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This page contains Cheats for Animal Crossing: City Folk organized by sections for Nintendo Wii. This game has "Simulation Virtual" as genre, made by Nintendo, released on Nov 16, 2008. If you can't find a hint or secret in our list, then please check this page periodically for the latest updates.

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Boxshot & Details
Animal Crossing: City Folk
  • Developer: Nintendo
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Genre: Simulation Virtual
  • Release: Nov 16, 2008
  • ESRB: Everyone


Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding trophy for your house....

From: streetlegend

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding tool upgrade...

From: Roadkill21619

Improvements to your house will cost the indicated amount of Bells...

From: viccol

You can earn 1 point for every 100 bells spent at Tom Nook's store. They can be used to earn the following prizes...

From: zabludshiy

Deposit a certain amount of bells into bank...

From: queeryme

Donate bells to the town fund in the town hall. These items have no effect other than to show off what you donated...

From: valerie11

Find Tortimer on these holidays for these items...

From: Cherrii

Donate bells to the town fund in the town hall to unlock the following items...

From: sk8rkid103

When there is snow on the ground there is a chance that you will find two small balls of snow on the ground. If you take one ball and make it huge while keeping the other small then you can make a snowman. The snowman will come to life and mail you a random piece of snowman furniture...

From: dUdZoR

Talk to your neighbors on your birthday...

From: panks123

Every Halloween starting at 6:00 p.m., Jack will be at a random in your town. The only problem is that everyone dresses up like him! However, you'll notice which one is the real Jack simply by the fact that he won't follow you around, unlike the villagers. Make sure that you have candy before you talk to him, or else he will play a trick on you. If..

From: Emma-Leigh69

To get talk to Tortimer by the town hall on December 31st...

From: kyle

Place any of the following items in your house for 7,777 HRA points. They can be obtained as indicated...

From: jellybelly

Just ask someone from a different gender the following: "Will you be my Valentine" in a letter... You must ask this within the last week before Valentine's Day. They will not respond until Valentine's Day...

From: xxxannaxxx

On easter day a bunny named Zipper will appear in front of townhall . He will ask you to dig up bunny eggs and open them up for a treat . You will get either candy or a bunny foil . Return the bunny foils to Zipper for a peice of egg furniture ...

From: littleone03210

Talk to Tortimer on Midsummer's day (21st June) to receive an espresso maker...

From: ruben67

In the fall, sometimes when you pick up a mushroom it is really mush furniture. You can keep it or sell it to Tom nook for good bells..

From: Greg is retard


If you want to get rid of an item or furniture you don't like, send a letter to another resident of your town and attach the unwanted item there. They will often respond by giving you a different item...

From: vhayste

Every day, there will be a single rock in your town that will have money "in" it, and if you hit this rock money will come out. Hit it repeatedly to get more and more money. Eventually, the rock will run dry. The rock that gives money changes every day...

From: fda

Find Kicks, the skunk, sitting on a set of stairs. Have him shine your shoes and their color will now match your hair. Note: You can change your hair color at The Shampoodle. Select "Change style" to return your shoes to their original color...

From: Ghost4j1

Go to the southeast corner of town on a Monday night. A voice will talk to you. Follow its directions until you find Whisp the ghost. He will ask you to find his lost lamp. After you find it, go to the your house's attic. Whisp will give you a wish for finding the lamp. You can ask him to get rid of all your town's weeds, remove all the cockroaches..

From: mahino

One of the rocks in your town will randomly give Bells when it is hit repeatedly...

From: FableMaStEr

A canary will perch on top of the the Message Board outside of the Town Hall if you have an unread message there...

From: 107cro1

Equip one of the Zap Suits and the sound changes into a heroic fanfare...

From: kata1mata1

Talk to Tortimer the mayor during the Fishing Contest to get a free fishing rod...

From: mr.papertowel

Talk to Tortimer the mayor during the Bug Catching Contest to get a free bug net...

