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Various Cheats and Hints for Medal Of Honor: Rising Sun

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This page contains Medal Of Honor: Rising Sun Hints for Gamecube called "Various Cheats and Hints" and has been posted or updated on Aug 21, 2008 by London.Princess.

Boxshot & Details
Medal Of Honor: Rising Sun
  • Developer: Ea La
  • Publisher: Ea Games
  • Genre: Action Shooter First-Person
  • Release: Nov 11, 2003
  • ESRB: Teen

Various Cheats and Hints


Code - Result:

DISCUS - Unlimitied Ammuntion
BENGAL - Invincible
CICHLID - Achilles Head Mode
LELEUPI - Snipe-o-Rama Mode
GOURAMI - Bullet Shield Mode
ZEBRA - Invisible Enemies
BOTIA - Perfectionist Mode
MOOR - Rubber Grenade Mode
LOACH - All Replay Items
TETRA - Men with Hats
PLECO - Silver Bullet Mode

All missions
Enter "ALBINO" at the password screen at the options menu.

Code notes
The codes cannot be used in two player campaign mode.

Multi-player skins
If you receive a medal for a mission, you also will receive a skeleton key which opens a small box which contains a new skin for multi-player mode. There is one box per mission with the exception of the Pearl Harbor mission.

Real time map
Use a link cable to connect with a Game Boy Advance with Medal Of Honor: Infiltrator to use it as a real time map display.

Control main menu
Move the (C-stick) to control the background at the main menu.

Golden buddah and scary face
On the fall of the phillipenes level on two player co-operative mode if you go to the part where you first get on a mounted machinegun just before you go into the stadium if one of you gos on the gun and the otherstands behind then you can see a scary face on the back of the gunners head but only if you go up find the golden buddah on the same level then all you have to do iswhen you come out of the sewers from tyhe satdium you will be in a collapsed building on your left there will be a jap ,kill him and the carry on untill you get to the part (still inside the building)where there is a hole at the bottom of the wall in front of you dont go though yet .on your right there is a box smash it with your gun,it is like a russian doll,the boxes will get smaller three times until the final time when a big golden buddah pops out of a box that is way to big to fit in the box,walk into it and you will have completed a bonus objective.
submitted by: mike and james

How to find the Trench tool
The trench tool digs up dirt for in game secrets. To find the tool you must get to the level named Search of yamashitakas gold and find the lotus flower on a statue inside the palace. Walk up to the front of it and you'll pick it up. After you fall down the hole, go down to the end of the hall into a room with a gold statue. There is a pedsetal. Press X on it and it should say, "YOU HAVE REACHED ENLIGHTENMENT." Then a door will appear to the right and in there is a hammer-like tool.

(you need the entrenching tool in order for this to work.)
On the Supercarrier Sabotage level keep opening doors until you find a locker room with soldiers in it. Kill them and walk toward the dark locker. Press X on the locker and you should have unlocked the bonus option ''Immortality''

Dissapearing Soldier
When doing the 4th mission, Midnight attack on Guadacanal, when the second soldier leaves you and and the other character to ''cover you'' from behind, go in front of him and push him through the level by walking into him. You will have to angle some pushes too. After pushing him a bit, he will vanish and never be seen again, even if you go back to the spot he was originally at.

Singapore's Fun
First make sure friendly fire is off before you try this in Co-op mode! In Co-op mode in Singapore Sling when you see Tanaka by the car go right beside him to his left and try to run outside, also have player two behind you and have him/her push you and pistol whip you too. If done correctly player 1 or 2 should be outside and able to roam around until Tanaka's done talking.
submitted by: Stephan Wilkin

Bridge On The River Kwai: Bonus objectives
Eliminate ten enemies at checkpoint. Disable the dock.

Bridge On The River Kwai: Hidden path
Turn around and go backwards from the starting point to find a hidden path which will lead to some Japanese soldiers and a ledge that the first bridge (on the normal path), crosses. If you look down, you will see some soldiers down at the river (on a dock) that you can kill. There are some vines at the ledge that you can swing on to get access to a tunnel that contains more soldiers and a Japanese machine gun. The tunnel ends at the ledge that is directly after the first bridge (on the normal path). Note: Before swinging on the vines, search the area for a nearby film canister.

When you are on the first set of train tracks, immediately after the water tower is a hidden passage.

Bridge On The River Kwai: Film canister
There is a film canister located on top of a carriage on the bridge. When you have released fuel from the third fuel container and turn around and go up the ramp, turn left across the carriage and it should be there.

Bridge On The River Kwai: Hidden weapon
As you see the train tracks, you can find a hidden path which overlooks the tracks. As you proceed, you will see some boulders. Press (Action) near one, and it will roll onto a truck below. After you eliminate all the soldiers, follow the track and immediately after the jungle starts, on your right will be a hidden path which leads to a T-11 LMG.

Day Of Infamy: Bonus objectives
Help the crewman shut the hatch. Save the crewman with the fire extinguisher.

Day Of Infamy: Hidden cheat
Note: This trick requires the entrenching tool from the Search For Yamashita's Gold mission. Dig at a vent to find the cheat.

Day Of Infamy: Unlimited ammo cheat
Note: This trick requires the entrenching tool from the Search For Yamashita's Gold mission. As you are making your way up through the ship you will see a soldier that has been sprayed in the face with steam from an exploded pipe. Approach the soldier and press (A). The message "Entrenchment Tool Used" will appear. This will unlock the "Unlimited Ammo" cheat in the bonus menu.

Day Of Infamy: Film canister
The mail room has a net. Cut it down with the machete to get to a film canister.

