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Various Cheats and Hints for FIFA Soccer 2004

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This page contains FIFA Soccer 2004 Hints for Gamecube called "Various Cheats and Hints" and has been posted or updated on Aug 21, 2008 by UnRealZ.

Boxshot & Details
FIFA Soccer 2004
  • Developer: Ea Canada
  • Publisher: Ea Sports
  • Genre: Sports
  • Release: Nov 4, 2003
  • ESRB: Everyone

Various Cheats and Hints

Cheat mode:
Use the following steps to unlock the "Cheat" option in the "Options" menu. Use a link cable to connect a Game Boy Advance without a cartridge to the Gamecube's port two. You do not need the Game Boy Advance version of FIFA 2004. Enter the "Options" menu then the "Game Settings" screen. Press X and a message indicating that you now have the "Cheat" option available in game settings will appear. The cheat option includes "Big Ball", "Walls", and "Flying" options. The "Big Ball" option allows the game to be played with a giant ball; the "Walls" option will not let the ball go out of the field; the "Flying" option lets your player start jumping, and at the third jump will start flying off the ground ( whenever a player gets the ball, he gets back on the ground and starts running).

French Ligue teams' third kits:
Reach level 10 in your EA Bio. Alternately, defeat all the teams in this league.

Most teams' third kits:
Reach level 5 in your EA Bio.

Italian Division 1 teams' third kits:
Reach level 20 in your EA Bio. Alternately, defeat all the teams in this league.

Spanish Premeira Liga teams' third kits:
Reach level 30 in your EA Bio. Alternately, defeat all the teams in this league.

English Premiership and German Bundesliga teams' third kits:
Reach level 40 in your EA Bio. Alternately, defeat all the teams in those leagues.

Easy win:
Choose a side to play on. Then, during gameplay, press Start and choose "Select Sides". Move your controller under the opponent's side and resume gameplay. Then, score as many goals as desired (while under the opponent's side), then just switch back to your side again. This way you will have a big point lead, depending on how many goals you scored. This trick also works better when you switch back to your side near the end of the second half.

If you are drawing or losing and it is in the 90 minutes, keep the ball on the ground. Almost always, the ref will blow his whistle when the ball leaves the ground. Keep it low then score.

Easy goals:
If you are defending or playing the ball around the midfield, get the ball from your opponents. Give the ball to a player whose shooting precision and power is over 60 and you may train them for better results (for example, Beckham, Figo, Ronaldo, Van Nistelrooy, etc.). Run to the half of your opponents. You may see a lot of space in front of you. Then, press Shoot. Just before the meter gets red, release it. The goalie will stand too far from his goal and the ball may go in. You have about a 50% chance that your player will score from way out.

Free Kicks:
When play as Real Madrid, always select Ronaldo to take Free Kicks.

When playing as Manchester United, always take free kicks as Ryan Giggs.

Getting good players:
Go to the options menu then to "Player Swaps". Swap all the good players desired onto the team you want to play as, then save that as a squad. Call it whatever desired. Then go to "New Season" and select "Current Squads" and play your team. This is useful for a third division team. This team now has all the good players.

Buying players:
If you want to buy a player, bid for them about 1 or 2 million above the asking price. This ensures you of signing that player. Players that are worth buying include:

Thierry Henry
David Beckham
Ronaldo (either)
Tim Howard
Roberto Carlos
Alexandre Del Piero
David Bellion
Ruud Van Nistelrooy
Hernan Crespo

In the first year, it is almost impossible (unless you bid over 5 million above the asking price) to buy Thiery Henry, David Becham, Ronaldo, and Del Piero.

When in career mode, you can find good quality players in the K-league and the other small leagues for less money and prestige than equally good players in the big leagues such as the Premiership and the Italian Serie A.

Recommended team:
Create a team with the following players.

Tim Howard
Iker Casillas

Rio Ferdinand
Paulo Maldini
Alexandre Nesta
Roberto Carlos
Lilian Thuram
Sol Campbell

David Beckham
Zinedine Zidane
Cristiano Ronaldo
Luis Figo
Edgar Davids
David Bellion

Thierry Henry
Ruud Van Nistelrooy
Del Piero
Adrian Mutu
Hernan Crespo

Create a team with the following players. Note: The players are expensive so you might have to sell some of your best players first. The subs are up to you.

RB: Michel Salgado (Real Madrid)
LCB: Fabio Cannavaro (Inter Milan)
RCB: Alessandro Nesta (AC Milan)
LB: Roberto Carlos (Real Madrid)

LM: Zinedine Zidane (Real Madrid)
RM: David Beckham (Real Madrid)
CAM: Ronaldiniho (Barcelona)

LF: Ronaldo (Real Madrid)
RF: Theirry Henry (Arsenal)

The following players can be obtained by buying them or using the player swap option in options (which is less expensive). The best formation to use is 3-5-2, mentality attacking, defense contain, attacking style wing play.