From: babypiller

When Pascal is in your town, have a scallop and approach him. Note: This cannot be a white scallop. Talk to him and he will give you one of the following items: anchor, barrel, ship's helm, keg, sea view wallpaper, ship's cannon, ship's compass, or ship's deck flooring...

From: sgtw2yeh

Talk to Tortimer after 3 p.m. on Harvest Day (varies by year) to get a Fork and Knife. Find Franklin the turkey and trade him the Fork and Knife to get one of the following Harvest furniture items: bed, bureau, chair, clock, dresser, lamp, mirror, rug, sofa, table, television, or wall...

From: sergeim

Wait a year after you move in and you will get a letter from Tortimer saying he can't believe you have been living in the town for a year. The letter will have a Townhall model enclosed...

From: Haylz-x

Talk to Jingle after 8:00 p.m. on December 24th to get one of the following Jingle furniture items: bed, carpet, chair, clock, dresser, lamp, piano, shelves, sofa, table, wall, or wardrobe...

From: stelling

These Mario Items can be found by shooting down balloons with a slingshot sold at Tom nooks store. (not all balloons contain mario items) mario items are: 1-Up Mushroom, ? Block, Brick Block, Brick flooring, Cannon, Coin, Fire Bar, Fire Flower, Flagpole, Green Koopa Shell, Green Pipe, Mushroom Mural, Starman, Super Mushroom...

From: yaronking123

Depending on what shovel you have you'll get a different amount of money from hitting a rock, silver shovel gets you more. Other than hitting the rock, fishing is a easy way of getting money, Tuna is worth 7000 bells you will come across lots of the same fish so you can donate to the museum as well...

From: Cheesus

When it's july/august set the time to midnight and catch a large rare beetle. Save it in your basement until the bug contest. At the end of the day give your beetle and you will always win the contest. You can do the same for the golden fishing trophy. just catch a shark and save it and you will alway win!..

From: fuschiafirefly

A canary will perch on top of the the Message Board outside of the Town Hall if you have an unread message there...

From: Hardus

Talk to Tortimer on the following holidays to get the corresponding item. Cool Globe: Nature Day Leaf: April Fool's Day Picnic Basket: Labor Day Resetti Model: Groundhog Day Sailboat Model: Explorer's Day Wheat Bundle: Harvest Moon..

From: Jamila

After playing the game for at least one week, complete the indicated task to have Tom Nook's store upgraded to the corresponding level. Paul Nook N' Go : Spend or sell 25,000 Bells at Nook's Cranny and wait one week from the day Nook's Cranny first began. Nookway : Spend or sell 90,000 Bells at Nook N' Go and wait two weeks from the day Nook N' Go ..

From: cracker

Set the system date to Christmas Eve of any year in the future and the time to after 8:00 p.m. Walk around and find Jingle, a reindeer in a Santa suit. Talk to him and he will ask you two questions. No matter how you answer, you will get a piece of the Jingle set. If you sell any piece to Tom Nook, he will pay over 12,000 Bells. Repeat this as many..

From: handstand

After Christmas, you'll notice that there are snowballs lying on the ground. Use these to make a snowman. If you make a perfect snowman (porportions are correct) you'll recieve a piece of Snowman Furniture. Don't like the look of snowman faces staring you down? You can sell the Snowman Furniture for 8,888 Bells a pop...

From: gamedude

First, put all of your money into your ABD. Then save - go to the Wii menu - settings - date and time. The change the date to +11 years. Go back to ACCF and you will get a letter from the ABD saying you have gained interest. Keep on doing this until you are satisfied with the money you have. When you cant add +11 years anymore,go to the right year,..

From: z0oinks

On St. Patrick's day if Wiiconnect is turned on you will receive a letter from Nintendo. It will have a gift attached to it called the Shamrock hat...

From: sparky

From March 25th til the 1st of April, If Wiiconnect is turned on you will receive a letter from Nintendo. It will have a gift attached to it called the Red Pikmin Hat! As random as it is, its to commemorate the re-release of Pikmin on Wii...

