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This page contains Cheats for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt organized by sections for Playstation 4. This game has "Role-Playing Action RPG" as genre, made by Cd Projekt Red Studio, released on May 19, 2015. If you can't find a hint or secret in our list, then please check this page periodically for the latest updates.

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Boxshot & Details
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
  • Developer: Cd Projekt Red Studio
  • Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
  • Genre: Role-Playing Action RPG
  • Release: May 19, 2015
  • ESRB: Mature


To unlock the following Trophies, complete the following tasks:..

From: clevergirl


Decoy : Purchased for 20 Crowns from Quartermaster's Baron's Store in Crow's Perch in Velen. Decoy : Purchased for 20 Crowns from a Trader at Seven Cats Inn in Novigrad Gustfields. Decoy : Purchased for 50 Crowns from an Innkeeperess in the White Orchard Tavern. Commander's Horn : Purchased for 10 Crowns from an Innkeeper at Inn at the Crossroads i..

From: jeanspanzee

Vernon Roche : Hero Card. Acquired from Hadko the Card Prodigy at Midcopse in Velen for 50 Crowns. John Natalis : Hero Card. Acquired from Ravvy at Golden Sturgeon Tavern in Novigrad for 50 Crowns. Esterad Thyssen : Hero Card. Acquired from Dijkstra at the Bathhouse in Novigrad for 50 Crowns. Philippa Eilhart : Randomly earned after winning from Cr..

From: Kayykz

Letho of Gulet : Close Combat Hero Card. Acquired for 50 Crowns from the Boatbuilder in Oreton in Velen. Menno Coehoorn : Close Range Hero Card. Acquired for 50 Crowns from the Innkeeper at the Inn at the Crossroads in Velen. Morvran Voorhis : Siege Hero Card. Acquired for 50 Crowns from Marquise Serenity in Passiflora in Novigrad. Tibor Eggebracht..

From: aalap

Eithne : Long Range Hero Card. Acquired for 50 Crowns from Zoltan at Rosemary and Thyme in Novigrad. Saskia/Saesenthessis : Long Range Hero Card. Acquired for 50 Crowns from Vernon Roche at the Temerian Resistance Camp in Novigrad. Isengrim Faoiltiarna : Close Combat Morale Card. Acquired for 50 Crowns from inside Zed's home during a quest in Novig..

From: Awesomedana

Draug : Close Combat Hero Card. Acquired for 50 Crowns from Crach an Craite, Kaer Trolde, Ard Skellig in Skellige. Kayran : Randomly earned card after winning from Crafter or Merchant. Imlerith : Randomly earned card after winning from Crafter or Merchant. Leshen : Long Range Hero Card. Acquired for 50 Crowns from Ermion, Gedyneith, Ard Skellig in ..

From: sa worrior

The Steel-Forged : Acquired during "Passiflora" quest. The Siegemaster : Acquired during the main quest "Imperial Audience" by defeating Nilfgaardian Nobleman. Lord Commander of the North : Defeat the Innkeeperess at White Orchard Tavern. King of Temeria : Starting card The Relentless : Acquired during the "Passiflora"..

From: dowayne

Alcohest : Empty bottle + Cherry cordial + Nilfgaardian lemon + Balisse Fruit Dwarven Spirit : Empty Bottle + 2x Mahakaman Spirit + White myrtle Petals White Gull : + Empty Bottle + Redanian Herbal + Cherry Cordial + + Mandrake Cordial + Arenaria..

From: tpencille

Drowner Brain : Monstrous Brain + Monstrous Blood Ghoul's Blood : 2x Monstrous Blood Nekker Blood : 2x Monstrous Blood Rotfiend Blood : 3x Monstrous Blood Leshen Resin : 3x Monstrous Blood + 3x Resin Devourer's Blood : 4x Monstrous Blood Alghoul Bone Marrow : Monstrous Bone + Monstrous Blood Nekker Claw : 2x Monstrous Claw Harpy Talons : 3x Monstro..