GK: Oliver Khan (Bayern Munich)
RCB: Michel Selgado (Real Madird)
CB: Alessandro Nesta (AC milan)
LCB: roberto carlos (Real Madrid)
RWM: David Beckham (Real Madrid)
LAM: Ronaldinho (Barcelona)
CM: Edgar Davids: Juventus)
RAM: Zinedine Zidane (Real Madrid)
LWM: Pavel Nedved (Juventus)
RF: Ronaldo (Real Madrid)
LF: Theirry Henry (Arsenal)

Luis Figo (Real Madrid)
Ruud Van Nistelrooy (Manchester United)
Roy Keane (Manchester United)
Ivan Helguera (Real Madrid)
Hernan Crespo (Chelsea)

Create a team with the following players:

GK: Gianluigi Buffon (Juventus)
LB: Roberto Carlos (Real Madrid)
CB: Alessandro Nesta (Milan)
RB: Lilian Thuram (Juventus)
CDM: Claude Makelele (Chelsea)
LCM: Pavel Nedved (Juventus)
CM: Zinedine Zidane (Real Madrid)
RCM: David Beckham (Real Madrid)
LF: Ronaldo (Real Madrid)
RF: Ruud Van Nistelrooy (Manchester United)
ST: Theirry Henry (Arsenal)

LF: Andriy Shevchenko (Milan)
CM: Ronaldinho (Barcelona)
RB: Christian Chivu (Roma)
LCM: Kaka (Milan)
GK: Dida (Milan) or Tim Howard (Manchester United)

Create a team with the following players:

Oliver Kahn

L. Thuram
P. Maldini
G. Nevile

P. Scholes
Z. Zidane
O. Neuvile
Roy Keane

Theiry Henry
Ruud Vannistelrooy
H. Crespo

Roberto Carlos
Pavel Nedved
C. Vieri
E. Davids
A. Shearer

Create a team with the following players:

Carlo Cudichini (Chelsea)

L. Thuram (Inter Milan)
P. Maldini (Ac Milan)
G. Neville (Manchester Utd.)

P. Scholes (Manchester Utd.)
Rivaldo (AC Milan)
R. Keane (Manchester Utd.)
Z. Zidane (Real Madrid)

Ronaldo (Real Madrid)
T. Henry (Arsenal)
Ruud Vanistelrooy (Manchester Utd.)
H. Crespo (Chelsea)

E. Davids (Juventus)
Trezeguet (Juventus)
R. Giggs (Manchester Utd.)
J. O Shea (Manchester Utd.)
Michael Saldago (Real Madrid)
C. Ronaldo (Manchester Utd.)

Create the following team (4-4-2 Attacking):

GK: Tim Howard (Manchester Utd.)
RB: Michael Selgado (Real Madrid)
RCB: Rio Ferdinand (Manchester Utd.)
LCB: Lilian Thuram (Juventus)
LB: Roberto Carlos (Real Madrid)
RAM: David Beckham (Real Madrid)
RCM: Zinedine Zidane (Real Madrid)
LCM: Stephen Gerrard (Liverpool)
LAM: Ronaldinho (Barcelona)
RF: Ronaldo (Real Madrid)
LF: Thierry Henry (Arsenal)

GK: Olivier Kahn (Bayern Munich)
CB: Paulo Maldini (AC Milan)
CM: Pavel Nedved (Juventus)
CAM: Francesco Totti (Roma)
ST: Raul (Real Madrid)

GK: Nelson Dida (AC Milan)
CB: Sol Campbell (Arsenal)
CB: Alessandro Nesta (AC Milan)
CB: Fabio Cannavaro (Inter)
RB: Cafu (AC Milan)
CM: Luis Figo (Real Madrid)
CDM: Patrick Vieira (Arsenal)
LM: Rodriguez Guillen Vicente (Valencia)
ST: Adrian Schevchenko (AC Milan)
ST: Filipo Inzaghi (Inter)

Set Pieces
Left Corner: David Beckham
Right Corner: Roberto Carlos
Free Kicks: Roberto Carlos (ShPwr and ShAcc are both 100)
Spot Kicks: Ronaldo

Create a team with the following players (Recommended formation: 4-2-3-1):

Oliver Kahn (Bayer Munich)
Roberto Carlos (Real Madrid)
Alessandro Nesta (Milan)
Ivan Helguera (Real Madrid)
Paolo Maldini (Milan)
Luis Figo (Real Madrid)
Zinedine Zidane (Real Madrid)
Alessandro del Piero (Juventus)
Ronaldinho (Barcelona)
Thierry Henry (Arsenal)
Ronaldo (Real Madrid)

You can find players with high quality without being famous (for example Beckham, Ronaldo, Zidane, Henry, Roberto Carlos, etc.) Create a team with the following players:

