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This page contains Icewind Dale 2 Codes for PC called "Item names" and has been posted or updated on Jun 3, 2009 by stoney747.

Boxshot & Details
Icewind Dale 2
  • Developer: Black Isle Studios
  • Publisher: Interplay
  • Genre: Role-Playing PC-style RPG
  • Release: Sep 4, 2002
  • ESRB: Teen

Item names

Use one of the following entries with the ctrlaltdelete:createitem("<item name>",<number>) code. Note: Only some items can be spawned in quantities of greater than one.

00AROW03+1 Arrows
00DAGG03+1 Dagger
00DART02+1 Dart
00BOWP02+1 Shortbow
00AROW04+2 Arrows
00SWDB89+2 Bastard Sword
00DAGG04+2 Dagger
00DART93+2 Dart
00BOWP99+2 Endurance Shortbow
00AROW94+3 Arrows
00SWDB88+3 Bastard Sword
00DAGG89+3 Dagger
00DART92+3 Dart
00AROW93+4 Arrows
00DAGG88+4 Dagger
00DART91+4 Dart
00AROW92+5 Arrows
00DAGG87+5 Dagger
00DART90+5 Dart
00AMUL14A Shield Amulet
00BELTADArcs of Disredain
00ARMBL2Armageddon Blade 2002
00ARMCHArmageddon Chain Mail
00AROW06Arrow of Biting
00AROW07Arrow of Dispel
00AX1H03Axe +1
00AX1H04Axe +2
00AX1H93Axe +3
00AX1H92Axe +4
00AX1H91Axe +5
00AX1H95Axe of Burning
00CHAN06Baleful Armor
00SWDB01Bastard Sword
00CWSWDFBastard Sword +1
00SWDB87Bastard Sword +4
00SWDB86Bastard Sword +5
00HFSBWRBastard Sword: Bloody Wroth
00HFSBBSBastard Sword: Know Thy Family
00HFSBRCBastard Sword: Order's Nemesis
00HFAXSPBattle Axe: Death's Ally
51HFAXDFBattle Axe: Duergar-Forged Doom Axe
11HFAXKSBattle Axe: Kegsplitter of Shaengarne Ford
ZZI6HFSCBattle Axe: Mighty Scalecleaver
00HFAXBABattle Axe: Scales of Balance
00HFAXASBattle Axe: Soul Stealer
00AX1H83Battleaxe of Decay +5
00AMULBTBelibs Tool
00HFAMBTBelibs Tool of Fortune
00BELT05Belt Of Beautification
00BELT03Belt Of Bluntness
00BELT04Belt Of Piercing
00HFPNBIBile of the Damned
11HFBTSBBinding Sash of Black Raven
00BELTBGBlack Goat
00GEM23Black Opal
11BELTSBBlack Raven
00HFBTBGBlessed Black Goat
53AMULBSBlue Ioun Stone
00BOLT03Bolt +1
00BOLT04Bolt +2
00BOLT99Bolt +3
00BOLT98Bolt +4
00BOLT97Bolt +5
00BOOT04Boots Of Avoidance
00BOOT05Boots Of Grounding
00BOOT15Boots Of Snow Wolf
00BOOT02Boots Of Stealth
00BOOT03Boots Of The North
00BOOT14Boots Of Yeti
00HFBSRSBow: Furious Rabbit Slayer
00HFBLSRBow: Great Sun-Reacher
00HFBCAGBow: Mithril Arc
00HFBLSFBow: Sophia's Arc
00HFBSEHBow: Swift Eye of the Hunter
00HFBLFKBow: Triumphant Flamekiller
00BRAC05Bracers Of Archery
00BRAC02Bracers Of Defense +2
00BRAC03Bracers Of Defense +3
00BRAC04Bracers Of Defense +4
00BRAC10Bracers Of Expertise
00BRAC11Bracers Of Icelandic Pearl
00BULL02Bullet +1
00BULL03Bullet +2
00BULL99Bullet +3
00BULL98Bullet +4
00BULL97Bullet +5
