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Tips on completing bosses without being hit for Cult Of The Lamb

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Cult Of The Lamb
  • Developer: Massive Monster
  • Publisher: Devolver Digital
  • Genre: Action Adventure
  • Release: Aug 11, 2022
  • Platform: Macintosh
  • ESRB: Teen
Hints & Secrets

Tips on completing bosses without being hit

From: Sul

These are some general tips from my experience on the quest of achieving 100% for this game, in regards to the achievements of defeating the bishops Leshy, Heket, Kallamar and Shamura without being hit by them at all, the guide will also include some smaller helpful advice from my quest to attain 100% completion. The One Who Waits has no achievement pertaining this, only the 4 bishops.

  • Leshy; Darkwood
  • Heket; Anura
  • Kallamar; Anchordeep
  • Shamura; Silk Cradle

How do I restart bishop fights?

After killing one of the bishops in their respective realms, you can crusade again in the realm. You have to finish the first portion of the crusade, then you will be able to choose your next dungeon; if you choose the dungeons with enemies (sword symbol) the very first room in the dungeon will have the statues of the bishops that provide divinity; destroy these statues, and you will be presented a portal you can go through, in which the bishops will await.

Note; dungeons can be safely backtracked. You can proceed to the next room, and the ones after it, then come back to the statue. Just make sure you don't teleport to the next dungeon within the crusade.

Destroy these to re-access the fight;

Most useful and important tools for the Challenge

  • Godly weapons
  • Golden fleece
  • Demon followers
  • Tarot cards affecting your combat stats

The best weapons for this challenge are the ones that hit fast and hard. I generally avoid slower weapons because they have long openings of vulnerability which are not only detrimental to the challenge's parameter, but as we'll see later they do not rhyme with another important tool for the challenge (the golden fleece).

The best weapons I've had the pleasure of using for this achievement were either godly swords/daggers, which boast fast attack speed and very high damage, and the merciless swords/daggers. These two types of weapons are the best for this challenge. If I would have to consecrate a 3rd place, it'd be for fast weapons that poison enemies (bane swords/daggers). The rest of the lineup is superfluous for the challenge; Zealous weapons are, for example, have a perk useless to the challenge. Generally; avoid slow weapons.

Merciless Dagger & Godly dagger; some of the best weapons for the challenges.

Another useful way to completely obliterate bosses from a distance is curses, but these require some luck, especially from tarot cards. The best curse in the game overall for annihilating enemies is the hounds of fate (that shoots 5 projectiles that follow enemies). If you get this one, it's really GG. Each projectile deals insane damage and you can delete a boss if you have golden fleece and a tarot card that boosts your curse damage. But even notwithstanding these, simply having this curse is enough to deal crazy damage. A close second is Divine Guardian (AOE blast and 2 seconds of invincibility), for obvious reasons.

Tarot Cards
If you're on good on lady fortune's side, she will bless you with cards like the one that imbues your weapon swing with a ranged attack, or make you drop a bomb on your roll, or boost your attack speed or attack damage or imbue your weapon with poison. If she scorns you, you'll have worthless cards to this challenge such as better chests, chance of spawning a fish from an enemy; however that works. For getting better tarot cards, try to visit Clauneck at least twice in a crusade before fighting the local bishop; and offer gold to roll a bonus tarot card. It is presumed that the player will be in the end game and rich when doing this, so spare nothing at your disposal to aid your prospect in completing the challenge; gold offering to Clauneck included.

Golden Fleece
For rather obvious reasons, golden fleece is not superfluous to be had for this challenge. You deal more damage if you don't get hit. And your damage % bonus multiplies and stacks the more enemies you fell. If you go through a crusade and go through 2 dungeons with enemies without being hit, you'll have at least 90% damage multiplier. I try to achieve a minimum of 80% before fighting a bishop; at that point the lamb's damage will be most powerful indeed.

