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Welcome to our huge archive of Cheats for TurboGrafx 16. Below you'll find organized alphabetically by title a collection of TurboGrafx 16 Games with Cheat Codes, Video Game Walkthroughs, Answers and more. Please select a letter from the following index to browse our video game platform for TurboGrafx Cheats, Hints and More.

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Yo' Bro! Cheats

Yo' Bro!, (TurboGrafx 16)

Paranoia Cheats

Paranoia, (TurboGrafx 16)

Military Madness Cheats

Military Madness, (TurboGrafx 16)

R-Type Cheats

R-Type, (TurboGrafx 16)

Ninja Ryukenden Cheats

Ninja Ryukenden, (TurboGrafx 16)

Keith Courage In Alpha Zones Cheats

Keith Courage In Alpha Zones, (TurboGrafx 16)

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Tree World, (iPhone-iPod)
Extra vita gems for free? - How do i get some vita gems for free in tree world (at least 200) to buy the fairy?
From: Sgpuri
Posted on: 03-30-2015
Galaxy Legend, (Android)
Level 91 shorcut? - How do I get to level 91 using shortcut
From: Iqkhan30
Posted on: 03-30-2015
Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, (iPhone-iPod)
Start spring with Kylie challenge? - I completed events on the Start Spring With Kylie challenge and won the dress and sunglasses ...
From: Tahlia
Posted on: 03-30-2015
Dark Echo, (iPhone-iPod)
Where there's hidden treasure? - I was wondering if anyone knows the 15 places/levels where there's hidden treasure
From: Ty
Posted on: 03-30-2015
Brave Tribe, (iPhone-iPod)
Watering neighbors trees? - One of the quests requires watering neighbors trees. But it keeps saying I can't do it? I have the wat...
From: Short
Posted on: 03-30-2015
Bubble Mania, (iPhone-iPod)
Stuck on level 425? - Please help how to beat the last stage. I can't get thru to sparkling bubbles: around these blowers no matte...
From: Kasia
Posted on: 03-30-2015
Hidden Kpop Star, (iPhone-iPod)
What is 1-18? I can't tell! - I ran out of coins to reveal pictures.
From: Lovely
Posted on: 03-30-2015