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This page contains Cheats for Go Vacation organized by sections for Nintendo Wii. This game has "Party" as genre, made by Namco Bandai Games, released on Oct 11, 2011. If you can't find a hint or secret in our list, then please check this page periodically for the latest updates.

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Boxshot & Details
Go Vacation
  • Developer: Namco Bandai Games
  • Publisher: Namco Bandai Games
  • Genre: Party
  • Release: Oct 11, 2011
  • ESRB: Everyone 10+


Press 3 times the 1 button on mode selection screen for target shooting=on same whit 2 is=off..

From: kbsteel007


In the mountain resort go to the waterfall go to the edge and slowly walk off you will land in front of a tresure chest open it you will have a hero outfit...

From: tbone

Once you have won all 90 silver keys, you receive a diarama of the island. it comes in four sections (one for each resort) and can be displayed in your villa...

From: gingie

Go to the mountain resort, that in the front of an castle, there's a boy with two stripes above his head. do that 'Hunt for the crown' thing and than, when you have done that all, you have the Royal Villa...

From: victoria1503

If you want that old western look you first have to go to the town that has the church in it. Look for a mountain and then go up it. The mountain will have three people near it. When you go up the mountain you will see a bridge. Go slowly on that bridge. When you see a whole in the bridge dismount whatever you were riding and then go down the whole..

From: Tigerlover

If you complete 20 stamps on the stamp dash (they dont have to be on the same resort), you will earn a villa!..

From: JasonI


Every resort has is own ball, and in each ball a suprise is hidden, in the snow resort near the snowman event is a kind of a snow bal, you need to roll that to the half snowman, its hard to explain what happens. In the vila ground you need to roll the stange looking bal in the waterfall, if you do that, a ufo will appear!..

From: goldkey

In the snow resort there is a under ground cave just hope on ski life ten and start sking down the mountain an go under a bridge...

From: Nnnnnnnj

The surprise ball at Marine Resort is by the information center. It's a green beach ball. Roll it to the dolphin fountain where the ATV Races take place. Bright colorful lights are activated once the green ball goes into the fountain...

From: aliamaga

Many people are having trouble with the King's Mission in the Mountain Resort. Here is a Guide for how to do it. The king will give you a straw. Go around the lake to near rafting, and speak to a lady with the same symbol as the kind had. She will give you a towel. Go to the right-hand side of the tennis courts. Speak with the lady. She will give y..

From: Kawawii Boy

This guide will tell you where and how to get Treasure Chests in the Marine Resort. I will start with the easier chests to get, moving onto the harder. On the far side of eternal beach, behind a beach hut, is the first chest. If you head towards parasailing on a marine bike from the first chest, continue going until you get to a cliff. Somwhere alo..

From: Kawawii Boy

I am going to list all the treasure chests and where and how to get them. I am going to list them in order of easiest to hardest to get. Under the Track and soul Hotel in the top left of the resort, there is a chest somwhere on the side nearest to the skate park. In the green park area to the right of the Track and Soul Hotel, the second chest is o..

From: Kawawii Boy

I am going to list where and how to get all of the tresure chests in Kawawii's Snow Resort. I will list them in order from easiest to hardest to get. The first 4 are extremely easy to get. The first chest is to the right of the sun statue as you look UP the slope, in an alcove in the rock. To find the second chest, head up the slope from the inform..

From: Kawawii Boy

This guide will tell you where and how to get all the treasure chests in the mountain resort. I will list them in order of easiest to hardest. If you go to the bottom of Otti McRae falls, follow a partially narrow path to an alcove where the first treasure chest is. Head to the top of Shanghar mountain, and go as far to the top of the map as you ca..

From: Kawawii Boy

There is an Oarfish in Merry Bay. Once you get "Advanced Diver", you can go past the currants at the bottom right of the map. Go into a hole called "Black Hole". At the bottom is an Oarfish!..

