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This page contains Cheats for CastleMiner Z organized by sections for Xbox 360. This game has "Action" as genre, made by Digitaldna3, released on Nov 9, 2011. If you can't find a hint or secret in our list, then please check this page periodically for the latest updates.

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Boxshot & Details
CastleMiner Z
  • Developer: Digitaldna3
  • Publisher: Digitaldna3
  • Genre: Action
  • Release: Nov 9, 2011
  • ESRB: Not Set


Press down on ure right stick and pushing down on it while rabidly pressing A its probably patched so good luck or I'll send another one that's probably not patched so try...

From: Copy cat glitch

Dig a tunnel into hell (make it easily to get to from initial soawn) with about five pieces of stone or lanterns. (Any block will work just make sure you have five or six) then build a tower five tall. Look down and kill all the zombies below you, not the skeletons. They will drop gold ore, copper ore, and diamonds. This must be done on a game mode..

From: Wave2453

Its pretty simple, just travel 3100 blocks away from spawn and you ill be in this big rocky area. You can easily find gold on the surface. Then get iron, make an iron pickaxe, get gold, make a gold pickaxe, get diamond, make a diamond pickaxe, then get bloodstone make a bloodstone pickaxe and get more to make whatever! (Hint/Tip set your gamemode t..

From: MrLolEthan

I recently bought the new game by Indie called Laser wars 2 and on that game after you have purchased for 80 microsoft points it will give you a redeem code that is 8 digits long for castle miner z which enables you to start a hosted game with a bloodstone pick axe. Hope this helps!..


When you start a game in castle miner z you can eather try to gather better wepons or go striaght there then you pull out your compass and head torward the dirrection the green arrow is pointing. and you will also encounter other types of dragons ,undead dragon is there to...


In the start menu, go on survival,and click on no enemies. From there you should mine iron, and then mine whatever you want after that,then make an iron pick axe with whatever you need for it. Then travel to a distance of at least 3000-3500. After that, you'll notice a ton of ores everywhere,mine 4 pieces of gold,6 pieces of iron and, 5 pieces of c..

From: Castleminer Z P

Start traveling use compass follow green arrow until you reach start and walk in blocks at distance 15000..

From: mosher2003

To kill an alien with ease u need to get a laser weapon it doesn't matter what color or gun but once u do aliens will still be hard to kill but it is easier then using some stupid regular gun,(unless it is made out of bloodstone)...

From: Underwatermanic

Do not let the title trick you actually I am saying that if you kill a dragon near an area with a cave/tunnel under neath it you will not get the items because the dragons body isn't solid so it phases through the blocks and you don't get the items so watch out...

From: castlecracker

Goto about 4000 feet and there will be a area full of all the ores in the game except space goo and rock if you go there you will found lots of ores and to find blood stone just find holes in the area and bloodstone should be right there...

From: ross4933

Build a house with a gap going around it around the three quarter way up the tower the bedrock tower build stairs with a wall around them and get a rifle or laser rifle (which is like a sniper) and you will have a good vantage point where enemies cannot spawn...

From: ross4033

Near the Distance of 3600, there should be an Alien Mother-ship and as the Undead Dragon spawns in Hell at 3600 it would be easier to spawn at it is about 46 blocks high. Weapons to Recommend: Anti Dragon Guided Missile. (You'll have to also make the Rocket Launcher) Laser Rifle Laser Assault Rifle BloodStone Rifle Bloodstone Assault Rifle. Some pl..

From: lolz dude

You need to go to 3400 and spawn the undead dragon then build as high as you can posably go and use laze wepons to kill it and dont worry about fire balls theyll just compleatly miss the tower you built trust me i did it with my cousin on xboxlive...

From: da bomb

An easy way to go to the Underworld is by digging straight down by the bedrock, so u can place rocks on side of the tower and jump on the rocks...

From: EasyWayToHell

There is an easy way to get materials in endurance mode. The way to get these materials is where if you spawn with a bloodstone pickaxe you find at least 4-5 iron ore and about 6-8 copper ore and about 20 or more coal, then find a piece of rock in a cave or on the surface and dig down. go down to bloodstone, DO NOT dig that bloodstone or else you w..

From: Tman030

First go 60000 feet and you will see a spacerock mine it and you will fall into a space world and alien dragon at 65000 he is 10 x stronger then undead dragon and will only be hurt with laser or bloodstone assult rifles first make a diamond wall bunker he cannot break diamond wall. Note to beat him you need about 65 anti dragon missles and 5 laser ..


All right first lyou want to do is to make a way down to hell then you you make a tower then block the door then build the tower where the the zombie can't run jump on to then you make a bridge then put on a difficult then your set...

From: Mason15983

To do this take some diamonds and a chest first put them in then leave the chest go back in and put the diamonds in ur inventory exit break it with ur fist then place it down after u broke it then u should have 2 diamonds and do it again and agian and u can duplicate up to 32 at one time to get 64. ;)..

From: diamond duplica

Press start, go to teleport, and press surface but leave it on teleport, then press start x2 so you can fall without dying. your welcome...

From: JUST kiDDing74

Just kill the FIRE DRAGON and it will drop gun powder. Just make whatever you want with it.(rocket launcher, TNT, C4, Anti-Dragon guided missiles and Grenades...

From: JoDaBOSS49

To find the ice dragon you need to be in the snow biom and make a snow house and get some gold which is butter and a laser rifle and then gather 64 snow make a tower and that is how you get the ice dragon and kill him with the laser and the undead dragon...

From: lol65gh54

1: First thing you want to do is chop down 2-3 trees. Then find a nice spot (or cave) to make a home in and start digging down to the top of Hell. 2: When you finally get a Bloodstone Pickaxe aim for a golden shotgun or AK. Put all of your vital things in your bottom "Hotbar" slots. Try finding an asteroid and live near it; not inside or ..