From: marcus09

When you go to someone Else's town take one of their fruit which you don't have and plant it in your own. Fast forward time 3-4 days and then pick the fruit off that tree. then do the same with those 3 fruit. When you are satisfied with how many fruit trees you have sell it to tom nook and he will buy them for 500 bells each! that is because they a..

From: meepzoids

At Easter, get a shovel and dig up Easter eggs (cracks in the ground), crack them open and if theres bunny foil in them, go to Zippy, the Easter bunny (by the town hall), and give it him. If he gives you egg flooring or an egg wall, sell it at nooks shop and get 8,888 bells, if he gives you anything else, nook will buy it for 9,000 bells...

From: Fabregas7242

If you want to get a higher Happy Room Academy (HRA) score all you need to do is get the whole set of one kind of item like: Easter egg set, modern set, retro set, etc. My score used to be 22.5k and is now 64k because i got all of the Easter egg set. It may be hard to find some items of the set but keep trying! Larry will be very happy with you in ..

From: meepzoids

If you have your Wiiconnect24 turned on and it is May 19th, you will get a letter from Nintendo saying it is Teacher's Day with a School Bus Model enclosed...

From: lukish

But 2 shovels, use one shovel to bury another. Once buried dig up the shovel around 4-5 days later, you should have a brand new Golden Shovel. NOTE- buy shovels from Nooks shop, 500 bells each..

From: GeorgieePorgiee

Got some candy left over from Halloween? Don't let it go to waste! Seek out Pave during Festivale, which occurs only once a year. Give candy to Pave to recieve unique furniture in exchange! Pave gives different furniture for different combinations of candy, so mix it up and see what sorts of furniture you can get. Pave wall, Pave floor, Pave bed, P..

From: koolcatpop

Talk to one of your animals and they will randomly ask you to play hide and seek. You and four other players will play. You have 10-15 mins to find them. They will only hide outside behind tress and buildings...

From: GeorgieePorgiee

Talk to Brewster in the Roost, Note - you must have a gyroid with you. And he will ask you if you wanted him to take of them for you. He wont accept accept a multiple gyroid that are the same. You can ask for them back at anytime...

From: GeorgieePorgiee

Simply shake the trees. Either bells (100 bells max.) Or furniture will float down from the tree. NOTE - bee hives will also fall out occasionly too. You will have to out-run the bees by running into the nearest available building. If you are stung by medicine from Nook...

From: GeorgieePorgiee

You have to have a shovel for this cheat. Simply hit the rock with your shovel. Money will fly out. This Depends on how fast and the number of times you hit it. If you have a golden shovel or silver shovel, a different ammount will fly out each time. Note - you must keep hitting the rock, if you stop for a short period of time you won't get any mor..

From: GeorgieePorgiee

Visit the Roost on February 14th. Order a coffee from Brewster and you will instead get hot cocoa, and Brewster will wish you a happy Valentine's Day...

From: TheSamson87

Use the following trick to get lots of fruit. Send your town's native fruit and in a letter to a resident and include the word "Fruit" in the message area. Eventually they will reply with fruit (either the same or different) or furniture...

From: jason26uk

The present balloons that need to be shot down will appear when the last number of the time is "5" and the hour is either 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., giving you twelve chances per day. To find the balloons easily, go to the north side of your town. Do not stay there all the time, just run up there when you see a balloon. Your running movement can..

From: GaSssS

Talk to Zipper the bunny in front of town hall on Easter. As he instructs, dig up the bunny eggs and open them up to get either candy or a bunny foil . Trade the bunny foils to Zipper to get one of the following Egg furniture items: bed, bench, bench, chair, clock, dresser, floor, lamp, stereo, table, toy set, wall, or wardrobe...

