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This page contains Cheats for Fallout: New Vegas organized by sections for Xbox 360. This game has "Role-Playing" as genre, made by Obsidian Entertainment, released on Oct 19, 2010. If you can't find a hint or secret in our list, then please check this page periodically for the latest updates.

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Boxshot & Details
Fallout: New Vegas
  • Developer: Obsidian Entertainment
  • Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
  • Genre: Role-Playing
  • Release: Oct 19, 2010
  • ESRB: Mature


Complete one of the following achievements to collect their Xbox Gamerscore points:..

From: stzrpilots


The Globe Trotter Achievement / Trophy requires you to collect seven Snow Globes in New Vegas. Here are the locations of all seven: Mt. Charleston Snow Globe - Jacobstown / In the lodge, search the entrance and reception area. This Snow Globe is sitting on a curved desk by some terminals. Mormon Fort - Old Mormon Fort / Julie Farkas has an office i..

From: jonathan

Gamble in a casino and play roulette. No matter if you win or lose, you will gain 100 experience points...

From: curly

Purchase or find the Anti-Material Rifle. Then, equip it with incendiary rounds. Target an enemy or enemies with it in VATS, then close VATS. You will not use any ammunition, but they will still be on fire and lose health. You will not aggro enemies or friendlies. Also, you will not lose Karma or Reputation with each kill. This glitch is very usefu..

From: tommy_1992

Pick up an item by clicking the Right Analog-stick. You can then drag it anywhere desired (like out of the eyesight of the shopkeeper), and press A to add it to your inventory...

From: daggiveWhania

Find a vendor that has two of the same items, but different quality. If you buy the cheaper quality item, you will still get the higher quality item...

From: Jamaica25

In Camp McCarran, you can gain entry to the monorail that goes directly to the strip. Take the long way around, and stay as close to the vending machines as possible. Follow the wall around the back way. Make sure the other soldier has his back to you. Crouch and sneak up to this soldier. You may hear the phrase indicating that if you get any close..

From: mjs6029

Search the indicated locations to find all Caravan Cards and people to play the card game against: Ambassador Dennis Crocker: In NCR Embassy, play or take. Blake: In Crimson Caravan Company, purchase cards from Blake. Chet: In Goodsprings, purchase cards from Chet. Cliff Briscoe: In Novac, inside the Dino Dee-lite Gift Shop or inside Dinky. Play or..

From: Yakumog

Search the indicated locations to find all Hollow Rocks, which contain ammunition and equipment stashes: 1. Northern Passage: On the eastern rock wall, near the grave and "The Sun Is Killing Me" graffiti. 2. Ruby Hill Mine: Part of the rock wall, just to the right of the door. 3. Charleston Cave: Part of the rock wall, just to the right o..

From: darkside

Search the indicated locations to find all unique weapons: .357 Magnum Revolver - Lucky: In Primm at The Bison Steve Hotel, in a floor safe (requires 75 Lockpick skill level) behind the cash register of the Gift Shop (northeast room). .44 Magnum Revolver - Mysterious Magnum: Owned by the Lonesome Drifter, by the Sunset Sasparilla Billboard, close t..

From: jabu

If you fast travel into Scorpion Gulch you will find a wastelander either dead already or about to get attacked by Bark Scorpions. If he is alive pull back as soon as you travel in and watch the Scorpions kill him, now kill them and search the body for a 'Sunset Sarsaparilla Star Bottle Cap'. Fast Travel to Novac and wait 3 days, now fast travel ba..

From: tkalbaugh

First make sure The brother hood of steel like you then it will open up a shop for you but you dont get the armor unless they really like you get them you really like you if you want the armor and they will sell you a Fat Man (Nuke Launcer)..

From: McNight101

Recruit Lily Bowen as your partner. Her "Stealth Girl" perk allows your Stealth Boys to last 200% longer. Get two or three Stealth Boys. You will also need a corresponding powerful gun, energy weapon, melee weapon, or unarmed weapon. Note: Using a silenced weapon will lengthen the time required to earn "Lead Dealer", as your dam..

From: JasonTamanui

Recruit Lily Bowen as your partner. Her "Stealth Girl" perk allows your Stealth Boys to last 200% longer. Get two or three Stealth Boys. You will also need a corresponding powerful gun, energy weapon, melee weapon, or unarmed weapon. Note: Using a silenced weapon will lengthen the time required to earn "Lead Dealer", as your dam..

From: Trid titan

This trick can be done before or after you have cleared the quests in Nipton. Inside the Nipton General Store is an NPC named "Boxcar". Because the Legion has broken his legs, he cannot chase after you have picked his pocket, nor will he fight back. You can repeatedly enter and exit out of the general store if caught and place items in Bo..

