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This page contains Cheats for The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion organized by sections for Playstation 3. This game has "Role-Playing" as genre, made by 4j Studios, released on Mar 20, 2007. If you can't find a hint or secret in our list, then please check this page periodically for the latest updates.

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Boxshot & Details
The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion
  • Developer: 4j Studios
  • Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
  • Genre: Role-Playing
  • Release: Mar 20, 2007
  • ESRB: Mature


Put on the Gray Fox's mask. Steal something and wait for the guards to tell you, "Oh, you are the Gray Fox. I'm going to kill you" (or something similar. Select "Resist Arrest". Then, go to your inventory and take off the mask. Exit the menu, then yield to the guard by holding Block and pressing X to talk to him at the same time..

From: colvinarchard

Perform the "Duplicate items" glitch on a Soul Gem. Pick them all up. When an item is on low charge you can recharge it back to full without wasting money on Soul Gems or going through the bother of soul trapping...

From: zadoreen-spb

When you are going on a mission for the Theives Guild, it is much easier to steal keys for all the doors from immobile gaurds (or the owners of the building of the place you are robbing) after you have leveled up your Sneak skill with the "Easy Sneak level" trick. After you steal the keys you can open nearly every key for the building you..

From: dttvptw

While unlocking a door, press Up on a key, then immediately pause game play afterwards. , Look at the tab you raised up. If it is mostly up and about to reach the top, resume the game and do it again. If it is mostly half-way or mostly down, resume the game and immediately press X. You should have that tab done. Continue on with the next tab. This ..

From: mlkyp

For an unlimited source of iron arrows, go to the Bloodworks in the arena. One of the gladiators is practicing with his bow on a target. Stand close by. When there are five to ten arrows in the target, take them before he does. He will just continue shooting when you move out of the way. This is an unlimited source of iron arrows, which can be sold..

From: DR490N

The Unicorn and be found northeast of Inn Of Ill Omen and east of Mingo Cave at a place called Harcane's Grove. It is protected by four Minotaurs. The easiest way to reac it is to move west/southwest from Fort Variela, which is on the coast of the upper Niben River. By doing this, you will see the Unicorn before the Minotaur sees you...

From: gamevixen

There is a broken down fort that is the base for some relatively weak vampires directly south of Chorrol. The fort is called Fort Carmala, and it is located near Hackdirt, very close to northeast of Weatherleah. To reach it, if you have not done the Hackdirt or Weatherleah quests, go to Chorrol. Leave from the south gate and move directly south. If..

From: Charlesz

This is why you need to be allowed in the University. Go in and talk to the mage. He will tell you to talk to a man in Skingrad. Do as he says and run errands for whoever you need to talk to. Eventually you will be allowed to get rid of your Vampiricy...

From: Warmaster

While doing the ''Taking Care Of Lex" quest for the Thieves Guild you must to scald the paper with Lex's seal. Just beside the desk where the seal is, you will see a chest. If you came in the door directly behind the chest you will get an Elven longsword, Glass longsword, Orcish helmet, and a Mythril sheild. If you came in from the door upstai..

From: zerooooooo

If you get sent to jail in Bruma, you will be in a cell with another person named Jorundr. If you punch him once, the jailer will unlock your cell, kill Jorundr, and leave the cell door open. You can now escape from jail by killing the jailer or sneaking out. You can only do this once. Note: Jorundr is a character in the "Two Sides of the Coin..

From: Aaron04

Buy the house in Skingrad and the upgrades for it. You should have a deer head mounted in the wall. Jump on it and retrieve the note. It should say that the man who is writing it is being sent to the prison, but left a clue to his treasure for his loved one. However she never found it. The answer to the riddle is an hourglass. Go in the basement of..

From: briggs123444563

If you selected a Nord as your race, choose The Lover as you star pattern. This makes it extremely eay to kill someone. First, get them down a bit in health. Then use The Lover's star pattern ability to stun them. while they are stunned, hit them with Nordic Frost. This will kill almost all enemies and works well as a finisher...

From: NagoleNex

To avoid trouble with ghosts, ghouls or other similar things that appear when you sleep, drop a silver weapon in every inn you sleep in often. Pick it up when you get attaked by the monster, then drop it when finished. Note: This is especially useful if you get expelled from the Dark Brotherhood...

From: bushpig

At the beginning of the game after the King's convoy is attacked, quickly take the dead guard's katana and armor. This will make slaughtering rats and defeat trolls a lot easier...