From: Canxer

Aether : White Gull + Verbena + Ergot seeds + Han fiber + Puffball + Longrube Albedo : White Gull + Crow's eye + Allspice + Mistletoe + Beggartick blossoms + Pringrape Hydragenum : White Gull + Verbena + Ergot seeds + Ranogrin + Green mold + Nostrix Nigredo : White Gull + Crow's eye + Han fiber + Hellebore petals + Hornwort + Balisse fruit Quebrith..

From: cod

Black Blood Effect : Damage vampires and necrophages after receiving damage. Ingredients : Dwarven spirit + 2x Sewant mushrooms + 4x Ghoul's blood Enhanced Black Blood Effect : Damage vampires and necrophages after receiving damage. Ingredients : Alcohest + Black Blood + Hellebore petals + 5x Sewant mushrooms + 5x Ghoul's blood Superior Black Blood..

From: Dj100

Katakan decoction Effect : Increases critical hit chance. Ingredients : Dwarven spirit + Katakan mutagen + Verbena + Arenaria Arachas decoction Effect : Damage is taken on the basis of armor and amount of weight carried. Ingredients : Dwarven spirit + Arachas mutagen + White myrtle petals Cockatrice decoction Effect : One extra Alchemy use. Ingredi..

From: helios

Enhanced beast oil : 5x Ursine fat + Beast Oil + Ursine hide + Celandine + Puffball + Bison grass Superior beast oil : Alchemy paste + Enhanced beast Oil + Cockatrice stomach + Celandine + Puffball + Bison grass + Rubedo Cursed oil : Dog tallow + 4x Wolfsbane Enhanced cursed oil : Ursine fat + Cursed Oil + Ekimmara hide + Puffball + Wolfsbane + Bal..

From: microbyo

Dancing Star : Saltpeter + 2x Sulfur Enhanced Dancing Star : Stammelford's Dust + Dancing Star + Phosphorus + Sulfur + Sewant mushrooms + Hellebore petals + Nostrix Superior Dancing Star : Alchemists' powder + Enhanced Dancing Star + 2x Phosphorus + 2x Sulfur + 2x Sewant mushrooms + 2x Nostrix Nigredo Devil's Puffball : Saltpeter + 2x Sewant mushro..

From: vivianswhite

Places of Power are the static glowing stones found in various location. Each place of power corresponds to one of your signs (Axii, Yrden, Quen, Igni and Aard). Once you have activated the stone, you will recieve bonuses for the corresponding sign. After activating the stone, an icon appears at the top of the screen indicating the remaining time f..


The first contract available is "The Devil by the Well" in White Orchard, but may be difficult to complete without using oils and signs. Instead, consider doing this on the griffin in White Orchard. It is an easier fight, and will count as a contract even though it is required by the main questline. Another option is the werewolf at Velen..

From: MolineuxWolf

The environment can be used in several ways to kill enemies. Swamp Gas : Ignite using the Igni sign. Explosive Barrels : Ignite using the Igni sign or by attacking it. It will explode after a few seconds for a large amount of area of effect damage. Stack of Barrels : Topple over onto enemies using the Aard sign. Insects (Hornet Nest) : Can be destr..

From: stoney747

For the Axii Sign to turn an opponent against another, the Tier 2 Axii Skill "Puppet" is required. The first level will temporarily turn a target into an ally and give them a 60% damage boost, which can be upgraded two more times to 60%. Find a group of enemies and weaken all but the strongest one. Then, use Axii on that strong enemy...

From: remy702

Find a group of underwater Nekkers, then use your crossbow to kill them with one hit...

From: Leksus77777

The following signs have the listed effect and upgrades. Aard Sign: Far Reaching Aard Stamina Regeneration : 0.5 seconds per level. Effect : Increases Aard's range by 1 yard. Aard Sign: Aard Sweep Stamina Regeneration : 0.5 seconds per level. Effect : Decreases knockdown chance by 21% and effects everyone within area-of-effect. Aard Sign: Aard Inte..

