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Welcome to our huge archive of Cheats for NES. Below you'll find organized alphabetically by title a collection of NES Games with Cheat Codes, Video Game Walkthroughs, Answers and more. Please select a letter from the following index to browse our video game platform for NES Cheats, Hints and More.

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Circus Caper - Full Walkthrough

Circus Caper, (NES)

High Speed - Full Walkthrough

High Speed, (NES)

Captain Planet And The Planeteers - Full Walkthrough

Captain Planet And The Planeteers, (NES)

Super Mario Bros. - Full Walkthrough

Super Mario Bros., (NES)

Wild Gunman - Full Walkthrough

Wild Gunman, (NES)

Rad Racer 2 - Full Walkthrough

Rad Racer 2, (NES)

Super Mario Bros. 2 - Walkthrough Level 1-1

Super Mario Bros. 2, (NES)

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Latest Questions & Answers
Mike Tysons Punch -out
How To Beat Great Tiger? - Punch him in the face then dodge his mirage dance
From: Luma
Posted on: 03-06-2015
The Legend Of Zelda
Hearts while fighting? - How do I get more hearts while I'm fighting in the last fight of the game???
From: Belenrg
Posted on: 02-08-2015
Friday The 13th
Light the fire place? - How do you light the fire place?
From: Jr
Posted on: 01-30-2015
Home Alone
Freezing both bandits? - I want to freeze both bandits. Any suggestions?
From: Nesfan
Posted on: 01-17-2015
Mighty Final Fight
Tornado + cartwheel kick? - How to do a tornado + cartwheel kick together
From: Ge
Posted on: 01-09-2015
Maniac Mansion
Wheres the gasoline? - Wheres the gasoline for the chainsaw?
From: Lee
Posted on: 12-11-2014
The Legend Of Zelda
How do i get 1st triforce - How do i get triforce i dont know which dungeon to go in (hopfully not the dark one)
From: Gangstah Wizard
Posted on: 11-29-2014