From: rebellios

Fill a Black Soul Gem with a Human Soul. Take a weapon that is not already enchanted and give it shock damage, fire damage, or frost damage. Then, give it weaknes to whatever damage you just gave it. When you swing the first time, it will do the fire, frost, or shock damage then give them a weakness to it. The second swing will do a lot more damage..

From: brian789

If you complete all fifteen of the Daedric quests, the final prize is a major stat boost. You can choose any of the three major skill sets; Combat, Guile, or Magic. Each gives you a 10 point permanent boost to the related stats and some of the related skills. It is extremely worth it considering all the other good items you will get while doing the..

From: nightshade002

Go to the city of Anvil and make your way to the inn. Inside is a man whose name starts with a "B". He is selling his grandfather's old manor. You can purchase it if you have 5,000 gold, which is very cheap considering that most houses are 15,000 gold and are not as good. The house (at first) is ugly and haunted. However, after completing..

From: michaelyos

Go into any store, but do not break in. Find a location where it is dark enough so that when you crouch down, the eye becomes see through. Then, find items laying around the store (weapons and armor shop) and punch them into the dark corner. Crouch down and pick it up undetected. This is usefull for advancing in the Theives Guild...

From: Loui21

Go to the Mages Guild in Chorrol. Once inside, join the guild if you have not already. Now, look around. There is a display case table either hard or very hard on the first floor that has what looks like a glowing white dot inside. Break into that display case. Because you are already in the Mages Guild you can take whatever you want. Take the glow..

From: Mubashar Habib

Use the "Duplicate items" glitch on a potion of strong health (to get 90 potions). Repeat the duplication to get the desired amount of potions. Open your inventory and go to the strong potion of health. Press Triangle to quick link it to one of the Analog-stick directions. When you are low on health, just tap the quick link direction to u..

From: hhh34

If you are in the Planes Of Oblivion and need to get past something such as lava, get a Walk On Water spell and a Health spell. Use the Walk On Water spell then switch to the Health spell and run. Note: The Health spell is for your health when you get burnt...

From: lilwolfx1

To do this you must have a very high rank in Stealth. When in jail, walk to the jail door. Duck and wait for the guard to pass you. As he passes and the eye turns transparent, pickpocket him and take the key. Note:The guard may notice and attack you sometimes when not done correctly...

From: MrMaikellll

When you steal items, most of the merchants will not buy them. Use the following trick to authenticate them. Get in the jail and escape. Take your items authenticated or pay for your days in jail and you will have the items authenticated again...

From: Sham

A quick way to make money without going to the trouble of stealing or fighting for it is to join a guild. When you join a guild you will have access to a number of guild halls all over Tamriel. It seems that the guild has no problem sharing their wealth. You can pick up nearly any item in the various guilds without making it a crime, and without la..

From: Rish

Find a person whom you do not care about them liking you (preferably a guard). Go into persuade mode. Rapidly rotate the Left Analog-stick and tap X. It does not matter what you pick; just rotate and tap. In about five minutes you can go over level 40 Speech...

From: zaazxdfgcdc

A very easy way to increase your Sneak skill is to find someone who is sleeping. Find a wall that they are near, then run against the wall while sneaking. As long as no one can see you, your skill will go increase until the person wakes. If this happens, wait until night and allow them go back to sleep...

From: dardycuz

Lower the difficulty down to zero. Put on your heavy armor and let a weak monster such as a rat pummel you. When your health gets low, heal yourself (this also helps with Restoration). When you get strong enough, you can try letting a human hit you. You will level up about every ten to fifty seconds, depending on how many monsters or people are hit..

From: treekozard

Get an enchanted amulet, ring, or other item you can enchant with Water Breathing. Make sure it is a constant effect. Equip the item with Water Breathing then jump in some water. Swim to the bottom and just hold the Analog-stick Up to keep swimming into the floor. Your Athletics will greatly increase in five minutes...

From: Samer

Complete all the Mage Guild Recommendation Quests to gain access to the Arcane University. Create a Fortify Skill 100 spell that lasts for a few seconds on self for Mercantile and/or Armorer. With the Mercantile spell, cast it in front of a merchant, activate them, and you will be able to invest 500 gold at their store without being a Master in Mer..

From: thegamerfool

If you find you need to open a locked door, but only have a few lockpicks, use this trick. Walk up to the door you need to open. Pause the game, then save. Attempt to open the door but if you break your lockpicks just load the saved game. You then have the lockpicks you have broken. Do this as many times as it takes to open the door. This may get f..