From: Robertito0

A Glyph of Infusion is required to craft a Lesser Glyph. They can be found or purchased from merchants. You can also purchase Glyph of Infusion Diagram and craft them yourself. To create a Greater Glyph you must combine multiple Lesser Glyphs. Lesser Glyph of Aard : Increases Aard Sign Intensity by 2%. Greater Glyph of Aard : Increases Aard Sign In..

From: Eenu

Purchase and equip the indicated item to Roach to gain the corresponding effect. Saddle : Costs 100. Increases total Stamina by 20. Enhanced Saddle : Costs 125. Increases total Stamina by 25. Superior Saddle : Costs 150. Increases total Stamina by 30. Mastercrafted Saddle : Costs 175. Increases total Stamina by 35. Racing Saddle : Costs 200. Increa..

From: oocawv

Go to any monster nest, and loot everything in the nest except for one item. You can leave any item, but you must leave one item or this will not work. Turn the camera in a 360 degree circle or walk a short distance away from the nest, and then loot the nest again for all items to have respawned. Repeat this as many times as desired. Sell all the i..

From: jeff hardy10

Find the merchant at Hierarch Square in Novigrad and purchase all of his Shells and Sea Shells. Talk to him again after you have depleted his stock and you will find that he has more to sell. Keep buying as many as you can afford and carry. Take the shells with you and visit the armorer, who is located next to the merchant. Dismantle your Shells to..

From: marty sampson

When you're in the town of Midcopse, before you cross the Woesong Bridge out of town, jump over the livestock fence into the grass pasture with the cows. Kill all the cows in the pasture. You can kill them with one swing from your sword, but using fire magic is usually a lot faster, since cows do tend to run away from imminent death. After killing ..

From: AaLonaDeell

Before crossing the Woesong Bridge to leave the town of Midcopse, jump over the fence to enter a grass pasture with some cows. Kill all the cows at that location. Consider using fire magic instead of your sword to not have to chase them. Then, meditate for over two hours where you killed them by pausing game play, selecting "Meditation", ..

From: sk84ever

Go to the place at the Clan Tordarroch Forge in The Skellige Isles, and kill all the goats. Next off, practice meditation for 1 hour for the goats to respawn. Practice meditation once again for another hour if they do not come back. Kill all the goats once more. Repeat this procedure as often times as preferred. Loot all the goat corpses to get lot..

From: DabifPod

While sprinting, jump right away prior to your stamina is empty, then release [Sprint] When you land, your stamina will certainly be close or complete to complete. A 2nd after you land, press [Sprint] once more. You will certainly not lose your stride if timed properly...

From: ArQ1226

Go to the place "Velen - No Man's Land", which is southwest of Novigrad. Go under the water (near the trashed ships), and start contending the 3 Level 10 Drowners with your crossbow to one-hit kill them. After eliminating the 3 Drowners, merely turn the cam in a 360 degree circle, and they should keep respawning. They are safeguarding a c..

From: kmarle

Cellar Key : You will get this during the "The Apiarian Phantom" (Contract); this will open cellar in house, where wild hunt hound has his lair. Bald Mountain Key : You will get this during the "Bald Mountain" (Main Quest); this will access the bottoms of Bald Mountain dungeons. Key to Whoreson Junior's Estate : You will get thi..

From: wqjsejy

Obtain the formula to craft bombs from The Herbalist's Hut Signpost to the north-east of Oxenfurt. It will sells the required ingredients. After you are done crafting, find an enemy or group of enemies. Cast Igni. After it begins to burn them, throw a Dragon's Dream Bomb at the enemy. This will ignite the gas from the bomb and cause an explosion. R..

From: Boricuador

Drink a mongoose potion before you enter the arena, just after splitting from Sile. Also have the Kayran trap, which is crafted in town with a component from Loredo's compound. Also have extra vigor (points, recharge bonus). The giant Kayran has six tentacles. Because the center two cannot be attacked, stay away from the middle of the area. The Kay..