From: Reddoheddo

While traveling the desert, purchase every 6, 10, Jack, and King you can. Kings double the card they are placed on. For example, if you start with a 10 and place a King on it, it becomes a 20. Then, place a 6 on top and that pile is done. Repeat the process for the other two piles. Jacks forces a player to discard whatever card it is placed on. You..

From: Hotty_potty

The three casinos, Gomorrah, The Tops and Ultra-Luxe, will ban you from gambling at their tables after you reach a certain amount of winnings. The limit is 9,000 for Gomorrah, 10,000 for the Tops and 15,000 for Ultra-Luxe. Play as a character with very high Luck and play blackjack, which is affected greatly by that stat. You can usually double down..

From: Tiggerfan:)

All weapons that have a "name" and not just a description are considered unique. A few that fit this category are as follows (in addition to many Prototypes or similar weapons). Maria: Benny's 9mm gun. Ghenna: A special flame sword that can be purchased at the Gunrunners arsenal. Arianna: A rocket launcher carried by one of Tabitha's Supe..

From: Olivia751

Wasteland Omelettes are the food item that restores the most health. However when not at full health in Hardcore mode, you can eat as many health replenishing items as desired and they will qualify. After accumulating Wasteland Omelettes, find a location where you can drink as much water as desired. Damage yourself, then start eating. Do not eat to..

From: Tessie

The ED-E upgrades can be found at the following locations. Hopeville silo bunker: In the hallway just after unlocking the silo doors. Hopeville Missile Base HQ: Under a desk. Ashton silo control station: Behind a locked door in the level 1 silo. Hack the hard difficulty terminal next to it. Municipal sewers connected to the Third Street Municipal B..

From: Hduane26s

The snowglobes can be found at the following locations. Goodsprings: Go to Goodsprings Cemetery. Locate the second grave to the west of the Courier's open grave, at the northern edge of the cemetery near the water tower. This grave has rubble on top. The snow globe can be found in the rubble in front of the marker. Hoover Dam: Go to the Hoover Dam ..

From: Afin09

Do this while working for Ceasar's Legion, because they specialize in Unarmed and Melee and you will not need to carry a lot of ammunition. This is because ammunition has weight in Hardcore mode. Trying to earn "Hardcore" synergizes with earning Desert Survivalist as well. This is because you need to actually drink water to avoid dehydrat..

From: Tadalya

Although using a Fatman or another atomic weapon is ideal for earning this achievement or trophy, there is a less costly method. Reach at least level 20 and do the "Radio Black Mountain" quest. You will be able to use Arianna (special rocket-launcher) which does several hundred points of damage per shot...

From: Haakon

Deal damage with any weapon with the GRA tag on its name. If you have the caps, you can do this quickly by first saving the game. Go to Gun Runners and purchase the Fat Man (GRA) and all the Mini-nukes (all the types) to the Automatron. Depending on your Barter skill, this may cost about 20,000 caps. Next, go somewhere with a large concentration of..

From: DelugeOfLove

You will find almost all the locations while following the storyline. For the others, enter areas of the map you have barely explored and go to the white outlined triangles on your compass. Note: There is a huge cluster of locations in Vegas. The level 20 perk, Explorer is also a helpful option...

From: Putter

Use the following steps if you did not install enough mods during the normal progression of the game. At least 80,000 caps will be required. Go to the Gun Runners shop. Display your Pip-Boy, select "Stats", then "General", then the "General" tab at the top right corner to check how many weapon mods have been installed ..

From: Python13

The first recruit-able companion, if you follow the storyline, will be Boone. You will eventually reach Novac, where you can find Boone in the dino's mouth in the late evening hours. Finish the quest for him and he will follow you...

From: Crazybarks

Build up a lot of STR from the start and join Ceasar's Legion, because they specialize in Unarmed and Melee. You will not have much trouble finding weapons...

From: Rofl

When your Speech is at 40, go to Camp Golf, by Lake Las Vegas. Accept the quest from the sergeant. Agree to O'Hanran's method and convince everyone, with Mags being the last. After convincing Mags to play nice, accept her method and go to the gun range. Help them with their guns (45 skill required), and wait for them to start walking back to their ..

From: Cardselling

There are five three-star challenges. Consider doing the following three to earn "Pros Only". Armed for Bear: Level up Melee or Unarmed a lot, and take a perk which knocks enemies down. There are a lot of NCR troops around. If their title does not include "Private" or "Sergeant", they will count. The six Ranger station..