From: CRB12

All the lists below are the cliffs in each resort: Marine: A cliff with a sword in it. City: On top of a UFO. Snow: In Sunflower Area. Mountain: Go down Otti Mcrae Falls in a kayak...

From: CRB12

Below are all the Bungee Jumping spots. Marine: Near Rocky Ridge Cove. City: Near mini-golf,at the park with pac-man stones,& at the starting point. Snow: Near the Info Center,in the lava cave,& at the top of the mountain. Mountain: At the end of a long bridge,near the paragliding activity, & near where you start at Otti Mcrae Falls. No..

From: CRB12

Find the Loggerhead Sea Turtle in Tidal Wave Sea! Hint:It is in the left part of the map, close to the ruins. Happy Hunting!..

From: CRB12

At the fountain near the info center's pool. At the pier. At the waterfall in Mystic Jungle. In front of the cave with the sunken ship. On Eternal Beach. Near the windsurfing activity. On the island at Rocky Ridge Cove. Between the pier & the info center. At the ruins. Where you first start at Wild Hills(Off road park)...

From: CRB12

Well first take helicopter 10 ski down to the cosmos area then go to far left and stay to your far left. Then there will be 2 forks (one after the other) and still keep left for both forks, then just go straight and see what happens...

From: ovacationer

Go onto the map, select Train Station number 4, pick off-road car, now your ready... set off on the path to the waterfall bear left. Follow the left wall until you find a gap/turn-off. Now you are in a sight seeing area were lots of people are standing, turn left out of this area follow a road until an open cave is there turn in and find a treasure..

From: PrincessEmmzy

First, go to point 6 on Marine Resort With an ATV. Next, make a "U" turn to your right side. Then, go over a small jump and through a cave/ inward mountain side. Then turn right and go over a bridge. At the end of the bridge, turn left and go up the hill and stop there. If you stopped, these directions should be easier. Afterwards, stick ..

From: Bh3333

Hi, I'm going to help you find a clear way to get to find the hidden paths in order of easiest to the hardest. Okay! City Resort: You go to starting point 4 or 3. Turn your mii till you see the weird UFO place. Go there and there is this basement below the rails. You look for a door in the wall. You will see a magic dance floor inside. Go in there,..

From: cellcell8

1. bottle nose dolphin 2. loggerhead sea turtle 3. ocellar clownfish 4. pink clownfish 5. indo-pacific sergent 6. semicircle angelfish 7. threadfin butterflyfish 8. moorish idol 9. blue tang 10. striated frogfish 11. luna lionfish 12. black clownfish 13. humpback whale 14. whale shark 15. napoleon fish 16. longnose butterflyfish 17. red gurnard 18...

From: wiians

In the Villa Grounds, there's a ball next to the photographer that looks strange, like it came from space. There is a place for that ball. If you are in the plaza, turn to your right. (If you are not in the plaza, get over there.) There will be a whole bunch of trees and bushes. And, that clearly means there's something cool behind all that stuff. ..

From: sandythecat717

In the Villa Grounds there is a Futuristic ball. If you take that ball and roll it to the nearby waterfall, you will see a UFO. If you want to, before you push the ball in, you can find the waterfall. That is only neccesary if you don't know where the waterfall is. On the rock behind the waterfall there is a sign that tells you to put the ball in t..

From: KaylaKutie

Somewhere in th City Resort under a building is a soccer field. In the middle of the two soccer goals,there is a soccer ball. Push the ball into a goal and the gaol will light up...

From: KaylaKutie

When you enter the Marine Resort, you see a green beach ball. Push the ball into the fountain by ATV races. The fountain will light up...

From: KaylaKutie

Near the snowman game, there is a Snow Ball. Roll it to a half snowman. Something cool happens!..

From: KaylaKutie

To find one of the treasure chests on the marine resort go to near where the wind surfing is you will need to be on a marine bike and take a right towards a cove its quite small so look carefully, dont go under the tunnel! In this cove is a small beach with a treasure chest on it!..

