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Survey: What free gift are you least likely to receive?

I've noticed, at least with *my* friends, that there are some free gifts that are...less desirable? For example, if I put 3 items in my wish list - the blue rose, a teapot and a silver winding key, friends will gift me the blue rose and teapot but usually only the time travellers who gift one of everything on my wish list will give me the silver winding key.

Overall though, I find that people are most likely to skip? not notice? the photo paper, parchment or decorative corners. It's a most bizarre thing! (Yes, I notice weird things...)

Aria, Aug 14, 2014, 15:47 PM

Answer from: Ren
When giving free gifts I usually choose the highest one my level can give. That allows other friends of that player to give lower level gifts and the person doesn't end up with 100 silver keys and no screws. If I recognize the list is the same day after day I bounce and give other gifts wished for.

Posted: Aug 14, 2014, 16:27 PM

Answer from: DonnaK
Ok I, like Ren try to gift the highest ranked item. But my finger goes to the brightest colored one. Like red, green or gold paper, I will almost always go with the gold. Same with the ribbon. It is like I don't even see the parchment. Does that make sense?

Posted: Aug 14, 2014, 16:37 PM

Answer from: Sue
Hi Aria :-) I time travel and (try to) gift 5 rounds per day to each of my 120+ friends. I start with everyone's first item and just proceed through their wish list one at a time to the end. I do remember when I first started that I could never get enough of the blue roses and teapots so maybe friends choose to send what they found hardest to accumulate. I agree with DonnaK, the least received items you mentioned are probably the most least colourful too and as everyone on this site is so bright and cheery, they probably send items reflecting their mood :-) BTW I multiply my TY's and get lots of combining elements that way - the contents of each changes as you multiply. Hope this helps :-)

Posted: Aug 14, 2014, 17:12 PM

Answer from: LoisH
The other item that seems to be frequently overlooked is the lowly safety pin!

Posted: Aug 14, 2014, 18:29 PM

Answer from: JohnKNDL
If the friend has a male avator or name, there is no way that I am going to send a blue rose, red rose or any other type of flowers. Maybe I'm being old fashioned, but I just can't bring myself to send flowers to another guy. It just ain't done !!!

Posted: Aug 14, 2014, 21:00 PM

Answer from: Anita
I have to confess that I sometimes give the prettiest elements. If a friend has 5 combining elements on their WL I usually give the highest level elements first and then whatever ones I like the look of, lol. I sometimes leave the lowest level ones as I assumed the lower level players would gift these elements. Now that I've read this, I think I will change my strategy and mix it up a bit. Thanks for alerting us all to this, Ari!

John I can totally understand what you mean, lol! I'm sure a lot of guys would feel the same way, but it is just an element to help combine a collection. Although if I know that one of my game friends are sick or having a rough time I send them flowers and hearts!

Posted: Aug 14, 2014, 21:10 PM

Answer from: orchidgirl619
Ditto Ren and everybody else here. I also try to gift the highest level free gift. But then again I do TT like Sue and end up giving one of each or sometimes more than one, especially if they have only one or two free gifts on their WL. Then with each round I take turns going back and forth between the two or they end up with 5 of the one free listed. (Did that make sense?)

And John, thanks for the laugh man. That's definitely a guy thing. You know, I know a couple of guys who actually use female avatars. Like my avatar, looks nothing like me. I just chose her cuz she looks like Hermione from Harry Potter, *snickering*. Yes, I'm a Potter fan.

Posted: Aug 14, 2014, 23:05 PM

Answer from: 3Dee
I do think the mind pulls the attention towards the wl gift which is the brightest, and therefore the wee gifts which are plain and insignificant are passed by. I.e. Red paper over parchment. Blue rose over safety pin.
When I gift it's the first wl gift I send. Then next round it's the second and onwards till I've gifted all.

Posted: Aug 15, 2014, 0:34 AM

Answer from: Cehwalas
When I send gifts I usually either try to send last gift on list or the third one and if it is a blue rose I always send first. And if I see the same WL I start at the beginning and go thru the list. If a collection item I go for the ones I know I had a hard time getting. What an interesting question.

