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Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots Cheats for Playstation 3

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This page contains Cheats for Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots organized by sections for Playstation 3. This game has "Action Adventure" as genre, made by Kojima Productions, released on Jun 12, 2008. If you can't find a hint or secret in our list, then please check this page periodically for the latest updates.

Boxshot & Details
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots
  • Developer: Kojima Productions
  • Publisher: Konami
  • Genre: Action Adventure
  • Release: Jun 12, 2008
  • ESRB: Mature


Successfully complete the game to unlock the "Password" option at the "Extras" menu. Then, enter one of the following case-sensitive passwords to unlock the corresponding bonus when a saved game is resumed or another game is started. Note: The bonuses will become available when the Mk II can first be used...

From: doyle138

In Act 4: Shadow Moses, Nuclear Warhead Storage B2, when at Otacon's office, he will ask you for the code. Enter one of the following codes instead of the one that Otacon mentions to get the corresponding bonus: --NOTE-- you will still get the access denies screen, and you can only enter one per game, when/if you replay the game, you can enter a di..

From: doyle138

Enter the code aottrykmyn in the cheat code input. this will give you the Altair (assassins creed) costume!..

From: doyle138

enter the password jmsotsynrn at the cheat code input screen It's a pistol that fires rapid shots like a machinegun. You can fire in Full Auto or Semi Auto mode, and you can't reload it manually: you must fire the whole clip to reload. --wiki..

From: doyle138


When entering the password into Otacon's terminal, input 14983 . Although incorrect, Snake will (invisibly) gain 100K of Drebin points. Run through the game a few more times with this and the no kills and no alerts bonuses, and you should amass quite a sum of Drebin points...

From: vhayste

Put these in instead of the code Otacon tells you to at Shadow Moses. You will get the Access Denied scene but afterwards you will get the bonus...

From: AthgzAponte

These passwords are entered at the Extras screen under Password after beating the game once on any difficulty...

From: jesus


Snake's iPod can download specific tunes throughout the course of the game. Some songs have an additional "secret" effect when it is played in the game...

From: aisebos

Different face paint unlocked for in game use...

From: Tom 6000

Complete the indicate task to unlock the corresponding costume...

From: tankun

Complete the single-player mode once (and saving the cleared data)...

From: hi

Clear the single-player game once...

From: Hanman004

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding weapon...

From: schnippelline

You have to finish a single player game with the listed requirements to unlock the corresponding emblem. --NOTE-- you can get more than one in one playthrough, play through a few times to get more emblems, and because its such an awesome game (well done konami/hideo kojima)..

From: doyle138

Beat the game to unlock the following ammo for purchase from Drebin: Emotive Cry - causes soldiers 'Cry' emotion to activate Emotive Laughter - causes soldiers 'Laughter' emotion to activate Emotive Rage - causes soldiers 'Rage' emotion to activate Emotive Scream - causes soldiers 'Scream' emotion to activate Smoke Grenade Blue Smoke Grenade Green ..

From: doyle138

To unlock the following PS3 Trophies, complete the following tasks:..

From: sonicmari1

To unlock the following PS3 - Secret Trophies, complete the following tasks:..

From: Nightshade101


When playing in stages where your breath frosts, have Snake play dead while prone. His frosty breath will no longer be seen by others...

From: saurabhnagwansh

There are dumpsters throughout the game which you can use to hide. Move in front of them and press Triangle when the prompt appears. Once inside, if you have a handgun, for example The Operator, you can hold L1 to lift up the lid of the dumpster and aim your gun from inside...

From: escoto

During an intermission sequence, press D-pad Up to zoom the camera in then use the Right Analog-stick to pan the camera around. The harder you press Up , the more zoomed in the camera view. Also, some intermission sequences have prompts to see it through Snake's eyes by holding L1 (look for the icon at the top left of the screen); or view flashback..

From: cobyoto

Shake the Sixaxis controller to return Snake's Octocamo to its neutral (black and blue) pigmentation...

From: Kat

You carry over your Drebin points, weapons, ammunition, items, and special items from a previous game upon game clear. However, Snake will need to encounter Metal Gear II in the first stage to get his stuff back. Be sure to save your cleared data upon game completion to track your items. Load the cleared data to reap your benefits...

From: autumnrockin6

When playing as Snake in the online stealth mode, you should avoid lit areas so you won't cast shadows. Also, in stages where characters emit frosty breath, have Snake play dead while prone to make Snake's breath disappear...

