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This page contains Cheats for Halo: Combat Evolved organized by sections for Xbox. This game has "Action Shooter First-Person" as genre, made by Bungie Software, released on Nov 14, 2001. If you can't find a hint or secret in our list, then please check this page periodically for the latest updates.

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Boxshot & Details
Halo: Combat Evolved
  • Developer: Bungie Software
  • Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
  • Genre: Action Shooter First-Person
  • Release: Nov 14, 2001
  • ESRB: Mature


You have to complete the game by using legendary difficulty setting in Campaign Mode..

From: salman__

You must finish the last level of the game in campaign mode under the legendary difficulty setting. The new ending features a human & alien fighting hand to hand. The human will say "Its over", & then they hug because they know the explosion will kill them both...

From: silenscer

You have to complete/beat the game on normal & legendary difficulty settings in under 3 hours...

From: Nick Ricucci


On the Assault on Control Room level. I found a chilled shortcut. When you get to the rock bridge with Banshees on it, walk as quickly as you can to the left side of the bridge as close to the wall as feasible & walk off. note DO NOT JUMP! In the event you jump you wil not survive the fall. In the event you need you can shoot the nearest banshe..

From: juliezhou300

When you have at least two different types of granades and two guns all you need to do is shoot all of your guns and throw all of your granades until you are empty, but be positive not to kill anything or it won't work, but after you are completed you will notice four new bigger and better guns about0 paces in front of you and then you can take you..

From: Mozzy521

This Is Also called the early banshee trick.All You Gotta Do is take a rocket launcher. Go in to the tank room, & to the next room. DO NOT PASS THE WRAITH!(cove Tank) And Ice mond. Go Under a High platform in wall. (Second In two Betrayals) Shoot Rockets Middle Of The Whole Thing & Banshee Shud fly of Ledge. No Need 4 Sniper Rif!..

From: purplerogue

Using a combination of assault, Shotgun, & grenades works best... Warning: Only use the (sticky) grenades at a far distance, for the small ones. Shotgun - use on gigantic floods, & small floods. When those small guys, that jump up at you, are all grouped together use the shotgun, it shoots out lots of bullets at a time (you can see this in ..

From: valeria00

This cheat is for getting no enemies on the last part(not were you require to ride the warthog out). Now leave player at the last check point right before you enter the engine room. In the event you leave him in the right spot there will be no enemies around the tiny peanut lookin things. Note you will must move player to the elevator to progess...

From: elijeezy35

Finish the game under the normal difficulty setting. You will now be able to over weapons under the legendary setting in lieu of - This is useful in case you require a fast fire weapon, a heavy weapon, as well as a powerful weapon such as the shotgun - recommended combination would be a shotgun or pistol, a rocket launcher or sniper rifle, as well ..

From: charlie16

Take a shotgun that has 12 shots & 0 clips. After you shoot it a few times, you ought to be able to reload by hand. You can do this about 10 to 20 times...

From: yasmeen690

To reload most weapons faster, press X and shortly after that press B to melee. Note: For the shot gun this will cause you to stop reloading all together...

From: zakblue

This trick works best in multi-player mode. Drive the warthog in a straight line. When you see an enemy, jump out of the Warthog. Tap X repeatedly and sidestep to the right. In the event you are speedy , you will exit the Warthog and jump on the LAAG gun without stopping, while the Warthog slows down. This also works well on ice, because you keep s..

From: missba

When Covenant dropship is getting ready to unload a group of Covenants, throw a grenade into the door as it opens. The blast will kill several of the enemies since they are all in one area. There are places (especially in the first level) where a groups of Covenants are, waiting for you to barge in and start shooting. If you can, sneak to the alien..

From: MistaOuija

Do not try to take out any Flood types with a sniper rifle. It will simply go through their bodies without killing them. The weapon of choice is the shotgun. You can take them down with one shot. Remember, the closer they are, the faster they fall. On the small crawling Flood, use your assault rifle in short controlled bursts. Once one pops, it wil..