Day Of Infamy: Navy Crewman multi-player skin
Note: This cheat requires the skeleton key. Press (A) at the middle barber's chair at the babershop to unlock the Naval Crewman's multi-player skin. A message will appear, stating "Used skeleton key, unlocked Navy Crewman Multi-player Skin" or something similar.

Day Of Infamy: Play level longer
To this level longer, shoot torpedoes instead of planes.

Fall Of The Philippines: Bonus objectives
Find the gold Buddha. Find a picture of a Japanese general.

Fight For The Philippines: Bullet shield cheat
Note: This trick requires the entrenching tool from the Search For Yamashita's Gold mission. Once you reach the baseball field, in one of the corners is a pile of dirt. Press (A) by it and you will unlock the "Bullet Shield" cheat in the bonus menu.

Midnight Raid On Guadalcanal: Bonus objectives
Find five pieces of intel, Blow up the generator.

Midnight Raid On Guadalcanal: Hidden cheat
Note: This trick requires the entrenching tool from the Search For Yamashita's Gold mission. Dig at the two sandbags blocking the entrance to a tunnel.

Midnight Raid On Guadalcanal: Silver bullet cheat
Note: This trick requires the entrenching tool from the Search For Yamashita's Gold mission. There is a barn-like building with no walls in the mission. On one side of the building is an odd pile of dirt. A trench can be seen leading from the dirt, under the building and into a foxhole. Use the entrenching tool to dig out the dirt and unlock the "Silver bullet" cheat.

Midnight Raid On Guadalcanal: Film canister
The second film canister is difficult to find. This is because it is quite literally over your head. As you proceed across the island you will reach several clearings with barracks buildings, HQs, supply sheds, etc. When you get to a clearing with two buildings, a truck, and a crane, run up to the crane's door and jump. Keep pressing (Jump) and you will start to rise up on the crane until you reach the roof. Be careful not to jump off the other side. Once you are on top, walk up the crane's arm to reach the film canister. Also, below the crane is a truck with a medical kit. The fall will take some of your health away but the medical kit easily has more than you will lose.

Pearl Harbor: Bonus objectives
Shoot down 20 planes. Shoot down 75 planes.

Pearl Harbor: Gun turret
Run to the left of the ship when you are on the top. You will see a gun turret. Press (A) to get into it.

Pistol Pete Showdown: Bonus objectives
Take over the howitzer. Save Lt. Harrison (press (Action) near him when he is on the last bridge).

Pistol Pete Showdown: Film canister
When you have stormed the pack howitzer at the top of the hill, use it to blow up the dark rock in front of you to reveal a film canister.

Pistol Pete Showdown: Lt. Harrison multi-player skin
The box with Lt. Harrison's skin for multi-player mode is at the outpost cabin where you find and rescue the Allied patrol and get Lt. Harrison to follow you.

Pistol Pete Showdown: Saving Lt. Harrison
Note: This trick requires the trenching tool or machete. Press (Action) on the bridge after blowing up the third artillery piece to save Harrison's life and get a bonus.

Pistol Pete Showdown: Machete replay item
The machete replay item can be found at the outpost cabin where you find and rescue the Allied patrol and get Lt. Harrison to follow you. It is around behind the cabin in a small trench that leads under the building. The machete can be used to cut the vegetation in certain areas to gain access to hidden weapons and ammo caches.

Pistol Pete Showdown: Men With Hats cheat
Note: This trick requires the entrenching tool from the Search For Yamashita's Gold mission. Use the entrenching tool at the entrance to a save radio just past two Japanese machine gun bunkers to unlock the Men With Hats cheat.

Pistol Pete Showdown: Hidden path
After you save the squad in the Japanese camp, go into the area filled with trees which has the normal path going to the howitzer. Instead of turning right as usual, go straight up to the top of the area and look for a hidden path. Press (Action) near the hidden path, and the machete will clear it. Go up the path while clearing more brush with the machete. The secret path will exit just under the howitzer. Note: The howitzer cannot bombard you while you are on this path.

Search For Yamashita's Gold: Bonus objectives
Destroy the radio equipment. Destroy five sake water barrels.

Search For Yamashita's Gold: Bazooka
As soon as you enter the temple, turn to your left to find a group of crates. Inside one of them is a bazooka.

Search For Yamashita's Gold: Entrenching tool
During the mission, you will find a Buddha statue sitting Indian-style holding a lotus flower. Approach it and you will take it. Near the end of the mission, after you save the pilot, go to the end of the hall and place the lotus in the fountain in front of the Buddha lying down. A message stating "You have achieved enlightenment" will appear. The fountain will lower and a door will open to your right, Indiana Jones style with a great earthquake. Take the shovel inside and a message stating "You have the entrenching tool" will appear. You can now load and switch your weapons much faster for the remainder of the game.

Search For Yamashita's Gold: Hidden path
Go along the beginning path until you reach the first two statues to the left. Go through them and the left side of the path will have a secret path branching off of it. The entrance is only about ten feet from the beginning of the first set of statues that branch off the beginning path. Use the machete to find it. This path travels about ten feet alongside the normal path, but contains ammunition. It exits behind some of the enemy troops on the normal path.

Search For Yamashita's Gold: Multi-player skin
Note: This trick requires the skeleton key. After rescuing the Flying Tiger pilot, go down the hall towards the reclining golden statue. To your right will be a door blocked by a stone slab. Walk up to it and press (A). A "Used Skeleton Key" message will appear. Inside you will find health, ammunition, and the Flying Tiger Pilot multi-player skin.

London.Princess, Aug 21, 2008
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