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This page contains Animal Crossing Hints for Gamecube called "Easy money" and has been posted or updated on Dec 5, 2006 by tyshaan.

Boxshot & Details
Animal Crossing
  • Developer: Nintendo
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Genre: Simulation Virtual
  • Release: Sep 15, 2002
  • ESRB: Everyone

Easy money

When bees appear from trees, take out your butterfly net and face the beehive. If you can catch a bee, you can sell it for $4500.

Place orange furniture to the north, green furniture to the south, yellow furniture to the west, and red furniture to the east part of your house. Note: The orange cone is actually red.

Note: This trick requires a Game Boy Advance and a link cable. Play the game with the Game Boy Advance attached. Collect as much fruit as possible and travel all the way to the south. Go the pier at the beach. A Kappa will be there and will to bring you to a new island to the south. Get to the new island and drop all of your fruit. Return to the Kappa and leave. Transfer the island to the Game Boy Advance. On the Game Boy Advance, knock on the door to the house of the island animal. After it appears, move a piece of fruit in front of the animal. It will eat it and become happy. Keep repeating this until the animal drops money bags. Feed all your fruit to the animal, then put your Game Boy Advance on standby. Resume the game on the Gamecube. Go back to town, then return and talk to the Kappa again. Your game will now be updated with the Game Boy Advance data. Travel back to the island and collect the money bags.

This trick requires a memory card that has your main file on it that can deposit money at the post office (in other words, you have paid off all of your house to Tom Nook already) and another memory card with at least 3 blocks of data free, and does not have Animal Crossing town data on it. Start the game with your main file memory card in slot A and the memory card with 3 blocks free and no town data in slot B. Put all of the money in your possession in the bank, all of your important items in your house, and the letters that you want to save at the post office. Next, talk to Porter (the monkey) at the train station and say that you are taking a trip. You will get on the train, and eventually you will go back to the main title screen. At the title screen, remove the memory card in slot B. Then, press [Start] and you will get the "Welcome back, who is this?" message. When you say who you are, the game will say similar to "Oh I thought you were out traveling and seeing the world. I can let you play, but you won't have any items/money with you, is that OK?". You will not lose anything because your money is in the bank and your items are in your house. Answer that it is okay. You will load up your town, and you will not have any bells, items, or letters with you. Your money is in the bank, your items are in your house, and your face is like a Gyroid. This is normal. Go to your post office, and take out all your money. Then, drop it on the ground somewhere. Go talk to your Gryoid and choose to save, then select save and quit. Once you are back at the main title screen, put the memory card that was taken out of slot B back in slot B and press [Start]. When asked if you want to use the data from slot B the game will prompt something similar to "Hey you already came back from traveling, and now you're coming back again? Do you want me to copy what you did on slot B to Slot A?" Answer yes. Once the game starts, your character will be back to normal, and your bank account will be as if you never took any Bells out of the bank. The money bags that you dropped will be where you left it. You have just doubled all your money.

Go around town with your shovel and hit every rock you can find. One of them should turn red when you hit it. Keep hitting it to get more money.

Every New Year your parents give you 10,000 bells. Change the system date on the Gamecube; or in the Animal Crossing options and change the date to the new year. Check the mail box and you will have 10,000 bells from your parents. Repeat the process, but change the year.

Dig for fossils every time you play. When the Museum fills up with fossils, you can make a mint at Nook's or trade with residents for good items with fossils. Skulls of dinosaurs seem to be worth the most, usually bringing in 4,000 to 6,000.

Get three fossils, then send them to the museum. Then, change the day to one day later. Check your fossils. If they are rare, continue playing. If they are not, reset the game until you get rare fossils. You can either keep them for H.R.A. points, sell them to Nook, or donate them to the museum.

Play the Stalk Market. Turnips do not seem like that much of a commodity, but its gold in the game. You can make a fortune buying Turnips and selling them at the right price.

If you have at least 10,000 Bells, on Sunday Joan the turnip seller will at your town every from 6 a.m. to 12 noon. Buy 100 turnips as many times you can. The next day, go to Nook's store and sell them all. It is possible to get 73,600 Bells just for 100 turnips.

As you know, Joan sells Turnips every Sunday until 12 Noon. Then, you have to wait until Monday to sell. However, the following trick makes things easier. Go to the Animal Crossing web site, scroll to the bottom, then write down the Universal code for 100 turnips. On a Monday through Saturday, check the prices until you see that Tom Nook is buying for at least 700 or more Bells. Use the Universal code and make sure that they actually work in your town (sometimes you will be a "contest loser"). When you sell them, you will definitely have a lot of Bells.