From: rebeccacoates

In the later levels of the game you will encounter new enemies called Flugs. These enemies will be small at first, but they will attack and control anything alive. Use a shotgun on these baby Flug as they tend to group in large numbers. By using the shotgun it will send a storm of bullets and kill most of them that are around. Use a shotgun on the ..

From: dogduoduo

This Isnt A Cheat Its A Picture.Go To Multiplayer Mode And Select The Level Blood Gulch Make Sure You Can Get The Shotgun And The Sniper Rifle. Have Player A. Get The Shotgun And Player B. Get The Sniper.Have Player A. Shoot The Shotgun At The Ground And Player B. Watch The Shell Pop Out Of The Side And Follow The Shell Until It Stops And When It D..

From: otf1999

When the Grunts are sleeping you can beat them to death with the butt of your gun without waking up any of the other Grunts. You can usually kill a four to seven of them before an alien spots you. They start sleeping in level 5, Assault on the Control Room. Just remember not to shoot or they will wake up...

From: blizwiz3

Normally Hunters are the hardest Covenant to kill, due to their powerful armor & shields. However, even the strongest armor has weak spots. In the event you look at their necks or backs, you can see an orange spot. Aim for it. shot with any gun will kill them in the event you hit them there. The best way to kill a hunter is to make use of a sni..

From: cool23456

Use a photon weapon to destroy a Jackal's shield quickly. When you encounter a Jackal, run up and hit it with your weapon or get out a gun that uses bullets, not energy. When you are a far way away from Jackals and have a sniper, they will sit in the defense position and leave very little uncovered. You will notice that on the right or left is a sm..

From: Dopi

At the Halo start up screen, pick multiplayer mode. Pick cooperative play at the next screen, then pick your profiles at the next. Pick the level where in the beginning it says, "I would have been your daddy" (Assault On The Control Room). On the difficulty screen, pick legendary. When the level starts after the introduction sequence, hav..

From: sk8erchic

Where you cross the bridge, & all the tiny guys are sleeping, press B to hit them & quickly kill them. Leave on the left or right still sleeping. Throw a plasma grenade on the turret. They will scream & sometimes get in the turret. Get back & watch the him fly out of the turret & fall to the ground very far below. Sometimes the ..

From: Spearz

Get towards the end of the level. Take a Banshee in the open area and go up to the Control Center. Locate the middle ledge that are around the central pillar in front of the door. Maneuver the Banshee so that is parallel to the walkway, and facing the left (with respect to the door), then land. Get out of the back carefully without falling. Walk to..

From: JaBaL

Get in the Warthog and drive around to the second group of trees. You will find another Warthog. Get in and proceed through out the level. When the supply ship crashes there will be another Warthog, giving you a total of three...

From: meow mix

During level 2 "Halo", you will hear the warning "Take cover -- Covent ship is in boundaries". Run into the ship that you landed in and wait for the enemies to appear. Your motion detector will indicate when they are present. They will eventually walk by, not noticing you. Throw a grenade and start shooting to kill them much fas..

From: maizie0_0

Get to the part where you can get in the Warthog and go off the cliff. Jump out of the Warthog. The Warthog will fall. You can see it fall or stay in it to fall off and die...

From: Laughter

There is a Grunt in the level that will give you a message. To get to him, go all the way past where the drop-ship is going to pick you up. About three rooms after that, there will be a shortcut to your right. Go in it. In the middle will be two doors, to your left and right. Unlike the shortcuts, the door to your right will be open. Enter it. At t..

From: yrakesh123

Use the following trick to kill the two Hunters, the Sentinels and the Flood. When you are in the maintenance access ways, you will see a black Grunt run from the Flood directly in front of you. Kill the Flood and turn left instead of going straight where the hunters are. Go where the Grunt went. When you get there, the Grunt will be standing in th..