00BULL87Bullet of Disruption +1
00HFAMESCalm Before the Storm
00AX1H84Celerity Axe
00CHAN01Chain Armor
00CHAN02Chain Armor +1
00CHAN03Chain Armor +2
11AMULCMCleansing Medallion
00CLCK03Cloak Of Displacement
00CLCK04Cloak Of Non-Detection
00CLCK02Cloak Of Protection +3
00CLUB85Club +1
00CLUB93Club +2
50HFCLBTClub: Belib's Amazing Everlasting Torch
00HFCBHKClub: Club of Confusion
63HFCBMPClub: Monkey Paw of Extreme Prejudice
11HFCBMKClub: Paths of Kuldahar
00BULL96Corrosive +1
00AROW05Corrosive Arrows +1
00AX1H80Corrosive Axe
00BOLT96Corrosive Bolts +1
00BULL89Corrosive Burst
00HFHXGECrossbow: Beloved Geloise
51HFHXDBCrossbow: Dragu's Doom Bolter
51HFHXHBCrossbow: Dragu's Hell Bolter
00HFHXHFCrossbow: Folly of Hagnen Odestone
00HFLXHFCrossbow: Foolishness of Hagnen Odestone
00BWHXHFCrossbow: Hagnen's Folly
00BWLXHFCrossbow: Hagnen's Foolishness
00HFLXIMCrossbow: Iron Mary's Bold Reply
00HFLXMBCrossbow: Makavail's Swift Bane
00HFHXIACrossbow: Mithril Arbalest
00HFHXMRCrossbow: Shielded Mailripper
52HFDGSHDagger: Baron Sulo's Hook
50HFDGLTDagger: Black Lamia's Tongue
00HFDGFWDagger: Dagger of Closing Arguments
11HFDGGHDagger: Goblin Slayer
61HFDGWSDagger: Wyvern Stinger
62HFDGXFDagger: Xvimian Fang of Despair
00HFDGPFDagger: Ysha's Sting
00AMULFDDance Talisman
00BOWC93Defender Longbow
00AX1H81Displacement Axe
00AX1H86Disruption +5
00AROW85Disruption Arrow +2
00BELTDBDragon Belt
00AMULDSDruid Stone
00CHAN07Elven Chain of the Hand
00AROW91Everlast Arrows
00AMULESEye of the Storm
00AX1H87Fiery Defense +5
00GEM01Fire Agate
00FLAL02Flail +1
00FLAL94Flail +2
00FLAL93Flail +3
00FLAL92Flail +4
00FLAL91Flail +5
11HFFLBCFlail: Black Chimes
00HFFLSRFlail: Chains of Righteous Strength
00HFFLFVFlail: Demon's Breath Flail
63HFFLPFFlail: Pustule's Flail of Boils
00HFMRSSFlail: Svirfneblin Skull
00AROW08Flame Arrow +1
00BOLT95Flaming Bolts +1
00BULL95Flaming Bullet +1
00AX1H94Focus Axe
00BULL04Force Bullet
00AROW09Frost Arrows +1
00BOLT94Frost Bolts +1
00BULL94Frost Bullet +1
00CLUB99Frost Club
00AMULGCGohoins Charm
00BELT02Golden Belt
00HFAXBBGreat Axe: Cowards Flight
11HFAXEWGreat Axe: Executioner's Wife
00HFAXWTGreat Axe: Grim Widow-Through
00HFSDTGreat Sword: Dwelnar's Folly
11HFSTWSGreat Sword: Saga of Wandering Sky
ZZR6HFWBGreat Sword: Thunder's Shock
00AX2H92Greataxe +1
00AX2H92Greataxe +1
00AX2H91Greataxe +2
00AX2H91Greataxe +2
00AX2H90Greataxe +3
00AX2H90Greataxe +3
00AX2H89Greataxe +4
00AX2H89Greataxe +4
00AX2H88Greataxe +5
00AX2H88Greataxe +5
00AX2H87Greataxe of Blurred Visions +5
00AX2H96Greataxe of Cleaving +5
00AX2H93Greataxe of Digestion +5
00AX2H98Greataxe of Elemental Bursts
00AX2H86Greataxe of Ice +5
00AX2H95Greataxe of Might +5