From: helpisathand

Some villas let you get to the roof.I call them rooftop villas. They all let you get a view of the Villa Grounds. Here is a list of those villas. Haunted House UFO Country Modern Mediterranean Log Cabin Asian Northern European There are also some villas where you can't get to the top but you can still climb. Here they are: Royal Tree house Oriental..

From: Phosphora

Some people might already have this chest! But maybe at the hard way. At the left of the ramp with the sword NOT ON THE RAMP ITSELF! (the one for jumping off a cliff), there are two little but EXACTLY the same plants next to each other. There's some small space between 'em, however. But they mark the place of the chest. If you slowly go between 'em..

From: Treasure hunter

All the villas I own have rooftops their called roof top villas. The following villas have rooftops to play on Royal Log cabin Southern European Country Mediterranean Northen European Girly Asian Modern There all the ones I have but if there are more ill tell you..Have fun!..

From: Ezzy

Go to shangar castle next go and find a bit that you can jump on to not like a ledge like a rectangular stone type thing near someone with a taking symbol over their head. Next jump up all of them until you reach a roof. Next you will see near you a winding stair like think (but their are no stairs) now you need to make your way over to that on you..

From: thewiigirl

People are mostly asking what you get from the king and how.Here are the steps. After starting, go to a bridge near the caste. Talk to the lady. Go to the tennis to the lady. Go to the 2nd hill behind Hotel Morgonrote.Talk to the lady. Go to the cabin very close to the heart island.Talk to the guy. Go to the restraunt next to the hotel. ..

From: Phosphora

Girly: Go to th 2nd story.On your right, there are some plant boxes that act like stairs. Climb em. When you get on the 3rd stair, go to the left side and jump. If you wanna go higher, jump once more. Log: Walk up the logs. Jump onto the roof. Mediterranean: Go onto the rail thingie. Jump to the round part. Walk to the middle and hop up. Go to ethe..

From: Phosphora

Ok, when you first get to the go vacation screen and it tells you to push the A botton, don't; just wait. Eventually, a video will start. It will show you all about go vacation. Hope you learned something!..

From: meggie

Here is how to find the underground lava cave: First go to the snow resort. Go to the map and click the peak "transporter" (You will need a snowmobile for later.) Go to the hill that leads to the cosmos area. (Not sure what one.) When you see the cosmos area stick to the very left side of the hill. (If you are doing it right you will ente..

From: I PINK

MARINE: Go to point 6.Select ATV and take a u-turn following the path. Go through the cave and take a left after the bridge. Pick up speed and go across the ramp at the right top tip, onto a ledge with people. You will be in a secret lawn. Go to the wall. You should fall into a hole. CITY: Go next to the UFO building. Walk or ride down the slope. G..

From: Phosphora

Go to the back of shanghar castle and you will see brick coming out of the side. Climb them by jumping up. Then when up you will see bricks in front of you. You have to walk over. once you are up you see a path going up in a spiral go up. When you are up you will see a treasure chest and on the screen you will a star with path finder 1/1 under it...

From: me

You will need your Off-road car for this! Near the Shanghar castle there will be a ramp this will lead to a big island in the lake, then jump of a little ramp bit on THAT island and you will land on another island! Then wait for the boat to come and jump off the island to the boat and it will come up 'great performance' or something like that! Hope..

From: Jimbob

If you have the castle/royal villa go upstairs, the go to the back windows then jump onto the bottom of the window nearest the right. Then turn right and you will see some stairs jump up them until you are up the top! Hope this works for you! Sincerly, Jimbob..

From: Jimbob

To start of I'd like to tell you how do get to a crystal cave in the snow resort. On your map go to area 10. Go on skis or a snowboard or this would take a long time. Stay on your snowboard or skis the whole time so you can get a treasure. Slide down the hill. Find some rocks. Slide down a bit more looking to the side. At the next opening go in it...

