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  • Developer: Phyzios, Inc.
  • Publisher: Phyzios, Inc.
  • Genre: Action General
  • Release Date: May 29, 2012
  • ESRB: Not Set

Question & Answers

I have two questions for you guys, Thank You For Answering. (Closed)

First: How do I beat Night Battle Lv.3? I don't need to get 3 stars just need to beat it. I need a cheap way since I'm not very rich. Right now I can afford a 46cm+Mk45 5'+Triple Torpedo+minor armaments. What shall I do? Second: How can I get large amounts of money in a fairly short time? Also, can I get rare metals for free?

Anubis_Jackal, Jul 22, 2013, 18:19 PM

Answer from: Hi
First, get lots of 46cm guns to beat night battle level 3. To get lots of money, get a make 5 in gun and farm duel lvl 9 and make and then make a barge like ship and put some guns on it.And no, you have to buy rare metals with real money.

Posted: Jul 23, 2013, 3:23 AM

Answer from: Hi
I meant mark 45 5 in gun.LOL few errors I was tired

Posted: Jul 23, 2013, 6:39 AM

Answer from: Anubis_Jackal
@Hi:Thanks. Now I'm farming Lv9. But I thought you need a Mk45 to beat the Yamato?(in night battle lv3)

Posted: Jul 23, 2013, 21:27 PM

Answer from: Hi
Well it helps a little bit but the 46cm guns are the main thing. The mark 45 5 inch gun is good for duel lvl 9 and it is very accurate so you can hit fast boats with it. Another reason why you don't really need the mk gun is because it hardly does any damage. You said you had money for a 46cm gun so I suggest buying 1. Also which minor armaments, like the 30.5+ gun or bigger guns like the 36cm or the 38cm or something like that. Thanks

Posted: Jul 24, 2013, 0:25 AM

Answer from: Ship 260
Hax for free rare metals.

Posted: Jul 24, 2013, 13:45 PM

Answer from: Anubis_Jackal
@Hi:Thanks! Now I have a medium-good ship. It goes 80 knots and has 3 46cm guns, a 38cm quad, 40cm triple, 2 Mk45, a 30.5cm(old) and little more. I beat the Night battle lv3 but can't get 3 stars though, only two. Any advice? Also is 300-400 toughness good for a battlecruiser? I think 80 knots isn't enough though.(actually 79.3)I have over 2000 strength though. Thanks,um."Hi"!

Posted: Jul 24, 2013, 20:55 PM

Answer from: The Real Lagoe
300 toughness is nowhere near enough on any ship. 4000 (yes, 4000) toughness should do, but around 7000 is the best you can get without compromising. 194.4 knot speed is a must, and it helps online against those pesky carriers that just run away. Don't bother with small guns, anything smaller than 14" is useless. Getting three stars is just trial and error. You'll have to sink IJN Yamato in a single salvo of 18.1" shells, as torpedoes don't travel fast enough. You need around 2:20 on the clock for three stars. I eventually managed to do it with eight 18.1" guns, but even four might do if you mix them in with some 4x5 guns and lots of luck. The best place to shoot IJN Yamato is the fake deck near the fore guns.

Posted: Jul 25, 2013, 0:18 AM

Answer from: Hi
Well if you are making a battle cruiser have around 1000 to 2000 toughness to survive the harder levels like duel 10 and aircraft carriers etc. well what engines does your cruiser use, if its a smaller battle cruiser use gas turbine engines but if your cruiser it biggish use angled boilers because they are just as powerful as the gas ones but are bigger. My barge goes 194.4 knots because I used a lot of engines.Also to go faster speed tweak it by putting blocks between,above, and to the side of your propellers.BTW for me it works better to do this with 2 propellers.Night battle 3 is very hard and you will need 6+ 46cm guns and lots of minor armaments like the 40cm gun to beat it.too get good toughness use 400mm lightweight large for a biggish cruiser and use 600mm lightweight armor for a smallish 1.BTW my barge has 5850 toughness.Also, what is your armor rating? To keep it high never use decorations and don't use any gun that does not have a thousand armor unless its a mk 5 inch gun.Thanks for reading my looong answer.

Posted: Jul 25, 2013, 0:54 AM

Answer from: Anubis_Jackal
It is a large one. I thought BattleCruisers don't have to high in armor? The toughness now is 552 and armor 226 and I added a 38 quad and a 40 triple and took away the 30.5 should I add depth charges on my battlecruiser?

