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This page contains Cheats for Fable organized by sections for Xbox. This game has "Role-Playing Action RPG" as genre, made by Big Blue Box, released on Sep 14, 2004. If you can't find a hint or secret in our list, then please check this page periodically for the latest updates.

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Boxshot & Details
  • Developer: Big Blue Box
  • Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
  • Genre: Role-Playing Action RPG
  • Release: Sep 14, 2004
  • ESRB: Mature


When you are going to fight jack of blades for the final time and you gota keep follin the path then when you get to this area with a farm house and a crop field activate physical shield and only attack with lightining but make sure your lightining is maxed along with your physical shield. then make sure you have as much mana potions as you can aff..

From: soldier92

If you do things in the first part of the game, be it all good things or all bad things, you will be credited with an extra gold coin at the end of the mission. Be completely evil. Marry the mayor's daughter of any town then kill the mayor somewhere in the woods, where you trick him into going. Most mayors are loaded with gold. Because you are marr..

From: marskie21

To get the most experience out of your food items (for example, red meat, carrots, fish, etc.), use them after building up a high combat multiplier. Set the food item to a quick slot to use them fast. Find a location where skeletons respawn. With a good weapon and silver and sharp augmentations, they should be no problem. Once you get the B attacks..

From: pahnetone

Stealable items can be found in the shops. To attempt to steal them, you can target the item, and then use the "shoplift" expression...

From: bannanas

Some food types have special abilities; they might change day to night, improve some of your attributes or change your alignment...

From: Qasdsttm

Go to a tavern and buy about 8-12 beers. Go to a place that has some kind of shop. Tell the seller to follow you, take him somewhere where no one can see you and give him the beers. ( he'll have troble standing) so run back to the shop and steal stuff.go somewhere else and sell them if you like.(They have to like you,not to much or they will just k..

From: Alyssa1516

Master the lightning spell as soon as possible. This causes the bolt to strike multiple targets at the same time. For example, at the master level it will hit four targets at once. It also is a good idea is to set the Will Potion to an assigned location so you do not have to stop using the spell. Note: Sometimes when enemies die from lightning you ..

From: NP9385

You'll need to pal around with some sidekicks who will do your dirty work for you. Have the sidekicks fight guards to cause a distraction, which will result in NPC's running away, giving you all the time you need to commit crimes such as stealing etc...

From: minimi

Wait until late in the evenings or during the night, as the chance of being caught is reduced to an absolute minimum. Pay attention to the Eye of Awareness while committing a crime; as it might prevent you from being caught...

From: charlie16

Make sure a non player character is NOT looking in your direction when you commit a crime and you'll get away with it...

From: Shadowkid13

You can pay for the guards "break time" which is a great way to commit crimes without getting caught...

From: santhosh1981

Eventually you will be able to marry. You can choose a man or a woman...

From: jose

After you fight the Wasp Queen look for a hairstyle card on the bench...

From: gazzat15

Watch the credits at the end of the game to continue playing with your character...

From: DelugeOfLove

* requires at least 1 trophy ** maximum cash using jack's mask and champion's seal the trick to this is, buy a house anywhere, preferably one with 2 trophy mounts, and hang your best trophys on the wall, sell the house again for more cash than you bought it for and break down the door. take your trophys down and buy the house again. when you buy th..

From: xbbzbbczbcvb

When you do the "escort traders" quest and get to the darkwood lake, one of the traders will say something along the lines of "that mysterios rock has alot of history behind it, its strange, and so is the one in great wood". stop at this point and look around to find a 10ft rock that glows in aura. retreat back a little bit and ..

From: Jonathan1221

Want everyone to fear you? all you have to is go to the look out point after graduation and kill the two people (not including the title seller) and go into the picnic area. Then if you are really evil kill everyone in the picnic area and earn more points quicker and go back to the lookout point. Two other people will have respawned. Repeat the pro..

From: carlo

Get the obsedien greatsword and use silver augmentation on it (this can either be purchaced when you fight the white balverine or at the arena shop, i think) this will work best on the balverines and undead. when you come to fight the scorpion at the end wait until it uses its tail (it will power up) if you time it right it will take off around 250..

From: ryanhopkins

When you get the quest to kill the white balverine, you will get a siver augmentation from the balverine's wife. If you quit the quest, you will stil have the augmentation. When you restart the quest, you will get another, and this can be repeated as much as you like...

From: memek

In the Beginning of the game, the hero is being trained at the Guild. Right after he turns into a teenager, he is to pass three tests. They are melee training, skill training, and will training. Once you pass all these tests, Maze will test you himself. First he will ask you to use melee attacks on him. Instead of doing that, take out your Yew Long..

From: AEF_Cossma

Well when you finally see it in the stone on the hill in avos temple the game will remember the first time you tried and you will have to increase your physique by 5 toughness by 3 then health by 2 or just max them all out the go to lvl 7 then its maxed. but if your strength stats are already maxed then you will get it the first time. HIGHLY ReCOMM..