From: Girl Scout

If you have a dog then bring it to the mountain resort and go to ottie marie falls, get off whatever your riding and jump to the first step of the pathway behind the waterfall, then press 1 on your wii remote and it will make your dog come to you! but then it will fall down and then you jump down too and when you hit the water your dog will jump on..

From: ohyeah

Hi you also may know me as girl scout. But I just am using a diffrent name. Well first maybe you want to know how to unlock the castle villa. Do the kings crown! You might be wondering "How do I even start"??? Well it works for 1 player only and you can find the person at the castle. He will ask you to find a crown. Don't worry you trade ..

From: hamster

You will need a buddy AND a dog for this. Okay so go to the marine resort and go to the sword in the stone on a cliff near the treasure chest, and get off whatever your riding, remember, you have to have your dog and buddy right next to you, press 1 on your wii remote and your dog will come closer, then your buddy comes closer and you get all squas..

From: Oh yeah

Villa: push the ball you found at the photo spot into the waterfall located right from the plaza! City: knock the ball into the nets(the ball and nets are located at a park)! Snow: move the snowball to the to the top of the snowman! Marine: move the ball to the ATV fountain behind the sunshine hotel!..

From: chester312003

The really easy way is going back to Giant Heel Street and doing that. But there is even an easier way... Go to the rocket ship in Kawawii Memorial Park and take the grind up with either object. Once, you get to the blue grind get ready to jump. And get onto the other blue grind and then at the end you will 300 point Trick-combo and gridded 1500 fe..

From: jahts

When you think the high peak is the place where the kayaking is, WRONG! First go to the place where the kayaking activity person is and then turn backwards. See the 2 stair like ledges are, climb up those (with a horse or walking will be easist although you can do it with an off-road car!) And then go up start moving up until you are at the top and..

From: Jack34

Catch a ride on a kayak! Instead of swimming in the river or lake, go over to a computer avatar and hop on their kayak. It will take a few tries, but u can ride them around the lake or down the river! NOTE: this will not work while on waterfalls... ENJOY..

From: hi

I am not sure which order they are so i will say them in any order! Jumped over the U-shaped happy stone (you need to use a marine bike to go up a ledge to jump through a giant U in Merry Bay) Jump over the two massive stone structures like the marine queen did on Eternal beach. Go to the mystic jungle, over by the waterfall and jump over the bridg..

From: Helpful

When you are walking through the resorts, and you see the icon for when you get a CPU this means there is a chance it will be Track or Soul! I know, cos i saw Soul in the Mountain resort like it!..

From: Jack34

Snow resort:if you take the helicopter to the comos area, ski/board to the big rocks,get to the left as far as you can then you will see a wall that seperates the hill take the left trail and follow it to the crystals! (use a snowmobil when you get there because if you follow the trail you end up in a volcanic area that you need a snowmobil for)...

From: fisherman 365

You know where the knitting girl from the kings crown? Go up near there. Behind the houses, there should be a small hut. Neat there is the ball. Roll it up a hill and into a towery thing. Then straight ahead, fireworks will come from Shangar Castle and also a Kawaii flag will be risen! Hope this helps!..

From: Jack34

If you go to the marine resort you will start at the information centre. Use a jet skii to swim through the water in sunshine beach, right in front of you there should be an opening that separates sunshine beach and tilde wave sea, get off your jet skii when you have passed the opening arch, swim further out to sea and you will come across a whale,..

From: Oh yeah

It has to be one person playing this game to get he villa type but go to the castle in mountain resort you should see a king there talk to him he will set you some missions that you have to do for him do what he says. when you have finished setting missions go back to him talk to him and he will give you the royal villa type - hope this worked!!!..

From: Lena303

Marine - Right in front of the info center is a green beach ball. Roll the ball to the nearby(ish) dolphin fountain. Then, once in the water, the fountain will light up. City - In a building, there is a freshly mowed soccer/football court! You can play a game with a friend, because when you kick/roll the ball into a goal, it lights up. Snow - At th..

