: R1,R2,L1,O,LEFT,DOWN,RIGHT,UP,LEFT,DOWN,RIGHT,UP And the weapon cheat: R1, R2, L1, R2, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, UP, L..

From: evangame123


When the game is completed 100% you will recieve the following:..

From: thefreshprince

Below alist of various Vice City Unlockables:..

From: monster17

Over the course of the game, you will unlock certain clothes that Tommy can wear...

From: thishells

Complete the following Side-Missions to unlock a corresponding permanet effect on the game...

From: AnarKiss

There are a series of secret vehicles in the game. This is a list of them and how to get them...

From: franz314

It's best to buy the Hyman Condo before you pick up Package No. 20 or all the further Rewards won't be delivered there...

From: MrTe90


On Vice Point, the police station right across from Starfish Island connecting bridge, is the police station. In the back of the police station are some gas bombs. This is very helpful when you are surronded by gangs. When you fire the gas bombs, instantly everyone around you runs away. The only downside of this weapon, is that it effects your heal..

From: branmann

1. When you get the chainsaw jump on top of a car (or even better an ambulance) and when the drivers are in the car and you are holding the chainsaw press tap Circle and see what happens. 2. While running (just pressing forward) while holding the chainsaw hold Circle and you should be running with the chainsaw strait forward and it is constantly on..

From: memory gage

1. When you have Diaz's mansion after you kill him, outside of the room where you save the game (inside the mansion) their are some pictures of Diaz on the wall and you have done graffiti on them. There is also another one with a knife slash through it and devil horns drawn on it. 2. When you claim Diaz's mansion for your own there is loads of gang..

From: sarah11234

1. When you have completed the Dildo Dodo mission for the film studio (the one where you have to fly a plane and drop magazines out of it), look at the floor of the street. The magazines are there, look at them through the sniper for a better view. 2. When you have completed the film studio missions, in your mansion (Diaz's old one) there is a pict..

From: Jinxgirl001

1. Go to a change close sign and pull up to it on a bike so it is on the righthand side. Then get off the bike, then back on. When you get back on, the screen will fade and it will reappear and you are not on the bike, you are stuck to the bike you cannot fall off it. So you can do some ultimate jumps. Tommy will run with the bike as well. To get o..

From: Megz1

Follow people around and listen to their comments they are mostly dead funny expecialy the fat men and the black dudes with red tops white hats (they start rappin)..

From: rick mcdonald

Collect the hidden packages to unlock bonus items at your hideout. 10 packages Body Armor 20 packages Chainsaw 30 packages Python 40 packages Flame-thrower 50 packages Laser Scope Sniper Rifle 60 packages Minigun 70 packages Rocket Launcher 80 packages Sea Sparrow 90 packages Rhino 100 packages Secret Vehicle..

From: E4qC0qQ5

Get A Bike Then Drive It To The Front Door Of The Vercetti Mansion. Drive Up The Stairs And Jump Off The Back. If The Bike Is In The Room And You Can See It, Enter. You Can Drive Around The Mansion, Or On The Roof...

From: emeraldo

Enter the rhino cheat to get the tank (O, O, L1, O, O, O, L1, L2, R1, Triangle, O, Triangle). Once you get in the tank Press R3 to start Vilangte Mission. Chace the cars and just destroy them all. The higher the level the more money you get. When you destroy loads of cars You get the cops after you so keep on using the wanted level cheat (R1,R1,O,R..

From: icedrakonpc

Lots of ppl think u can enter the base without all 100 packages but thats not true, u must have all 100 packages before going into Baxter air base to get the apache,there are 2 ways of going into the base without getting shot. #1 U get the police uniform at the police station that u can enter(near construction site) and get a helicopter, from there..

From: redkiller652

Ride a bike, (preferably a PCJ 600) straight at a wall, half way there start to pull the wheelie, (pull the left analog back / press down on the d-pad) and when you hit the wall you should drive half way up it and backflip turn and land! (it might give you a insane stunt bonus!)..

From: NeedForSpeed

Get a rocket launcher, (R1, R2,L1, R2, left, down, right, up, left, down, down, left) get 3 wanted level stars. When the helicopter comes allong shoot it down with your rocket launcher it should blow up and you should get loads of money! (when shooting down the heli make sure you can shoot it but the police on the ground can't shoot you. e.g. on to..