Note: This trick requires three memory cards, game A, game B, travel data, and a lot of Turnips. Spend the entire week saving up as much Bell as you can on Game A. On Sunday, find Joan and buy as many turnips as you can afford. Save your travel data on slot 2, then travel to Game B. Find out how much Tom is buying Turnips for. If he is not asking enough, save, then set the clock to the next day and ask again. Wait until a day when Tom is buying for over 1000 Bell, but do not set the clock more than a week ahead or the Turnips will spoil. Sell all your Turnips for the profit. Save and take the money back to Game A. Use the money to buy more turnips. Go back and sell them again. Because you are saving the travel data, it does not matter that the days do not match up. You can make over 30,000,000 Bell doing this.

Note: This trick requires two memory cards. If you have wasted all your days with your Turnips and they are about to become useless, you can switch towns then keep checking how much the price is. Once it is at a good price, return to your first town, take a trip there, and sell all your Turnips.

Try to fish, dig Bells, and work for people until the evening, when you would barely get anything. Go to the Animal Crossing Menu and change the time back to 4:00 when the best fish and bugs appear. It is better if it rains. Then, change to one day ahead to make a lot of money. This is also a good way to pay off the debt to Tom Nook and buy furniture for your house. Make sure that you pull weeds that you see to stop them from growing. Use the shovel to stop weeds from growing from a location permanently. When your ready, put your time and day back. You will always get new mail and offers from Tom Nook. This is another good way to get your home and Tom Nook's shop remodeled. Whatever you did in those days like make the shop larger, and will stay the way it was when you visited the future. You should make about 50,000 Bells in about five hours while in the future.

If you can change the date to a day when its raining, you can catch Coelacanth. Do not waste your time with the little fish such as Red Snappers or Barred Knifejaws. Coelacanth are worth 15,000 Bells each. The times that you can catch Coelacanths are 4 p.m. through 9 a.m. when it is raining in any month. The other big rare fish are too rare and not worth catching to make money. Note: Catching rare fish works better with the Golden Rod.

Use the following trick to get easy money and a lot of fossils. Find three fossils and mail them to the Museum. On the day that they arrive back in the mail, open them and see what you get, as usual. If the Museum needs it, give it to them. If not, sell it to Nook. Then, go back to your personal Gyroid Assistant and save the game. Reset the Gamecube with the cover open so the system menu appears. Set the date back one day, and start the game again. Check your mail, do whatever you want with the fossils, then save and restart the Gamecube again. Set the date back to the current day and restart the game. Do this until the Museum is full, or you no longer want to continue with the trick. Note: If you reset the game date by using the option the game provides (before you start your game), sometimes your fossils will not be sent to you in the mail and you will not find any for awhile. The game knows when you are cheating this way, and reflects this with less valuable items.

Take fruit from one town and sell it to Nook at another town. You will get paid five times as much for it. Note: This only works if each town has different fruits.

Get fruit other than the type that naturally grows in your town. Do this by visiting other towns or getting one from a person in your town when you talk to them. Bury them and they will grow into trees that give off three pieces of that fruit every few days. Each is worth 500 Bells. Do not crowd trees in too close. This usually causes them to not grow. You can set the clock forward to grow trees faster and to make the fruit reappear quicker. Fruit trees successfully grow almost all of the time.

Take several pieces of fruit and plant them on your island. When they grow into trees, do not shake the fruit off. Instead, let them stay there so that during the hours of 7 p.m. and 8 a.m., you can go to the island and catch beetles that are attracted to the fruit. Since there are only three to five trees for them to crawl on, the odds of a beetle appearing will increase significantly. Each beetle is worth at least 1350 Bells, except the Drone Beetle. You can catch thousands of Bells worth of beetles. However, if you shake the fruit off the trees, the beetles will not appear.

Plant a pear tree on the island. Let it grow then return with your net only after 5:30. Make sure it is not raining. Go to the pear tree and look for the Evening Cicada. It is worth 850 Bells. After you catch one, go to another panel and immediately go back. There will be another keep. Catching them until your inventory is full. You can make up to 70,000 Bells in one hour.

Get a fishing pole, and on a rainy day, go to the ocean and catch a fish that is worth 15,000 Bells. it takes time to see the big fish, but he will be there. You can also catch an orange fish worth 3,000 Bells, and a Barred Knife Jaws worth 5,000 Bells. If you catch a Sea Bass, throw it back, and keep fishing until you catch the good ones.

Another fish to catch is the Large Char. It is worth 10,000 Bells. You can catch those at the waterfall or at different places for different people. If you see a big shadow in the water, it is a fish worth 10,000 to 15,000 Bells.

Go down to the shore and start fishing. If you catch a Sea Bass, throw it back because it is worthless. If you catch the really big fish that sells for 15,000 Bells, give it to the Museum. This will increase the chances of you catching it again.