From: Warlordno1

(this cheat requires hobbe cave quest) first you must have at least 5 silver keys to open a silver trunk (if you do not have any or enough silver keys do the infint keys quest at rose house its when you dig the key up in the rose patch during the hobbe quest then get the octagon key from the grandma hero save reload in your last save and the key wi..

From: defkiller12

Save Some Ages Of Skill, Will And Might Potions Until Youve Defeated Jack Of Blades When The Credits Finish You can Continue The Game. When All This is over Go To The CLIFFSIDE PATH (before you enter bargate prison) And Turn On Physical Shield And Keep Fighting The Skeletons (they drop will potions so dont worry about your physical shield) I Got My..


well first when he charges the sword of aeons when he releases his wave roll out of the way and then normal attack or flourish him then when his health is half way down he will go air bourne and rocks will come out and when he trys to attack hide behind one of the rocks and then chrg up an arrow or spell then when he is done come out and attack but..

From: langostino

when u first get to bowerstone save all ur money up sell clothes, potions the lot!!! and oviously kill if your evil.go to the north of the town next to the church and buy the house for 500g them keep getting it decorated buy a ring get married and attack wife till she says "I want a divorce" the choose ok then she'll be renting your house..

From: gamer4life

Go to the temple of avo and donate 30000 coins or more and then the preist will say the god has presented you with a miracle and your age will go down 5 or 6 years i think the more you donate the younger you get...

From: darkmood

Just buy a really cheap house somewhere and put all your good stuff there and sell it. Then wait until it gets dark rob your stuff and buy the house again. Repeat for more money..

From: Gamer15

Ages Of Might Potion: Might experience; changes with multiplier Ages Of Skill Potion: Skill experience; changes with multiplier Ages Of Will Potion: Will Experience; changes with multiplier Health Elixir: Increases Health bar Health Potion: Restores Health Will Masters Elixir: Increases Will Pool Will Potions: Restores Will Power..

From: chalupa1997

Read the graves around Albion to find some funny tombstones...

From: DollFace42

You must be fat for this door to open. Eat lots of meat and pies in front of him to put on the weight. You get a will Master's Elixir for opening this door...

From: calabaza20200

Go onto the upstairs porch of one of the houses across from the item seller...

From: Ga66wa

Use the following trick to cheat at the card pairing game and get a lot of gold. When you first go to Bowerstone, go to the bar and find the man sitting at a table. Talk to him and start a game of card pairing. Note: Save your game first. Bet as much as you can (the maximum bet is 1,000). When the game starts, flip a card and immediately remove you..

From: stephen

At night, go to Bowerstone Quay and you will see some shirtless men. They are the Fist Fighters Club. The following trick will work on anybody except the leader of the Fist Fighters Club, Rund (the only person of interest; a green dot on the map, besides the old man). Start hitting someone until you can use a flourish. Then, hit someone with one, w..

From: ZachWOL

The door in the Cemetery quest only opens after you find Nostro's armor...

From: johannetaylor

Save all of your Ages Of Might, Skill, and Will Potions until you get to the old graveyard path. Turn on a physical barrier and slash away at the undead. It is possible to get your combat multiplier over 50. When you have killed them all, go to your equip screen and drink the Ages Of Might, Skill, and Will Potions. You will get 100 experience times..

From: pufferfish5

Fish from the right side of the first bridge after entering Darkwood...

From: ellzwaters

Go to the camp where you can play blackjack (the fastest game to play). Save the game before you start playing. Max out your bet and play a few hands. The maximum bet limit is 1000. Play until you have more money than you started with, then save the game. If you lose money, just reload the saved game. You can keep saving and reloading depending on ..

From: ExoM7

Note: To do this trick you must have already completed the Bandit mission to TwinBlade camp. First, go to the Chapel of Skorm by the Darkwood camp, then teleport to Bowerstone South. Go to the Tavern. Inside is a bodyguard. Pay him the money, then teleport back to the Chapel. Then, teleport to Ockvale and find the bodyguard at the second entrance t..

From: fifachamp

This door challenges you with a few Hobbes. Kill them all for it to open. Behind the door is the Will User's Dark Outfit...

From: stan

On the escort trader's quest, you will encounter a glowing rock. Shoot the hole in the top of the rock with an arrow to reveal a key...

From: xchrsmanosx

This door asks for a high combat multiplier. Your combat multiplier must be at least 15 when you talk to this door. A good plan is to have this area as your recall. Boost your multiplier on the zombies at the Grey House then teleport back here to fight the enemies in the area. Remember, Physical Shield keeps your multiplier from dropping off and Sl..

From: robin

This door asks you to perform a deed of great evil. A murder will suffice, or if you are playing the good storyline, eat about fifteen Vrunchy Chicks. This door leads to Wellow's War Hammer...

From: snoop18

Go up the hill to the right when you enter the Greatwood Lake area...

From: Legion

Search her Lady Grey's bed after marrying her to find a key. There is a fishing spot near the Demon Door at the Grey House area...

From: maninthemoon911

There is a fishing location in the pond in the Guild Woods...

From: kevin8237

Use the lantern in front of the door and it will open for you. You will receive an Elixir Of Life...