From: angel

Get into a car with a roof and dont smash it! Drive around looking for a woman with a red top and black shorts or a woman in a black bikini. Drive right at the side of then neatly and beep. They should stand looking at you for a bit. When they've done that. Drive a bit forward. If she walks up to you again she likes you. Wait and she'll get in. Dri..

From: sunshines

Get any kind of weapon that has a scope, go up to a car shoot the persons head off so they fall out then quickly go to the passenger side and get in if done fast enough the headless civillian will stand up for about 1 second then a strip of blood will shoot up out of his/her neck and fall to his/her knees...

From: BlackSteel

To make a rhino tank to fly simply enter the flying car cheat(right, r2, circle, r1, l2, down,l1, r1)turn its rocket firer around by twiddling the r3 (right analog stick) button then fire your rocket firer for ages and accelerate while doing and while doing hold up button you should take off really high whilst flying keep pressing circle and you sh..

From: bbop93

On The Driver mission where you race Phil's buddy try to get in front of him and when you pass the Police Dpartment use the cheat (R1, R1, Circle, R2, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down) then when a cop comes it should hit Phil's buddy.This may take a couple of times. If you do this right Phil's buddy should hit the cop car in front. When you pass the Pi..

From: gageshislen

When typing in the "Big Wheels" cheat(R1, X, Triangle, Right, R2, square, up, down, square)it doesnt accept it so load a saved game or start a new game and type the code again. Do this 5 or 6 times and the wheels shold be the size of monster trucks but only on the: cheetah, phoenix and infernus. but that doesnt mean that the code does not..

From: cbrend

Enter Cars can drive on water(right, R2, Circle, R1, L2, Square, R1, R2). Then get any car, bus, tank etc. except bikes or scooters drive into water and head for the docks, drive up ramp which is at the southernest part of the docks and turn right of the top of the ramp and go through gap in fence. note:if you get busted or wasted youare returned t..

From: bscp

After you complete Martha's Mug Shot, get to 100% completion. I reccomend using ultimate cheat disc. Look for a male tourist w/ camersa inside a vehicle. Shhot him in the head. The camera icon will not appear above him, but press l1 when over him. U should save automatically. If u don't want to go through this again, use ult. cheat disc and select ..

From: VietNam2Vinh

Get the cop outfit from the police station by the malibu. Go to the military base north of the airport. The base looks like a fort. drive thru the front door, get out of the car, and go left. To the left past the watchtower, run up the stairs onto the roof. Run to the side of the roof where the bigger part of the building is, and find the little wa..

From: raxsumins

If you want more cars (or bikes) Then read this!! Drive up to the garage and get out of your car leaving the door wide open and let your garage door open,then quickly get into your car and speed right in then your garage door should keep slamming off the top of the wall unless you leave the car! If you crash into any of your other cars just walk ou..

From: shimmer

Hold l1 and press cross cross cross circle triangle r1 r1 r1 circle cross then let go of l1 and kill a prostitute with a flamethrower then get a red banshee and puncture the tires with a sniper and you must walk all the way to vercetti mansion but you must WALK then instead of a helicopter if you have one that is there will be a concorde that is fa..

From: Roguesquad6

You know when you use a cheat to change into someone else, and you just can't turn back to you. I have a simple soulution. Get busted. You'll turn back to yourself...

From: 007dm

Go into the north point mall. Go to the ammunation shop. Make sure you have some kind of weapon. Jump over the counter and kill the clerk. You will be able to pick up his weapon (the mac or oozie) and possibly even some cash...

From: ridgwayd41302

If you like big vehicles head over to Phils place and go left. There'll be a hanger like area. Go in and take whatever is in there. The cool thing is you won't get caught...

From: ridgwayd41302

If you find the condos downtown, head to the back so you can buy them. As soon as you do you can hide a lot of vehicles. It's a good place to hide all of the bikes and Patriots (found in Phil's place) and other vehicles you like...

From: ridgwayd41302

Free weapons are hidden all over the city. The flamethrower and rocket launcher, are two especially powerful weapons. They can be found near the boat yard and car showroom. These all respawn within a few game hours. Collect all the desired weapons, then save at a nearby hideout. The game will advance six hours and all your hidden weapons will have ..