From: B.Costa

When you open the vents, instead of going to the bottom floor to destroy the engines, jump on the coupling that is moving away from the engine. From there, destroy the engine. When the couplings start to pull back and reach the platform where the computer you pressed to pull the couplings back is located, jump back on it. Note: You cannot make the ..

From: hbetathomepl

On the last part when Echo 4-19 is supposed to pick you up and Cortana tells you to stop, do not do it. It is a waste of time because Echo 4-19 has been hit and crashes where you land. Keep driving straight towards the next beacon...

From: dfdfdfd

On The Pillar of Autumn level 1, there are some empty airlocks that the Covenants have entered from. After killing the Covenants, go inside to find two extra shields. These shields are better than your normal shield protection...

From: -xxx-demi-xxx-

Depending on which difficulty setting you select, the captain of the Marines says a different motivational speech. From something soft in the easy setting, to something brutal with the legendary setting...

From: mauxxxxD

When you are facing a partner in multi-player and you cannot find ammunition, sneak up behind him and hit him in the back for an instant kill...

From: man45045150

This trick works better in cooperative mode. If you need life and you have a partner, wait until you have killed 90% of the enemies around you. Then, have your partner hit you in the back with a gun. You will respawn with full life and assault rifle ammo. In single player mode, you can frag yourself but your weapons might fly across the screen and ..

From: sonic1220

In cooperative mode, have your friend kill you by hitting you in back with a melee attack. Then, have him pick up your ammunition, respawn again, and repeat. Have him keep killing you until he is full, then have your player pick up your ammo after he kills you. You will then have maximum ammunition. Note: this only works for the machine gun...

From: Trocaud

Go to the multi-player screen with the Slayer, King Of The Hill, and other options. Select "Create" Allow all vehicles in multi-player. Go to either Blood Gulch or Sidewinder. You can find Tanks, Ghosts and Warthogs. Set up a Tank in a strategic place for some fun, then get out, get in a Ghost, and go as fast as you can at the tank, towar..

From: wise14vr

Create a multi-player game with two people and enable all vehicles. Take the Warthog and ram it in the side door leading up to the top of the base. Then, have that person hold Up so it does not fall out. Next, have the other person use the Tank and ram the back of the Warthog. If it does not pop up, try the Ghost and ram it again. if done correctly..

From: Grafton

You can easily snipe the other players with a tank. Go to the end of the two parts where there is a large hill. Drive up there in a tank and aim at the other players. You will be able to see the entire level...

From: NagoleNex

If you are playing the levels in cooperative mode under the legendary difficulty setting, have one person stay behind and the other one charge into battle. Keep doing this until the room is cleared. Have the person with the worst inventory go into battle. When they lose their items when they die, you will still have the good weapons...

From: jammie15

The weapons of choice are a shotgun or rifle, and a sniper. This allows you good coverage for short and long-range battles. The sniper helps you take out people that unaware you are aiming at them or in tanks. The shotgun is useful in close combat. Also, do not forget melee attacks and grenades...

From: Fifa08 Legend

In multi-player, split screen mode, create a game type that has all the vehicles. Set up the tanks and Warthogs. Get in a Ghost and try to run into the tanks to do some really cool tricks. Your also can Get the warthog to do some tricks,..

From: littleone03210

When you get to the part when the people and aliens infected by the Flood start coming after you, turn your flashlight on and point it at them. The large one will stop running and jumping so that they are easier to shoot. However, if you raise your gun to reload, turn away from them or take the light off of them in any way, they will resume running..

From: quanluuhai

If you have a gun with a scope, use it to look at the middle of the Rocket Launcher. You will see a small picture with a man holding the gun with the text "Hold This Way"...

From: Zharlah

On a level where you can find a group of five or more marines (such as Assault On The Control Room), kill three marines quickly. The remaining marines will call you a traitor (shouting things like "He's loco!") and will start firing at you. If you shoot them, sometimes they will ask you if they owe you money or tell you to clean the mud o..