From: Magefighter

During the end of Chapter 2 on Roche's path, Dethmold will send you into a kingslayer's mind. You must act out some of his memories. Save the game before starting the process. There are six segments that must be completed. Because you must be successful on your first attempt, reload the saved game if you fail and get kicked out of the memory. Kill ..

From: Lycrius

A kill may not always count as a head shot, even if you fire at the enemy point blank in the face. Humans, dwarfs and elves will count as valid targets. Killing drowners will not count. You can damage your target with other weapons, but the killing blow must be a headshot with a crossbow bolt. A successful headshot is indicated by the screen shakin..

From: Jj923

Go to the Devil's Pit area of Velen. After entering the camp, use the stairs to throw people into the pit. Lure to the edge of the stairs, then cast Aard to knock them down. Kill any enemies armed with the two-handed weapons, as they cannot be tossed easily. After the camp has been cleared of enemies, fast travel out of the area then return to the ..

From: Yori_Sancar

You can score ten counters in a row easily while practicing with Vesemir after the Quen and Igni sequence during the tutorial. During any of the fist fights, you can time counters much easier than when facing multiple enemies...

From: Firefly2000

When you complete the "Ugly Baby" main quest, the side quest "Brothers in Arms" will start. The required people can be found as follows. Note: Letho is optional, because he may have already been killed due to events from The Witcher 2. Velen Letho: Reardon Manor (near Lindenvale). Complete "The Fall of House Reardon" s..

From: Tyleete

Go northeast of Velen in Upper Mill and start the "Enchanting: Start-up Costs" quest. Speak with a man and offer him 5,000 Crowns to purchase new tools for him. He will now offer his Runewright services to you. You also can upgrade the Runewright to become more powerful by spending more Crowns. Level 1 Runewright: 5,000 Crowns. Level 2 Ru..

From: CagClainc

Level 1 Weapons Preservation: Lesser Svarog, Lesser Devana, Lesser Morana Dumplings: 2x Pyerog, Tvarog Placation: Lesser Devana, Lesser Morana, Lesser Stribog Level 1 Armor Deflection: Lesser Aard, Lesser Warding, Lesser Reinforcement Heft: Lesser Quen, Lesser Mending, Lesser Reinforcement Depletion: Lesser Aard, Lesser Axii, Lesser Reinforcement U..

From: Pcw

Play the "Scenes From a Marriage" quest. The first nightmare can be missed, while the rest that follow are part of the storyline. The first nightmare can be found in the courtyard gazebo of the Painted World. It is directly ahead after you enter the Painted World. Use your Witcher's senses to find the correct objects and give them to the ..

From: Mouse

Talk to the Ofiery merchant and complete the treasure hunt "From Ofier: Distant Shores" to get and craft the Ofieri armor diagrams. Purchase "Diagram: Ofieri Saber" from the Ofiery merchant for 2,205 crowns and use it to craft the Ofieri Saber. Challenge the Ofiery merchant to a race "Swift as a Western Wind" to win th..

From: HotLead22

This can be done in Skellige. Fast travel to the "Distillery". Save the game and begin sliding. If needed, reload from the saved game and try again...

From: A2sgqM2a

You will only need about 1,000 gold in order to purchase three items. Keep selecting one dialog...

From: Soup121994

After recreating Iris' nightmares, during the same quest you must fight her biggest nightmare as a quest Boss. There are more than one enemies, although only one can usually attack you at one time. Manually trigger all of them at once and kill them. To activate them, hit them. You cannot kill any of enemies before they are all activated. Consider d..

From: Upinflames

First, buy the "Arrow Deflection" skill (Level 3/3) in the combat skill tree. Then, find some archers and parry their arrows just a moment before they hit you. A great area to do this is at the eastern bridge of Oxenfurt. There is a fast travel point and some archers on the bridge. After killing them you can meditate for an hour and they ..

From: Mikeyallred

Easter Eggs

Complete the "Family Matters" quest, then enter the Bloody Baron's Castle. Reach the basement via the central staircase to encounter two guards having a conversation. Listen closely to hear them reenacting the "Gimp" scene from Pulp Fiction...

From: GoogleGirl

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