From: mich0902

Use the following trick to get expensive weapons for cheap prices. Go to the first Ammu-Nation in Ocean Beach (with the cheapest prices for weapons) and buy all the machine gun and shotgun ammunition desired. Afterwards, go to the Ammu-Nation in Downtown and buy the weapons in the same category (the machine gun and shotgun). Only purchase the guns ..

From: PaughDayday

If you do a rampage, the type of weapon for it will be taken from you. However, the weapon that you had prior to starting the rampage will double in ammunition. For example, if you do a shotgun rampage and have an Uzi equipped, you will lose all your shotgun ammunition, but have double the Uzi ammo. Note: You do not have to pass the rampage to get ..

From: keyla

Go to any Ammu-Nation store and choose a gun. Keep buying it until you get close to 9999 rounds. The next time you buy it, the ammunition count for that gun will disappear and you will have an unlimited amount...

From: Rukia

In the PlayStation2 version, if you are in a boat in the ocean and the police are chasing you, press Triangle and you will not be driving it anymore. The police will stop chasing you and it seems that they do not even notice you are still on the boat. Take out the rocket launcher and blow up the police boats. Start driving again and repeat as neede..

From: Wacekkk

If you are being chased by the police and are near streets with alleys, drive near the alleys. Jump out the car at the correct moment and fall into the alley. The police will drive past, giving you some time to run. You can also get out of a heavy car and leave it to block an alley. This is useful if you have a high wanted level...

From: tcfc-hics

An easy way to snipe the police and people on the sidewalk is to jump on the hood of a car when it is stopped at a red light. When the car starts driving, you will stay on the hood. When the police chase you, they will hit the car that you are on, making the driver mad and forcing him to drive faster. If they do not drive faster, it will still be d..

From: Xx_Lone_Wolf_xX

Take a boat and ramp it so that when it lands it will be upside down. Quickly get out so you will be standing on the hull. Take out a rocket launcher and shoot any boats that are in range. After awhile, police boats will come after you. Take a manually targeting gun and shoot the officer though the glass. If done correctly, you should be able to ge..

From: Ufarsderttx

Occasionally as you wander around the city, you will encounter a cop fighting with a gang member (especially in Northpoint Mall). If you step in and hit the gang member, you will receive a $50 Good Citizen's Bonus when the gang member dies. Once the guy is on the ground, you can continue to kick him and receive the bonus two or three more times (un..

From: amy_lee_rocks!

If you are doing a rampage that requires a certain number of vehicles to be destroyed and you are near somewhere with a large garage, go over to it. Open the garage and blow the cars up while they are still inside. Walk away so that the garage closes, then return and the cars will be in perfect shape again. Blow them up again, and repeat the proces..

From: JMAN12

To see things more clearly underwater, steal a Caddy, such as the one in the bushes around the lighthouse. Enable the "Car floats on water" code. While driving on the water, look through the windshield and underwater objects will now be in clear view. This is useful when looking at the underwater life and objects such as the Russian subma..

From: Packaging0

In the PlayStation2 version, when a car is driving directly at you, press Square when it gets close and Tommy will jump sideways, saving himself from being run over. For example, when the police are chasing you, they will try to hit to kill you. Press Square at the correct moment to save yourself from a collision...

From: JDogg

If your car flips over while in water, enable the "Health" code. Then, enable the "Rainy weather" code and the "Car floats on water" code (if not already enabled). Keep repeating the "Health" code in between and after these codes. Your car should eventually flip back over and float on the water. This techniqu..

From: lgoodacre

Steal the Apache helicopter and fly towards one of the advertising airplanes that tow a banner. When you are close enough, shoot a missile at it. If you hit it, the plane will explode, giving you at least three stars. Do this about four times and you will have all six stars...

From: ibupronec

After you see the PlayStation2 logo, wait till the next screen appears. Then, immediately press L2 + R2 to get to the startup screen...

From: taironcruz12345

After completing the mission Cop Land, (it's about the 20-30th mission) head to the police station in Washington Beach, immediately turn left into the locker rooms and walk into the Cop Outfit blip, Tommy will now be wearing a cop outfit. When you go over to the military base, they will open the gates for you and they won't open fire on you...

From: HunterMav66

If you want to spawn a towing crane, then you have to go to another island. Now you have to go to the southernmost point of the island. Go near the sea port, near the carrying trucks. Now in the parking place you can find tied cranes. Now to to east, in the airport direction, you can find working cranes. Spawn them...