Alright. First you gotta go to Blood Gulch with ghosts turned on. Then go in front of the red base a small with a ghost on the first hill. Objective towards the blue base. Start starfing right without changing where you are looking. In case you get out before you hit the wall at the slanted part get out & the ghost ought to push you up the wall..

From: guitarhero3

On multiplayer go on blood gulch, now make your opponent go throug the teleporter and stay there, then you go through the teleporter and the other persons screen will go white, after a few seconds they will die and it will say they have been tele fragged, then you teleport.(note:if your opponent jumps before they die you will teleport.)..

From: emsadcock

On the level 2 get your men and go to the place wear the clif is, then reverse the warthog to the clif, wean you get to the clif just about balance the warthog, then get out of the warthog and jump on the warthog, jump on top of the gunner guy and tell ot get out [Push X] and quickly throw a grenade on him. He will fall and Explode. it's funny...

From: tonyps2123

On the level 343 Guilty Spark, keep hitting the L button through the cutscene. When the cutscene ends, you should stay in the ship and be taken to an area with two-dimensional looking trees. When you get out from the ship, continue heading north of you. After awhile you should find Mendoza standing in a clearing doing nothing. You can still kill hi..

From: maximum gamer

When you get to the part near the gravity lift make sure ur team is far away from u when u enter if u get far enough in the level extra reforcments will come as if your team mates had all died. then fight on then ur other team mates will come as well...GIVING YOU A HUGE AMOUNT OF TEAMMATES!!!..

From: rabbit1323

To create yourself a living bunker, get yourself to a level with lots of Flood. Use an Assault Rifle. When the larger Floods get close enough, or when they're on the ground about to get up, shoot their arm at the elbow. Their arm will blow off, rendering them harmless. The armless Flood will try to attack you, walking right up to you, so if you blo..

From: scarface

Go to Multiplayer Mode. Go to Side Winder. Now get a Tank and drive it up the cliff right next to the Blue Base(The cliff to the right of the Blue Base). You MUST drive the Tank to the far left of the cliff. Exit the Tank and get a Ghost. Once you have a Ghost, drive it up to where the Tank is, be sure to be at FULL SPEED, and jump off the Tank. If..

From: eddyrockstar

Go to The Silent Cartographer and get to the part where you find an upturned Warthog in front of a foresty area (before you get to the Hunters in that metallish place) and be on multiplayer. Kill all the Covenant in the forest and in that little path leading to the Hunters, then take of the Warthogs and try to get it past the tree blocking the path..

From: AaronK

Go to the snow level on missions, two player, then go to the part where there are banshees, both people that are playing have to run forward and shoot at the same time and kill all the enimes that are trying to get in the banshees, half the time u get them then u go in the banshees, but dont worry if u dont get them the first time just kill urselve..

From: SKfan666

In Cooperative mod, in the level "Silent Cartographer," head to the area where you shut down the security. Once there, head to any edge, and look down for a platform. FALL (Dont jump) and hit duck right before you land. Then allow you're partner to commit suicide by jumping all the way down. He will respawn onto the platform you are on. T..

From: dicko123

On the Assault on Control Room level. I found a cool shortcut. When you get to the rock bridge with two Banshees on it, walk as quickly as you can to the left side of the bridge as close to the wall as possible and walk off. note DO NOT JUMP! If you jump you wil not survive the fall. If you want you can shoot the nearest banshee off the ledge with ..

From: garminamkad

On the level 'Keyes' when you are going to let out Capt'n Keyes from his cell w/ the switch, as soon as you activate it, throw a plasma grenade at the cell, and it will stick to you as the cutscene thingy starts. when its over, it automaticlly saves, and you go BOOM!!!! It'll the revert to saved and you'll go BOOM!!! it will NEVER END!!!!!..