From: Aasipoie

From around June 15 - August 15 (or longer) there are bugs that are worth from 1,000-10,000 bells! From 8:00 P.M - 4:00 A.M For me, personally, I go around 10:00 P.M - 2:00 A.M. I usually find Scarab Beetles, Giant Beetles, at least 4 times a night (if not 4, then usually find more) The most common beetles are the Miyama Stag Beetle and the Saw Sta..

From: Katya

In Summer in the night, There will some boring normal mushrooms near tree's but there is luminous one's and if you find it, pick it up and it will sell for 7,000 bells. There usually there on Monday night's. You can get up to 3 on one night...

From: Kaaay. x

Most people know the cheat where you go up to a random rock in your town (there will be 1 money rock a day and it is unlikely that it will be the same one the whole time so search around) and hit it with a shovel so money will come out.. But when you hit the rock, you bounce back, this causes you to stop for a few seconds and not get as much money ..

From: Lil' Meee

keep letters (either to the future you or from neighbors) in your pockets when your pockets fill up with stuff you can move your equipment, furniture etc. to the letters in your pockets freeing up more pocket space for fish and bugs & stuff You can also store extra stuff at the post office in letters when your drawers at home fill up write a le..

From: k'man

Put some money in the bank (5,000 min) then save the game. Go to your wii menu change the date to 1.1.2035 . Then go back on it again you will get a letter from the bellpoint notice saying Dear ... We appreciste your business and hope that you are satisfied with our service. You have earned 99,999 bells in interset. Bank of Nintendo It will go in t..

From: golf girl

You can shake tree's to get money/items, but occasionally there will be bees. You can try to catch them but that's risky. When a bee's nest falls, run! But run in circles so the bee's will have trouble getting to you. Once you get close to a house/building get in quick. (Avoid homes who's lights are not on.) For beatles or stags on tree's, walk up ..

From: The THG

First set the time to Christmas Eve. Then look for Jingle the Reindeer and talk to him to get furniture. Then change 1 item of your accesories and talk to him again he should give you another piece of furniture! Keep on doing this then sell all of the merchandise...

From: cws2002

When you are going to sell fossils to Tom Nook, If you go to the museum and get them identified before hand, they will be worth more bells than if you take them un-identified...

From: Izzyfizzywizzy

This is a fail-proof way to get money quick!! Talk to Rover and click on the option that says 'Other things'. then click on change date/time. Change the date as far back as possible (1/1/2000 usually) then log on to your character (your character must have at least 20,000 bells in the bank) *NOTE: logging onto your charater at this point is very im..

From: Caity

For an easy way to pay of your mortage, go to the date April 12, 2009. This is the Easter/Bunny Festival. Get a shovel, and if you find a star in the ground, dig it up, and it will be an egg. There are TONS of eggs in the ground. Open the eggs when you feel the need to, and if it is candy, you can sell it or eat it. If you find Bunny Foil, give it ..

From: limegreen

Every saturday night a dog called K.K Slider goes to the cafe in the mueseum to sing. Go to the cafe and talk to K.K, he will ask you if you have a request click on the option that says you don't have a request and would like him to play something random. He will ask you to sit on a chair, do so. A song will play,then,at the end of the song, he wil..

From: crookshanks97

Go to Tom Nooks and very rarely he will be selling silver items, I'm not sure if you can get silver shovel but maybe you can, never got it myself. The silver rod will attract fish better and the silver axe will last longer and cut the trees down quicker and the silver net has a wider net so you can catch bugs easier..

From: Mouse

To get Wisp (wisp is a ghost you catch 5 spirits in your net for him and he will either rid your house of cockroaches paint your roof or give you a somewhat rare item the character may not be able to access in his/her catalouge) FOR CITY FOLK Find a lamp around town then go south To get Glyne (glyne is a blue angel dog you have to find her and then..

From: The_Cheat_Lady

Dont wear any clothing or head accsesories (u may lose them if u do wear them). Firstly empty ur pockets so nothing is in there,but put ur candy in ur mail (letters) u can get candy in easter bunny day (12.4.09) go to a person not Jack,tell them "no" to the candy giving they will ether : put a "jack o lanten" in ur pockets or pu..