From: Swapnil

1st: Near the colonels boat in the parking area in the corner it will be shining. 2nd: Near the malibu club, in front of the PCJ Playground. With the help of a vehicle, go up the wooden piece, then drive forward you can find it shining there. 3rd: In the Island which you have visited in the 1st mission of 'A'. Go forward, see in the map and locate ..

From: Swapnil

Easter Eggs

There is an airplane with a banner on the back that flies around Vice City. When you fly a helicopter or a plane around it, or zoom in on it with a sniper rifle, you can see that it is an exact duplicate of the full-winged Dodo from Grand Theft Auto 3...

From: ace2

On the K-Chat radio station, when BJ Smith is the special guest, listen to the people that call the station to talk to him. There is one man that calls asking BJ how he played against the "SA's". The SA's refer to the football team in San Andreas...

From: asim786

On the assassination mission Autocide, the two people in the truck are named Marcus Hammond and Franco Carter. The main characters of The Getaway are Frank Carter and Mark Hammond...

From: acey_2

Look closely at the "Exploder" billboard above the 24/7 store in Little Havana to see a scene from The Terminator, in which the Terminator robot descends from an explosion...

From: Cameron

Listen to the VCHAT radio station and you will hear a football player call in and say "Hey, I'm a first time calla". They will start talking about different football conversations. Listen for about one minute and you will hear the caller say something similar to "Well, we were beaten by San Andreas". In the original Grand Theft ..

From: m


First you get a car and drive it into the pay and spray. But heres the catch go and stop BEFORE YOU HAVE ENTERED THE PAY AND SPRAY. some cars you see the rear end of the car being crushed. others you see the back lights sticking out. P.S. also works with garages...

From: 007dm

Enable the "Dodo flying" and "Float on water" codes. Go into the water and drive around. Gain speed and fly into the air. Try to flip your vehicle upside down in the water. If done correctly, the car will sink and a clicking sound will start. You and the vehicle will drop out of the sky and land somewhere random in Vice City. No..

From: Miro

In the PlayStation2 version, get a Sabre Turbo, and enable the "Floating car" and "Dodo car (flying)" codes. Get into the ocean and gain some speed. Fly straight up, then immediately straight down so the nose of your car hits the water in a vertical position. You must hold X the entire time until you are underwater. You can hold..

From: pcw

Go to the film studio on Prawn Island and take the Skimmer (seaplane). Go beneath the bridge to the right and stop under the lowest part of it. Get out of the plane and you will be inside the bridge. Sometimes you can even walk around, but will fall through the ground and end up back on the streets...

From: jcb0y

Get a hostage in your car. If you get out, run around to the passenger's side and throw him or her out. He will just sit there. When you get in the car, you will hear screams as though you have a hostage. As you pull away the screams will fade. The person will not move from where they are unless you lose the car...

From: jesus

Steal any two door car. Pick up a prostitute and drive to any grassy area with a wall nearby. Drive up to the wall and park your car with your passenger's side against it. The prostitute will "do her thing" as usual, but after your car rocks the final time, the prostitute will not get out of the car, and will squeal and scream endlessly. ..

From: teddyballgame

Get a slow car (Washington, Glendale, etc.) and shoot the tires out on it. Then, shoot the windshield out and get in the car. Hold the hand brake and the gas at the same time for about five to ten seconds then release the hand brake. At first you will slide all over the street and sparks will be flying everywhere. Hold the car going through turns a..

From: Yarrum

Have someone as a passenger on your motorcycle. Drive up north to Hyman Memorial Stadium. As you are facing the stadium from the adjacent street, turn left on the first street that loops around and drive through the grass. Go through the two palm trees all the way to the last telephone pole. Turn to the right and you will see the ocean. As you look..

From: Callum

The effect of this glitch is similar to the "Never fall off motorcycle" glitch, except with a hoodless car. Find a hoodless car and park it near the clothes. Get it near your door. When you get out, you will automatically change clothes. Get back and wait for a response, then go on the driver's side (make sure you closed the door) by the ..

From: Ibanezmetal33

In the PlayStation2 version, ,get three or more stars on your wanted meter and have a rocket launcher ready. When the police helicopter appears, hit it with a rocket. Immediately enable the "Lower wanted level" code, but do not press Down to complete the cheat until after you here the helicopter explode. Once you hear it explode, press Do..

From: u0MmZFmF

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