From: zadnicinet

When you have at least 2 different types of granades and 2 guns all you have to do is shoot all your guns and throw all your granades until you are completely empty, but be sure not to kill anything or it won't work, but after you are done you will see 4 new bigger and better guns about ten paces in front of you and then you can take your pick of y..

From: 200432gt

This Is Also known as the early banshee trick.All You Gotta Do is take a rocket launcher. Go in to the tank room, and to the next room. DO NOT PASS THE WRAITH!(cove Tank) And Ice mond. Go Under a High platform in wall.(Second One In 2 Betrayals) Shoot Rockets Middle Of The Whole Thing and Banshee Shud fly of Ledge. No Need 4 Sniper Rif!..

From: legend

Go to milti-player and go to chilling out. There you will find 2 pipes you canot jump on, but if you jump onto the tel then throw a frag grenade at your feet then jump just before it explodes you will go high enough to where you can get onto the pipes, but you will lose a little life...

From: habboking

If you go to settings under multiplayer and make a new game you will be able to give people 50%, 100%, 150%, 200%, 250% or 400% health...

From: habboking

On any level go as fast as you can in a wart hog hold ^(left thumstick) rapidly tap X and the left trigger and be sure to hold Up when you do this so when you bunch it up all together you will hop out of the wart hog lay a plasma grenade and still mantane all speed on the wort hog. Note: i am not sure if this works on halo 2 so dont get mad if it d..

From: maximum gamer

Grunts are by far the easiest and one of the safest, depending on which difficulty you are playing on. On Easy or Normal, these little guys are nothing more than a pain. Just shoot them with any weapon (pistol is good, real good) and they will die. It is smarter to save these guys until last. However, on Heroic and Legendary, these guys are one of ..

From: Darth Anitrus

In halo combat evolved, master chief will always be running wen u move him in any direction. So if u move the thumbstick only a little bit foward and have a friend look at you, he will be running almost in place but still moving. Its really funny to look at. Maybe sum1 should tell mc to stop trying to dance and so sum killin!!..

From: starwars rules

Throw a plasma grenade on the floor below you and jump above when it is about to explode. But you have to be at the top of your jump when the grenade gos off. cool huh?..

From: hellishhill

To get unlimited of each type of gernade (only in multiplayer not cooperative mode) you need to make your own game. When you do, go to weapon settingsor something like that. Then try to find something about gernades (sorry but I forget what it is) and you should be able to switch how many gernades there are...

From: Newtdude

At the beginning of the level (after the mini movie) start throwing gernades right away. Don't worry if you can't throw them at first just keep on pulling the left trigger and after you use them up, you need to wait. Do NOT, I repeat do NOT try and move or you will get out. The plane will start flying away but it lands soon so you have to get out. ..

From: Newtdude

This trick is really fun! first go to a MP map that has warthogs. Then get in two warthogs, and ram each other. Try going on hills, and ice. P.S the best maps are blood gulch and sidewinder...

From: legend

There is in level 5 a secret cave at the botton of the map entrance. It comes out on the side where they are not expecting a side attack from that side and it shall be easier...

From: harsh074


I have only been able to do this trick on the Silent Cartographer Level, if you can get it to work on another level thats great. ok first of all you need to be playing co-op with a friend. the easiest gun i know how to do this with is the rocket launcher. what you need to do is fire 1 rocket. (just to get it so that you can manually reload) get to ..

From: AUSSJ4Link

At the start of the level, finish off the sentinals then go thru the door ahead of you. When you get inside there will be sents, and covenant. finish them off, go to the door, open it, then go to the next one. DON'T open it yet and don't shoot. When you press the button the message "Press X to open door" will still be there. Keep pressing..

From: Yapyap

On Final Run clear the first area. On the second area take a left there will be a rocket launcher and a sniper rifle. They are at a tunelthat is blocked by boulders. Jump on one of these and crawl through a space that is kind of hidden. Then follow the tunel. If you did this correctly there will be no eniemes or any Banshees...

From: Ashton and Adam

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