From: Zeta

When you spawn, get plenty of wood. After that, dig straight Down until you reach bloodstone. Then, start digging a 1 wide, 2 high tunnel, blocking the entrance. If you need to, place blocks behind in order to stop enemies spawning. If you hit a cave, block off any ways enemies can get you with your blocks (note: keep the 1 wide, 2 high tunnel them..

From: Dragon Slaya 95

Get a laser shotgun put the torch down then shoot the torch and you get three back...

From: EnterGamertag4

Basically you want to travel 3000 blocks in any direction so long as the numbers in the top right corner are both going up, There you get all your ores: Iron copper gold. Then at about 3200 blocks you should start to find diamonds. This is not patched as far as I know and it works on any world so good luck and have good fun finding diamonds. P.S. t..

From: Hazza 276

Make a room 20 blocks long, 11 blocks wide and 3 blocks high. Then in the middle of the room ( that is 9 blocks ahead of you from the entrance ) put 9 blocks on the floor and ceiling across but leave the space in between so that you can shoot the skeletons. Then place a door at the entrance, place and fill torches 3 blocks from the entrance. Then g..

From: Masqurade

Once You Spawn Look At Your Compass And Follow The Green Arrow To The Alien Crash Site. There Should Be A Hole Always There And If You Jump Down You Will Survive With A Couple Hearts Promise-_-.Once You Jump In You Should Have A Couple Hearts Left There Will Be A Bunch Of, Copper Ore, Iron Ore, Gold Ore DIAMOND ORE, And If You Walk Around You Will ..

From: Spongebob43

First when you spawn in the world follow the compass until you get to 3200 in distance. There is a ton of stuff there. But don't go on the space ships or your screwed...

From: xXKevinWINSXx

Easter Eggs

You have to kill the dragon 8 times then you have to kill it with a laser pistol 2 times then you let it kill you then make 5 grenades kill your self then it will tp you to hell then there will be a pet dragon waiting for you to ride it and shoot fire balls at your enemys.. ps it can fly through blocks so you can go to the reguiler world and beast ..

From: cateye57


To start, you need at least two people and a crate/chest. Begin by placing any item in the crate/chest. Now have both you and your friend rapidly press the A button on the the item you want more of ( the more you both spam the A button the more copies you get). Notice: This glitch is temporary and may be patched in the future...

From: Van Hohenheim I

Take the block or anything but guns or tools and put it in a crate. p.s. 1 person requierd & 2 or more of the same blocks or whatever u want 2 duplicate. ok now take the 2 or more blocks or whatever take right stick dont click it but look down and rapidly hit a and watch the #s go up..

From: a gam3r g0d

This requires two people. First off one person must keep opening and shutting the door rapidly. The second person then mines the door and it should give you another door with your original one still standing...

From: Wave2453

Kill 100 Enemies, then press A, B, B ,[UP], X, B, Y And see what happened.....

From: Undead Dragon

If you travel to 9000 dis. you can walk through walls do not teleport back or you will lose the glitch...

From: riley

You get a empty crate click B then click A and B at the same time the item should be in the chest and the floor VOILA!!! :D..

From: The Glitcher

1.) Craft a Rocket Launcher. 2.) Go into scope mode by holding the LEFT TRIGGER. 3.) Still holding the LEFT TRIGGER, press Y. 4.) Let go of he LEFT TRIGGER. 5.) Press B. DONE.) You should have a Rocket Launcher that cannot shoot anymore. USES.) Give it to your buddys and watch them struggle, or scare them when ever you want. :)..

From: Vampire @.@

First you Need a Door then place it inside your house- when youve done that open the door and stand in the middle of it- open and close it rapidly by pressing B and you should fly up--Thanx 4 reading ;)..

From: Revive SkilzZ

If you make a big tower and a door under it a quick way to get up is to stay next to the door close it and you should be going with bricks make a stair set and make a corner next to about 6 or 7 bricks tall place a house on top of it and walk in the stairs in the corner. add me TeachyPanic9272..

From: alex

When you mine a block, the word air appears for a split second and then it disappears...

From: Castleminerz

U need two people some stone and a chest and anything u wanna dup. first u need two build a seven 3 high 1 across. u then place the chest so that 1 player has room to be under the 7. The other person needs to be on the other side of the chest.(out side the 7). then u put the item in the chest and at the same time both players need to start hitting ..

From: Smeghead2001

You need two people to do this glitch. First get the item you want to duplicate and put it in a placed crate. You and your buddy need to mine the crate together with your hands at the same time until it breaks. (Counting to three works best for me if you want to time the mining right). You may not get it the first time but it is very effective. Onc..

From: jdawg0110

3 blocks (auto clime on) make it into a row of blocks like maby 4 to 3 wide make a tunnel in between it also destroy the model block make one block on one side one high and the other side make two high then jump on the one high block and jump onto the top corner of the three blocks and you should Manda clip into the blocks. NOTE: You Can be killed ..

From: X-RAY

Requires: Two players Crate/Chest Any item (To duplicate) besides guns, bullets, tools and grenades 4 blocks Communication How to: Build a tower 3 blocks tall and one block thin. At the top place one block beside the third tall block. Stand under the block you previously placed. Now place a crate in front of you. Then tell your freind to stand righ..

From: Dupe glitch 2014

(no creative) first follow the RED arrow until you reach an alien crater get all the goo next spawn the alien dragon (see other texts) and kill it now go to the second ore land obtain 19 gold 90 diamonds then use the invincibility glitch and you will get it..

From: mosher2003

You go to a corner and look at a block 5up and start pressing the jump button fast and will start going up. After that you can climb up flat walls. Same thing...

From: Wayne

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