Posted: Jul 25, 2013, 6:12 AM

Answer from: Hi
Don't add depth charges if you will not play multiplayer anytime soon. Don't have anything that is worse than a 4x5 guns.battlecruisers have the firepower of a battleship but not the armor and toughness.Never use hull,deck ballast and every block that does not have 1000 armor. Use 400mm lightweight large armor for good toughness and armor. Battlecruisers should have around 800 armor.

Posted: Jul 25, 2013, 17:43 PM

Answer from: Anubis_Jackal
@Hi:By the way I dont have enough money to make my ship all armor I'm trying though. Now it is 800 toughness 300 armor. Thank you guys anyway. I am going multiplayer. I have a question that is How can i launch a torpedo without all my other weapons firing?

Posted: Jul 26, 2013, 17:04 PM

Answer from: The Real Lagoe
Armor and toughness are still far too low. Armor on any ship should be above 900 and toughness should be above 3000 and preferably up at around 7000. Any ship can reach maximum speed no matter how heavy it is. I have a happy medium of 6750 toughness, 990 armor, and 194.4 knot speed. There's no reason to sacrifice armor for slightly better acceleration. How large is the battlecruiser? Around 450m long and 60m wide is around average, so I would assume yours is about 600m by 80m?

Posted: Jul 26, 2013, 22:08 PM

Answer from: Righteousmikey
If you stay still you won't get attacked and with just one 46cm gun you can sink it without having to have armor. There is still a time limit so you may need more than one to defeat the Yamato.

Posted: Jul 27, 2013, 12:00 PM

Answer from: Hi
Well, Anubis Jackal if the enemy ship is in the range you could click the water in front of the ship. Your guns still fire but the don't hit the enemy. Your torpedo still goes past where you click though.

Posted: Jul 27, 2013, 22:59 PM

Answer from: Anubis_Jackal
@Hi:Thanks. Hows this strength? 11700. Also I improved my armor a BIT now its toughness 900 armor 315.Still bad I know but how's the strength?

Posted: Jul 28, 2013, 3:11 AM

Answer from: The Real Lagoe
The strength is hard to measure. If you have AA guns it can really distort the number though. Still try to up the armor and toughness though.

Posted: Jul 28, 2013, 5:09 AM

Answer from: Hi
Strength is good. Also keep getting more armor and toughness, overtime it will get good. That's all I can say.

Posted: Jul 28, 2013, 6:38 AM

Answer from: The Real Lagoe
Get a MK45 5" gun and farm Capricornus. Load your ship with 12" initially to beat Virgo, Libra etc to get the pew-pew gun (MK45 5" gun) and your investment will quickly pay off. Armor, luckily, is very cheap. I have about 80% of a ship (percentage bar, that is) made from armor, and the armor cost is well below 300000. That still might seem like a lot, but after a hardcore two hours of no-lifing on IJN Yamato, IJN Shinano and a bit of Capricornus now and again I managed to save up enough money to make the worst investment ever (IJN Yamato; super blocks were dissapointing, failed at copying emblem, salvaged three 18.1" guns and not much else) which set me back a good half a million.

Posted: Jul 30, 2013, 4:21 AM

Answer from: Hi
Lagoe, I think Anubis jackal already farms duel lvl 9.

Posted: Jul 30, 2013, 18:02 PM

Answer from: Anubis_Jackal
@Lagoe: Problem resolved. Now I only have to work on my armor. I have 5 Mk45 guns now.I just can't seem to beat the Yamato but depleted half of its health. @Hi:Yes, I an farming duel lv9.

Posted: Jul 31, 2013, 4:30 AM

Answer from: Hi
You have keep working on your armor until it is good to beat the Yamato. Also how many 18 guns do you have? You will need a few of those to beat the Yamato BTW the 18 gun is the 46cm gun.

Posted: Jul 31, 2013, 6:49 AM

Answer from: Anubis_Jackal
@Hi:I just beat the Yamato with 3 medals. I used a U-Boat!

Posted: Aug 1, 2013, 5:45 AM

Answer from: Hi
Well, you can almost beat any level with a sub if you are experienced.Still though,how many 18 guns do you have on your battlecruiser? And congrats on beating the Yamato.

Posted: Aug 1, 2013, 17:09 PM

Answer from: guy
Anubis jackel i heard there gonna cancell battleship craft what do you think about it my oppinion its a ideotic idea most people know phyzios by battleship craft

Posted: Aug 13, 2013, 13:34 PM

Answer from: MONEYMAKER
Hy im kindave new at this but I have this ship that got me 100,000$ and I can do a duel level 8 2/3 stars on it. he started out as a skelton with 400 mm amor and I made him bigger with amor. I made him have 2 30.5 cm guns. PS ya thats right its a MAN!

Posted: Sep 12, 2013, 14:31 PM
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