Posted: Aug 15, 2014, 1:19 AM

Answer from: JungleK
I do the same with the free gifts as Deeu2, e.g. today I'll send the first item on their wish list, tomorrow the second item on their list, after tomorrow the third item, and so forth...

I've noticed when I ask for the key, rose and teapot; I get mostly rose and least the key. When I ask for paper; I get mostly the ribbon and least the red paper. When I ask for sewing; I get mostly needle with thread and least the thimble.

Posted: Aug 15, 2014, 1:20 AM

Answer from: DonnaK
I would hate to think what we would do should someone's WL have nothing but dull items! I might go do that just to see what happens!

Posted: Aug 15, 2014, 5:35 AM

Answer from: PatL
I think I'm a little random, but it's true that I love to send the blue rose! I agree with the pattern you've observed, Ari. That's why sometimes you'll see just one item on my wish list. When I'm time traveling, I get more methodical and do what Dee does, but I go from right to left. I actually have a harder time remembering whether I've already given a particular gift now that my friends list has reached 100. I don't know how people with more friends do it, much respect to you who do!

Posted: Aug 15, 2014, 5:37 AM

Answer from: BettyBoop
Aria, you really are observant. I totally agree with you. I think most people will try to give the highest gift they can first, and from those they pick the most eye catching. After all, we ARE sending a gift, so in our mind we want to make it as nice as we can. It just goes to show that this group is made up of really nice people. I think that is why we need the newbies of the game. They help us by sending those lower level gifts and we can help them. Unfortunately, those come and go since we don't know who is going to "stick" to the game when they first start. I really appreciate my friends who befriended me when I started. I know now you took a chance on me.

I usually give the mid level gift in the wl. I figure people in higher levels and lower levels will give the others but maybe I need to start giving lower level gifts more often. Good survey question.

Posted: Aug 15, 2014, 6:23 AM

Answer from: Mict
Now that I know about multiplying, (from this site), I'll stockpile the gifts, then take them off my list. If I really need those lower level items, I take everything else off my wish list until I get them and can then multiply. I definitely understand the eye catching problem. I've had parchment and keys on my list for days, but I just put up the pink bottle and everyone gave that to me, (at least the friends that look at my wish list).

Posted: Aug 15, 2014, 8:07 AM

Answer from: nitey4ever
For me it's about the ones I know I personally need the most of. For example, the collections needing the teapots often need 5 of them so you can go through them pretty quickly. I played for so long before multiplying came along that I still have a healthy stock of keys, gears, clock pieces, etc. but I am forever running out of teapots, eat me cakes, drink me bottles, etc.

Posted: Aug 15, 2014, 8:35 AM

Answer from: Aria
Love the responses to this question! For me, I give what I personally need the most - things like teapots which you need a lot of and lately, things which I notice people seem least likely to give! (And now from this thread I know about the safety pin so I'll try to remember to click that more often too.)

I used to give in order of items on the wish list until I realized that the game doesn't keep the items in the order you put them up there but rather the order they organize the items by. Or something...

John, I understand your hesitation about giving the flowers to other men. I once found myself hesitating to give the roses (red and blue) to a male friend (his facebook picture was his avatar) because I didn't want to seem to be flirting. Which is so silly! Poor guy had those items up there for days while other items changed - so either he really needed a lot of them or I wasn't the only one hesitant to give him flowers haha!

I'm happy the question made a few of you smile or think a bit. Oh, and I completely forgot I had the white paper on my WL - last night I got a lot of them at once - haha! I wasn't trying to hint slyly, friends, honest!

Posted: Aug 15, 2014, 9:16 AM

Answer from: Marg
Just read this interesting Question. I would go with the least given items mentioned. I never had enough teapots & those combining elememts. Big problem with getting split washers too!

I try to TT several times a week to make sure I get everyone. I try to give the WL items starting with 5th one working backwards. I reckon most people start at 1 so the 5th doesn't get sent much ( happens to my WL stuff) I also send arrows one day then carrots next, ladybugs then fireflies then start again with arrows , if I don't have any WL items. I go for either dragons claw or the rabbit waistcoat combining items as I never had enough. Some people only ever TY & never send a combining free by either so they trend to only get 1 thing. I try to send everyone else several things to keep everyone equal. I always try to reciprocate visits too. Does that help?