From: Phosphora

No. 1 - First go to the marine resort. Start at the info center and turn left. Keep going until you come to a sign that says" Ruby Crystal Cottage and has a cluster of gray houses with blue roofs behind it. There should be a grassy hill with a sand path going up it. Follow the path unil you fall off a ledge. At th bottom, you should notice ano..

From: Awesome Greg

Look at the map on your screen. In the top left area you will see a small white circle attatched to a light grey and light blue area. It is also right on the border of the Marine Resort. To get there, go to the nearest point, point 3, and on a marine bike follow the outside of the land's border until you get to the top of your map. There will be a ..

From: RJLupin

When going to the top of mountain on the twisty road on the side there is a dirt road going up! It skips some turns so it is a short cut. I hoped you like this bit of information, Em...

From: Em

Invite one of your dogs to each resort and villa. (Include the time of day) If you dont have buddies there will be one of your miis, Avatars or go vacation buddies, invite them ten times. If You see a person who will give instrutions, advise or just a little talk, Talk to them 20 times ( Not activities or help a friend,..) After this you get a gold..

From: Sydney

To climb this villa start at the main entrance, go upstairs and turn left. Jump onto the ledge outside of the deck and BE VERY CAREFUL!! you can fall down the side. Jump onto the deck thingy outside of the window then jump back out very carefully. walk very very slow past the pipe and when you're sone go on top of the roof thingy on top of your two..

From: GenevieveHauzie

On the pyramid with the really long flat top. In the bushes near the big rails. Uhh... you wanted more? Ok, in the shopping mall in the area with table hockey on the building nearby (there is a ramp to get to treasure chest building) That's all I can get for now, so check back for more ;)..

From: C'mon Trust Me

Righty ho folks! Okay, I discovered that whilst in the city resort (on Rollerskates/Skateboard) Go to the far north street where the huge rails are. At the side of that street are speed pads, to go ultra speed (you need a lot of concentration and control of your turning) skate onto the first pad, then keep hold the Z button on your nunchuck and go ..

From: Ezrith

Go to snow resort and go into the ski/snowboarding village (I forgot its name) and near the top is a big jump. go over it with a snowmobile and jump over the three houses in a row. you get a star. WARNING: if you touch any of the houses, you will not get the star...

From: WarriorLover22

When riding around in the Marine Resort Sea, you may notice that there are whales dolphins and turtles swimming in the waters. These guys can be ridden!!! If you get off your marine bike near a dolphin whale or surfacing turtle, and you jump onto their back and wait- they may give you a ride!..

From: Ride a Fish!

If you have some buddies, a villa, a dog, and are in the snow resort find the top of the mountain (on your map, its at the top of the map) with skis or ATV, you will find a photo person. Talk to her and she will give you a awesome picture. Save it to your villa and you got a picture at the top of the mountain...

From: JasonI

This is written by an average, normal person who has hardly any experience at the game... not more experienced than you. Besides what others say, EVERY SINGLE ONE of the villas can be climbed! I will show you how! ^.^ Here we go, in order of the villas... Log Cabin: Face the villa from the outside, then walk to the right corner of the porch. There ..

From: Horse.

So how u get on the roof of your Northern European villa is: You go to the second floor of your villa. Then u go to the deck and to the largewindow on the left. Jump very carefully on to the window ledge don't worry if you don't get it the first time, it takes me like fifty tries to get on there(a little trick to get back into your villa quicker is..

From: Starburst10

Press the Z button and shake it like you never shook it.Your horse is fast that way you get to first place located right in the start of the game...

From: XdudetheGamer

When you are playing with 2 people, after 1 person gets in the off-road car, the other person can go up and press the minus key and be in the car with their buddy! **NOTE** THE FIRST PERSON IS THE ONLY PERSON WHO CAN DRIVE!!!..