From: Jay@FRizzy

Go to easter and get all the bunny eggs, sell all the furniture you get but keep all the candy, for 6 peices of bunny furniture i got 58000 bells. When your pockets are full of candy, go to halloween at 6.00pm. All the people in your town dress like jack, but the real jack doesn't run towards you...

From: heheheeee

If you would like to get a golden shovel, bury a normal shovel for 3 days, then dig it back up again, and to you surprise, it will be made out of gold!..

From: Christyxx

Stand out side for 10mins and go into a building and you will see the difference of your skin colour. (Summer is the best time to do this)..

From: animalcrossing

On animal crossing set date to 24/4/2011 and go around and collect bunny foil from eggs in the ground and go to town hall and give to bunny you received item then sell item...

From: hardy

At some point after 8pm (sorry, I don't know the details very well, but here's all I got) if you go into the city, and go right from the bus stop, you will reach the area that is usaully blocked off by orange cones. For some reason (I really don't know the details..sorry) the cones won't be there. So walk into the light, and you will be in Ressetti..

From: Emi

With your normal slingshot whenever you see floating presents in the sky catch them with your slingshot and after catching a few inside the preasent will be a silverslingshot. It shoots two stones and is easier to aim then do the same with that and keep catching all the presents, In the end you will get a golden slingshot from the present wich will..

From: coco

Get two shovels, dig a hole and bury one shovel in it, as you should wait four days instead save the game and hange the date to four days later, also their is no need to change the time, then dig up the shovel you buryed 'four days ago' and it should be gold, if it isnt then you might not have hanged the date to four days later, also save it then c..

From: leilahh

First i have animal crossing lets go to the city so it might not work for others! anyway, get two beds, (any type) and put then next to each other with no gaps inbetween, then get on the bed and you can roll from one to the other...

From: leilahh

Change the date to anything random (not in this current year)then you can change the time if you wish, click play after that, then go and check your mail, and you can do anything you wish like go talk to people, dig up fossils, buy things from nook or the city, ect. once your done SAVE it and change the date to the current one PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU ..

From: leilahh

First go up stairs into the attic and walk up to the end of your bed and press A it will ask if you want to change your bed if you have a bed in your pocket you will be able to change your bed...

From: 1toffe

The person that asks you when your birthday is is your BFF. If you don't like them and are willing to delete your game I have a statagy that can get you a BFF you like. After you buy your house Tom nook will tell you to meet the resident's of your town. Go to your map and find a person who you don't like. Talk to them first. THey will not become yo..

From: Anamaniac

Go to the town hall on monday after 6. am, and put your things in the recycling bin. when you collct it, yu will have more things there that you can collect. you can also collect thngs from the lost and found in the station. ask the fatter bulldog and he'll give you some things. NOTE: you have to collect it before thursday or it will be gone..

From: CheatMiester

All you have to do is simply send out a random letter to a random person in town ( it could be a peach) and you'll get something cool back that is usually much more valuable! Just wait for a mail reply!..

From: IllusionZ09

Here's how to do it: Props:Paper Fruit or even a shell! Okay, write random letters on any paper from tom nook's shop. Add an orange or a shell to your letter. Send it to an animal of your choice. Wait 1 day. Check your mail box the next day. They should have sent you back a letter with something awesome in it! E.G. : Furniture, money etc...

From: animalcrossing2

You can get mario furniture by shooting balloons down here is a list of the items... mushroom mural (wallpaper) 1-up 'shroom super mushroom flagpole piranha pipe koopa shell brick flooring (i think) super star fire flower I think that's it...

From: me me me!

You will need a friend for this: step 1 change date to easter and sell all the easter furniture for loads of money the max is 99999 bells after that the rest counts as 1 item in your pockets step 2 go to your friends and drop all your money it could be any amout but 99999 bells is the most at one time step 3 go to Copper and speak to him then press..