From: Bryce116

Complete three of the one star Gun Runners' challenges. A Slave Obeys: Kill Mr. House with a 9 Iron or Nephi's Golf Driver. (0/1) You can kill Mr. House in three quest lines (Yes Man, NCR and Legion). The Nelphi's Golf Driver is a unique weapon, however the 9 Iron is much more common. You can get one at Nipton, Freeside or Yangtze Memorial. It is a..

From: Devod

There are eight possible companions, most of which require you to finish a quest to recruit them. Arcade: Found in Old Mormon Fort. You can use a speech challenge, a quest, or low intelligence to recruit Arcade. However, do not favor Ceasar's Legion. Boone: Found in Novac. Finish the quest for him. Note: He will not join you if you favor Ceasar's L..

From: Maxpower

The name of this game is to kill everything you can and take all of it's stuff. This achievement is not hard, but it is time consuming. The best thing to do for this, is to keep in mind the weight/ value ratio. Other than that, take everything and sell it...

From: Mattcoon

Easter Eggs

If you head south on the road out of Goodsprings (about 100 yds) you will come across a refrigerator at the base of a hill with a skeleton inside. On the skeletons head? A fedora. This is a reference to the latest (lamest?) Indiana Jones movie The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull...

From: fordstylbassin

A scene resembling the burned corpses of Aunt Beru and Uncle Owen can be found within the town of Nipton out front of a burned down building (Moisture Farm?). It's a short walk to the right of the town hall's front entrance...

From: HitMan316

On the quest to find "escorts" for the atomic wrangler, you must find a robot and reprogram it. The robot is called "FISTO". After exiting the building, if you have the Wild Wasteland trait you will encounter three women in pink dresses calling themselves the Pink Ladies...

From: Trocaud


If your speech skill at 50 or higher, you can persuade Old Ben to offer his escort services to the local bar, if you succeed in the Speech Challenge, you'll gain 61 XP. If you follow him back to the bar afterwards and wait until he sits down, you can speak to him again and redo the same Speech Challenge over and over again for infinite XP! You can ..

From: Shadowhunter

In Camp McCarran where the monorail directly to the strip is located, you can gain entry to the monorail. Take the long way around and stay as close to the vending machines as possible. Follow the wall around the back way. Make sure the other soldier has his back to you. Crouch and sneak up to this soldier. You may hear the phrase indicating that i..

From: yamamotodale

This requires at least a 35 Medicine skill. Once your character gains access to the main strip, find Victor outside the Lucky 38 casino. He will tell you that Mr. House wants to meet you. Follow him inside and go up the elevator. Speak with Mr. House (the giant television face that looks like Howard Hughes). Find the dialogue choice pertaining to n..

From: IHateU

Use the .50 machine gun incendiary ammunition on the anti-materiel rifle. Target an enemy with V.A.T.S. The enemy will catch on fire, even if you do not fire the weapon...

From: jewlsbei

This glitch requires a 20 Speech skill level. Talk to the 10 of Spades in Camp McCarren. You may first need to find out about Corporal Betsy's trauma. Start a dialogue with him, and select "I heard about what happened to Corporal Betsy", then "Tell me what happened". The next options will be the Speech Check or "If you were..

From: razzle00

This glitch can be found when arriving at the strip for the first time and you are invited in to the blessed 38 casino, talk with Mr. House and ask about his lifespan "This requires a Medicine check of 35". This will award 35 XP and asking about his age again and reselecting the choice 'you appear to be more computer than man will present..

From: jhaymarc

1) Go to the Vikki and Vance Casino in Primm 2) Do all the missions necessary to get the casino fully functional again 3) Once you are able to gamble there talk to the Vikki and Vance Cashier 4) choose the option "I'd like to exchange caps for chips" 5) choose the desired amount of chips (keep in mind you can raise this number later)** 6)..

From: xXDdxx

In silver rush you will find energy guns on the shelves and you could go in sneak mode and steal them but you have to go near the bathroom and go near the gamblling table and put the guns that you want to steal on the table...

From: cjl

Go to primm and complete the quest that the guy gives you when u walk in the vikkie and vance casino ask him about the pakage that benny stole (the guy that shot you) then say a guy in a chekered suit stole it and ask him about it then tell you to ask deputy beagle he is loced in the casino in front of the casino your in and hes in the kichen. and ..

From: soodjjhytg

Go to vickie and vance casino in primm Do all the quests they tell you to do until it pens up again Go to cashier and say trade caps for chips Raise the amount of chips Then click the exchange chips click recive in caps Then do it again but rais the amount Then u should have alot of chips if u keep on doing it over and over...


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