From: GamerMan

The way you do this is you have to already completed the quest misoga the orc. Now you do the quest from the king to kill a guy of the black bandits and take a black bow from them. Now go back to the king and he will say thanks and any black bowyou give him he'll give 100 Gold. Now when he askes for the one you have say no. Now use the Dupe cheat o..

From: vamberger707

In order to do this is you need to complete the quest misroga the orc in leyawiin so you can do the one from the king where you have to kill a black bandit. Now tke the black bow and go back to the king and he'll say thanks and 'ask for the bow say no then take it dupe it and give him the bow and you'll get 100 gold for each one you give...

From: vamberger707

South of imperial city thier is a a place call venhellsing now go there its along the path around imperial city across the water. Go there enter it there will be rats and crabs to kill and one spike trap and a gas trap.go to the bottom and you should see umbra kill her. A easy way to kill her. a easy way to do this(you need a staff or arrow or any ..

From: vamberger707

When your at the part where the great gate opens youll have blades and guardes to help fight. I If you want stonger blades do this. youll need good weapons to give them. Go to cloud ruler temple turn difficulty to zearo, attack a blade they will attack. This will also help you getting your armor skill up. Keep healing your self and eventually once ..

From: vamberger707

Join the mages guild. Go to each Mages' guild hall in each of the major cities and complete the tasks you have assigned to you. Once you have completed recommendations for the cities of Bruma, Cheydinhal, Skingrad, Anvil, Leyawin, and Bravil you will gain access to the Arcane University in the Imperial City. Proceed to the Arcane University in the ..

From: vamberger707

If you want to getaway from imperial watch there is a cave just outside the city called dzonot cave the imperials for some reason don't follow you i use it if i cant kill them...

From: tontontin

When you are low on health or magika alls u have to do is sleep for as many hours as you want and your health and magika wil be restored to full...

From: doyler

Pick sneak conjuration and a form of attack for 3 of your skills. Then go into a house while people are sleeping in there sneak somon a creature and attack it this will increse those skills giving you faster way in which to level up. This can be done untill you are spotted...

From: lurtz90

Get about 60,000 coins and go to the castle at skingrad, talk to the counts butler (he's an orc) and raise his disposition, then buy the house from him and he'll tell you to go to the shop in skingrad to get all the stuff for the house (sorry but i cant remember what the shops called) buy all the stuff including the servants quarters and then talk ..

From: toyneywtp

When you start of the game you'll want a house. Go to the arena and win every fight until you beat Agronak. You'll have enough money to go to the Imperial Office of Commerce and buy the shack on the waterfront...

From: GamerMan

Open your map and make your way to the small dark colored island near Anvil. On it is a little boulder near the edge facing out into the sea. Once you find it, jump straight out into the water then swim straight down. It is recommended that you use a water breathing spell or enchanted item for this, as it is some distance down. There will be a skel..

From: Pokemonwhiz

Complete all the Thieves Guild quests until you get to the last one. The Gray Fox gives you the boots for an unknown reason. The reason is to fall down a fireplace without dying. If you are a high enough level, or have other strong boots, you will not die from this fall. Just as you are falling, take off the boots and put on your best pair. If you ..

From: nader

Make sure you have been accepted into the Arcane University (join the Mages Guild and receive recommendations from all the guild halls). This requires about 8,000 coins. You must also know any Chameleon spell (you do not necessarily need to be able to use it). If you do not have a Chameleon spell, buy one from the Praxographical Centre in the Arcan..

From: mirzaarfian

When you go to kvatch to take out the first oblivion gate and go back to the kvatch captain (sorry i cant remember his name) you will go into the city to take out the remaining enemies. Then you will go into the chapel. Once you are inside persuade martin to come with you. Then complete the rest of this mission until you can leave kvatch. Next take..

From: sentoven

When you first start the game and start to fight the Goblins, you will find a Goblin Shaman with a staff. Kill him and pick up the staff. Then, once you manage to leave the sewers later and are free to go as you please, make your way to the Mystic Emporium in the Market District. Then buy to of the same scrolls and duplicate a different scroll usin..

From: sentoven

When you talk to the man who talks about the end of the world and you have completed the 'Pilgrimage' quest, you will have to find the items of the crusader. When go to find the boots, you will be told to go deeper into the forest and complete a test. In the test you will be encountered by a brown bear who will attack you. Don't fight back. After a..

From: sentoven

When you have started the main storyline, you have to gain several items for Martin and complete several quests for Jaufree. Complete all of the quests until you reach the final battle where you must aid Martin and close the great gate. For another objective, you must make your way to 'Paradise' and kill Mankar Camoran(?). For the final quest, you ..