Demons are another indispensable asset for this challenge. If you're in end game and you're ignoring your cult because you think they're no longer useful; think again. These demons are very useful and important for crusade runs. There's two types of demon which are very powerful;

  • Orcus, demon that conducts melee attacks on the closet target with set cooldown; the higher the follower's level is, the more damage he deals in demon form.
  • Vesta, demon that conducts ranged attacks at nearby enemies with set cooldown; same as above.
  • Fornax; demon that explodes on a random nearby enemies, then returns and repeats; same as above.
  • Vosegus; demon that collects fervour dropped around. The higher level this demon is, the more fervour he will collect. This demon is indispensable if you're doing a curse run.

Orcus demons are rather rare, so if you find a follower who's demon form is Orcus; dote on them and gift them a necklace of longevity to retain their services as long as possible. Higher ranking followers make for stronger demons, so do not neglect your cult; give sermons, gifts, feasts, rituals and so on. An effective way to rank up your followers is to conduct the ascension ritual. The demons will have colours either purple or red; this is just their look, it doesn't mean anything in regards to their prowess.

How can I obtain these weapons in my crusades? The weapons given to me are randomized

The moment you enter a crusade, the game autosaves for you. Once you enter the crusade and inspect the weapons the game rolled for you, if you don't find anything desirable, simply open the menu and click "quit to menu", then reload your save. You will be spawned in the portal in the state you were *before* you entered your last crusade, so all you have to do is just run back and restart the crusade. Keep reloading as necessary to get viable weapons.

Difficulty of the Bishops - tiered

For this challenge, the most difficult boss in my opinion was Kallamar. Due to the bullet-helly nature of his fight. The 2nd most difficult is Shimura. Heket can only be difficult if you spend too long fighting him. Leshy is very easy and many players apparently defeat him without being hit while playing casually.

Leshy is perhaps the easiest bishop to beat. He has low HP, slow attacks, and in general is rather readable. Just have at him until he croaks, and try to burst him down before he does the 360 degree tremors.

Heket is another easy bishop; however, she can be a nightmare if you let her live too long, she will spawn hordes and hordes of little toads and frogs of all descriptions, who will swarm the arena, foiling your prospects at every given chance. For this reason, you should try to burst her down as quick as possible. Heket's most dangerous attack is her explosive rain. I was able to kill Heket before she even managed to do her tongue lash attack by spamming Hounds of Fate and making a spirited attack.

In my experience, this is the hardest bishop, due to his comet volleys. Tarry not in inflicting damage upon him but beware the volleys he shoots; know that you can roll through them, and have confidence.

Shamura is almost in equal difficulty to Kallamar. For the first stage of his bossfight he will have only 3 attacks he'll do on a loop; a melee thrust, bombardment and a pounce from above. You'll have to be wary for the thrust and the pounce; the thrust is readable but the hitbox for it is very janky and you can sometimes get hit even if you're behind his model, so steer clear until he finishes the attack animation before resuming your offense. The pounce, in which he will fly away with his webbing, has no telegraphing; you'll have to mentally memorize the time he takes until he attacks, though this isn't hard at all and is rather predictable. After Shamura enrages he will add another attack to his arsenal; a tantrum where he will prance over and over, sometimes each jump will shoot a circle of comets; steer completely clear during this stage, it is the hardest. As with Heket, burst is of the essence here, you have to defeat Shamura before he spawns too many small spiders.

Useful tips;

  • Followers who are summoned as demons will be exhausted on return to the cult.
  • Clauneck's gold offering tarot card recharge is constant between different crusades.
  • All rooms within a dungeon in a crusade are traversable; you can reach the final room in a dungeon, and go back to the very first one.
  • If you're trying to 100% the game, there are several concurrent questlines and achievements you can do while crusading before doing the bishop fights; such as buying tarot cards from NPC's like Helob.
  • Divine curses that convert enemies to allies can also kill those allies, however; they are invincible to your melee weapon.
  • If you get hit during a fight, simply reload back to menu and run back to the portal and restart your crusade, as explained previously.
  • Critical attacks will have generate a high-pitch metallic noise (one different from the sound of the lamb being hit).

Sep 9, 2022
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