From: Ufarsderttx

Go to the Hobbe Cave and kill all the Hobbes in the entrance area. Then, go back outside and kill the Troll. You should get upwards of 1,000 general experience and about 500 Strength experience if you use melee, and about 400 Skill experience if you used arrows. Try getting Ronok the Axe first, though; it kills the little Sorcerer Hobbes in one hit..

From: robin

Break into the lighthouse and search the cabinet near the steps to find a key...

From: batty21

As soon as you can get to Hook Coast in the storyline, there is a tavern game called Shove Ha'penny. Bid a small amount of gold so you can practice first, then start bidding 1,000 gold per game. After you move the coin to either side (they can bump each other) pull back on the Left Analog-stick until the arrow is just below the 2 point line. If you..

From: qDZueBYsa

Go just outside of Knothold Glade. There is a fishing spot in the large lake where you fight the white Balverine for the final time...

From: skittelboo

Shoot this door with a bow at least as powerful as the Ebony Bow. You get an Elixir Of Life for opening it...

From: Iarwain

Slash the brambles away to find a path that leads to a key...

From: conholio33

Search the tomb of Scoran Daith to find a key. Dig up the grave of Mary Sutter to find another key. There is a fishing spot for a key in the center of the cemetery quest...

From: tequillatecla

Dig under the axe of the statue to find the key and a weapon...

From: kittieboo13

After going to Oakvale for your first time, before you do the Bandit King quest, return to the Ancient Cullis Gate. The area with the white circle is a location where the Ground Troll spawns. To trigger this spawn, go to the bridge then walk back to the circle. The troll will respond every time you do this. You can only fight one at a time. After y..

From: Daisy

The treasure clues will start you at the dock at Orchard Farm. They will lead you through the apple orchard and down the path towards the barn. At the first barn, dig in between the barn wall and the bales of hay to uncover the Frying Pan...

From: brunetelul

Fish off the end of the dock where you fought the Hobbes...

From: rebelicious777

The easiest way to become good and strong is to go to the Cliffside path after saving your mom and use the body sheild(make sure you have a lot of will potions) and when your will gets low use a potion. If you keep doing this without getting hit(which is easy if you have the sheild) it is easy to get your multiplier up to at least 400 and a s**t lo..

From: McCarthy

When you get to the end of the game and have to battle The Jack Of Blades,you must first kill the minions to bring down jack's force field.Then attack jack until he starts floating in the air.When he does that,get out your bow and arrow and start doing a circle around jack while shooting him with your bow and arrow until he dies.When he dies you ca..

From: misti1997

Level up your enflame as high as you can. Whenever you are fighting a really hard monster (ex:Jack of Blades, Maze, Earth, Ice, and Rock trolls, Summoners, ect.) get really close to the monster and keep on using enflame. While you are going down to make the flame in the game you are invincble,given that you do this simeltaneously without stopping y..

From: bigsal

When you have to hit the stones to spell out the demon door's name the name is hits...

From: bblue50

Enter Krunk as your name to see a hidden message. Enter Jeremy D to see the message "Jeremy Defrehn is a nutter"...

From: firefly2000

Just type in jack of blades as your sage game user name and there u go u got it...

From: metsrock

As you start to fight jack you have to start off with your sword. He will soon go airbourne (make sure your have slow time and multi-arrow maxed out. Be sure to save before the battle) then turn on multi-arrow and slow time and lock on to jack and kill him with your bow. After he is dead you may kill your sis and take the sword. When the credits ar..

From: legend

To get easy renown, you will need a spade, a quest that you can boast about and a trophy (having several is recommended). First of all, got to the boasting platform outside the Heroes Guild and stand on it. All of the local NPCs (non-playable characters) will run over to you then dig somewhere on the ground nearby. Doing this will add an extra thre..

From: Artemystic


This is an EXTREMELY good glitch. You need two things for this glitch. Berserk Spell and Assassin Rush Spell. First go to Barrow Fields. (Other places work too.) Stand near the gate that leads to Oakvale. First cast the Berserk Spell. While in Berserk Mode, use Assassin Rush into Oakvale. While the loading screen is up press and hold down on the Le..

From: RC:SM_Freak

Use the Time Stop Glitch and travel to Bowerstone South. All shops will be empty and up for sale...

From: RC:SM_Freak

Use the Time Stop Glitch and go to Bowerstone South. Beat up the gaurds for as long as you want and your combat multiplier will never go down! CAUTION: Only beat up the gaurds because the towns-people will glitch up and you can only hit them a couple times...

From: RC:SM_Freak

Use the Time Stop Glitch and go to the Heroes' Guild. Steal the items from a place they can't see you. If they see you it's okay because they all are frozen so it doesn't matter...

From: RC:SM_Freak

Ok so your doing the arena battles right? if you get your combat multiplyer up in the 20's or 30's killl stuff and eventually youll have 80k to 100k xp points if you kill the rock trolls you will have at least 18.6 k gold. Go back to cells and hero save, then click load game and click the game you saved on. You will end up out side of the arena wit..

From: linklink6
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O.k so i run around to the back of the tavern where the door to the basement is lokced, also i am stealthy enough to use the lockpick expression but when i use it nothing happens even when i hold down...

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