From: Elexis2504

Easter Eggs

Marine Resort: The ball is a green beach ball near the Information Centre. Roll it to the fountain by ATV races. City Resort: The ball is a football/soccer ball under the whale near the Kawawii Memorial Park. Roll it into either of the two goals either side of it. Snow Resort: The ball is a giant snowball by one of the Hotels at the back of the res..

From: Kawawii Boy

Go to the snow resort and look around buildings to your right and you will see a snowball now roll it up the stairs on the and when your at the top roll to your right to the top of the snowman and you will get a suprise...

From: mad cow

Go to the city resort at night, and use "map" to go to point 3 or 4. Go over to the rocket (not the UFO's), and grind up the speed rail. When it ends and you're falling back down, land on a blue rail in the air, and it will take you to a building. Get the treasure chest, and go on another grind over an oval shaped skate park. it will take..

From: Formulaonewario


If you disconnect the nunchuck while on a marine bike you will sit on the front instead of the seat!..

From: luke2000poke

This glitch allows you to get 5 gold keys and 10 silver keys. You can get it by looking at a horse for 10 minutes and then going to the snow resort by riding a snowmobile from base to peak then go to villa grounds and edit your villa there you have it, you got the keys!..


Ok, go to the snow resort and up the hill, through the middle of the map, you will find a really rare snow bear!!! If you go near it nothing will happen, walk away and then come back to it, then it will say mount and you click A on your wii remote, you will be on the bear, but your wii remote will rumble and the game finds out this is a glitch afte..

From: Oh yeah

Ok. You should go to mountain resort with either gear or a buddy. Go to Otti Mcrae falls and behind the water fall. Get off your gear if you have it and walk into your gear or buddy. It will start to move and then you can push it off the cliff! Bye-Bye!..

From: Ellie Belly

If you go to merry bay, keep going to the east untill your near the big sea. Go in it swim to the east and you will see dolphins. Usally, There all jumping around in the air, but as soon as one of them is still you need to get close to it, Jump onto it, And you'll surf on the dolphin! You can't do tricks, But you'll stay on the dolphin, Even when i..

From: Mummy&Baby

In the Marine Resort there is a dock and in the dock is the surfing and diving person. Go on your marine bike in the deeper water, jump, and push your nun chuck thing up. You should go under the water. Then go towards the docks and go underneath them. You will then be under the docks!..

From: HelloJello

OK so go to the Marine Resort and find a pod of dolphins. For a hint, there should be some on the top right hand corner of the map, maybe a little further downwards. Then you do that submarine trick where you dive under and up, BTW you have to be on a marine bike, then once you're up assuming you angled it correctly, you should have bumped into a l..

From: lelakaa

To do this, you first need a royal villa. This is easy to get just talk to the guy in changer castle at the mountain resort. You will do the "quest for the crown". There are more specific instructions in another article. Once you have the royal villa, feel free to decorate it any way you want, it won't matter. Go to the second floor near ..

From: GamerGuy62

Go to the mountain resort. Get on a kayak, and paddle head-on towards the ferry.This glitch only works if you have a buddy, a dog, or another player to push you through the hull of the ferry. If the glitch works, you should be underneath the main deck.If you jump in exactly the right spot, you will go through the deck and be inside the wall. Note t..

From: Formulaonewario

Go to were you can go ice fishing u need a snow bored or skis go to fence keep jumping on the side don't go over keep jumping at it suddenly you will get stuck and stay there it thinks its going down hill then after a min try to get unstuck when you do u fly like 2000 ft. in the air and you can do a ton of trick :) have fun..

From: Jigi jar jar do

First, go to location 2, 3 or 4. When you see the trolley car near the pink thing, fall directly in front of the trolley car in your inline skates or skateboard. DO NOT shake the wii remote and nunchuck. Your head or feet should be in the trolley car a little. This may work for some players if you try hard. This is at the city resort...


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