Posted: Aug 15, 2014, 11:59 AM

Answer from: Gorlac
I TT and always gift the list in reverse... I actually load my WL backwards too. My logic is that some items near the end are not gifted as much, and seem to be missing in other's collections. I gift the 5th or last item first and try to work my way toward the first. I often forget where I'm at so I'll either start on the 4th or 5th item from the left. Hopefully, this helps to balance the people that tend to only get the first couple of items... Oh yea, If you only have one item I may send you 3 to 5 or more!

I think gifting the flowers to men is funny, I am with you on that, although without paying attention I know I've sent the same guy roses or something, because they were the last item on his list, ouch!

Posted: Aug 15, 2014, 12:30 PM

Answer from: DonnaK
Hi, Aria & everyone. I did a test and put parchment, photo paper, small spring, silver winding key, and safety pin in my WL. The key came in first, followed closely by the safety pin. Photo paper and the small spring were last. Out of 52 actual gifts only got four of each of those, and five of the parchment. Weird, well gonna go multiply these things so I don't have to ask for them again in a long time!

Posted: Aug 15, 2014, 13:39 PM

Answer from: NINA
I've noticed that anytime I put a Valentine's combining item up, I get more than I expected so much faster.

Posted: Aug 15, 2014, 16:40 PM

Answer from: NINA
I also like the brighter colors, because I think the receiver is more likely to see your name and remember it.

Posted: Aug 15, 2014, 16:41 PM

Answer from: Sue
I play on an ipad, every morning I go through my gift box and click on all the TY's (about 50-60) and multiply these about 5 times = 250-300 elements. This is very easy as they all go to front of the list and just tapping on the top left gift clears them all in a matter of seconds - no scrolling! Each time you accept the TY gift changes. I now have over 1000 of all but 5 combining elements! TY's can contain great items even ladybugs etc - their worth is underestimated by many :-) BTW multiplying those little TY's has also given me over 750 of each of the lower level collection items so I could technically get the 5000 collection award if I want to combine them all. Gotta love those TY's :-)

Posted: Aug 15, 2014, 16:56 PM

Answer from: nitey4ever
Good tip Sue!

Posted: Aug 15, 2014, 21:14 PM

Answer from: BlackCat
I'm slightly embarrassed to admit I gift according to what day of the week it is. Mon thru Fri = 1 - 5 Sat = 2 Sun = 4 unless I am unable to gift because I'm not leveled enough, then it's random. I also gift as high as I can figuring a lot of folks won't scroll to the end. I get a lot of the first items from high level friends which surprises me sometimes but I just go with it.

Posted: Aug 16, 2014, 1:40 AM

Answer from: 3Dee
I got 2 x pumpkins which completes the witches talisman. These came from random thank you gifts. So they are very handy. Sue has a good system, I'm going to copy that Sue.

Posted: Aug 16, 2014, 12:56 PM

Answer from: 3Dee
Nina maybe everyone loves you so much they can't stop themselves sending you love hearts! Keep (:)))))) ing.

Posted: Aug 16, 2014, 12:57 PM

Answer from: KaReN
A few things came to mind, but for me, the lowly clothespin has to be the winner.

Posted: Aug 16, 2014, 13:28 PM

Answer from: Vikingchic
I just saw this survey because I have been really busy last few days, but i want to post my answer anyway. I used to start from the left for the first day and so on then sat. and sun. would be random which was usually what I liked or most colorful. Recently i have been gifting the higher items and if they have same list for more than a day or two then I go for the least likely item I think is gifted. But sometimes I find myself clicking on the blue rose automatically before I can think about it. I recently had the clock parts on my wl, but needed the second hand the most and it ended up being the least sent item. So I took all the others off to get more of it. I believe the small items like the second hand or the light colored items like the parchment paper and the dull and more boring items like the spring are less likely sent because we are so visual. So I have made myself try to send them more lately.

Posted: Aug 17, 2014, 12:05 PM
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