00AX2H99Greataxe of Vampire Flame
00SWDT03Greatsword +1
00SWDT89Greatsword +2
00SWDT88Greatsword +3
00SWDT87Greatsword +4
00SWDT86Greatsword +5
00HALB03Halberd +1
00HALB04Halberd +2
00HALB89Halberd +3
00HALB88Halberd +4
00HALB87Halberd +5
00HFHBDCHalberd: Hand of the Buccaneer
00HFHBHLHalberd: Holy Hammer of Lucerne
63HFHBPBHalberd: Pudu's Fiery Blight
00HFAMSLHeart of a Snow Leopard Charm
00BWHX01Heavy Crossbow
00BWHX03Heavy Crossbow +1
00BWHX94Heavy Crossbow +2
00BWHX93Heavy Crossbow +3
00BWHX92Heavy Crossbow +4
00BWHX91Heavy Crossbow +5
00AROW14Holdfast Arrows
00AX2H85Holy Greataxe of Justice +5
00GEM18Horn Coral
12AMULHCHoundstooth Collar
53AMULHDHouse of Despana Insignia
50BOOT14Hunters Boots
00AROW96Hunting Arrows
00AX2H86Ice +5 Greataxe
00AX1H79Ice Axe +1
00SWDB91Icy Sword +1
00AROW95Impact Arrows +1
00HFBTADInsulated Arcs of Disredain
00AMUL15Intellect Amulet
00AROW87Keen Arrows
00AX1H78Keen Axe +1
00GEM29King's Tears
00AMULSLLeopard Charm
00AROW90Lesser Dispelling Arrows
00BWLX01Light Crossbow
00BWLX03Light Crossbow +1
00BWLX95Light Crossbow +2
00BWLX94Light Crossbow +3
00BWLX93Light Crossbow +4
00BWLX92Light Crossbow +5
00BELTLGLittle Giant
50HFSLWBLong Sword: Barrow Wight's Blade
00HFSLDBLong Sword: Delnar's Healing Blade
11HFSLHELong Sword: Golden Heart of ...
60HFSLHALong Sword: Light of Cera Sumat
00HFSLDYLong Sword: Sword of Gleaming Dykahst
00BOWC04Longbow +1
00BOWL03Longbow +1
00BOWC99Longbow +2
00BOWL91Longbow +2
00BOWC98Longbow +3
00BOWL90Longbow +3
00BOWC97Longbow +4
00BOWL89Longbow +4
00BOWC96Longbow +5
00BOWL88Longbow +5
00BOWC95Longbow of Dodging
00BOWC92Longbow of Spell Resistance
00SWDL03Longsword +1
00SWDL04Longsword +2
00SWDL88Longsword +3
00SWDL87Longsword +4
00SWDL86Longsword +5
00GEM02Lynx Eye
00HFMEARMace: Glowing Azure Rod
00HFMECFMace: Iron Hand of Ohanion
ZZJ6HFMMMace: Selune's Blessing
00CHAN08Mail of Life
00AX2H94Massive Greataxe of Flame +5
00AROW02Master Arrows
00CWSWDEMaster Bastard Sword
00AX1H02Masterwork Axe
00SWDB02Masterwork Bastard Sword
00BOLT02Masterwork Bolt
00AX2H97Masterwork Greataxe
00AX2H97Masterwork Greataxe
00HALB02Masterwork Halberd
00BWHX02Masterwork Heavy Crossbow
00BWLX02Masterwork Light Crossbow
00BOWC02Masterwork Longbow
00BOWL02Masterwork Longbow
00SWDL02Masterwork Longsword
00MSTR02Masterwork Morningstar
11HFAMCMMedallion of Dawn
00SWDB94Miasmic Sword
00AX2H95Might +5 Greataxe
00HFAMMPMirabels Maleficent Pendant
00AMULMPMirabels Pendant
00MSTR03Morningstar +1
00MSTR90Morningstar +2
00MSTR89Morningstar +3
00MSTR88Morningstar +4
00MSTR87Morningstar +5
00HFMRMGMorningstar: Lathander's Gift
00HFMRMSMorningstar: Mountains of Selune
00AMUL12Necklace of Missiles