From: Ryan

Okay so most of you have ever heard or want to get the silver shovel from resettis house, well if it never works for you, I reset my game and skipped it to 8pm and got told off by resetti, went to the city, and the orange cone was moved aside meaning I could go in to resettis house and get the silver shovel ps I don't know if this will work with yo..

From: yoloooo

This cheat is when you can unlock a pet store from Tom nook! All you have to do is donate all your money to the town fund and save your game while your in the town square. Go back on your game and Tom nook should come to your door as soon as you get out your house. He will then inform you on a 'closely guarded secret...' which,of course is the pet ..

From: AnimalCrossing1

Set The time and date to the birthday that you told rover, than there might be a letter in your mailbox that has a present attached to the card, after go to your pockets and hit the "Mail" icon and you have to get the present of the letter and open it, usually You get 5,000 Bells but you might get higher and do that over and over until yo..

From: Iggly :)

When you shake a tree and bump into bees, always have a go at swinging your net at them. Never run into a house. Every day, there is 3 new trees that have bees in them. Try to find all of them when shaking trees for money. Whatever you do, do not use medicine on your first bunch of bees, as that's wasting medicine and you can only get medicine once..

From: AwesomeAnon

First, plant a row of coconut trees, at least 10 of them. Next, skip to a date when it is raining- BETWEEN JULY AND SEPTEMBER-(I did 4th July 2014). Make sure you have a net, and go down to your coconut trees. There will be beetles on some of the trees. Catch them, and sell them to Nook. Note that 1 full inventory can be worth from 50,000 bells to ..

From: AC:LGTTC pro

Hit every rock in your town with a axe or a shovel every day one of the rocks in your town have money. When you see coins to go out from the rock continoue hiting whilr you heard a super mario games voice!..

From: Lukas

First you write a letter to every one in town (not your own players) saying please send fruit. Then attach a shell to the letter and send! Within a few days your mail will be full of fruits or shirts!..

From: 0104ptbb

When you start off with a new town you will notice you have only one type of fruit which sells at 100 bells each. Well once you have gone to other friends towns and collected fruits that are not your original type of fruit (or sent letters to animal folk with fruit in and they will give you fruit back) They sell at 500 bells each and are known as f..

From: cutegirl13xxxxx

To win a tourney fishing, bug etc. it's easy! Just go around your town and look for a four leaf clover keep it in your pockets until you catch a bug/fish turn it in to the host and a good shot of winning if it is the biggest one save your game 1 day ahead to see who won!!! (*Remember there is a 50% chance that you have won!)..

From: B&M27

On the night before halloween about 9.00pm, go around and find animal friends and they might give you candy. Some of them will give you a quiz to get them and you must get the answers correct. Maybe all of your friends will give you a quiz but it depends...

From: Anonymous

If it is around 8pm you can get an empty lantern go to the south of the map and you will hear wisp and he will ask for the lamp once you talk to him again with the lantern he will go to your attic and give you a wish of 3 different ones...

From: Me

If you find a lamp, at night walk on your beach. Then there will be a voice talking to you. He says come over here.When come over by him, he will ask you to find his lamp. Talk to him again. He will tell you to go in your attic. When you get there go to your pockets and rub the lamp. Wisp will come out and grant your wish. You get to choice from 3 ..

From: Brittany

When you have dead flowers, water them. The next day they will be back to normal. So you don't have to worry about watering them before they die...

From: Brittany

After ABOUT a couple months of having Nookingtons the final nook store upgrade, one day when you walk in or try to leave, nook will ask you if you have a moment.if you say yes then he will ask you about his store his and asks you to tell him which store do you like best BE CAREFUL!: nook does not name the stores. he names topics. it goes from nooki..