RB: Zanetti (Inter)
RCB: Stamp (Lazio)
LCB: Linke (Bayern Munich)
LB: I.Cordova (Inter)
RM: Ljumberg (Arsenal)
CAM: Rui Costa (Milan)
LM: Kily Gonzalez (Inter)
LF: Fowler (Manchester City)
RF: Cassano (Roma)
ST: Ailton (Werder Bremen)

GK: Rustu Recber (Barcelona)
CD: Ayala (Valencia)
CM: Aimar (Valencia)
ST: Saviola (Barcelona)
ST: Solskjaer (Manchester United)

CD: A.Cole (Arsenal)
CM: Lampard (Chelsea)
CM: J.Cole (Chelsea)
ST: Mpenza (Standar)
ST: Kezman (Psv)
ST: Amoroso (B. Dortmund)

Create a team with the following players:

Oliver Kahn

Roberto Carlos

Rui Costa
Edgar Davids

Hernan Crespo

Create a team with the following players:

Tim Howard (Manchester-United)

Michel Salgardo (Real Madrid)
Wayne Bridge (Chelsea)

Sol Campbell (Arsenal)
Alessandro Nesta (Ac Milan)

Right Midfield
Andy Van Der Meyder (Inter Milan)

Paul Scholes (Manchester-United)
Zinidine Zidane (Real Madrid)

Left Midfield
Rodrigueuz Guillen Vicente (Valencia)

Ruud Van Nistelrooy (Manchester-United)
Thierry Henry (Arsenal)

Ronaldo (Real Madrid) ,ST
Ronaldo (Manchester-United), RM
Rio Ferdinand (Manchester-United), CB
Luis Figo (Real Madrid) , RM/LM
Ika Casillais (Real Madrid) GK

GK: Dida (AC Milan)
RB: Gary Neville (Manchester-United)
CB: Carlos Puyol (Barcelona)
CB: Roberto Ayala (Valencia)
LB: Mikael Silvestre (Manchester-United)
RM: David Beckham (Real Madrid)
CM: Roy Keane (Manchester-United)
CM: Steven Gerrard (Liverpool)
LM: Robert Pires (Arsenal)
ST: Didier Drogba (Chelsea)
ST: Raul (Real Madrid)

When in career mode, you can find good quality players in the K-league and the other small leagues for less money and prestige than equally good players in the big leagues such as the Premiership and the Italian Serie A.

Create a team with the following players. If you use this talent on the pitch, you will never lose in all comps. The secret to a great squad in the game is amount of pace each player has.

Canizares (Valencia) GK; reserve
Jerzy Dudek (Liverpool) GK; first team

Roberto Carlos (Real Madrid) LB; first team
John Riise (Liverpool) LB sub
Sol Campbell (Arsenal) CB; first team
John Terry (Chelsea) CB; sub
Salgado (real madrid) RB; first team
Gary Neville (Man U) RB; reserve
Rafael Marquez (Man U) RCB; reserve

David Beckham (Real Madrid) RM first team
Joaquin (Real Betis) RM sub
Zinedine Zidane (Real Madrid) CM; first team
Keiron Dyer (Newcastle) CM; reserve
Edgar Davids (Juventus) CM; Captain.; first team
El Diouf (Liverpool) CM sub
Francesco Totti (AS Roma) CM; first team

Hernan Crespo (Chelsea) ST sub
Leite Adriano (Parma) sub; train him up by improving his pace and when his skill gets to about 97 put him in; the first team.
Ruud V.Nistelrooy (Man U); first team
Patrick Kluivert (FC Barcelona); first team
Alan Smith; (Leeds U) reserve

Create a team with the following players.

Oliver Kahn

On the right, Michel Salgado
In the center, Alessandro Nesta
In the center, Sami Hyypia
On the left, Roberto Carlos

On the right, David Beckham
In the center, Edgar Davids
On the left, Harry Kewell

On the right, Thierry Henry
In the center, Ronaldo
On the left, Rivaldo

Michael Owen (CF)
Zinadine Zidane (CM)
Dida (GK)
Stephan Henchoz (CD)
Gonzalez Raul (CF)

Create a team with the following players with a 4-4-3 formation.

T. Howard (Man U.)
O. Kahn (Bayer Munich)

R. Carlos (Real Madrid)
G. Neville (Man U.)
R. Ferdinand (Man U.)
L. Thuram (Juventus)


Z. Zidane (Real Madrid)
D. Beckham (Real Madrid)
L. Figo (Real Madrid)
Rivaldo (AC Milan

M. Owen (Man U.)
Ronaldo (Real Madrid)
Raul (Real Madrid

P. Scholes (Man U.)
Ronaldinho (Barcelona)
C. Ronaldo (Man U.)
T. Henry (Arsenal)
F. Totti (Roma)

UnRealZ, Aug 21, 2008
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