00HFBTSBNimble Boots
00CHAN09Ogien's Armor
00CHAN09Ogiens Scale
00AROW10Piercing Arrows
11HFBDWDPipes of the Craum Straugs
11BARDWDPipes of the Dragon
00AROW86Poison Tipped Arrow
00AX1H88Precision +5
00AMUL13Protection +1 Amulet
00SWDT94Rage +5
00SWDBRCRage of Chaos
00BOWP98Resistance Shortbow
00BULL86Return Flame +1 Bullet
00GEM30Rogue Stone
00BELTSSSash of Shadows
00HFSCCSScimitar: Caernach's Silver Sickle
63HFSCSSScimitar: Scimitar of the Soulless
00HFAMGCSecret Charm
00BOOTSBShifters Boots
00HFSSSKShort Sword: Assassin's Blade
00HFSSLSShort Sword: Lolth's Cruel Sting
00HFSSTDShort Sword: Shame of Thy-Dunag
00BOWP97Shortbow of Insight +5
11HFSGLHSling: Left Hand of Darkness
00HFSGCTSling: Nimble Cat-tail
00HFSGSSSling: Sun-kissed Sparrow
00AROW99Sparking Arrows +1
00BOLT05Sparking Bolt +1
00BULL93Sparking Bullet +1
50HFSRKSSpear: Kyosti's Hunting Spear
00HFSRIMSpear: Life's Blood Drinker
11HFSRNPSpear: Twelve Paces
00AX1H97Speed Axe
00BOOT01Speed Boots
00CHAN05Splint +1
00GEM17Star Diopside
00GEM28Star Sapphire
00SWDB92Static Sword
12HFSFWSStave: Caballus' Whispering Staff
00HFSFDDStave: Delnar's Lightning Stave
11HFSFPIStave: Iron-Banded Staff
00STAF86Stave: Phantom Staff
51HFSFRHStave: Ryomaru's Harmless Staff
00STAF89Stave: Staff of Fireballs
00HFAMDSStone of Thorns
00BULL88Stun +1
00FLAL87Stun Flail +1
00BULL92Stunning +1
00AROW88Stunning Arrows +1
00AROW98Stunning Arrows +1
00BOLT93Stunning Bolts +1
00HFAMFDSunfire Talisman
00BULL91Sure Strike
00DAGG86Sure Strike
00DART88Sure Strike
00AROW89Sure Strike Arrows
00SWDB97Sword +2 Black Adder
00SWDB96Sword +3 Cold Fire
00SWDB98Sword of Frost +1
00SWDB93Sword of Heroism
00SWDB95Sword of Wrath
00AROW97Target Arrows
00DAGG85Throwing +1
00DAGG84Throwing +2
00HFAXBDThrowing Axe: Big Black Flying-Death
11HFAXHOThrowing Axe: Dullcobble's Axe
00HFAXSCThrowing Axe: Screaming Axe
00HFAXCKThrowing Axe: Stormshifter
00BOLT08Tranquil Bolt
10BOOTTBTreadlightly Boots
12HFAMHCVghotan's Band
00WAND01Wand Of Fear
00WAND04Wand Of Fire
00WAND05Wand Of Lightning
00WAND02Wand Of Magic Missiles
00WAND03Wand Of Paralyzation
00WAND06Wand Of Sleep
00WAND07Wand Of Summon Monster
00WAND08Wand Of The Heavens
00HFBTDBWarded Dragon Belt
00HFBTCSWarded Slippers
00HFHRSCWarhammer: Hammer of Lightning
51HFHRDAWarhammer: Hammer of Utter Darkness
00HFHMPHWarhammer: Masher
11HFHRCRWarhammer: Slow and Steady
51HFHRVAWarhammer: The Dire-Hammer Valorfoe
63HFHRBIWarhammer: Xvim's Brutal Impact
00GEM24Water Opal
00AX1H85Winter Axe +5
00BOOT09Witherbranch Boots
00AMUL32Wolf Scarf
00SWDL82Wounding +1
00AX1H82Wounding Axe
00AMUL31Yeti Scarf

stoney747, Jun 3, 2009
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