From: Da Gamer

When you first log into animal crossing and your talking to rover click other things. Then type in the date of easter e.g. 8th april 2012. Log in to animal crossing and go to the town hall. You will need a shovel from either the bunny or tom nook if you dont have one. Go around the town looking for holes in the ground each whole You find you will n..

From: lydia 1D

What you have to do is go to tree's with apples on and there shake the tree and they will all fall down then sell them at Tom Nooks shop this will get you 100 hundred bells. Cheat 2: if you reach up to 10,000 bells put in your deposit at the bank at the city (go on the bus to get there) then you can get a shopping card. Cheat 3: go to the auction h..


Ok so basically you bury your shovel over night and then dig it up the next day and you'll have a Golden shovel. With your golden shovel you can bury money and a money tree will grow and when you shake your money tree it will give you money also every day there will be a money rock We're you hit every rock in your city with your shovel and one of t..

From: Summer_xox

You can do this cheat anytime, although if you want a perfect town, a lot of weeds grow.First, go to the Wii menu and go into Wii settings. There would be a button you can push that says calendar. Push it with "A". The years should be 2000-2035. Switch the year for 2000, and log back on animal crossing. When you get on withdraw 50,000 dol..

From: Babyboo

Easter Eggs

Visit the Roost on February 14th and order a coffee from Brewster. Your character will notice that it is actually hot cocoa, and Brewster will wish you a happy Valentine's Day...

From: GadykeydaySef

Talk to Tortimer on "April Fool's Day" (April first) to recieve a leaf...

From: rnickson0531


First,You need to fill your inventory with Fostles (DO NOT uncover by the owl).Then sell al of the fostles ot Tom,nook.I no that he says that he will put it in the bin but you need to do this as part of the Glich.Then,donate 10,000 bells to the bird in the townhall.finally (make sure you have a wardrobe or something to put all you furniture)go to y..

From: Plus it!!!

First of all put 10,000 bells in the bank at the town hall,now save and close animal crossing,go on to your wii settings and change the date to the eariest date possible,for most of you that will be 1/1/00,once you have done that go back on to animal crossing and check the money is still in yor bank,log out and go to your wii settings again,change ..

From: emmaroo

WARING:This cheat will have your town have weeds and move out your villgers. Change the year to 2000 on your wii menu go back to the game and put 50,000 in your bank account. Change the year to how far the years can go on the wii menu go on the game and you have a letter from the bank saying you earned 99,999. Hope this helped...

From: K.

Go onto Wii message bored and send a pic of you (can be anyone) save the pic on SD card and and it to the Wii message bored in these 3 dates, 1.5.2031, 3.7.2001, 9.11.2026 and save after evey time then deposit 19,000 bells save the game then change to next day and then you have 999,999,999. hope this helped! Love, Kammy =P xx..

From: Kammy =P

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How do I get Katy Perry to come to my town?

I have heard that instead of kk slider coming to your town, in some city folk games you can have Katy Perry instead. I tried it out and it didn't work. Plz help me!...

From: Kathleen
Posted on: 12-26-2015
What happens when I pay mortgage?

What happens to my house when I pay of the mortgage??...

From: Thehillsxx
Posted on: 04-08-2015
What about codes

There are a bunch of videos about codes like the walk over objects code or see buried item code I know the names but where/how would I install them it's driving me crazy!...

From: CrazyCandy
Posted on: 12-26-2014
How many times can you get serena to appear?

I know about Serena the goddess but how many times can you get her to appear. plz help....

From: Bebe
Posted on: 12-22-2014
Where's Resseti's home?!

I'm hitting all the rocks in my town but I can't find Mr.Resseti's home! Also I'm wondering if I can find his home!...

From: Ellz of Bellz
Posted on: 11-19-2014
New city, completely lost

I have just moved in to a town called aniville, I keep getting lost. How do I memorise it more?...

From: Kool boy!?
Posted on: 08-26-2014
How To Find A Walking Stick

How Do You Find A Walking Stick ??...

From: Nolbert02
Posted on: 08-17-2014
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