From: sentoven

Whenever you pass a book, read it. Books are usually find in libraries, display cases etc. Books can be very helpful for increasing your skills. These are called skill books. Yes they are very rare but can be very useful...

From: sentoven

When you have joined a guild and you are the 'top-man' otherwise boss, you can usually ask other guild members to give you assisstance. Once done so, the member will follow you and assisst you in any quests or fights...

From: sentoven

When you have started the game and made your way through the tunnel system, you will need to make your own way after Renault dies. Pick up all of the equipment you come across. At this point, you will have plenty of weapons and armour. Carry more than you need, just incase. When you make it to Weynon Priory to hand in the Amulet click on the 'Assis..

From: sentoven

When doing this quest for Teekeus, retrieve the book for him but then steal it and take it back to that woman. She will then tell you some instructions. Complete these to learn a really effective spell...

From: sentoven

The quickest way to get sneak and conjuration experience is to simply summon any creature and then you use an invisibility spell and just move around the creature. and just continue it as long as you desire...

From: The player

On the "The Purification" mission for the Dark Brotherhood, make use of the following technique to get rid of a few of the members in the santuary such as Vincent and Ocheeva.. Furthermore, try to get your Disposition with them as high as possible, then slip attack them with a dagger. Prior to they have a time to retaliate, suggest a yeil..

From: Redsplodge

While playing the mission "Taking Care Of Lex" for the Thieves Guild you should to heat the paper with Lex's seal. Simply next to the desk where the seal is, you will see a chest. If you was came in the door straight behind the chest you will get an Elven longsword, Glass longsword, Orcish helmet, and a Mythril sheild. , when access from ..

From: tezzatupsley08

You will be in a cell with an additional individual called Jorundr if you get sent out to prison in Bruma. If you pierce him once, the jailer will unlock your cell, eliminate Jorundr, and leave the cell door open. You can now escape from prison by slipping or eliminating the jailer out. Once, you can just do this. On the other side, Jorundr is a ch..

From: SAFCDavid

You initially should get a black horse (Search one at Chaydenhall). Go to Leyawin and choose the roadway to the right that does not go to Bruma. Go follow the roadway for some time. Disregard the little town on the rightside. At the town a lady on a black horse will cut you off. Bear in mind that, This could not work each time. You need to be at th..

From: seanyboy


If you ever have trouble of getting some where high, dont worry this will help you if you havent notice yet if you drop a paintbrush it will float. Now drop one and jump on it and drop another one in front and jump on it. Repeat this as many times as you want. Note this is extreamly difficult since the brushes have a small area to walk on if you ju..

From: vamberger707

If you press square when in the air will you will start to run...

From: Dr Mmm Pie

To do this Glitch Sliply get two or more of the smae magic scrolls, and press x on them twice, than go to what ever item you want to duplicate and drop it, However you must on have one of the item on you for it to work, but it doesn't work for all items. Also the more magic scrolls you have the more items you get in return...

From: Dr Mmm Pie

Buy some sort of paralyze spell or staff, anything that can paralyze, and fast travel to talos plaza district in imperial city and walk forward into the middle bit of talos plaza and turn right and walk under the arches, once through the arches make an immediate left and you'll find dorians house, pick the lock or whatever and go inside, use the pa..

From: toyneywtp

this is a warning to anyone attempting the last daedric quest, when you start the quest the daedric god gives you soul gems and a spell to trap characters souls. When you go around trapping the different races souls DO NOT CAST THE SPELL TWICE or the glitch kicks in and you cannot complete the quest it happened to me and i was so annoyed!! so dont ..

From: toyneywtp

To get out of Anvil go to the house with the broken box in front of it. Then jump onto it and then the house. Let your fatique get almost full and get to the part with the wood sticking out. Get a running start and jump on the edge of the next house, but keep running otherwise you will fall, and walk around on the edge until you get on top of the h..

From: isogod

To do this glitch you have to have a paralyze spell and the ps3 version. go to the talos plaza district in the imperial city, go to the middle and take a right, go into the first door on the left. the house should be called dorian's house. Go inside. find dorian and paralyze him and hit the X button, take his gold. you can just keep on taking it an..

From: bdawg3496

Before performing this glitch you must have the dodge ability from the Acrobatics skill and access to the Arcane University. Go to the Arcane University. Go to the building all the way at the right when just entering the Arcane University door. It is called the Lustratorium. The building's door is close to a garden surrounded by pillars. Face the s..

From: wallst
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