From: vhayste

Set the PS3 system date to a Wednesday or Sunday, and Drebin will have cheaper prices. Additionally, all of Drebin's prices are cut by 50% during Act 5...

From: doyle138

To unlock the Bandana and Stealth Suit easier, wait until Act 5 (Drebin's prices are 50% off) to get the items for 2.5 million Drebin Points each instead of the 5 million Drebin Points they normally each cost. --NOTE-- this is only if you are playing the game again using the same save, it will not work during the first playthrough as they are not a..

From: doyle138

Sit in a box to reduce stress faster, this also regains Psyche. standing/crouching/lying in shade will also reduce stress quicker. When in a cutscene you lose some due to information/insults/ect. tap X repeatedly to regain some...

From: doyle138

PMC soldiers will ignore you when wearing Otacon's or one of the Beauty's face paints if you are not attacking or displaying a weapon. This allows you to track the Resistance easier...

From: doyle138

Shoot five tranquilizer rounds into the legs of a Gekko. It will collapse and thrash around on the floor. You can walk past without being spotted while that is happening. its similar with chaff grenades, although they dont last as long...

From: doyle138

The following weapons are available in the game: Pistols 1911 Custom Desert Eagle (originally used by Meryl) Desert Eagle Long Barrel Five Seven (gun used by Snake when he infiltrated Galuade) Glock 18C GSR (.45) Mk 2 Pistol (Tanq) Mk.23 SOCOM (Snake's main handgun from Metal Gear Solid) Operator (Colt .45 with extended barrel) PMM PSS Race Gun (fi..

From: doyle138

When in Shadow Moses, there will be 'Dwarf Gekko'' (the small black rolling robots) Get to an area where they cannot reach you (E.g. a vent, or a room they cannot enter) Shoot at them continuosly, you will get a number of DP per kill. They only take one or two shots to kill. They are on Infinite Respawn, so you have no worry of killing them all. On..

From: doyle138

To regain health and Psyche, hold X whilst in the prone position with no weapon equipped. Snake's health and Psyche gauges will begin to recover. This is useful when trying for a no rations/recovery items emblem...

From: doyle138

First, acquire the drum can (you dont need to use it, its the location that you need). You do this by finding the soldier (johnny/akiba) that is hiding in the drum, and using it as a bathroom. After that, go up ahead a few feet, where you will see three crates. When you have gone past them, you will see just two crates, **(STAY BEHIND THEM, DO NOT ..

From: doyle138

The statues required to unlock the Solar Gun can be found at the following locations: Frog: In Act 1: Middle East, Advent Palace garage, atop a vehicle. Octopus: In Act 2: South America, in the Research Lab Boss room, upper right room during the human phase of the fight. Raven: In Act 3: Europe, on the top floor of the human phase of the Boss fight..

From: doyle138

If you fight Mantis with a Sixaxis controller, the ending is different than if you were using a DualShock 3 controller...

From: doyle138

Experience the following audio flashbacks to get 1,000 Drebin Points for some of them: Find the crop circle near the river while tracking Naomi in Act 2 after the Laughing Octopus fight (flashback of the Colonel acting strangely in Metal Gear Solid 2). Find the Hind (flashback of the end of the Hind confrontation). The middle of the helipad (flashb..

From: doyle138

Naomi's chest: In Act 2, after Snake loses his Psyche when Namoi tells him how long he has, press L1 to look at her chest and recharge Snake's Psyche. Naomi upskirt: In Act 2, when Snake's talking to Naomi and drops his cigarette, use the hidden L1 option to look up her skirt. Psycho Mantis' ghost: During the first intermission sequence with Beauty..

From: doyle138

When tailing the resistance member, if you look behind Snake, you will occasionally notice a man with a hat and trenchcoat also tailing him. This is how the Scarabs found the hideout. If you try to shoot him, he will duck away around the corner and disappear...

From: doyle138

In every website i've seen, what i'm about to tell you hasn't been revealed in any cheat site just yet. To find the South American Rebel Disguise , yeah its in South America (Cove Valley Village ) , but where in Cove Valley Village is it? Because the area's pretty big!! Well, when you firstly begin your mission in South America , just simply put gu..

From: 2stefanos

Tranq Crying Wolf (beauty form), and the wolves in the area will follow you. Even more weird, they will have love hearts floating from they're head...