This trick requires a Game Boy Advance. Link your Game Boy Advance into the Gamecube and go to the island with only a fishing rod. Go there only to fish, and only keep Red Snappers, Knifejaws, and Coelacanths. Throw back all Sea Bass and put all the Boots you get in the beach house. It is possible to make 100,000 Bells in one hour.

Shake every tree that you can to get its items. If a bees nest falls out, take out your bug net. You can catch a single bee for 4,500 Bells

Try to get stung by a bee, then move around and shake some trees.100 Bells will fall out of almost every tree you shake. Repeat this method until you get the desired amount of Bells.

Play the game after it is dark and go to the waterfall. There will be a fish called a Large Char which sells for 10,000 Bells each. They are common to catch, and you can make about 100,000 Bells in about five hours.

If you look on your map, you will see a flashing, golden spot somewhere. If you can find the location, dig there to receive 1,000 Bells. If you do not dig there every day, the spot will disappear. Eventually, the spot will become a hole. Plant a money bag and eventually a Money Tree will grow from the golden spot. If you plant a shovel at the golden spot, eventually a Golden Shovel Tree will grow. The Golden Shovel Tree is the only way to acquire the Golden Shovel, which can be used (dig with it at the golden spot to receive more than 1,000 bells) or sold.

If you look around your town in every acre, you will eventually find a flashing golden spot in the ground. If you find the location, dig there to receive 1,000 Bells. If you have saved over 99,999 Bells in your town, you will get a separate bag filled with 30,000 bells so you can keep saving up to 99,999 Bells. Each time you get up to 99,999 Bells, you will get a separate bag of 30,000 bells which lowers your cash to about 70,000 Bells. Do not worry -- even when it shows the separate bag(s) your items screen states you only have 70,000 Bells, whenever you go back to Tom Nook's shop your money will be the 30,000 Bell bag(s) plus what the game says you have saved in your items screen. Now, instead of burying the 1,000 Bells, bury the 30,000 Bells. When the tree grows, there will be a total of three 30,000 Bell bags in it. Shake that tree. This will add to your total bells in the items screen. Note: If you save too much Bells, your item screen will fill up with the 30,000 Bell bags. You may want to store some of the bags inside your house. If you do not have 99,999 Bells saved, you can go to your items screen, put the hand to the money, and click it. Select 10,000, 1,000, or 100 bells and you can bury those also.

Find a rock that turns red when you hit it. Dig two holes in a "V" shape. Have the bottom point on the "V" as the rock and the two other points at the holes that you dig. The holes keep you from moving backwards from the recoil. You can hit the rock as fast as possible. It is possible to get about 13,000 Bells per day by doing this.

If you get your item screen with three pears, sell it to Tom Nook. He will give you 100 Bells for each one. With a total of 15, that is 1,500 Bells.

Collect all of the seashells on your shore and sell them. After that, save and quit the game. Reload your game and go by the sea shore. All of the seashells will be there again. You can make 30,000 bells in about an hour.

Set the clock to December 24 at 8:00 p.m. and make sure you have ten outfits (including what you are wearing). Find and talk to Jingle five times. On the fifth time, he will give you a present based on what your three answers were (foldable things are clothes, woven things is carpet, printed things is wallpaper, and big things is furniture). Immediately change clothes and talk to him again. Every time you change, he will give you a present. You can get up to ten presents that sell for 12,240 Bells each. Then, set the clock back to 7:59 p.m. and repeat the process. You can make up to 500,000 Bells in two hours.

Set the date and time to Thanksgiving at 3 p.m. and steal the silverware. Talk to a villager that did not go to the feast until they tell you a hint to Franklin's location. Give him the silverware to get a piece of the harvest series. Repeat until you have the whole set, including wallpaper and carpet, then sell the set to Tom Nook. You can get over 500,000 Bells by doing this. Store money bags in your house or bury it.

Get up early and start fishing near the Post Office. In about an hour or less, you will catch a fish that sells for 10,000 Bells in fresh water. Give it to the museum. The fish is now very common and you can pay off any debt to Tom Nook in a matter of weeks.

When on the beach, take only Coral and White Scallops. Then, go to Tom Nook's shop and sell them to him. He will buy 1 Coral for 300 Bells, and 1 White Scallop for 450 Bells.

When you dig up a fossil, mail it to the museum. When you get the bones, sell them and do not give them to the museum. You should get at least 700 Bells for it.

Go to the coast with an empty inventory except for perhaps a fishing pole to catch fish. Go shell hunting get every shell on the beach, then sell them at Nooks to get a lot of Bells.

On days when the fortune teller, Katrina, is in town, if you dig up money in a shining spot, it will be 30,000 Bells.

tyshaan, Dec 5, 2006
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