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Welcome to our huge archive of Cheats for Genesis. Below you'll find organized alphabetically by title a collection of Genesis Games with Cheat Codes, Video Game Walkthroughs, Answers and more. Please select a letter from the following index to browse our video game platform for Genesis Cheats, Hints and More.

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Fast And Furious: Legacy - Walkthrough Part 1 - Story Chapter 1: Miami, USA

Fast And Furious: Legacy, (iPhone - iPod)

Bloodborne - Walkthrough - Full Hunter Attire Armor Set Location Guide

Bloodborne, (Playstation 4)

Woolfe - The Red Hood Diaries - Walkthrough Part 1 - A City Trip

Woolfe - The Red Hood Diaries, (PC - Windows)

Shiftlings - Walkthrough Part 1 - Event Horizon - Level 1

Shiftlings, (PC - Windows)

Trapped Dead: Lockdown - Walkthrough Episode 1 - All Hell broke loose

Trapped Dead: Lockdown, (PC - Windows)

Sword Of Asumi - Walkthrough Part 1

Sword Of Asumi, (PC - Windows)

Sid Meier's Starships - Walkthrough Part 1

Sid Meier's Starships, (PC - Windows)

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Arrow Flash
How beat the dragon? - How do I beat it if it shoots fireballs and kills me even in arrowflash form
From: Lightningwolf37
Posted on: 03-08-2015
Aero The Acrobat 2
Invincibility cheat wont work - When exactly do you start entering the cheat and which title screen? Although I have absolutely no...
From: Avalanche
Posted on: 04-22-2014
Quack Shot
Climbing the wall - How do you climb the wall in the first part of the game?
From: glennbiker
Posted on: 01-08-2014
Golden Axe 3
Help i want to play 2 players - How unlock 2 players in golden axe 3
From: help
Posted on: 01-05-2014
Castle Of Illusions
Level 1, jump over the chest? - How do i jump over the chest on level one?
From: makamom
Posted on: 11-24-2013
Shining In The Darkness
Where is the cell key - Some one mentioned that cell key will open cell doors I have yet to see or find that key can anyone else f...
From: ccr
Posted on: 09-28-2013
Sonic And Knuckles
Death egg or death star which is stronger - I would like your vote, I chose death star(from star wars) because it has a lazer that...
From: darth robotnik
Posted on: 08-28-2013