From: doyle138

In Act 4, kill one of the wolves after you defeat Crying Wolf. The others will attack you. Call Otacon, and he will wince. Call Rose, and she will tell you that animal cruelty is the first sign of criminal behavior, and says that she will have you psychologically assessed if you continue to kill them. One shot will kill them, so if you do kill any,..

From: doyle138

When leaning against walls and lying on the ground you will come to realise that your octocamo suit can blend in with a close surface or background. Use this as an advantage to get past unaware guards by blending in with every new background you come across...

From: sentoven

When you have passed the checkpoint on the level where you have to rendevous with the Mk.II (demo level), there will be a set of stairs next to you if you have gone through the buildings on the right hand-side of the street. You will notice that there is a path under the stairs. Pick up the box from underneath the stairs. By equipping this you can ..

From: sentoven

First if your one of those persons who likes to hide instead of killing well this is a trick if you see a soldier (anykind) and you have a mk2 pistol or a silenced one (warning) NO FLASHLIGHTS enemies could react to it anyways shoot the enemies instead of hiding and this will be helpful instead of hiding...

From: Wolfpack

Easter Eggs

Use the Solid Eye with the Raiden A mask to make both of Snake's eyes glow red...

From: doyle138

Play the "Oishii ChuhanSeikatsu" Japanese pop song on Snake's iPod. During that song, press Start to see Sunny dancing at the bottom left corner...

From: doyle138

Hold up a FROG soldier, and body search her. When you would normally ball crush a male prisoner, they will say "You men are all the same", "You're disgusting!", or "Ugh" and kick you. When you search a FROG soldier when she has no items, she will giggle as if ticklish. When you search a FROG soldier and touch her chest..

From: doyle138

When the game first begins, the channels on the television are numbered 15, 16, 23, and 42, which are part of the number sequence from the television show Lost...

From: doyle138

The monitor for the PC used by Sunny has a Lunar Knights screensaver...

From: doyle138

One of the backgrounds on Otacon's computer is a scene from Policenauts...

From: doyle138

In Shadow Moses when Snake is about to get on the lift to fight Vamp, watch as the camera circles around the lift area to see a Darth Vader helmet on the floor. In the Act 5 briefing, while Mei Ling is explaining the situation to everyone she says something about it being an impenetrable fortress or something similar. Snake then says, "He has ..

From: doyle138

During the Act 1 FROG attack sequence, attack Meryl. She will say the same things she said when you attacked her in Metal Gear Solid. The password Johnny puts in to disable the laser trip trap is "MERYL SILVERBURGH". You fight Crying Wolf in the same area you fought Sniper Wolf. You can find the Hind D still in the Snowfield where you fig..

From: doyle138

Call Rosemary with a ration equipped to see a reference to a sequence that happened in Metal Gear Solid 2, when Raiden calls Snake on the Codec with a ration equipped and comments about Rose's cooking...

From: doyle138

Metal Gear Solid 3 reference When Drebin and Little Grey jump off of the Stryker, they will land in Naked Snake's pose from Metal Gear Solid 3, when he first arrives for the Operation Virtuous mission. Equip the Patriot gun to hear music from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. Press L1 to view the description for the Mosin-Nagant. It mentions The End..

From: doyle138

If you stare at Meryl's breasts, she will blush similarly to how she did in Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes...

From: doyle138

During a Codec transmission with Campbell, he will talk about the training PMC soldier's went through. Snake says similar to "...better than those VR missions"...

From: doyle138

After defeating Screaming Mantis and immediately after Psycho Mantis vibrates your controller, keep pressing X to see Hideo Kojima. If you prolong the Psycho Mantis fight long enough, the game will show the opening screen, except the word "Kojima" will replace "Konami". The game will then resume the Psycho Mantis fight. Press L1..

From: doyle138

Look at the two puppets dangling from Screaming Mantis. The two puppets appear to be Psycho Mantis and The Sorrow from previous Metal Gear Solid games. When Snake and Naomi talk about war changing and how it used to be "just a game", all of the Metal Gear Solid titles appear in an indexed list. After MGS4, there are a few boxes titled &qu..

From: doyle138

The arms that laughing octopus have are the exact same as solidus from metal gear solid 2, they even have the small serial number on the side, on one of the arms...

From: doyle138

When you speak with Rose on the Codec, shake the Sixaxis to make her breasts move...

From: doyle138

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